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Bigg Boss 10 6th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
dancers dressed like Swami comes on stage and dances. Salman Khan enters stage and dances on mei Karoon toh song.
Salman welcomes everyone to show, Salman says MONA, SWAMI and NITI are nominated. He says inmates dont feel safe in house, they have to face nominations so what if they get immunity? tomorrow there will be auction of immunity medallion, Medallion is brought on stage. Salman says this will give freedom to one inmate from nominations. Lets see what happened in house.

In bigg boss house:
Shraddha says to inmates that our film is releasing, Farhan says you people wouldnt know date. Swami says to Farhan that i met your father a lot, Farhan asks him to rock his head, Swami comes on stage. Farhan says head bang Swami, i want rockstars to see it. Song

plays, Swami rocks his head like rockstar, Farhan gives him broom, Swami uses it like guitar, Farhan gives him hug. Shraddha says i know one girl is very good singer, she asks Niti to come on stage. Shraddha and Niti sings Sun saathiya song, all inmates are clapping for them. They sing beautifully together. Shraddha thanks her. Farhan says we have rap artist too. All say its Lokesh. Lokesh comes on stage, Farhan says she has style like Priyanka Chopra, Lokesh says i like her a lot, Lokesh raps funnily for bigg boss. she raps for Bani that we have to bear tantrums, she raps for Lopa that she is fiery but looks at people gently. She raps for Rohan that this boy is crazy. She raps for Swami that he can start anytime and doesnt stop talking, all laugh. Lokesh raps for Bani that she is ready to fight for apple too. Lokesh raps for Manveer that he is our strength. Manveer hugs her. Farhan praises Lokesh. Shraddha says you all are looking nice. She asks Rohan to bring phone from store room, lets take selfie. He brings phone, Farhan and Shraddha takes selfie with all inmates. Shraddha wishes them luck, Farhan sings Rock on. Farhan hugs everyone, Shraddha and Farhan leaves house.

On stage, Salman says see what happened after they left.

In bigg boss:
Celebs are not happy that Bani gave villainous title to her team mate Lopa. Rahul says this was not good, we expect competition from others but what we expect from our team mates? Karan says kindness, Rahul says she is part of team and she did mistake, she was villain for giving title to Lopa, she was fighting that someone drank her coffee, why did she keep her coffee in fridge from advance? she is behaving weird, Rohan says i was fighting for her. Rahul says its not about coffee but she said that some dog drank her coffee, it might be someone from our team who drank her coffee, she is selfish and materialistic.

Gaurav is miffed with Mona for giving him title of Kaminey(jerk). Mona says to Gaurav that your voice is loud, Garuav says this is ridiculous, you will call someone kaminey(jerk) just because his voice gets loud talking to you? i talk for team, Rahul says talk to her alone, all are here in bedroom. Gaurav says i dont care, i respect everyone, i behave nicely, Gaurav says i keep respect of people but if someone crosses line with me then i will push them back in line, Mona says i get miffed with you but i joke with you, Gaurav says but what wll be shown on tv when you give me title like that? Mona says i might get evicted, its okay, Mona starts crying listening his harsh words. Swami hugs her. Manu asks Mona to not cry, title was odd, its not your fault. Rahul asks Gaurav to calm down, Gaurav says i want to voice her stupidity, Rahul says she is crying thats why i am asking you to talk to her alone, dont go deep now.

On stage, Salman says we wont decide who was right, i dont get in all that these days. Farhan and Shraddha comes stage, Salman hugs them and welcome them. Salman asks how is this season? Farhan says rocking, Shraddha says you are rocking, Salman thanks and whom you found most entertaining? Shraddha says Swami is most entertaining, he was head banging, Salman says when we talks, we like to bang our head on wall, you know he walks on water, what we did in films, we did in real life, i asked him to walk on pool inside house but he said that Bigg boss wont allow it, he even kicked Elizabeth taylor because he didnt like her clothes, she returned, he asked why you cameback? she said that my back pain became fine because of your kick, all laugh. Salman says i get tears when i talk to him, he would make me biggest star and will also get me married. Salman says i can walk on water, i will spill water and walk over it, all laugh. Salman says they both are singers, sing something from Rock on 2. Shraddha sings tere mere dil while Farhan is playing guitar, Salman praise her, Shraddha says now Salman will sing, Salman sings romantic then he suddenly shouts and Shraddha shrieks being scared for moment, all clap. Salman further asks Shraddha to sing ‘Sun Raha Hai Na Tu’ with her eyes closed. And, just as she starts, Salman and Farhan tickle her face with a feather just to make her laugh through the sad song. Shraddha says now Farhan have to sing havan Kund on tune of Bheege hont, And, things will get funnier as Farhan sings ‘Havan Karenge’ to the tunes of ‘Bheege Honth Tere’, all clap for him. Salman says great, Salman asks where are other members of his group? Arjun Rampal and Purab Kohli comes there, Salman says i knew my Farhan Arjun will come with Shraddha, all laugh. Farhan Akhtar, Shraddha Kapoor, Arjun Rampal and Purab Kohli perform Live to their song ‘You Know What I Mean’. Salman hugs Arjun and Purab. Salman says we will mix acting ans singing, we will play some songs then you guys have to do lip-sing together like rock band and we will see who is most bad. sad song plays while they act like singing it like rock band, songs keep changing, they all dance and act funnily, Salman’s song Main hoon hero tera plays, Salman lip-sing it alongwith them. Salman says Arjun must be tired now, all laugh. Salman says one last task it remaining. Box i brought there. Salman will play a game with the Rock On 2 cast where they will have to enact a dialogue related to an item that they pick from a box. Arjun picks one cloth from box, Salman says you have to don the avatar of crime master Gogo, played by Shraddha’s father Shakti Kapoor in cult classic Andaz Apna Apna. Say dialogue that i play with eyes while taking off eyeballs, Shraddha says right dialogue is that i take off eyes and play with eyeballs, Arjun repeats dialogue but says wrong dialogue which Salman told him, The small act leave Salman and Shraddha in splits and take back the actor to a memory ride. Purab says Shraddha’s father will be upset. Salman says i wanted Farhan to become crime master gogo from time when you didnt even born, all laugh. Farhan Akhtar dons the avatar of crime master Gogo and enact him, all clap for mimicking nicely. Arjun says Farhan’s turn. Farhan takes out boxers, Shraddha says dialogue relating it. Salman brings out box of Sindoor(vermilion). Salman also enacts the famous scene from Om Shanti Om in which Deepika Padukone’s character says, “Ek chutki sindoor ki keemat tum kya jaano Ramesh Babu.” While Salman performs the scene, Arjun Rampal asks the star about when he decides to get married, Salman jokes to get away from my eyesight, all laugh. Salman says now last task is to say bye bye, he promotes their movie, he greets them and they leave.

Salman says you get to see one hour episode but we make you see unseen clips, ex-devil(Jallad) and now commoner will help with that. Devil comes there, Salman says he is loyalist of Bigg boss, i hope he go in house next year. Salman says you can become rising star if you join this acting school, lets see it.
Clip plays, Lokesh is straightening Swami’s hair, Swami says when you were acting and dancing infront of Salman, you left actresses behind, i get many girls and guys to get work in bollywood as i have center called acting bank where we teach acting, i made Rekha, Hema, Karishma get movies by teaching them acting in my center, i was young those days, Lokesh laughs at him, clip ends.
Salman says Hema entered movies around 1968 and Swami is 59years old so how old he was in 1968? he laughs and says he was 11years old when he had acting school and made Hema heroine, he says man if you want to show off then atleast calculate things, lets see more.
Clip plays, Swami says to Gaurav that i started praying when i was three years old, people used to take me as God, i used to do miracles, Gaurav says your movie’s name should be miracle, Swami says my movie’s name is already registered, clip ends.
Salman plays with devil’s braid, devil leaves. Salman says hats off to team of bigg boss to find creatures like him.

Call is connected to house, Swami says you are looking great greatest hero, Salman laughs and says i went home last night and lolo you know we call Karishma Kapoor as Lolo, she called me, then Hema and Rekha called me and asked me to say thank you for teaching them acting. Swami says they are devis, i have center and they are part of it but i didnt teach them acting. Loksh says he is lying now. Salman says the center in which you taught them acting, Swami says many people come to our center, we have center Om ji talent bank, Salman says i love you Om ji, Swami says i love you too. Salman says nobody should nominate Swami. Salman says we didnt show on Tv but snake entered house and Swami raised his lungi,, and ranaway from there, why did he raise his lungi? snake could have entered his lungi, all laugh.
Salman says to inmates that there will be placards with inmates where truth or lie is written. In activity area, two contestants will be tied to a wall and answer some questions and if a contestant lies as per placards raised by other inmates then he or she would be dumped in a pit full of mud. Salman says first pair is Rohan and Manveer who will go in activity area. They leave.
Rohan and Manveer enters activity area, they are tied to call and there is mud on ground infront of them. Salman asks question from Rohan that he thinks he is most popular and good looking in house, he says no. Inmates say that he is lying, Rohan is tilted towards mud. Salman asks Manveer if Manu is buttering everyone? he says no. Manver is tilted towards mud. Salman asks Rohan if he thinks that manu becoming friend with Mona is strategy of his? he says no, most agree with him. Salman asks Manveer if Manu gives priority to Mona over him? Manveer says yes, Salman says are you jealous? all laugh, Manveer says no, most agree with him. Salman asks Manu, Manu says i dont think i give less priority to my friend, for me Manveer is first. Salman asks Rohan if thinks Niti is over actor? he says yes, all agree. Salman asks Manveer if he thinks Niti misbehave most in house? he says yes, Salman asks Gaurav why he think he is lying? Gaurav says i have listened his opinion about others too, inmates dont agree with Manveer’s answer, Manveer is tilted more towards mud. Salman asks Rohan if he gets chance then he will evict Manveer? Rohan says yes, all agree. Salman asks Manveer if he thinks Lopa makes issue out of nothing? he says yes, Manveer says inmates dont agree with you. Manveer is dropped in mud, Lopa says oh.. Salman ask them to leave.
Next pair is Karan and Manu, they are tied to wall. Salman asks Karan if he thinks Bani reacts without thinking? he says yes, all agree. Salman asks Manu if his friendship with mona is strategy? he says no, Gaurav says we dont know whats in heart of anyone, when we sent Mona to jail again, whole team of commoners gathered around her and i have doubt about their friendship, other inmates agree with Manu. Salman asks Karan if Manu gets physical with girls? Karan says yes. Mona doesnt agree and says i dont understand, Swami says he held your hand, that is physical, all laugh. Manveer says holding hand is physical? Mona says then everyone hugs so all are physical, Salman says if intentions are right then we kiss on cheeks too, it doesnt matter, Mona thanks him. Salman asks Many if he feel insecure when celebs talk with his team member? Manu says no. Swami, and celebs team dont agree with him, Swami says he doesnt let us talk to them, Mona says i dont think so. Salman says manu did talk about it. Salman says task, he as them to get down.
Salman says to Bani that whenever you are working out, you help Lokesh, Bani says if she wants then i will, Salman asks Lokesh to learn free hand and wight lifting, this is task from me, Lokesh says okay sir, Salman ends call.

On stage, Salman says we are scared and pray to Shani dev. Lets meet Shani. A kid dressed as Shani comes on stage. Salman welcomes him on Bigg boss stage. Salman says people are scared of you? Shani says humans should be scared of their deeds, if someone does something sinful then i punish them, i warn them when they are about to do wrong and i reward people who do good. Salmn asks if i should be scared of you? tell me about my next film, Shani says it will do really good, Salman says Swami is saying he will find wife for me next year, is this scary news true? Shani says no, Salman is relieved, Salman says you are at right place, inmates forget whats right or wrong, let them know about it and stab one or two inmate, all laugh.

In bigg boss: Shani enters house. He comes in lounge, inmates are confused. Bigg boss says we welcome Karmphal Data Shani. Shani says i am Shani, i am no friend or foe of anyone, i teach people to remain in limits, if you are on wrong path then i wil bring to on right path. He says to Gaurav that i like that you take stand for right but your timing is late. He says to Naveen that good thing that you accept your mistakes but its time to shape your acts. He says to Lopa that you are brave, you raise voice against injustice, for others too, its good thing. He says i want to say that keep doing nice deeds, i pray that you have peaceful journey in house. Swami says Shani dev i want to give you cloth to make your show superhit, Shani points him to not talk more, Shani doesnt take cloth and leaves from house. Manu says Swami why you keep talking? Manu says he said weird for Naveen, Niti says he said to straighten his acts.

Salman promotes new show Shani.

Call is connected to house. Salman says one will get evicted today. Salman says Mona whats worst part of week? she says nominations and evictions. Salman says yes it hurts. Salman says what if we get freedom from eliminations and nominations? i want you people to see this. He shows them immunity medallion and says it will give one of you freedom from nominations and evictions, i cant tell you more but this medallion is very important part of bigg boss house, it will be difficult to get it but try your hardest. Salman says Niti, Mona and Swami are nominated, results are shocking, i wont tease and tell imeediately who is leaving today. He says SWAMI OM IS EVICTED, Swami says i was ready to evict. Salman says all must have thought that someone else will vote for you so we should vote for someone else and as result, you got least votes, now pack your stuff. Salman says to inmates that result is shocking that Swami is out of house, this medallion will be important, i told you people to not nominate Swami, he ends call. Swami takes his luggage, Naveen touches his feet, he hugs him, Manveer and Manu touches his feet, they says sorry. Gaurav hugs Mona, she cries, he says no worries. Swami says to inmates that forgive me if you people can and if you cant even then its fine for me, Lopa says we will miss you, Niti asks him to take care, Swami leaves house. Manu, Naveen and Manveer are in tears. Niti asks Naveen to not cry. Manveer wipes his tears. Mona says my morning dance partner left. Naveen is unable to stop crying.
Swami is brought to secret room, he checks comfortable bathroom and bedroom with bed and other necessaties. He reads instructions, there is TV too.
Manu says to Manveer that we learned his value after losing him, he should have left some tikka of his. In secret room, Swami sees TV turned on and Manu, Manveer in tears. Manveer says i am sad, he danced so well even in this age, Manu cries and says he was crazy, we were wrong about him, i scolded him because of Naveen, they both cry incoherently. Naveen lies on floor and cries. Rahul comes there and ask them to stop. Karan says Manu have you gone mad? Manveer says what we are showing? we get attached to people. Rahul says this will happen. Mona says Manu you are crying like kid, Manu says i wanna go back to my mom, i dont want to stay here, Manveer says who will make teela then? ,, In secret room, Swami says Bigg boss thank you for showing these moments to me.

Manveer says to Manu that its good he left else he would have get us evicted. Manu laughs and says its good that man left, we used to make boiled food for him, we gave him food first, he wanted things, Manveer says he used to dance at age of 60, Manu says he never complained about headache, body ache or anything, self dependent man he was, he promised that he wont meet outside house, he used to say that i will be busy outside house. He says to Bani that when Swami used to see you celebs talking, he used to say that you guys are planning even without any task.
Manu says to Manveer that you said i am more good friend of Mona, Manveer says you are telling her things more than me, Manu says my friend is first for me, for me boy is my priority than girl, Lokesh is my sister so she is first, Mona is friend but Manveer is brother so he comes first, these celebs are dogs, they are not fair, Niti says for what you are saying this? Manu says they have same diplomatic answers, they dont have stand. Niti says they dont have unity too, Rohan is coming out against Bani and even Karan too, Manveer says even then they wont show it. Manu says they are not opening up, i have noticed that, Karan said that i touch girls and his team agreed, Lopa hugs me usually but she keeps distance when her team is around, they are not her fathers, our Swami was more good who used to call us dogs and used to praise celebs on our face, atleast he used to not backbite, useed to say it on our faces.
Swami says inmates that Swami must be looking bad on Tv, he would have been shown as double standard person, he used to call Lopa daughter and then next minute he is misbehaving with her. Swami is seeing all this in secret room. Rahul asks he was entertainer or not? Manu says it was our helplessness that we had to get entertained from his topics, Rahul says i am not talking about personal stuff, i am saying if we are watching Tv then is he not entertainer? Manu says he was but he was dual face. Swami has seen all that, he says this is double standard of theirs, they didnt like me because truth is bitter and i used to say truth only which they didnt like.

On stage, Salman says we will see who will get immunity from nominations in coming week. He signs off from show.

PRECAP- Swami is watching everyone in house on Tv. Bani is teaching exercises to Lokesh, Swami sees it and says Bigg boss show this as i am doing it too. Later, he sees Mona dancing infront of camera and comments that how did she get energy in old age? Mona lifts her shirt and dance, Swami says she is attracting/luring youth to get saved from nominations, these people are so filthy.
Bigg boss says to inmates that they have to place bid to get immunity medallion, the one whose bid will be highest will get this medallion but that bidding amount will be deducted from winner prize money. All inmates write their bidding amount on their boards. Later, there is throne placed in garden, Manu sits on it, there is phone attached to throne, it rings, inmates sit one by one and take calls. Bani sit on throne and take call, Bigg boss is on call, bigg boss says if you want to get saved from nominations then you have to make Gaurav bleach(they will send) his eyebrows fully and nicely. Bani says to Gaurav that this test, Gaurav says i am sorry to deny it, Bani says you were talking about life long friendship yesterday only, you are so attached to your ego and reputation, Gaurav says i have come in this house for that only, Bani says there is no friend in this house, nobody will save you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    1. Wat!!!priyanka is gonna be back?..god I hate her..bani is becoming unbearable des days

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    how much is left now…
    I’m eager to know who is evicted.
    Thanks for your detailed updates…

  3. its totally unfair to other contestent who gets elemnated to keep swami g in secret room . why he is getting special treatment . and I don’t thing so anybody understand today’s task except 1 or 2 contestants. salman g clearly said that u have to answer according thinking of that contestant who is answering .but they are answering according to their thinking

    1. Bb will nt want swami out so quick…then who will create fight bn the inmates, who will keep the audienc entertained with his lies…above all, how would salman joke on him in every episode. I think swami is gonna stay in the house fr a few more days…

    2. He was up on the trend this week was probably no eviction week

  4. I’m new here.

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  6. today manu real face come out..when salman ask him about insecurity and he denied..
    but he has told mona when manveer and bani were talking….some people are saying that rohan is not doing anything but reality is he is real .whatever he is doing that is real..he is playing fake game like orther…he has performed well in task…

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  12. Its all scripted. Omi swami is a joke and a dongi baba. Its,a joke as nothing shown is real its fake. Its to get trp’s.

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