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Bigg Boss 10 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Salman comes on stage and is shown Swami’s pee act and his words that he said. Salman this happened first time in this show, i saw many things in this show in 9seasons, i try to make them understand their limits, but what happened this time was.. i dont understand what this man thought while doing it, he thinks india will love him and vote for him? he doesnt know that in all seasons, who were cheap, never won and didnt get work outside house, no one calls them, it was out of limits, Bigg boss doesnt bear all this.

In Bigg boss house:
Bigg boss calls everyone in living area. Manveer asks Bani to wear mic and come. Swami says inmates it was not urine but water. Lopa says i saw mug in toilet, he thinks we are fool? Manveer asks Bani to come living area, first Bani ignores it but then

comes. Lopa throws away Swami’s things from living area. Bigg boss says in seasons, people did things to win show or tasks, used curse words and got physical but today such heinous act happened, what Swami did today proved that he doesnt deserve to live in this house so Bigg boss expels him right now from this house. Inmates are happy, Swami says i am ready. Swami goes in washroom of jail. Bigg boos says to Manveer that there are some security guards in garden, give jail key to them. Inmates thank Bigg boss. Bigg boss sends his bodyguards in house and stand outside jail. Inmates are watching everything far away from jail. Swami is in washroom. He comes out of jail and says thank you bigg boss, he is taken out of house, escorted by guards. Inmates cheer for Bigg boss. Outside house, Swami says bigg boss is unfair show, i dont care, i would have got eliminated anyway. In house, Bani breaks all boxes of Swami’s pyramid.

On stage, Salman says its good this fake, cheap Om is not in house, Bigg boss threw him away, thank you.

In house:
Manveer says to Manu that we are trying to build image and Priyanka and Swami destroyed, Manu says commoners must be painted like they are cheap, Swami was psycho. Mona says i am feeling bad, Manveer says he should have left but we are representing commoners, Swami crossed all limits, Manu says Swami was doing all that to win, he didnt know how to get exit from house, he planned all this, started throwing urine, all would be scared of him after that, this house have taught us lessons.

On stage, Salman says Om came as indian but have tainted india’s image, he thinks all us indians are like him but i want to tell him that no one is like him, i am happy that if there are few people like Om who is cheap, filthy then there are people like Manu, Manveer, Niti, Lokesh and Naveen. Whom you love will go ahead in show. Salman says 3weeks are remaining in finale, we pray may the best contestant win.
Call is connected to house. Salman wishes them happy new year. Salman says i am shocked, he is jerk, Manveer says he destroyed whole house. Salman says nobody got idea he hided urine in bathroom, they should keep camera in washroom, we dont know what he was doing in washroom, i am glad he is not here because i swear i would have come in house and.. Lopa says you could have. Salman says you guys handled it really well. Salman asks Rohan that you were close to Swami and grabbed him and you couldnt have locked him in jail alone but Manu and Manveer helped you then why you say you supported Bani only? Rohan says inmates were confused about supporting Swami, they were not sure of not supporting Swami, i felt Bani was alone, Bani always supported me, i was just giving support to Bani. Mona says i was always with Bani in task, i also said that Swami is mad normally, we cant make him captain, Rohan says you were breaking Bani’s pyramid too, Mona says Bani was saying it. Manu says we didnt want Swami to become captain, we were just enjoying task, it was obvious Bani would have won, if it was not Swami then i wouldnt have allowed Bani to win but she is better than Swami so we were supporting Bani but Rohan kept saying like only he was supporting Bani. Salman says Rohan you should make task fun then make Bani win. Rohan says they supporting Swami in court task too, they scold Swami but they protect him too. Bani says people may have different way of supporting, i understand that it was not long task, i had to keep task going, Manu says you were clear about your support? Bani says i knew most of them were supporting me. Salman asks Manveer that when Om started throwing urine, Rohan thought he was handling alone, Manveer says i pushes Rohan away from Swami but Rohan was going towards Bani but we all helped to put him in jail, Rohan says i didnt say you people didnt helped, in this task, i said you people didnt stop Swami in flower bed task, Mona you dont listen rightly and tell them unclear. Salman asks Manu if they used to support Swami? Manu says it was obvious that we wouldnt allow him to become captain but to make task interesting, Rohan doesnt understand anything when he wants to think what he likes to, Rohan says i was just trying to make Bani win, i dont know still who they were supporting, Manu says all know except you. Manveer says even blind people can tell who would we support from Swami and Bani. Salman says if Swami would have chosen you to do his task then what would you have done? Manu says i would have tried my best to win, Rohan and Bani says i wouldnt make Swami win, Salman says Swami would have become captain then? Manu says yes, but inmates wouldnt allow that but i would have tried my best. Salman says most cheap, jerk man he is but if he gives you duty then you would have made him captain? Manu says yes, Salman says then how Rohan would think? Manveer says i would have done task but i would have in mind to not make Swami win. Rohan says you made Swami win in court task too. Salman says you people live in same house, you could have discussed what to do in task, Niti says i told Manu and Manveer to play in tasks but think about peace of house too. Salman says so much happened in captaincy task but there is no captain still. Rohan says Bani should be captain. Salman says Bani didnt wear mic for whole day, she broke many rules, talked in engligh and threatened to let you talk to Gauhar, Bani says i just asked twice, this never happened with me and it happened in this show? i just wanted to talk to someone to get calm, do i not get to be upset about this sir? are you kidding me? he threw his pee on me in task and i threw my mic and you are asking me to think about captaincy and immunity? you got to be joking. Salman says you are using english, Banis ays i am upset, Salman says i am upset too, but then ma’am, he was thrown in a blink. Salman says this happens, you have to move on, Bani says oh my God. Salman says you guys are upset over idiot. Salman ends call.

In house, Manveer says to Mona that Bani keep showing anger but its all fake, Manu says they are negative about us because we are not celeb.

Bani is not wearin mic still, Manu says she doesnt talk to anyoene so doesnt matter if she wears mic or not. Manveer says if she talks to Gauhar then i will talk to Salman, Mona laughs.

Manu says to Manveer that Bani is so angry but asking me about Swami’s leftover eggs, she said she would all eggs, Manveer says she is miffed over his act but would eat his share of eggs easily? we will eat it, Manveer says she is like tell me how he as punished, Manu says i would have protected Mona from his urine but who is Bani to me that she expect us to protect her.

On show, Salman says Bigg boss punised Swami but Bani broke rules ending the sweetness of it.
Call is connected to house, Salman says to inmates that my friend died today morning, i filmed many movies with him and that Om Puri ji, inmates are shocked. Salman says everyone goes throw shit, you have to move on, you peope used to call Om villain, he was responsible for everything but he is gone now, now i want to see performance of inmates now, audience see everything, its in your hands how to move from here to final. Salman says Bigg boss gave you chance to increase prize money of show, it was good task. Bani and Om left task soon because they wanted to be captain. Salman says to Manu that you were telling Niti that you are disappointed with Manveer, why? Manu says when task started, i wanted to go for captaincy but when i sit in jail, theni realized it was good task to do, then i changed my decision to get down from captaincy. Salman says to Manveer that Manu supported you in captaincy but you didnt support him much for this task, you didnt want Manu to be captain? Manu says i didnt fight for captaincy, Manveer says i would have supported him if he had chosen to do captaincy task. Salman says this time’s captaincy is important, Manveer says i asked Manu to leave task if he wanted to be captain, Manu says i valued prize money, Manveer says i was going to increase captaincy. Salman says you people did this task well, it was good, inmates thank him.
Salman says to inmates that Lopa, Bani, Niti, Mona, and Rohan are nominated this week. We will tell tomorrow who is getting evicted. he asks Bani to smile, Rohan asks her to smile, Salman says its okay Bani, dont let these idiots affect your mood, you are giving him undue importants, Bani says its not about that, its about consequences that i have to go through, i am not getting captaincy and immunity too, Salman asks Bani sweetheart breath. Salman signs off from show.

In bigg boss house:
Bani is upset. Manveer asks to calm down, Bani says i didnt do anything wrong, Bani is weeping. Niti says to Manu that Bani was talking to him with such bad attitude but he still called her sweetheart. Manu says he shows he is bigger person.
Bani comes in restroom and says this stupid game, she locks herself in washroom. Manu says to Niti that Manveer never agreed that he was at mistake in court task, he was feeling sorry for making Swami wint that time but changed his statement today. Manu says to Mona that if i have to take decision against bigg boss then i would do, if Bigg boss ask me to be lawyer of Swami then i shouldnt support him but think about house.
Bani is weeping in garden. Manveer asks her to calm down, Bani says i didnt get anything out of all this. Manu says to Mona that see Manveer is pacifying Bani now, Niti says to Mona that Bani is getting so much footage without even doing anything and all are against her, so she would have air about her that she can do anything, nobody can touch her thats why Bani is like this, Bani talked rudely with Salman but still Salman was calling her sweetheart. Mona says she is saying that she couldnt talk to anyone, wished Gaurav was here.
Bani says to Manveer that i went through all this but this is unfair that i didnt even get captaincy and got nominated again.
Mona says to Manu that Manveer is stupid, Manu says if this girl is carrying show then we will get out, we are people who worked so hard for this show but Bani did no efforts, Manveer is saying something else too, i shouldnt have expectations from him, he is pacifying Bani and not me why? because she was being called sweetheart by people, so he went there, i always fought for my friend but he has ways to go against me. Mona says Bani is not worried about Swami but crying over not getting immunity, she has no faith in her fans, Manu says i am late but i have understood, Manveer looks at him from far.

PRECAP- Aditya and Shraddha comes on show. Shraddha asks Salman that situation is its your lover’s birthday and you forgot it, Aditya says this happened with me, Salman says this happened with me always, they laugh. There will be interview of Swami with reporter. Reporter says headline is “Swami becoming villain of Bigg boss”, Swami cries and says i destroyed myself over this show but what i got in return? Reporter Debang says you did overacting, Swami says Bigg boss just wanted excuse to expel me and he used few drops of water to expel me, Debang says you yourself said it was urine, Swami says but in real, it was water, i am villain so i would project is like urine, if Bigg boss doesnt call me in finale then i wont let finale happen, Debang says you are threatening, Swami says yes. Rohan says Manveer was worst captain till now. Manveer says you will remain against commoners.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. If i get d chance to talk to HMS thn definitely i’ll ask mannu wt kind of person u r????

  2. Hello everybody.I am happy that swami is out.didn’t like banished behaviour towards salman questioned rohan again.I didn’t like it but manu was really in trouble today.he back bites about everybody na now he will get punishment. Salman should have displayed video so that manverr could see it but still kam se kam kuch to kiya.who is this tumsarenautanki he never speaks something good he is so rude.preeti or poem was very nice…

    1. Prettypreeti

      Thanku jiaa.

  3. Its bani not banished

  4. Bani bani bani…….she’ll win???

  5. I ‘m not Indian but I don’t like bani
    this bani is misbehaving with super star Salman
    She have a attitude problem even with seniors
    So arrogant dude
    I like lopa only she is deserving contestant

  6. Lopa rohan Manu manveer these should be in top 4
    But lopa should win the show .
    Bani doesn’t respect seniors .
    However bani has huge fan following now fans should stop voting for bani because if she doesn’t respect superstar. then who are you just a fan of her.
    Think about it.

    1.lopa 2.manveer 3.rohan 4.manu

    1. Sana.. I appreciate ur comments…its really true…manu may within top3.

    2. But im sorry to say.. I completely agree with Bani and I support her. As Salman rightly said , if Om was in the house today he would have entered the house …Why …we all know. Similarly Bani has her way of reacting , which is completely justified … yeh tho acha hua om par bani ne haath ni uthaya..

  7. Salman advised Bani not to give swam om too much important,

    But why is big boss bring back Om in a talk show with Debang..

    I think that he is not worth this recognition.hH

  8. I completely agree with Bani and I support her. As Salman rightly said , if Om was in the house today he would have entered the house …Why …we all know. Similarly Bani has her way of reacting , which is completely justified …

  9. Top 3 shd b

    Really want BANI 2 win….
    Bani roxZzz!!!!..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I agree wid u

  10. Omg!!! What an episode. Manu said clearly that anything may happen but I will support om and make him win at morning time but when salman asked he said I dint have any plan to support om. Really dude hez playing games. Hez backbiting about manveer. He even took advantage of mona the previous task by making mona nominate herself. Hez so jealous of bani. He doesn’t stop telling rude about her. Coming to bani she was so fustrated but I do think she should atleast speak to salman properly because he comes on weekends to make them go in right path. Om just buzz of man. Don’t have minimum ethics.

  11. #bani and rohan' are the best

    Manu is crazy he will support wrong,manveer does chamchagiri,lopa has anger problem she starts throwing things and insecure of bani and rohan’s friendship ,nitibha and Mona took support of Manu and manveer to reach this position,filthy piece of shit are being thrown out of the house
    Only bani and rohan’ are consistent and they are genuine and real and I don’t find ego problems in them
    So of course I love bani and rohan’ and want either of these both to win the show .The rest can just go to hell I don’t care .My opinion is not going to change .I just watch this show for bani and rohan’.love u truly guys.

  12. I hate bani ,she has no manners how to talk to star ,om puri ji ki death hogyi isko immunity ki pari hai selfish hai bohat, I don’t like kuch task nahi kerti aur immunity chahye Salman sir se aese bat kerrhi hai ek immunity k liye

  13. Hrithik kavfam has lost.Bani ke body ko padhte ho ya nahin..u can even lick her ass u double blo*dy looser..thats why people call u neither men or girl in this forum

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      pankhi. ..go and check unseen video on voot …rohan manu manveer teasing her that for nose ring thing that salman didn’t compliment her for that …so obviously she was expecting salman to praise her but he didn’t give a damn…lol….

  14. #bani and rohan' are the best

    Ufff this lopa always doughts rohan’ man .I don’t like her at all.are bani kya ab rohan’ aur nitibha se bhi baat Na Karen.m3 toh din rat uske baare mein bakwas hi karte hai.manveer kya celeb aur commoners karta rehta hai ,do he realise he is also a celeb now,so much overacting man.
    Bani and rohan’ want either of you both only to win!!

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