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Bigg Boss 10 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 18(continued)
Gaurav says to Bani that i have been in industry for 12years, you can do what you want but dont look bad by saying things to others, Bani says like nominating wrong person, Gaurav says i had my reasons and i told you, Bani says public wont see it, they will feel bad because they are my fans, Gaurav says not all watching are your fans, we are team, Bani says i got to know that me and Manveer are good pair in picture task, we could get along in tasks. Gaurav says you cant sense how he behave, the way he fights, Manu is competitor, Mona said that i am looking nice today so Manu said that he doesnt have white shirt, he is taking me as competition, Bani asks if you will loose your shit at some point? Gaurav says Manu is not of my class to loose, Bani asks whats his

class? Gaurav says it will be shown, i will not resort to cheap language just because someone challenge me. Bani is running machine too.

Bigg boss announces that Bani, Rahul and Gaurav are freed from punishment. Rahul is running machine. Bani asks bigg boss will say anything more? Gaurav says he doesnt say much, Bani laughs.

Day 19
Song hawa ke sath plays. Inmates wake up. Niti and Swami dance. Swami then dances with Mona.

Swami says to Mona that Rahul was saying that we dance well together. mona says i know right? song was nice, Mona shows him steps him, Swmi holds her hand and dances, she says you are my partner, they flick hair, Mona laughs at Swami. Mona says they saw us dancing in garden from bedroom? Gaurav comes there and smiles at them.

Swami is singing bhajan. Manu says great singing. Rahul and Gaurav are listening too. Manu says this man accepted things and he wants to apologize, Swami says when i pray in bathroom, i cried everyday, he starts crying, Manu says let him cry, he is dull and light, he brokedown after becoming king. Manveer ask them to eat and not cry. Swami i am shying infront of God, i have lost my prayers. he cries, Manu hugs him and ask him to stop. Naveen and Mona comes there too, Naveen says we should throw them in pool to cool him. Rahul says he is like kid, Swami says my mental state is not strong rightnow.

Lopa is in confession room. Bigg boss says you will have to talk to your team and choose three inmates who were best performer in king task, there will be competition between them for immunity task.

Lopa tells her team. Mona says my vote is for me, Bani and Lopa. Rohan says you can give your name too? Bani says why not, Rahul says it will be different situation. Gaurav says we should take others name, Mona says then our name would never get voted, Rahul says why not? you should trust. Gaurav says just be fair. Rahul asks for Lopa’s vote, she votes for Mona, herself and Rohan. Gaurav votes for himself, Bani and Mona. Rohan says i vote for Lopa, Bani and me. Bani says i vote for myself, Lopa and Mona. Lopa says five votes for Mona and Bani and four votes for Lopa.

Bigg boss says to inmates that sometime back we asked Lopa to choose three inmates after discussing with her team for immunity task, we want to know names now, Lopa says best performers were Mona, Bani and Me. Bigg boss asks Lopa to read instructions for task. Lopa comes in store room and sees skating board for ski, there are three shoes attached on it. Lopa says oh my God. Gaurav brings it out. Lopa reads task. For the task, the contenders are given a pair of skis with three shoes attached to it. The contestant who stays in shoes for on the skis for the longest time will win immunity. During the task, the other contestants are not allowed to help these three in any manner. As the immunity task kicks off, Bigg Boss asks Naveen to monitor the task. Bani and Lopa runs to bedroom to change. Mona says i didnt understand what happened. they come in luggage room and change. Rahul says to Gaurav and you and me have to help our favorites. Manu asks Mona to go to bathroom as you wont get water or anything in task.

Bani, Mona and Lopa put feet in shoes on ski. Lopa is in infront, then Bani then Mona. They start moving ski together by lifting feet together at a time. Swami says good performance Mona.

Girls on ski are in garden now. Swami asks Rohan why did he throw that cloth away? Lopa takes shawl from ground which Rohan threw at her, Naveen says you cant take help. Rohan says she wont fly with this shawl, let her be, Naveen says i know that inmates cant help, Mona says this is partiality, lopa takes off shawl.

Lokesh asks where should i serve food to girls? Naveen says you can serve on table, it wont be considered as help to them. Bani says keep apple on table too, Naveen says apple can be brought from kitchen, on table it will be considered as help, Bani says food can come to table but apple cant? Naveen says you can take lunch yourself too, Navin asks Lokesh to take the food back saying that if Bani wants eat something, she would need to help herself. inmates laugh at his logic, Bani says she didnt prepare lunch at time, if her kitchen is working slowly then how is it my fault? Naveen says just keep moving ski, Bani says you are doing wrong, we didnt get food on time too. Rohan asks Naveen to have humanity, Naveen says i am doing task, i dont have humanity rightnow, Bani says i did task whole night like dogs, Naveen says i dont know anything, i made parathas for you last day as i have humanity but i am in task, i will decide what will be considered as help or not, she was not eating shawl but i took it from her too.

Mona says i am leaving task. Manveer says see yourself, if you want then get down. Mona sits and takes off her shoes from ski, she backs out from task. All clap for her and says welldone, Manveer hugs her, Mona says all the best girls.
Mona comes and lies on bed on her stomach, Swami is massaging her back. Lokesh comes and says i will do it. Lokesh massages her back, Mona says Swami has magic in his hands, he was massaging so nicely, Swami tries to massage again but Lokesh says i am doing it.

Lop and Bani are in lounge and moving on ski. Bani loses balance and falls down, she gets up and pushes ski back, Lopa says what is that? Bani says roughness bro, i fell down because you didnt lift your feet when i was moving back and i fell down, this happened earlier too. Lopa starts moving forward, Naveen asks to keep moving. Bani doesnt lift her feet, Lopa says how can i move ski alone when she is not moving? Naveen asks Bani to coopertate, Lopa says you finally saw.

Bigg boss announces that Niti’s and Karan’s jail punishment has ended. he asks Manu to free them from jail. Niti says it was just nice day in jail, it was relaxing and happy. Karan shake hands with her. Manu comes there, Karan says i am ready.

Swami is massaging Mona’s head. Lopa says i want to go in kitchen, Bani says i dont want to, Lopa says we went to place for your convenience so you play nice too, Bani says i dont know about your convenience, i want to win, Lopa says to Gaurav that i told you people do anything to win. Lopa moves ski fast, Bani is trying to cope up with her speed from back. Rahul ask them to be careful, not to get injured, Lopa says for will get injured. Lopa throws away Bani’s cardigan. Bani tries to move ski in other direction, Lopa sits down to compose herself, Naveen says you cant sit. Lopa stand, now they are moving ski in opposite directions from each other. Lopa tries to take cardigan away from Bani again, they both fall down by trying to snatch it. Naveen says Bani you are not cooperating in moving. Bani moves ski, ski is broken from middle but Bani’s shoe is still attached. Bani sits down and tries to open laces of Lopa’s shoes, she says we are playing, Lopa falls down, Bani tries to open her shoes, Lopa says you are getting physical, you tried to touch me. Lopa stands up and her foot comes out of shoe, Bani says her whole foot came out. Lopa sits down to tie her shoe laces. Bani tries to distract her, Lopa says why she is touching me? Naveen asks Bigg boss if she can touch her? Rahul says this is assault man, Naveen says i will give fair decision, Rahul ask them to be careful. Bani and Lopa are standing on broken ski now. Lopa tries to move ski but Bani doesnt move and Lopa falls down, Lopa says this shit is getting funny bigg boss, i dont want to be seen like this. while Lopa is still on floor, Bani moves ski, one shoe of Bani has been detached from ski, she has other shoe attached to broken ski still. Lopa says her one shoe is not attached to ski so dont know what it means. Bani moves away from Lopa and her other shoe gets detached from ski too, Bani says you started it, Lopa says you started it, Bani says you, Lopa says i was being fair, you wanted apples and i was nice to accompany you, Bani says how nice of you, Lopa says you are so not nice like me thats why we are different. They are moving on broken ski parts, separated from each other.

Bani and Lopa’s one foot is on same part of ski now. Lopa says its battle, who started? Bani says you. Bigg boss asks Naveen to tell who won task? Naveen says Bani’s both foot got separated from ski but Lopa’s one foot is still attached to ski so she won. Bigg boss says Lopa has got immunity, Lopa thanks him, Bani says congrats. Lopa says my sister told me that truth wins. Swami hugs her and says i was praying for you, she hugs him and says thank you. Lopa says i proved that i am nice, she wanted apples so i went with her, it shows how can people stoop to just win task, Bani says if you are so kid then why you play games if you cant handle? Swami says Bani was unfair. Manu is taking off Lopa’s shoes and says i knew that Lopa wound win, Lopa says thank you.

Manveer says to Manu that nobody from celebs team said anything durin task. Mona sees scratch on Lopa’s back.
Manveer says to Bani that your team is coward, they didnt voice their opinion, Bani says i know they are coward. If Naveen can cheat in task and win then why cant you?
Lopa is cleaning wounds on her feet. Naveen comes and asks Bani if she is injured? she says i dont want to talk to you, thank you for your amazing words. she asks Manveer to come. Manveer says i was hinting you to play strongly, you should have taken off her shoes.
Rohan says Rahul that this game was about ego, Rahul says they are fighting like kids.
Bani says i could have played like anyway but result would be this because this game is like that. Manveer asks if she is fine? she says yes, he says Rahul should have supported you, Bani says Rahul and Rohan takes Lopa’s side, they can play game like they want, Manveer says they are not genuine, i wont lie but i get irritated with all celebs except you and Rahul, i get irritated by Karan even if he didnt do anything against me. i tell Manu too to not play double sided, Bani says we were talking that Manu would cheat you in future, Manveer says he has already done things, i have been in world alone to know everything, i am just watching card of everyone rightnow, Manu praised Gaurav so much in king task, he is buttering everyone.

Gaurav reads task to inmates. Bigg Boss introduces the Appy Fizz Feel The Fizz task. As a part of this task, the celebrities and commoners will compete against each other to win the luxury budget. One after the other, in pairs, Rohan-Manveer, Lopa-Nitibha and Manu-Bani will be asked questions about each other’s perceptions of their fellow contestants. A wrong answer will be rewarded with a punch and a correct answer wins them a point.

Inmates come in activity area. Bigg boss says first pair is Rohan and Manveer. Bigg boss asks Rohan question that if Manveer has to go on date with one inmate then who she will be? Rohan says Lopa, Manver says no its Bani, he punches Rohan, Bani laughs. Bigg boss asks Manveer whom Rohan thinks as without mind, Manveer says Mona, Rohan punches him and says its Manveer for me, all laugh. Bigg boss asks Manveer whom Rohan thinks should learn manners, Manver says its me only, Rohan says right answer.
Bigg boss says next pair Lopa and Niti. Lopa says no hard feelings. Bigg boss asks Niti whom Lopa thinks as hottest in house? Lopa laughs, Niti says its Rahul for Lopa, Lopa punches her and says its Gaurav for me, Gaurav is surprised, Niti says oh lala, Lopa blushes and laughs. Bigg boss asks Lopa whom Niti thinks as over actor in house? Lopa says Lokesh, Niti says correct. Bigg boss asks Niti whom Lopa think as buttering person? Niti says Mona, Lopa punches her and says no its Bani, Bani raises her brows. Bigg boss asks Lopa whom niti thinks as having no mind? Lopa says Mona, Niti says correct.
Next pair is Bani and Manu. Bigg boss asks Manu whom Bani thinks as hottest male in house? Manu says Gaurav, Bani punches him and says Manveer, all clap. Bigg boss asks Bani whom Manu thinks as most beautiful in house? Bani says i am guessing, its Mona, Manu says correct. Bigg boss says Bani whom Manu thinks as over actor? Bani says Swami, he says its Bani for me, Bani says i am over actor? all laugh. Bigg boss asks manu whom Bani thinks as loud person whose voice is irritating to her from celebs? Manu asks Lopa if she will say her name? all laugh, Manu says its Lopa for Bani, Bani says correct. Bigg boss says celebs got more points in task so they won, they have got luxury budget and only they can use it this week.

Manu says bigg boss must have got to know who is playing game, Niti says he knows everything. Manu says i never talked to Bani, if she is giving decisions then it means she must have talked to her team, Manveer says it shows she is not getting along with her team, Manu says she called Manveer hottest and she spend so much time with Gaurav but she didnt take his name while i spend time with Mona but took her name, Mona smiles at him.

Manu says to Lokesh that till now commoners were doing cheap things but today celebs showed cheapness too, Lokesh says yes, Manu says that too for immunity and that day they were spitting at Naveen, i didnt tell Naveen but they were laughing at Naveen and what they did today? we are commoners so we fought for small things but should they do it being celebs? Bani and Lopa’s cold war was going on till now but now they showed their differences in open.

PRECAP- Farhan Akhtar and Shraddha Kapoor will go in house. Shraddha says to inmates that they will perform now. Commoners rap with Farhan, Farhan dances with Swami. Swami says to Salman that you will get married next year, Salman says my life is going good, dont take away my peace, all laugh, Salman sings that my life is plain paper, Swami sings that it will remain plain paper, all laugh. Gaurav is chosen as villain for week. Salman asks why Gaurav was disappointment? Bani says when voting was happening in our team, i knew i would target girls, i always give trust to others. Gaurav says i nominated people who were strong in my eyes because these things will happen a lot where we will have to say things against each other regardless of our friendship which is getting stronger day by day. Salman says you think that its good to evict strong contenders and spend week with weak contenders, i am very disappointed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Does anyone remember how kishwar got evicted last year . she was strong ….
    Then why was salman not disappointed for that .. He snaped at prince only that sisters has to sacrifice in this country and blah blah blah….. Everyone is behind gaurav for no reason …. Gaurav just love you

  2. Lopa winning not fair. She was sitting so many times. Even when she was tying her shoe laces she was sitting. If she was standing and if bani moved the skis she would have been out for sure. Not a fan or bani but prefer her over Lopa.

    1. It was totally fair Bani scratched her like tf. Yeah everyone likes bani because the expected her to be a strong person but fighting isnt making her strong.Even I used to like her but not anymore.

  3. I love U bani❤❤

  4. I didn’t see gaurav doing anything other than cheerleading the team in the task. Even lopa n rohan did nothing other than picking up fights with commoner’s. Only bani n Mona may be rahul are eligible for competition, they have at least done there part of the secret mission.
    I am not supporting anyone here but this week is full of cat fights between girls, it’s sucks.

    1. tell me one satuation when rohan peek fight…

  5. Prettypreeti

    Before talking bout epi.I.wanna tell u that this time dhongi baba is going out see the link.
    Secondly I got 2 know that dis time 2 will be evicted 1 on ji and second will be kept in secret room don’t know who??sorry I broke ur suspense.
    Thirdly srk is coming to bigg boss 10
    See this I mean read this. ?
    Now jumping to epi.
    Immunity task mei lopa winner sooooo next week immunity 2 lopa
    Its such a sudden change in celebs guys they r now also fighting bw each other.
    Commoners r well .they r now after becoming slaves have not fought with each other cooollll.
    Gaurav villian .samaj nhi aata sometime koi hero koi villain.
    Shradha and farhan coming for rock on 2.celebs and commoners ka Ghana sunna interesting hoga kya khichdi bnayege.
    Okkk bs

  6. Nice episode

  7. This bani is full of attitude!why ,I don’t understand!!!she is now playing with manveer,to distract him.roadis mein keya laapakk japppak karti thi,abh suddenly dumb ki Tara behave keyun kaar raahi hain??celebs ko baas ek hi problem hain,they think themselves as behaving differential with ji evict ho Gaya.just go for it ,my boys,mannu and manveer.superb playing

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