Bigg Boss 10 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 10 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 45
Inmates wake up to song ‘Maine Paidal Se Ja Raha Tha’. Mona, Lopa and Swami dances. Gaurav goes in restroom and says there is no water anywhere. Rahul tells inmates there is no water anywhere. Swami says bigg boss give water. Elena says how anyone can live like this?

Priyanka is sitting on Manu’s bed and says Manu keep irritating me whole night, he keep poking me, Manu says what are you saying? Priyanka says Bigg boss dont air this, she asks Mona if he does this to you too? Mona just smiles. Priyanka says i want to change my bed. Manu says dont wear my blanket, Priyanka says you dont deserve to be in blanket with me. Mona looks away.

The contestants are dazed and confused when they realize that their basic necessity, water, is missing from the house. Clearing all their doubts, Bigg Boss introduces the luxury budget task ‘Jab Tak Tumhare Paer Chalenge’(till your feet are working). For this task, the contestants have been deprived of water, gas, sleep and personal items and night’s sleep too, and to gain access to them, any two challengers from Rahul, Bani, Elena and Jason will be required to pedal a cycle at all times only then inmates will get necessities, inmates will be able to sleep at night only when two challengers keep peddling cycle, Priyanka is asked to overlook the task in the absence of a captain, and Bigg Boss announces that if she proves her mettle, then she will get a chance to compete for captaincy. Priyanka says so sweet Bigg boss. Priyanka says to challengers that dont take anything personal. Bani says say with love, Priyanka says if you keep in line then i will talk gently. The sleepy contestants relent and choose water as their first necessity as Bani and Rahul start cycling. Water comes in kitchen and Mona starts washing dishes.

jason and Bani starts peddling, Jason says Mona doesnt talk to anyone except Manu and Manveer, Bani says she talks to others least. Jason says i want to give task to Mona like cook something for me or dance for me, Swami says Mona likes you, i listened her talking about you, Bani says all girls like Jason, Jason confides in Om Swami that he feels that Mona likes him because of the look in her eyes, she keep looking at me, she wants foreigner, she must have many boyfriends but she didnt get foreigner i think, Swami laughs.

Lopa asks Manveer how many animals do you have? Manveer i have 2bufallos, and 2cows, Lopa says talk like gentleman, Manveer says i am talking softly, what you want, should i fold my hands? Lopa says become like me, do you have girlfriend? he says what you think? Lopa says you talk to her like that too? Manveer says yes, i asked her to drink if she wants, i am not formal but i am not rude, Lopa asks Mona if he is rude to girls? Mona says i was intimidated by him, Lopa says i was so angry on him first day, i thought from where did they bring him? Manveer says i can talk formally too, Mona says you would not look good like that.

Bigg Boss introduces captaincy task titled ‘Gayi Captaincy Pani Mein’(captaincy drowned in water), inmates laugh. As a part of the task, all contestants are given a test tube bearing another contestant’s name. Sahil will get Swami’s test tube. Mona will get Gaurav’s test tube, Manveer will get Sahil’s test tube, Manu will get Niti’s test tube, Gaurav will get Manu’s test tube, Swami will get Manveer’s test tube, Lopa will get Mona’s test tube, and Niti will get Lopa’s test tube. Whenever a gong rings, one contestant’s test tube will need to be emptied and the contestant needs to provide a legitimate reason that person should not become the captain. And, after the seventh gong, the last man standing with his or her test tube still not emptied will fight for captaincy.

Manu tells Manveer that Mona wont empty Gaurav’s test tube as Gaurav will not empty my test tube. Swami asks Priyanka to tell Sahil to not empty my test tube, Priyanka asks Sahil to not empty Swami’s test tube, Swami says to Sahil that i swear on God that Priyanka is more than my daughter, he starts crying, Manveer says he has started crying for captaincy. Manu laughs. Sahil asks Swami to not cry and hugs him. Manveer and Niti laughs at his acting. Swami says to Priyanka that i want you to win. Manveer asks Swami to not empty his test tube or else i will break your test tube, Sahil says lets coordinate. Manveer asks Sahil to empty Swami’s test tube, he will get heart attack, Sahil says he is crying. Swami says to Sahil that they are against me.
Gong plays, Rahul asks where is referee Priyanka, Rahul asks Priyanka to ask one inmate to empty test tube. Manveer says i am emptying Sahil’s test tube because he has not understood house problems and is new, he empties Sahil’s test tube. Priyanka asks Manu to empty Niti’s test tube next, Niti says what is this? why you are saying that he will empty it? Manu says why you are fighting with everyone Niti? Niti says i will kill you Manu by strangling. Niti asks Priyanka why she is asking Manu to go next? Priyanka says i can say anything i want, Niti says fine then, Lopa laughs. Niti asks why you are asking Manu to empty my test tube? Priyanka says i have to select one inmate to empty test tube when gong plays.

Mona says to Lopa that i think its too early for me to get captaincy, i dont want it. Rohan says i want Mona to become captain, Lopa says even i am supporting her, she is discouraging herself, Mona says i want Manu or Gaurav to become captain, Rohan says she has to support Gaurav to save manu.
Manu says to Manveer that i can vote for you even if you murder, Manveer says you told me that i won get votes from public. Niti says to Manu that i am saying original inmates should get chance to become captain, Manu says if no one empties test tube then who will become captain? Niti says you are right, i am just saying that you are emptying my test tube saying that i wont get votes, but if i am last person standing, then it will be me vs. Priyanka and there is possibility that i will get more votes than her, Priyanka says Manu you think she can be captain? Manu says inmates wont let her become captain.

Manu says to Manveer that Niti never did favor to us, Manveer says you are going right, i told everyone that we wont be play united and all, we wont save others. Manveer says lets convince Mona to empty Gaurav’s test tube, Manu says then Gaurav will empty my test tube too, Manveer says wait till end then, Gaurav will not empty mine till Mona doesnt empty his, Manu asks Manveer to tell Mona to not empty Gaurav’s, Mon comes there, Manu looks at her and leaves. Manver says to Mona that you are sweet and play fair but when it comes to choosing then you have to become bad, Mona says i will empty Gaurav’s if i have to, Manveer says not now, do it at seventh gong ring. Mona says if i empty Gaurav’s then he will empty Manu’s too, Manveer says thats why i am asking to do it in last.

Manu says to Niti that Bani asked me to empty Niti’s test tube but when she came to Niti, she said that Niti was best referee. Mona says when Priyanka yelled, Bani got angry, Manu says her rule is not divide and rule but just to divide. Niti says i will confront Bani about this, Manu says i am not lying, she will say that i am lying, Niti says she asked you to empty mine infront of everyone, Manu says you hide behind couch, i will talk to Bani and then you will listen who is lying. They come in lounge. Niti hides. Manu comes to Bani, Niti hides behind couch. Manu asks Bani if anyone will vote for Niti? Bani says if its between her and Priyanka, she told me that she thinks she will get votes, Manu asks what do you suggest? Bani says i want to know who are finalists for captaincy, Manu asks didnt you say that i should empty her test tube? Bani says empty it, its your decision. Niti comes there and says what are you saying? Jason says you should come first but in your house, Niti says then go back to your house, Niti asks Swami that you said that i cant win over Priyanka? i listened it, Swami says i dont remember. Bani says i told him to empty all tubes, i want to see bloodshed.

Gong rings, Manu empties Niti’s test tube and says that he empty her test tube because she is not ready to be a captain.

Priyanka says to Manveer that they dont see how much i work hard to cook here. Priyanka is miffed that Manu didnt eat food she cooked. Manveer brings them in smoking area, Manu tries to leave and says let me leave, Manu leaves. Priyanka says i made special food for Manu.
Manu says to Manveer that she is garbage, i am tired of her, she gave me kiss on shoulder, i didnt even know it, Sahil pointed it out, she is flirt, i should be away from her. Priyanka comes and asks if should cook food for him again? Manu says i will not eat food you prepare till i am here, Priyanka says you were praising others cooking food but not me, she leaves.

Elena and Jason starts peddling cycle so inmates can sleep at night, lights are switched off.

Jason and Bani are peddling cycle. Rahul exchanged place with Jason. Jason says my thighs are swollen, he puts pillows on cycle so Rahul is comfortable. Bani gets down from cycle and runs peddle with hands, buzzer starts playing, inmates get up from their sleep. Bani starts cycling again.

Rahul says to Swami that Bani is tired, Bani says i am totally in pain. Rahul asks Swami to ask inmates if they will be fine if he stop peddling? Swami says all are snoring, whom to ask? Bani says thats what i am saying, Rahul says you dont want to ask, Rahul says dont argue with me, Bani says he pisses me off, his efforts are useless, not even one person is standing here so support us, even referee is sleeping, why should we work so they can sleep, i get irritated with them, even they didnt support in dome task, these people are like this, i am sorry to tell you all this Rahul but i am frustrated.
Swami comes to Priyanka and says they are stopping peddling, Priyanka says they must be in pain now.
Bani says to Rahul that i dont have loyalty, why will i work when they are not nice to me, you imply that i start fights with Lopa but you dont see what she does wrong, Gaurav is my only support, Rahul says he was here and gave you food too, Bani says he was here entire day, he left in last, Rahul says Lopa was spending time with Sahil, Bani says its my birthday today, wont i feel bad? Rahul says you are getting sensitive, Bani says you sleep. Swami comes there and says Priyanka is awake but she doesnt want to see you people in pain. Bani gets down from cycle and says let them be awake. Jason gets down from cycle too. Buzzer starts playing, most inmates wake up. Swami asks Manu to wake up. Manveer says let us sleep, Swami says they are in condition.

Bani says to Rahul that its wrong that we are peddling and they are sleeping, Rahul says all came here but they thought we are sleeping and left. not all people have problem with you, you should think why they have problem with you, to tell you frankly, inmates came here to show support but you were swearing in general, you were frustrated but you should understand that they came to meet you. Bani says i was frustrated, you know i swore because Lopa came here and said that thank you Rahul, thank you Elena, thank you Jason but i am non-existent for her, is this right? Rahul says you both have this relation, Bani says i might get frustrated, i am human too, i have feelings too, i am frustrated with this shit. Bani says to Sahil that i never did that with Lopa, Rahul says you both have this relation since start, Bani says thats not justified.

Sahil says to inmates that Priyanka that there might be problem for you in captaincy, you should wake inmates. Manu says he has watched whole show, Sahil says you read instructions and will know it, Manu says dont tell me, Sahil says what wrong i am saying? Manu says i am right, Sahil says to sleep? Priyanka says he is not sleeping, Sahil says i am talking to you, Priyanka says i woke up everyone. Manveer says if they are in pain then they can stop peddling. Manu says we cane even go to washrooms.

Swami says all challengers did peddling whole night so they are tired and sleeping now, Priyanka cant wake up them too, dont drag and punish Priyanka for this Bigg boss.
Swami comes to Priyanka and asks if she is sleeping? Priyanka says i am getting ill, let me sleep for sometimes.

PRECAP- Gaurav says to inmates that the one who is scared and wants to get immunity at this stage, that person is not deserving of captaincy. I think me and Manu are people who should be captain because inmates will listen to our orders. Priyanka says i think Manveer or Gaurav should become captain, Manu glares her. Mona says to Manu that if i want, i can discard Gaurav from captaincy task but why should i do it? Priyanka says to Manveer that Manu is not able to convince Mona to empty Gaurav’s test tube, is this their friendship? Mona says to Manveer that Gaurav is not emptying Manu’s test tube so i am not emptying his, Priyanka says you dont show support like this. Manveer says to Manu that Mona keep showing Manu and Manveer’s difference. Mona cries and says i want to go home. Manu says they are breaking friendship, Manveer says if there is no difference between us then whats they problem? Manu says there is difference between us and it will remain there always.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hello simran aakashi swastika and all bb fans and simran where are you missing you (comment) and what happened to mannu now how could he say you are different from me to manveer because before today he used to say we aree same my bro

    1. Priyanka kuch jyada bol rahi hai. Problem bhi create kar rahi hai. Or swami om isse khud ka beti samajh raha hai.

      1. DgenerationX

        correct swastika……….if swami would have daughter in real life………she would be exact copy of priyanka jaggga…….

    2. hi kp I was busy bcz of my exam but don’t worry m comment k liye time nikal hi longi .
      I am feeling very very bad for Rohan .its not fair . bb ko baki housemates ko bhi strictly rules follow karne k liye bhi kahna chahiye tha . rohan was trying so much to convince them but everyone font want to listen . he was ryt he should have some other powers .

      1. Oh simran i didn’t know tha sorry simran and study hard and do well in your exams study is v important don’t worry we will talk later after your exam about bb house ok

      2. ya kp study is important but don’t worry m comment k liye time nikal hi loongi bcz its my favorite show

      3. Oh lakin simran maine socha ki aap mere comment ke liye time nikal langi haha but jokes apart yah this is my favorite show also because i like rahul dev as a villain a lot and gaurav also tv star and my favorite in bb

  2. Yaar bani is ri8 too.. y should they ride bicycle for those who r not even present there for supporting them..n lopa also behaves so weird wid bani …bani is really feeling low..

    1. I totally agree with u sona..yaar woh itna cyclinng kaare uske baad bhi koi support na kare aur lopa usse thanks toh bol hi sakthi thi jaab sabko bola…it hurt yaar ..jaab aap sabke liye karo koi appreciate bhi na kaare…and mjhe baani ki yeh hi baat achi lagti h ki woh dil se khelti h…jo sahi lagta h woh bolti h dusro ki tarah nahin ki acha banne ki koshish karre

  3. This mona is so irritating still feel sad for rohan

  4. This is so rude from bb… You can’t take any one out of the picture of captaincy…
    Rohan had done nothing wrong. Jab koi kissi ki baat maane ko tayaar hi nahi then what to do…
    Faltu ki fights ka kya Matlab…..

  5. I don’t think ki Rohan captaincy was that bad…no one complained about the captaincy to bb…. Den how bb decided that it was a complete joke for 2 week…. Not good BIG BOSS

  6. And was wrong with miss LOPA… IS SHE HUMAN…I don’t think so

  7. And wats wrong with miss LOPA… IS SHE HUMAN…I don’t think so

  8. They keep on picking Rohan cos his the youngest out of all of them. I just cant stand Priyanka dick nose

  9. Am really upset with lopa she is so weird. Don’t worry bani you will win
    And for manu,manvir,mona,priyanka,i think bani is playing it nicely with them, the way she gave up with the task for prianka I think bani knows what she is doing……. So pleas vote for BANI

  10. I too don’t think Rohan did a bad job its hard to get people to do something if they don’t want to do it and for that they need to be punished by Big Boss, Captain can only convince them.

  11. nominated ppl done tasks really spcly jason n bani..whole day they r peddling n nyt lso n these ppl nt evn bother abt them..everybody can be awake for 1 nyt o lse they could hav slept with light on oly..not a big deal..bani u ryt u don need to do so mch for them…lopa z so rude n weird..bani bang u..

    1. DgenerationX

      yes bani and jason did the task very well since both are fitness freaks…….also please bani dont argue with rahul and gaurav….since these two are more close to you than others……and lopa looks very very very ugly to me even though she has got beautiful face….

      1. agree..n this year’s epi editing team z worst..many fun moments r thr bt they are not airing…itz better to watch voot unseen videos than epi..nw gaurav out f captaincy race as mona emptd his test itz btw manu manveer n priyanka…

    2. Agreed this tym editing team is worst ever or u say they are fans of m3 pura 40 min unko hi focus kiye rehte hain no light moments at all ….all the tym b*t*hing by mannu or plotting by the way jabse wildcards ae hain tab se i dont know mujhe manveer thoda better lag raha hai kya waqaee wo kuch change hua hai ya ye mujhe hi lag rha hai ??
      Yar i m glad ke gaurav is hafte captain nahi bana banta to acha tha but atleast ab manveer ko mannu ki chalakiya samjha jayein shayd acha hai ye log he ek dusre ke khilaf hain captaincy ke liye

  12. COPYCAT COPYCAT COPYCATT!!!!!!!!!!YAAR kannada bigg boss mein bhi paani ke liye cycle chala na tha…i saw tht episode myself… was the same thing..cycling and getting water…..yaar bani is ryt..if everyone ignores her like this even though she is doing soo much …then ovio she will be frsedt(sorry the word is too long and am lazy to write it)..

    1. DgenerationX

      yes aakashi……. the same task was in bb season 7 ….. in first week in which…… jahnum wasis had to run large wheel using hand for getting all those basic requirements for jannat wasis…………anyway task is interesting……and please aakashi88 don’t get frustrated to write frustrated………

  13. Dis season
    is a Joke Bani rocks

  14. DgenerationX

    hi friends, i think the most successful captain in house would be……… or the one who can handle all gharwale as a captain are…………
    1. Gaurav …….98% successful as a captain……since everyone respect him and he is friend with everyone in house

    2. Manu……….95% successful……….since no one would want to argue with him and everyone would want to be in good relation with him

    3. bani …….90% successful………….since no would want to come in argument with her

    4. lopa………..85% successful…………since she has friendship with everyone in house except bani

    5. Manveer………..84% successful……….everyone knows he is a loudmouth and can come into argument at any time

    6. priyanka……..80% successful…….. since everyone would choose to follow rules of house rather than seeing her f**king face during argument

    7. Rahul………75% successful………..since no one would want see his anger explosion…as we saw against of baba om

    8. Rohan …….70% successful………..since he is youngest in house most of them donot take his orders seriously……

    9. Sahil ……69% successful…….since he is new in house so everyone might want to be in good relation with him and listen to him and follow the rules…..

    10. Mona……..50% successful…….she has good relation with very few members…

    11. elena………..40% successful…….
    12. jason………..39% successful……..
    13. Nitibha ……….35% successful……since she has very weak friendship with everyone which can break anytime….

    14. sneha ki babaji / DEO chor……….0% successful………….since he is not existing for anyone in house …..and everyone hates him in house am much as everyone hates sneha in this portal

    Hey friends, i dont know if it is correct positions of the housemates…….if u can position them better then reply and swap their positions…….please say who should be at what position……………

    1. Hello DgenrationX from my point of view superb calculation but don’t feel bad i would like to swap rahul dev with manu at no. 2 position because he is very accurate person for captiancy and i hate mannu he is reckon himself as a leader all the time and i like gaurav rahul and bani in bb v much and laughing after read your line against om ji haha

      1. DgenerationX

        ya Kp, rahul can be best captain in house……………… but he should in same mood as we saw him against babaji in gold mine task…………….. and also during stretcher punishment of babaji………

    2. I m not sure abt gaurav becoze mannu sunna hi nahi chahta kisi ki aur bb to khud pagal hai ese bethe bethe kon dand deta hai jab koi galti kre jab jail mein band krne ki saza honi chahiye aese bula ker randomly puchne se yehi hota hai jese bani ne manveer lopa ka nam dea wo log bhi ese hi bhadke then mannu manveer bhi wese basically koi sunna hi nahi chahta bb house mein khasker mannu becoz wo pehle din se celeb ke against khud ko labour union ka sardar samjha betha hai

    3. Hey I was a fan of triple h n Shawn micheals too.. Same thing right?

      1. DgenerationX

        ji haa……..

  15. Sarayumane

    Love you bani??

  16. Lopa did not thanked bani becoz of her equation with bani …..and agar bani frustate ho sakti hai …to lopa bhi to bani ke behaviour se frustate ho sakti hai….Rahul is 100% right ..if you have a problm with lopa abuse her na or sortout with her …why sheabused all housemates …..but after all is abusermachine ….and a big lukhi what can anyone expect from her….Priyanka is line maroing manu punjabi and trying hard to take mona place and trying to break bondb/w M2 boys …I hope …m2 boys alag na ho Q ki inke dosti ka hi mja hai baaki to ladte aur jhadne ke siwa kuch karte nahi…swami is full time chutiya .rahul ask him to ask housemate and he only asked priyanka …and also crying for captaincy that is acting ..Irfan khan bhi sarma jayen baba ki acting dekh ke..sahil is not entertaing at all ..he is just trying to enter into every conversation ..rohan is a bit low this week .bigg was unfair withhim ..thier is some fault from rohan side too like he is little partial toward gaurav bani and rahul…but housemates also did wrong …then why should they not get punishments and only rohan…Precap showed thier is fight b/w m2 boys but that is just a little arguements …My fav this episode M2 boys jason, rahul ,lopa.

  17. Bani every time fail in task n in every job except abusing. M3 do well, jagga do some disturb but it will not affect to M3. Niti is useless.

    1. i think its only nitiba who is playing honestly. she is not doing cheapness like prianka and mona. and one more thing she is completely ignrd by salman

  18. I think rohan is right. BB did wrong with rohan. Rohan ko both bura laka.he feel low. i think Isliya rohan bani ki bdy cake cat karna time nai haya.

  19. Rahul is right. Bani is so good & frank but so rude some time. Bani ”cake ko hath math lakana” kaha, is so wrong.
    Bdy cake sobka samna shair karna chaiha.

  20. Jakka & omji so wrong.
    I hate tham
    Bar bar manu or manveer apna faitha kiliya omji ki samna acha thikraha.
    Apna friend mona ko sabka samna ithna kalath bola iska bat achi friends omji ki sath kabi achi bath kar nai saktha.

  21. Mona tumari friends thumara liya 1 day omjiki kilaf kada nai horaiha. Tumari friends ko bi rohanki friends ko bi dako.
    Manu so mathlabiya.
    Isko lot of soppoters chaiya or kuch nahi.
    Rohan, lopa,bani,rahul,guarav id toppik ma reail friends.
    Tumari fri tumaraliya toda (little) time kiliya stant laraiha. Omjiki kilaf bi priyanka ko kilaf bi.
    He is not gd fri

  22. Mona tumari friendi tumata liya bar bar thoda (little) time kiliya stand laraiya is so wrong. Jagga ki kilaf bi & omji ki kilaf bi.

  23. Btw kp wats yor real name…dgenerrationx same question to u too….yaar becos yor name is relly long and i am REALLY lazy to write it….i feel gaurav will be gud captain ..he has gud relations wid everyone
    Yaar yeh sahil bahut mach mach kar raha hai….har baat mein guss jaata hai…he has not seen the show….he is supporting the omji natack…wen ur not being listened to i will tell u wat to do..just cry like omji..ppl will listen with respect…dgenerationx…sneha ki babaji???i dont know wat did she see in him

  24. Btw kp wats yor real name…dgenerrationx same question to u too….yaar becos yor name is relly long and i am REALLY lazy to write it….i feel gaurav will be gud captain ..he has gud relations wid everyone
    Yaar yeh sahil bahut mach mach kar raha hai….har baat mein guss jaata hai…he has
    not seen the show….he is supporting the omji natack…wen ur not being listened to i will tell u wat to do..just cry like omji..ppl will listen with respect…i dont know wat did sneha see in him

  25. I dont get y priyanka is playing this cheap game. Khud vo manu k sth itna chipak rhi h..uski koi selfrespect nhi h kya? 2-3 bar ase hi ld k ja chuki h k tu manu mrse bat ku nhi kr rha muje hurt hora h!!ab uske bacche nhi dkhrhe show? Pee krne k time pe to bohot ideal mother bn rhi thi ab manu or mona ki frndship khrab kr rhi h.
    I genuinely feel k manu mona or manveer hv bcome frnds by heart n dis is non-digestive to priyanka n baba dts y dy play this cheap evrytym to break dhr friendship

    1. DgenerationX

      correct aahana …….priyanka is attention seeker and she can get attention when she is with mannu-manveer

  26. Guys I think everything is fair in the game all r playing to win

  27. ShriyaT

    I hate that f**king Swami and that B*tch Priyanka…they both r here to violate the peace in the house…sab me jhagda laga rahe hai… I love ROHAN AND BANI… i m a silent reader but frustrated bcoz of that fake SWAMI …kitni over acting…har baat pe rota hai wo and Priyanka sab baato me swami ko support karti hai even if he is wrong does she even have some emotions?? Faltu me Manu ko target karti hai.

    1. DgenerationX

      hi silent reader …….. priyanka and swami om can be together called as jagga daaku since baba is daaku

      1. Hahaha . Bilkul sahi kaha apne. Dono ko suit kar rahi hai

  28. Yaar aakash aap ek baat batao mujhe if you feel lazy to write short form name than how would you able to write my full name hahaha by the way my name is prateek

    1. nice name prateek

  29. feelng sad for bani lopa is so weird and this manu is always backb*t*hing he thinks himself as a king

    1. DgenerationX

      bani is playing from heart and she show her real face so she don’t give damn to anyone ………but lopa is playing from brain so she is maintaining good friendship with everyone

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