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Bigg Boss 10 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 17
Celebs are sleeping in bedroom while commoners are sleeping in lounge. Song starts playing. Swami wakes up first and sits on his throne. Song nazrain mili plays. Mona and Swami starts dancing. Rahul and Rohan laughs seeing them. Rohan says Manu told me they wont sleep.

Rohan says to Niti that tell me some work. Niti says when i tell you then you dont listen.
Manveer says to Swami that you dont listen to me. Manu says just keep sitting on throne. Niti says we dont give them any task as its their duty to keep us happy, not us to request them to follow our orders.

Rohan says we will be rebel, if citizens are not happy then there will be chaos. Rohan is waving knife in air, Bani passesby him and he mistakenly hits her with knife,

she says oh my God, you literally stabbed me, he asks if she is hurt? she says i must and runs to go to washroom to check. All run behind her. Swami says this is their game plan. Manver says we should check for humanity.
Bani is bleeding on stomach, Rohan says i am sorry, Bani says you are mad, its right on my tattoo, Rohan says i am really sorry. Bani says who waves knife in air? She wipes her wound. She says all are mad here, give me 5minutes, she shouts that leave me the f*ck alone, see what is happening because of all this drama of yours, all leave. Bani has tears in eyes and goes to washroom.
Rohan is crying outside washroom. Lopa says this is not your fault. Inside restroom, Bani wipes her wound, its bleeding.
Swami says to his team that he attacked my bodyguard so he could kill me. Manu says this man is risky.

rohan says sorry to Bani, she says its okay, you didnt do on purpose. Bani is washing utensils, he asks her to sit down, she says i am fine. Bigg boss says what happened few minutes back was dangerous, it can turn into big incident, we are always told to not play with fire or knives, we are disappointed with Rohan’s attitude, and it should not happen again. Swami says you said that whoever assault in this house, should be thrown out of house, we request you disqualify Rohan. Manveer says it should be their decision, not yours, Swami says i am just requesting, Manveer says you cant order that, Swami says i am not safe here because of Rohan, he said that he will kill king, this is dangerous for me, evict Rohan.

Rohan says to Lopa that anything can happen here by mistake so its better to leave from here before that, Lopa says its in your control, dont do it again, Rohan says i was just playing with knife, i was not near her, she passedby me, i dont want to do mistake again. Lopa says it was unintentional so stop being a puppy. Rohan eeps.

Bani says to Niti that i am thinking of doing some funny makeup, they are all just fighting so we should do something different. (Bani is making Niti to do joker’s makeup as per secret task). Niti says i am not queen in real so i am ordering you to do my good makeup, Bani says correct.

Manu says i am not hungry. Naveen says Swami is ready to go in jacuzzi with Mona. Manu says so what, they are daughter and father. Lopa says Swami king should i give you bath? Manu says give him bath with milk, then drag him with rope, i mean bring him in lounge with respect then he will wear his crown, today is crown ceremony of his, Lopa says yes it would be great, Swami wont leave anything behind. Swami says you flirt uncle, Manu says i am thinking so much for you and you are doing this? your daughter was flirting with Rohan even being married.

Manu says to Manveer that they are asking us to change clothes, change makeup or go in pool, what is logic behind us changing clothes? why they are provoking us? there is something hidden, Manveer says Bani was asking me to change getup, why they are forcing. Manu says there is no problem with king taking bath with servants, Swami says yes king take bath with servants.

All are getting ready for king’s royal bath. Lopa is holding aarti plate, Niti asks her to give it to her, Lopa doesnt, Niti says dont be stubborn, leave it, Lopa leaves. Niti asks her to bring crown. Lopa says why she is asking me to bring crown? Manu says to Lopa that she wants your place, will tell you details later. Lopa says i have done hardwork to come here, Manveer says we cant tell you. Lopa says you dont trust me? Manu says Niti thinks you as competition, you both are nominated and she doesnt want footage on you so she will be evicted, we want you to stay here not her. Lopa says i have earned this position so i wont loose it easily.

Swami is brought to pool. All are chanting for king. Manveer asks him to take off clothes, all laugh. Swami jumps in pool with clothes on. Manu says it looks like dog is taking bath. Manveer brings Swami out of pool. Bani is holding umbrella for him. Swami is given milk bath, Manu says his eyes are closed, you can take out your frustration on him. Manu and Manveer put whole bucket of milk on him. Rahul says amazing man.
Mona sets jacuzzi. Swami sits in it. Mona washes his hands. Lopa and pours water on him. Karan hides behind Bani and clicks their picture as part of secret task.
Swami comes out of bathroom, after taking final bath. Naveen asks to make him wear clothes. Rahul makes him wear his personal socks to Swami, Bani secretly clicks their picture as its part of secret task too.
Rohan sits in bed and starts watching pictures under blanket.

Bani has made hearts on Niti’s face, Niti asks her to fill her face with these heart because my heart is broken in this house so atleast i have hearts on face. (as secret task Bani has to give Niti joker’s makeup). Bani makes heart on her face, Karan clicks their picture as part of secret task.

Lokesh says to Swami that i am leaving your palace for my love. Rohan says we are running away from this palace, if someone tries to kill us then we will jump in pool and finish our lives. Rohan brings Lokesh to pool and says we will do suicide.(Rohan is doing secret task where Bani has to throw Lokesh in pool). Bani is behind Lokesh. Bani takes off Lokesh’s mic. Rohan says i will jump in pool. Bani pushes Lokesh in water, Lokesh falls down, all cheer, Lokesh is stunned, Bani tends to her and says to Rohan that i thought you jump too. Gaurav see this Lokesh, they throw Rohan in pool too. Rahul says drown in love you both, this is love. Bani and Niti throws water on Rohan. Manveer comes there, Lokesh says i was joking with Rohan but some **** pushed me in pool, i dont know who. Swami says i am leaving my throne, this girl has destroyed my honor, they should be thrown in cell. Karan says they fell in pool by mistake, Swami says put her in jail, i dont want this daughter who is ****, she is no princess, she is characterless, Lokesh says keep blabbering, i was just standing on pool, Bani pushed me in it. Rohan and Karan comes in restroom and watch picture of their secret task. Lopa says to Swami that you cant call girl as characterless, Swami says you get lost, Lopa says dont point fingers at me, you are characterless, dont call girl characterless again. She asks Gaurav how can he call any girl characterless? dont be so much in character. Rahul says to Manveer that this Swami wont let this task happen, Mona says he was even asking me enter pool with him.

Swami says to Gaurav that i told you earlier too that Rohan should not enter this party, i told you that whoever will hurt me would go to jail, he has done sin and he will go to jail, i wont put them together in jail because together are ****, i will keep girl infront of my eyes, while Rohan will go to jail, Gaurav says we didnt plan anything like that. Swami says you took off his mic then threw him, it was all planned. Gaurav says they are adults, they can be together. Niti says we are following rules of family, Swami says only king’s rule is followed.

Bani is in confession room. Bigg boss says that your secret task time has ended, give cmaera back to us and dont tell about secret task to anyone, we will announce about it. Bani comes out of room and takes camera from Karan. She goes in confession room and put camera on table.

Manu says to Swami that Mona is saying it hurts her when you are miffed, Swami says be thankful that i made you daughter so i ignored kisses you gave him, Manu says otherwise what? Swami says otherwise i would *************, Manu says you are crazy, Manveer says atleast see respect of girls, atleast control your tongue. Naveen asks him to shut up, Manu says people will hit you with sandals if you talk like this, Naveen says lets end it, Manveer says he is father so that doesnt mean he can say anything, Swami says she was giving him kisses, Naveen says Swami is making fun, Manu says who made rule that i cant talk to servant? Swami says in my rule.

Niti asks Lopa to make tea. Lopa says we are cooking too, we are not robots, give me time. Niti says its been more than an hour that i asked for tea, Lopa says its my speed, Niti says you are not treating me as princess. Lopa says i dont care, Niti says then tell bigg boss, Lopa says i didnt even talk to you, Niti says why you are saying you dont care? i am ordering you, Lopa says i am saying that i will cook, i dont care about time, i was busy, i am doing it my way, Niti says dont tell me what i have to order. if you dont care then throw your uniform and sit in corner, dont do task, Lopa says you throw it, Niti says you get lost, Lopa says let me do my job,, who are you to tell me what to do? Bani hugs Lopa and asks her to calm down, Lopa says i am doing my fu*king job for more than 5days, who is she to say that i should sit in corner? Bani consoles her and says hugs her tightly, Lopa hugs her and says i am doing my work man, Bani says i know.

All inmates are sitting in lounge. Tv is switched on, breaking news shows that some pictures got leaked from bigg boss house in rule of Swami. Pictures play, Gaurav is shown taking pictures, camera is shown hidden at places, celebs squeal, Mona kissing Manu is shown, Manu has hand on his head. Mona and Lopa are shown making Manveer eat fruits. Karan is shown giving massage to Naveen, Rahul is shown making Swami wear socks. Bani is shown pushing Lokesh in pool. Lopa and Mona are shown giving bath to Swami. Bani is shown doing make up of Niti. Reporter says these pictures show that commoners have lost ownership of house. Niti says there was secret task? Celebs starts dancing happily. Manu says they have camera. Bigg boss says to inmates that celebs were given secret task which they did successfully and by this ownership of house is given to celebs, and commoners are servants. Manu says i dont understand what happened? Bigg boss asks commoners to give ordering bell to celebs and this task has ended. Manu says what happened? Swami says you kept getting kisses and this is result, Manu asks him to shut up. Manu says if we could get secret task then they clearly won. Niti gives bell to Gaurav. Gaurav says your tea is ready, you can drink, Niti laughs.

Naveen says they were requesting thing to us because they had secret task. Manu says we were so involved in task, Swami and Naveen totally in task that we couldnt see celebs doing their task, Naveen says Niti was most involved, Manveer says Manu if you listened to me earlier than we would have caught secret task, we should have caught earlier when Mona kissed you, Manu says we couldnt catch camera, Manveer says dont listen to everyone, Manu says i also listen to you, Swami’s secret task was Mona giving him bath and Rahul changing his socks, i was asking you to keep Rahul away.

Swami says to Mona that you kissed him and cheated him, Manver says she was doing her task only, Mona says if i do then problem if i dont do then problem. Manu says we couldnt think about camera, you know Rahul was making you wear as it was secret task too, Manveer says you bathing with girls was secret task too, you think you are so good that they are bathing with you? now just be cool, Manu says it was task only, Manu says Bigg boss ordered Mona to kiss me and she did her task, they didnt let it show on their faces, Bani threw Lokesh in pool too, it was just task, dont take it personally, Swami says they were united, nobody blew their secret, Manveer says its just part of game, Swami says i dont like to loose, i am beating my head, Mona says you said so many ill words to Lokesh and Rohan, Manu says you were alleging Rohan but he kept doing his task and didnt let it get to him, he is not fighting with you, just letting it go because it was task only, Swami says leave it. Mona says to Swami that they are my friends, i can kiss them, dont tell me what i should do.

Manu says to Rahul that we should have catch your camera. Swami says they didnt let me take footage. Manveer says you were given milk bath. Manveer says we were chill out but Naveen was like Bigg boss have spent so much on our costumes, Manu says have you come from insurance company? Naveen was like if Bigg boss has sent massager than we should use it because he has spend money on it, Karan laughs listening thi, Manu says i told him to be light in task but no, he was totally in task.

Niti is giving massage to Lopa’s neck. Niti asks her to put hair on shoulder. Niti prays first, Lopa laughs, Niti says my hands are cold, Lopa says my body is hot, your hands will get warmed, Niti gives her massage, Lopa says i am so tired. Niti is making horrific faces behind Lopa. Niti acts like punching Lopa’s neck behind her, Lopa asks her to massage as i want , dont do extractions.
Rohan says to Lokesh why you are ignoring me? she says i didnt, you feel like it? Rohan says you are not talking to me, you didnt come to meet me in jail, where is our friendship? Lokesh laughs.

Swami says to Manveer that when Mona kissed, i said it was gameplan, Manveer says chill, Swami says we worked hard, i should pack luggage. Mona says if you thought that i was doing task then why did you say ill words about me? Bigg boss talk to Swami, he said ill words to me, you called me *****, i told you that we do it in films too, so is it wrong? Manveer asks him to listen me.
Gaurav says Karan they have started fighting with Swami. Karan says they dont take it sportingly, Lopa says their problem is Swami.
Manveer asks Swami why he is packing his stuff? Swami says you guys will put me in jail tomorrow so might as well from now only, Manver says this is right, Naveen says Swami wont go to jail. Manveer says he made fake jail so much serious that he couldnt think anything. Swami says i dont want to go from house after fighting with my team, Manu hugs him and says you won heart but you will go to jail, Swami says me and my daughter(Mona) is ready.

Naveen says to Manu i am tensed that i raised stone to hit Rohan so my family must be stressed, they know that i am short tempered and they must be tensed that i am alone here and dont know whom he will fight, they must be tensed and secondly i was roaming with girls in house, Manu says you are a flirt, ***, you lift Lopa in arms. Manveer says your best is when you suddenly start shouting in anyone’s face, Manu laughs, Manveer says he shouted on Niti’s face while pointing fingers at him, Manu is rolling on floor laughing, Manu mimics Naveen’s anger fits. Manveer says one night Naveen came to me and said that bigg boss have bought costumed and thrones so we should not waste his money and put heart in task, they laugh. Manveer says Swami was saying i dont loose, its not in my nature, i was Swami you already lost.

PRECAP- Lopa is in bikini wear and Mona too. They enter pool and start swimming while Swami and Manu are sitting on couch in garden watching them. Swami says what a ada(grace). Rohan rings bell and says i want Swami to clean jail. Swami says this is wrong to take revenge in task. Rohan says if you dont start working then i will put you in jail, Swami says even your father doesnt have strength to put me in jail. Bigg boss says to inmates that its time to choose one inmate from both teams to send them to jail. Manveer says to his team that for me Niti should go. Naveen says Niti started faking fights from start which diverted our minds, Niti says it was not fake, it was genuine. i wont go to jail for that reason. Lopa says to her team that Bani’s involvement was less in task, Bani says i wanted to take Lopa’s name comparitively, Lopa says what the hell? Gaurav says Mona’s role was less too, Rahul says Bani pushed Lokesh very nicely. Manu says to Lopa that if you people cant take decision this time then what about next time? Mona says nobody wants to do bad, their hearts dont want to take my name even little bit.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. raja abhishek was hillerious and jab lokesh pool mein giri that was also very funny . that swami is too too too much he was calling lokesh characterless bcz she was in pool with rohan and who the hell is he to punish lokesh for that and he should also be punished . he should look at himself he don’t remember when he was dancing in pool with Mona Lisa and in today’s task when he was in jakuzi with two girls that is also not a Indian culture. he was calling her characterless bcz of task ,I dont think so uski soch hi aisi hai.
    if he done something wrong that is for footage if anyone else u this then it is against the Indian culture.
    I was totally agree with Mona when she says to swami if uknows that is task then why u r saying rubbish about me .
    I am glad that rohan was visible in this epi …

    1. sorry I mean he was calling characterless to lokesh not for task . uski to soch hi aisi hai

  2. From celebraties i think karan should put in jail.because karan is hardly seen and also less contribution to task.why anyone does not take his name.

  3. Swami is secret agent from character certificate department of india

  4. I think from celebrity team Karan or Rohan should go to bb jail & from commoner side omm or naveen .

    1. why rohan? he also has performed the task . if u r saying this because of accident with bani then that’s no fair

  5. Will be totally unfair if Mona Lisa goes to jail this time. She has performed really well in this task. Karan should go to jail as apart from taking photos he hasn’t done much. The top performers for this task were bani and Mona lisa.

  6. Lokesh or rohan ka pool wala scene boht cool and funny tha . In this episode nitibha was so annoying seriously. Rohan is v nice. Karan is hardly seen and boht km contribution tha us ka task men…. cele did good in today task….?

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    Finally the celebs won a task. They did it very well. Haha manu’s reaction when he got to know it was a secret task and celebs celebrating. Uff Dhongi baba doing what he is best in drama ? And that was so funny when the two girls were giving him bath and when he told manu u keep on taking kisses and this is the results ?
    Today’s episode I actually liked Manu and Manveer at least they didn’t over react like Dhongi baba they know celebs were doing their task and also they had doubt. So hopefully actually they will be safe this week. Lokesh and Rohan pool part was funny too ??? again Dhongi baba come there and create drama ??
    And among commoners Nitibha should go to jail maybe i would be happy if baba goes to jail again ? But he was damm funny in the task and among celebs Karan should go he is barely seen or doing something if he was nominated he would have been evicted this week.
    I think this week Nitibha will be evicted. Dhongi baba won’t go easily after all he is an annoying comedy piece ??

  8. Again I remember the old days character munna bhai and circuit from the act of monu and manveer, they really do funny. Niti,lopa over react, karan is in sailent and rohan do like kid. Omm swami is swami om.

  9. manu is very entertaining .
    gaurav chopra is playing smartly now
    lopa is good
    nitibha is irritating
    rohan is cool
    swami om toh no words fr him..he needs help ///calling a girl characterless first he must see his character
    bani is very arrogant she has lot of attitude . rohan did it by mistake then also she was making huge issue out of it
    navin thanda ho gya is week
    lokesh seems to be falling for rohan
    rahul and karan hardly seen they should be jailed not mona lopa or bani
    and from indiawale navin this week did nothing

  10. I m now liking manu very much …he is smartest , entertaining , gamer .until now he is best for me ..
    and as I said earlier niti and lopa will try hard to get footage as they are nominated …. they are trying hard …
    commoners lost becoz of niti , lokesh and baba ….they are dumb as stated by manu ……naveen is confused….
    from celebs side ..
    Bani wins heart today by not making any issue regarding that.knife incident.
    Rohan is a cry baby he is trying to hard to get sympathy by crying …and unneccesarily Fighting with swami …
    as usual karan is lost in bb house ..
    rahul catching up ..
    gaurav still playing the best …
    mona is also doing good…
    but at last I think bani will win show as she has huge fan following…..

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