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Bigg Boss 10 29th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

weekend Ka Vaar
Salman is looking at his big portrait and singing. He says diwali is going on in Bigg boss house from long time and witness to it is one and only Swami. Swami’s request to provide him security plays. Salman laughs seeing it and says he thinks inmates are trying to kill him, one side he wants protection from then and otherside he is singing and dancing along with those murderers. Swami’s singing and dancing is shown. Naveen says to Manveer that he is Rakhi Sawant. Lopa is shown doing makeup of Swami, putting eye-liner and lipstick on him. Salman says seems like he found new profession. Salman says people miss their homes. Karan is shown ironing clothes and says i miss my laundry boy today, Gaurav says it was so good to just speak scripts, we get costumes and all things

ready. Salman says we will see first love story of house. Manu is shown singing for Mona, he says if i get sweet wife like you then it will be fun. Salman says will they become lovers? when a girl is talking alone then its Mona. Mona is shown talking to herself that my team doesnt take me as contestant, bigg boss give me instructions. Salman says lets go and talk to them.

Salman comes on stage. Salman Khan dances on the number ‘Prem Leela’ from his blockbuster ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo’. He welcomes everyone in bigg boss. He wishes everyone Diwali and says hope your life becomes better. He says life changes for person in bigg boss house. This house became laundry house. Nominated contestants are GAURAV, MONA, ROHAN, MANU, MANVEER, NITI and AKANSHA. We dont know who will be evicted. Celebs and commoners behave like neighbors, same keeping eyes on each other, back biting and all, lets see.
Video plays, Karan says to Bani that Manu was asking for juice and all to Naveen, Bani says he is puppet of everyone, Bani says to Rahul that naveen is more than meets the eyes, Manu is using Naveen, they have made Naveen their servant, he works for them, Manu is headquarter, Rahul asks if she is worried? Bani says no, Karan says Naveen was ordered around by Manu.

Salman connects video call to house. Inmates greet him with clapping, Salman wishes them Diwali, he says you are looking good, i want to dedicate song to you, he asks for his guitar, he says i will o o jane jana, Rohan laughs, Salman dances on his song, Salman then dances on song just chill, all laugh. Salman asks Rohan to give performance, Rohan asks should he bring guitar? Salman says yes. Rohan brings broom, Salman sings funny song regarding broom. Rohan sings and Dances on song o o jane jana with broom as guitar, Salman says be careful, Manu can attack on you, all laugh. Salman says another rising star is Swami, he found alternative profession, Swami says i am following your orders, Salman asks can i give order? he says sure, Salman says sing yeh mera dil, Swami sings funnily.

Salman asks inmates to vote out who was villain for this week. Rahul and Lopa votes Naveen as villain. Salman sings for Bani and says you are looking beautiful, Bani says you too. Bani says for me Manu was villain this week because i think he is master behind Naveen’s deeds. Karan says for me villain was Naveen because he was giving threats and all, it felt like Rohan could get hurt by him. Salman asks Rohan, Rohan says Naveen was villain, he raised things to beat me, Salman asks did he hit you? Rohan says no but he was close, i didnt know how to react. Salman says you are irritating a lot, waiting for person to hit you and be thrown out but be careful, you can get beaten. Gaurav says i feel like agreeing with Bani but i dont know clearly who is mastermind but we can see who is doing deeds at front, all teams did hardwork then one person stealthily at the end of task sabotage it, its not manliness nor sportsmen spirit so Naveen is villain. Mona says Naveen is villain, he did good in task but he cursed Rohan and i got scared. Niti says personally villain was Rohan, their team got 9 and our team got 30clothes, i checked all clothes but Rohan was sniffing our clothes to check them. Akansha says Naveen was villain because he provoked Lokesh in task. Manveer says Rohan was villain, he was like chill, pill and all but he didnt take interest in quality supervising, we got like 30clothes but only 2clothes got ready at end, he was sniffing shorts and pants. Salman says he likes to sniff shorts, all laugh. Manu says Naveen was villain, i didnt like what he did with Lokesh, i want to say to Bani and Gaurav, they are experienced but they dont use mind, i never became mastermind, i give reaction to action, not use people from behind, what happened with Lokesh was not nice, she is weak against Naveen but she was winning task but we saw different shade of Naveen which i didnt like. Naveen says i was villain in my eyes this week because i did things which was not good at humanity. Salman asks Swami to tell his answer in one word, Swami says all are devi for me, no one is villain for me, Salman says now tell me one name, Swami says Naveen didnt do good as per humanity level but it was required for task, i want to tell that i snatched most clothes in BB laundry task, but at last i was sent to jail, there should be justice, Salman says that jail is most comforting jail, you get food, you get bed and bathroom and get footage too, all laugh. Swami says i went to jail first time with my will because i thought they should not be bitten by mosquitoes but there are no mosquitoes there so genuine decision should be made. Lokesh greets Salman and says i knew Naveen would take his name, he is villain for me this week not because he did that with me, i understand that it was task, but when counting started, he threw my blocks after task ended, and he misbehaved with Rohan so much, sorry Naveen you are villain , Salman says Naveen forgives you, all laugh, Lokesh says i dont need his forgiveness and i cant forgive him, i will talk to him, give him food but he has lost respect, i knew he would give his name, he likes to give speech about great deeds. Salman asks Naveen what his students must be thinking? he says i did things as contestant. Naveen sits on villain chair, Salman says lets talk about BB laundry. It was required to wash clothes not each other. He says to Rohan that you irritated whole team but still your team lost, when you were fighting alone, did you feel like you needed support? Rohan says i knew all are with me, Salman says it felt like you were playing alone to win, Rohan says i had deadly ideas more, Karan says we tried to mislead them, we tries to support Rohan so that he can distract them. Salman says support was not shown at all, Rahul tried to snatch clothes, Gaurav tried too, Gaurav was tensed that Manveer and Manu can raise hand on you but it can happen, Gaurav it cant happen, first thing is that if someone raise hand on TV then he will be sent to real jail, it had happened before too. Rahul says i was sure that no one could hit him or my team members when i am here, Salman says i give guarantee that hand cannot be raised. Dont come in pressure of power, there was Punit and Sangram in this house, big names with big bodies came in this house so dont fear about physical power and if they think they can use it then they should try it on me first. Salman says Gaurav you said that Rohan will bear consequences of all this, Gaurav says your action gets reaction from other team, Salman says why you didnt tell Rohan then, whatever happened in house after that ROHAN IS SAFE, commoners tried to keep pressure but you people stretched it too much, Manveer says he was checking clothes with broom, he was using it as guitar and chilling, he was provoking so we cant take it much, he was singing and irritating and it made us hyper. Salman says to Niti that your team targeted Rohan only, why? Niti says every action calls for equal and opposite reaction, Rohan was singing just chill to people who were washing clothes under sun so it irritated my team, his team was no involved, only Rohan was at front, Salman says you agree that his team didnt participate? Niti says i dont understand that they took hours to wash 9clothes when we took that time to wash 30clothes, Salman says they are not habituated to wash clothes, Niti says i thought only Rohan could make us loose. Salman asks Lopa where she was hiding? Lopa says i was little shocked seeing so much aggression , i didnt expect aggression from Manveer, and Naveen, he was gentleman for me. Salman says naveen is dynamite in small package. If you put Rohan’s face on Manveer’s body, would you see aggression? she says no, Salman says if you put Manu’s face on your body then who will be aggressive fights between Swami and you? all laugh. Salman says Manveer is physically strong so he comes out strong in fights, Lopa says i was lost in fights and aggression , Salman says i was shocked too when you stole clothes, all clap, Lopa laughs, Salman says you wont get entry in my house, you can steal my clothes, Lopa laughs. Salman asks if someone else was inspector instead of Rohan, suppose if it was Rahul, and he was singing just chill and o o jane jana, which are my songs.. Manu you have attacked me, not Rohan, all laugh. Manu says we made rules and told them that we wont cross line but they started crossing line then he started provoking. Salman says he can do it, if someone is cheater so you will become cheater too? Manu says i tried to fight for justice, Salman says if you ignore them then they would stop provoking you, Manu says i told Rahul that we will follow all his rules, Rahul says we were following rules too but someone from our team crossed line(Mona) without asking us and all crossed line then, at the end Naveen poured water on clothes, it was shocking. Manu says i didnt go for back biting, i didnt have any involvement in water pouring. Salman says if this task had happened with fun then it would be good. Lopa says Rohan was performer from our team, if Rahul or Gaurav was inspector then they wouldnt instigate them. Salman says are you praising Rohan or against him? Rohan laughs, Lopa says no i am saying he gave tough time, Salman says so you are putting Rahul and Gaurav down? Lopa says no, she laughs and gets shy, Salman says you are getting stuck as much as you are speaking. Naveen says my deeds would become valid by talking all this, Salman says you just think about your students, they would be like we have seen you in bigg boss, all laugh. Salman asks Rohan that did naveen understand something about task which your team didnt? Rohan says what he did was out of his violence streak not using his mind, Salman asks he has streak? Rohan says yes, he doesnt react for 5minute then after 10minutes, he does something out of box. Salman asks Naveen that you sang, fought and did things in your aggression, was it performance or actually you? Naveen says i try to perform better than other, he was dancing with broom so i thought to perform with stones, war and love should be played with full spirits. Salman says you talk so much but do things more than that, from where did that come? Naveen says we will see whatever wil happen, Lokesh rolls her eyes at his philosophical talks. Salman says you are book worm, where did you get idea of pouring water? Naveen says every game as trick, i didnt share that idea with anyone, i was angry and trying to get reaction so i would know their thinking. Salman says one person makes rule but there is loophole in it which he didnt know, and if other person takes advantage of that loophole so is it right to do? Naveen says he is wrong using it but.. Salman says thats enough, it was wrong, it was wrong, Naveen says no. Salman says i will tell you from where did that idea came from, it was Swami’s mind, all laugh, Salman asks Swami to speak, you dont like to loose so you prayed to God to let you win so God put idea in Naveen’s mind, Swami says its true, all laugh, Salman says so basically it was Swami who made this idea travel from his mind to Naveen’s mind then to Bigg boss, and biggest thing is that you made your team win and didnt even take credit, Swami says i will always try to make my team win, Salman says dont say things like that in bigg boss, laugh, Salman says by chance if you loose, maybe God would be busy when you send him message, he would leave everything and will solve your problem in bigg boss, he would put thoughts in Naveen’s mind so that your team wins, all laugh. Salman says God would leave all his wordly tasks to make Swami win in bigg boss. Swami says i always remember God then you. Salman says you are looking lean these days, you have swag, Swami says i am following you. Salman says you see things from far but.. how you couldnt see jail punishment coming for you? all laugh. Swami says i did that for footage, i dont mind going to jail. Salman says Krishna and Bharti didnt make laugh this much as much as you Swami, Swami says we are here to increase TRP, Salman says it will be ‘comedy nights with Om ji’ or ‘Om ji se Bachao’, all laugh. Salman takes deep breathes and tries to stop laughing, Salman says i request all inmates to never nominate Swami, he should stay here then he will go to china, chinese people are offering to take him, they want something that will last long like Swami. Salman says i felt seeing you in jail because you worked hard in task by wearing clothes till beneath your torso, all laugh. Salman says whoever will nominate Swami, he will be my biggest enemy, i will hit him with chest, all laugh. Salman says he has permanent companion Mona in jail, Swami says she is my favorite daughter now, Mona laughs. Salman says dont say that, you made one daughter(Priyanka) get evicted, Mona is nominated too, all laugh.

Salman asks Mona why she was sent to jail? Mona says they gave reason that i crossed line of barricade and took one cloth but first day, i was stealing clothes, so second day i did thing with instinct so they sent me to jail, Salman asks was it fair to send you jail on that incident? Mona says incident happened with Bani too, i felt like they have become group and put all blame on me, Salman asks why? she says one day i told them that there are confusions in our group, they started whining about me, i feel deserted, they think i cant do anything, they keep pointing at me, Salman asks Rohan if there is different behavior with her? Rohan says she is not opening up to us, she tries to do good but does mistakes, we are trying to make her comfortable but she has things stuck in mind so she is not trying to open up, Bani says she feels like she needs time to trust us, Bani says they are all reserved, i talk to all commoners, i feel comfortable with them instead of celebs, Bani says i am feeling bad rightnow Mona, we talk so much. Salman asks Manu, Manu says she may not be comfortable thats why she sits with us, she has never said anything against her group. Salman asks why she is targeted? Manu says she is different from her group, we like when she join us. Salman says Mona you think you were targeted, who should have gone to jail? Mona says Gaurav should have gone to jail, he always work less. Salman says if Mona gets evicted today then who will be next sacrificial goat? Rohan says its not about sacrificing. Salman says seems like Mona will be going to jail again because MONA IS SAFE. Mona says even you are sure i will go to jail. Manu says Swami will go to jail everytime from our side, Swami says i am ready to go, all laugh. Salman ends call.

In Bigg Boss house:
Karan asks Mona if she still thinks we are targeting you? Lopa says you talk less its difficult to interact with you, you are opening up now so we like to spend time with you, tell your opinions as you are integral part of our group. Gaurav says you took Lopa and Bani’s name for jail then how did it change today? Mona says so what? i didnt take name after thinking that day but after seeing, you do household work less too, Gaurav says it was not about household work, Mona says i change my votes but you people are sure about one name to send to jail and thats me, Rohan says okay from now on you will never go to jail, Mona says thats not i am asking, Rohan says if you think we are targeting then we will not vote you out, someone from us will go, Mona says its again us? excluding me again? Rahul says we are in difficult show, there will be doubts, if you say there is no unity in our group without explaining then it will bring doubts. Gaurav says were not friends from before, we didnt know each other, Lopa can talk behind my back, Lopa says i didnt, he says i am giving example, like if Lopa has problem with me then she should talk to me, we should not generally comment.

Salman connects video call to house. Salman says we will connect call to caller of week and he will ask question to you. call is connected to caller Dheeraj, Salman greets him, Dheeraj wishes him Diwali, Salman wishes him. Dheeraj says i wanna talk to Naveen, Dheeraj says to Naveen that i am watching you, keep playing like that, you were called in confession room and bigg boss said that you have to select two people and there will competition between them but when you came out, you didnt tell about competition to your team, commoners clap after getting to know this, Lokesh hints that i knew it. Naveen says i was not prepared about task, i must have forgotten about task, they didnt tell me about task, Lokesh says there is limit to lie. Salman says you were told that there will be competition, Naveen says yes but i was not told what task would be. Lokesh says he didnt inform us that there will be task, Naveen says i want to know if bigg boss used word competition or task? Akansha says it doesnt matter. Salman says competition word was used, Lokesh says you dont know meaning of words? you think we are fool? fool your students not us, it was nothing but his mind running like horse, all laugh. Lokesh says he thinks we are here to listen his speech, Naveen says i totally forgot about task announcement, Akansha says you remembered cheating, Lokesh says in which world you live? fool your students not us. naveen says i didnt remember about task at all, i was wrong. Manu says i thought i was most clever in house, Salman thanks Dheeraj for call. Manveer says you are snake in sleeve, Naveen says no. Manu says Naveen must have forgotten about task announcement thats why he chose most strong person against him for competition(Taunting him for choosing weak Lokesh). Lokesh says if he told us about task then we would have chosen Manu or Manveer against him. Manveer says i voted for Naveen as he made us win BB task then i took Lokesh’s name because she worked hard in BB laundry, this Naveen didnt tell me about task announcement, Naveen says i didnt know, Manveer says you are still lying? caller told clearly that you were told about task beforehand, Lokesh says you are limit, Manveer says we wont give you attention now, you are a snake, you got all sympathy too, Naveen says i forgot about it totally. Manveer says did bigg boss whisper about task announcement that you couldnt hear? Naveen says i just thought about immunity, Manveer says you always talked that you would not stay in house for more than 2weeks and now you are stooping this low? Naveen says i didnt stoop low, i forgot it, i thought both will get immunity, Manveer says dont lie more. Manu says Naveen did wrong with Lokesh fully, Manveer says Lokesh was right. Salman says MANVEER AND MANU ARE SAFE, they thank him. Salman says nominated contestants are GAURAV, AKANSHA and NITI. We will do eviction tomorrow, he ends call. Salman says this house brings people to same level. We will see who will be evicted and get to celebrate diwali with family, he signs off from show.

In Bigg Boss house:
Naveen says Bigg boss used competition word not task. Manu says its all same thing, Naveen says i didnt pay attention to it, i didnt hide this information, Manu says i asked you when task was announced to al, i had doubt on you, Naveen says i thought both inmates will get immunity, i even said that you should play task as it will be better if you get immunity. Manveer says we will get everything by fighting.

Manu and Manveer are tensed regarding jail thing(that nobody can raise hand in house if they dont want to go to real jail) which Salman pointed. Manveer says tell us something we can do, we can go to jail, Manu says Salman told us, Manveer says so what if he is judge? did we instigate anyone? Manu says they should clear it, what our parents think? Manveer says if they want to make celebs win then they should announce it, we will not put hard work in tasks then, Manu says our parents must be thinking that we are goons and going to Lonavala jail, we cant listen these things against us, our wives must be worried that our kids will see their father in jail, that his father is goon, Manveer says first we are jailed here and then we are going to real jail, Manu says all crew can see what we are doing, even bowler curses batsman, they should threaten Virat Kohli to put him in jail for showing aggression, Manveer says he was using broom against us, what wrong did we do? Manu says he was irritating us with his voice, Manveer says he was calling us fools, jerks and all. Manu says if bee is humming in your ear then you say please bee, dont come near my ear or shoo her away?

PRECAP- Salman will celebrate Diwali tomorrow. Bharti and Karan Wahi will come on stage too. Lokesh says welcome to comedy nights Karan ji, she blushes, Karan says am i prick that nipped you? Bharti says in first scene Swami was walking on water, shark comes from behind and eats him alive, all laugh. Karan says why you are making fun of him? Bharti says i am doing what audience wants to see, Salman and all laugh. Swami dances like rockstar on Baby ko song, Salman says wow. Swami says i just make relation with women like daughters, sisters and mother, he says something in other language, Bharti says great but i didnt understand a thing, all laugh.
There will be task where inmates have to say truth otherwise they will get slapped by fake hand. Salman asks Gaurav if he thinks celebs think they are greater than commoners? Gaurav says no, he gets slapped. Salman asks Naveen if he thinks Manveer is biggest enemy of commoners? Naveen says no, he gets slapped. Salman says Manu if he thinks his team girls have less mind, he says yes, he gets slapped. Lopa gets slapped too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Today I was literally laughing while reading this it was so funny
    Aaj toh saare keep saare ka what lagg gaya
    Jo bhi that caller naveen ki pole kholdi achha hua
    Salmon well done
    And this Mona I am still confused about her.

    And akansha is getting evicted this week
    Happy diwali to everyone

    1. Spelling wrong hogya sorry for it
      Keep – k

  2. Shit! how did Manu n manveer even escape the eviction !!! someone should be terribly stupid to vote for them #pls gaurav get saved!mona’idiot’ y don’t u just get lost #hate her to the core ?

    1. Manu and manveer provides fight which is required for TRP so 1 of them must b placed in finale ?

  3. hahaha rohan job is to inspect the cloths not to interfare what others are doing…. and also he rejected some stainless cloth this is clearly wrong on his part.
    commoners are slaves and they are not doing thier work properly this case commoners are totally come others in bb laundry task..mona first breaks the rule ..and later bani did wrong by going commoners side and snatching cloths from the hand of swami and when manveer snatched he is breaking rules…
    .when thier is heated argument is going on and someone is started acting like he is playing guitar anyone will loose their cool…
    commoners did right in the task ….thats why biggboss gives his decision in favour of comnoners….the best game player is manu …ruling commoners… his only problem he losses his cool… thats why he is best until now for me..
    but we indians always want to be a part of bhedchall ..thats why everyone is against commoners and also priyanka destroys the first impression of commoners..
    salman clearly taking celebs side….

  4. sorry to say this Ishaan u are totally wrong this time.Rohan did the very right thing by instigating bullies like Manveer and Manu.And Salmaan is very fair this season.

    1. kapil sir aap fan ho to aapko rohan ki galtiyan nahi dikhengi …..
      kon sa insan kapdo ko sniff kar ke dekhta hai ki wo saaf hai yaa ganda ….
      kisi ko bhi provoke karoge any one can loose his cool….
      2nd thing rohans job is to inspect cloths …but what he did he spoils the whole task ….
      and he did this to be in the game and for footage…..

  5. Prettypreeti

    Happy diwali 2 all
    Salman is tooo good in entertaining us.yaar mastermind salman.
    And baba ji ka toh kya kehna.
    Sooooooooo goooood weekend ka vaar .
    Soo manu and manveer worried uff.
    Just chill chill

    1. Farhan

      Salman is best host. Once he starts laughing then he has no control on himself.
      He was saying right that Rohan was alone who fought with Manveer, Manu and Naveen.
      Other celebrities were not involved in the task. Navin ki bhi pol caller ne khol di 

  6. The commoners do well and this week the commoners viewed more in full episodes that’s why the trp also increases. Hope MMN trio in final.

    1. Prettypreeti

      Yup I too want.them but.not.naveen but.its OK coz he have playing power

  7. out of commoners,only Lokesh plays well.bit as said villains definetely contribute in raising trps so any of the trio may be expected in finals

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