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Bigg Boss 10 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Diwali Special
Day 11(continued)
Lokesh says to is fighting with Naveen. Buzzer plays. Bigg boss asks Lopa to count blocks of Naveen and Lokesh which is standing in line. Akansha asks Lokesh to not cry, all saw what he did. Lopa counts Naveen’s blocks and says 43 are in order. Karan says to Lokesh that all will see who has bad intentions, Naveen comes and throws all blocks of Lokesh by kicking her line, he says my blocks are counted, Akansha says i counted Lokesh’s blocks, it wsa 56. Lokesh says Naveen didnt let Lopa count my blocks. Bigg boss says to Lopa that it was written in task instructions that you will count blocks after buzzer plays. tell us who had more blocks standing. Lopa says after playing buzzer 12blocks are standing in Lokesh’s line, Lokesh

says i had 56blocks standing after buzzer played, Lopa says i understand but after buzzer ringing, i had to count and i counted his blocks and i was about to count yours but he threw all away, Lokesh says we had counted before and it was 56blocks, Lopa says i have said this earlier. Akansha hugs Lokesh and says you will win it. Bigg boss asks Lopa how many blocks Naveen has standing? Lopa says 43 blocks in proper line, others are randomly standing. Bigg boss asks how many Lokesh has in line? Lopa says 12 standing in line. Lokesh is weeping. Manu says to Lokesh that no one will nominate you, Lopa asks her to not take stress, Manu hugs her.
Naveen says to camera that i am sorry to all girls of India, we are in Bigg boss house so we have to play as per bigg boss, sorry.

Manveer says to Lokesh that naveen said he wont do that to you, his heart is not agreeing but i dont know what you said to him that he ranaway and threw all your blocks, but it has happened, now leave it, Manu says not only your blocks fell but he fell from our eyes too. Lokesh says we talked nicely, he said that i will be nominated but you wont, i told him that anything can happen in house, i dont know what will happen but that jerk went and threw my blocks, i never curse but i am cursing him. Lokesh says to Manu that Naveen has given you name ‘x’ and Manveer as ‘y’, Lokesh says he cheated you both, he told us that when nominations about team members come, we should vote against Manu and Manveer, Manu asks when he will vote out us? Lokesh says when Bigg boss blamed us for discussing nominations openly, it was Naveen who did it, Manu says see Manveer.
Swami says to Naveen that you are real master in game. Naveen comes to Gaurav and sorry sir, i stained your blocks but i didnt let your blocks go waste, Gaurav pats his hand in support and says we will talk to each other when you like it, we will talk that day, when you asked me for blocks, i asked if you want it? you said yes and i gave you, we will talk later about other things, right, wrong are not in our hands.

Manu says to his team that Naveen gave Lokesh’s name against him because he knew she would be easy to handle, Niti says he had no tension when task was announced, Manu says he knew from before that task will be given, he didnt tell us about task when he came out of confession room, he knew he will win against Lokesh and convinced us to choose Lokesh so he can win.
Naveen says to himself that this day will pass too. Manveer says i am going back and giving your chance to get immunity but you are doing this with Lokesh? Niti says i dont even want to see his face. Lokesh says you didnt tell us about task announcement, you jhandu(moron), Naveen says dont say it again. Lokesh says why not? jhandu, jhandu, will you beat me? Naveen says dont say again, Lokesh says i was mad to trust you. Manu asks Manveer to let girls handle. Niti says we didnt expect this from your Naveen, Akansha comes forward and asks if he will hit her? Akansha comes forward and says what will you do? will you raise hand on her? She comes infront of Lokesh and protects her, Lokesh says from behind that you should have atleast respected mother who gave you birth, you cant be trusted because you are psycho, you were given this upbringing? my father didnt raise me like that, i felt bad for calling you idiot but you are kind of person who can sell his family too, you psycho man, you students must be ashamed of you, you *******, she curses him, Niti says Lokesh dont get your tongue dirty, Lokesh leaves. Manveer says Naveen you crossed line, Naveen says i had to win, Manveer says will you kill person for winning? Naveen says it was just trick, she should have used her mind too, its not about heart thing, she didnt take your or Manu’s name when we voted for task, she said she will play game, i didnt do anything wrong, Manveer says you did all that for winning right? Naveen says i had to win this task.
Lokesh is crying.

Naveen says to Manveer that when i threw water on clothes yesterday, 7people were happy and 7people were miffed with me, i became villain to let my team win, i am just saying that she was happy yesterday when i did negative activity, and now she has problem with my negative activity again? she is not kid, Manver says she is no, Naveen sasy see her reality too, 7celebs were against me and now my own team will go against me, it doesnt matter. Swami says everything is fair in love and war, Naveen proved he is the best.

Manu says to Mona that i was ready to go to jail to give you company, she says lair, Naveen says no he called me and told me that he wants to go to jail for you, Mona says wow, Manu says we can be happy with Swami when he is in good mood, he says to Swami that if her team sends Mona again then i will go to jail, Swami says she is permanent to jail, Manu says then i will go, he says i can enter my face through these bars, Mona says what are you upto? all laugh, Swami says you have key, come inside if you ant, Manu says this happens between girls and guys, it happens in life, right Swami? Mona says Swami doesnt know these things, Manu says sometimes you have to become Swami, Swami will live for 5 or 6years more, Swami says you are my enemy, all laugh.

Day 12
Garden is decorated for Diwali. Song happy diwali plays, inmates wake up, Swami and Mona are dancing in jail. Gaurav, Rohan, Karan, Lopa and akansha dances together. All wish diwali to each other.

Naveen and Lokesh are sitting with Manveer. Lokesh says i was talking to him nicely but he took advantage. Manveer says show your good side and end it, Lokesh says i got this by showing goodness, Manveer says he didnt say anything back to you, show generosity, Lokesh says he cant say anything when he did everything wrong, he should remain silent now, he doesnt need to say anything after doing antics, he fooled me with his words, she leaves. Manveer says she wont be pacified, team is breaking. Naveen says after listening to her, i feel like i didnt do anything wrong.
Lokesh says to Manu that he didnt behave like teacher since start, he cursed Rohan so much, if person is good at heart then he feels guilty atleast once but he didnt, he showed his color, he tried to brainwash me, he has done it with Manveer too.
Naveen says i have done hard work in both tasks, Manveer says yes, you played really well, Naveen says after game, i never made fun of anyone, nor had argument with anyone.
Manu says to Lokesh that no celeb is cursing, i am telling you this only, we raise things on them, get angry and use curse but they never did so it shows they are smart and behave but we dont, you be smart too, i dont want to talk about Manveer.

Lokesh says to Mona that your dress is pretty, she says thank you. Swami says Monica has pretty eyes, Mona says he doesnt even know my name, Lokesh says its Mona darling, Swami says if i call her darling then people will think wrong, and i cant call her Mona daughter, Lokesh asks why? he asks Mona can i call you daughter? she says yes. Swami says she was sleeping, my father inside me woke up and i caressed her hair, Lokesh asks if it was father that woke up nothing else? Swami says yes. Mona says they packed our jail when diwali decorations were going on so he said that its good i am with you in jail, if it was someone else here being packed inside jail with you then dont know what would happen, Niti says there are cameras here too, Swami says Camera iwll be used to make case but incident would happen, Niti says they didnt hire mentals in house to make cheap incidents happen.

Swami says to Mona that i am ashamed of their thinking, when i first entered jail, Manu and Manveer said to me that Mona has black heart, keep he awake whole night so she cant do anything, even yesterday they said same, i told them i didnt see any black thoughts in you, it doesnt matter to me, all kind of people come to me.

Manu shake hands with Mona through jail bars. Mona tells Manu that Swami said that you told him i have black heart but you shake hands with me for footage, Manu says if you like to talk to me then you should not listen to anyone, you should have said that we should call Manu and ask him why i said those things, he would deny calling me and confirming his words because he is wrong, he is lying and now doing pooja, will it be effective now?

Niti asks Mona when she entered in bollywood? she says 2005, i started from hindi movies then started bhoujpuri, Niti asks Mona to tell Swami he is looking good in bhoujpuri, she tells him, he compliments her too, Manu asks Swami what language he knows? he says when i give speech, i talk in local language, Niti says you get to know local language with mantras? he says yes but it happens till i am giving speech, i give speech in different langauges, like if i am giving lecture in china, i give it in such way that they think i live with them, Niti asks him to speak, he says i talk in local language at time of speech only, not all the time, Manu says its about time of moment, Swami says like i am in tokyo, i will give speech in their langauge so they clap, i like clapping for me.

Bigg boss tell inmates that celebs have got gifts from families, they can get it from store room. All celebs run to store room. Bani gets her gift. Gaurav brings his gift, Bani asks what did he get? Manu brings Mona’s gift to her, Mona is in tears and says thank you, Manu says dont cry, Swami caresses her head and celebrate now. Manu opens jail and give her gift.
Karan says to his team that Nisha has wishes diwali to everyone, Lopa thanks Nisha.
Mona wears dress which she got as gift, Lokesh says its nice.
Manu is sadly lying on bed as he didnt get any gift.
Akansha says just let me hear their voice.
Bani shows photos to Karan, she says its my sister and her baby.
niti is looking ather family photo sadly.
Rahul hugs Karan and wishes him happy diwali. Karan has tears in eyes.

Bigg boss says diwali is about celebrating happiness and considering this, we are ending punishment of Mona and Swami, they can come out of jail. Mona and Swami are happy. Bigg boss asks Manu to free them. Mona says thank you bigg boss, Swami says i wish you diwali. Manu says Swami should not be freed, Swami says all should spread love. Manu says how Swami is always lively? he is taking some medicine, akansha says he is constantly talking. Manu opens jail, Swami says jailer open it, Manu says who has more family members to receive will come out of jail first, Swami says i have more family members, Mona comes out of jail, Lopa says welcome back. Mona says happy diwali. Manu doesnt let Swami go out of jail, Swami says i will sleep in jail too, Manveer says we are teasing you Swami like you teased Mona in jail, Swami says i didnt, Manveer laughs, Manu says to Mona that this man is talking weird things, Swami says they are saying i teased you but i said you are their friend not mine. Manu opens jail, Swami comes out, his team dance. Naveen hugs him. Manu says keep your things in jail, you will go back after next task.

Akansha says if someone has their things missing, they should check Swami’s suitcase. Manveer says you can check. Naveen says lets go and check. They go.
Akansha checks Swami’s bag and finds deodorant of Lopa. Niti says ask her where she put it last time. Manu says to Manveer that Swami doesnt know what is happening with his bag. Niti says to Lopa that where did you leave your deo last time? Lopa says i left it near my bag last. Akansha gives her deo back, she asks where was it? Akansha says it was in Swami’s bag, Lopa is shocked and says this is my deo, he has been using it, its almost over, niti says he was wearing this yesterday? Manveer says to Manu that he is so fake, Manu says we should make him understand to not do it.

All inmates are celebrating Diwali. Swami lits diya and says now pray for whatever you want, Bani says wish? Gaurav nods, fireworks start, all wish each other diwali. Lopa hugs Rahul. Swami hugs Karan, Lokesh hugs Gaurav, Karan hugs Gaurav, manveer hugs lokesh. Lokesh hugs Naveen too and wishes him diwali. Commoners start dancing, Mona dances with them.

Niti and Lokesh comes in confession room. bigg boss says you can see luxury budget things on chair, this is gift from bigg boss for diwali, Lokesh says i love you bigg boss, bigg boss says these gifts are for whole house, you can take it. Niti and Lokesh starts taking budget basket, Bigg boss says if you need help then you can call anyone, Lokesh says no we are strong, Bigg boss says one minute, do you people really think that your family didnt send gifts for you? Niti says no, i mean we think that sent it. bigg boss says look around in room and find them. Lokesh finds them behind chair. Lokesh and Niti brings luxury budget in kitchen, all are happy to see it. Niti and Lokesh goes to bring gifts. Celebs put luxury budget things in kitchen. Manveer opens his gift, he has got kurta. Manveer says its my brother’s kurta. Manu has got tweety soft toy, he is elated to see it and says my son has come, he has got clothes too.
Akansha hugs her gift(shirt) and weeps silently.

Gaurav reads task to inmates, task name is selfie expert task. They are divided in pairs and have to take their best selfie in activity area near decorated walls. Judge will be Swami and Rahul.

Lopa and Lokesh enters activity area and sees one wall has ghost theme with skeleton hanging on it, they take selfie near that wall, spider falls down from wall, Lopa and Lokesh screams then laughs, Lopa clicks selfie with spider, they make scary faces too.
Swami says to Rahul that i did oppo’s phone advertisement too.
Rohan and Karann comes in activity area and takes selfie near wall which has emoticons sticker on it. Rohan lifts Karan in his arms, Karan takes selfie, Rohan jumps on Karan’s back, they take selfie.
Naveen has worn saree and says to Manver that i dont let other man touch me, Manveer laughs and hugs him, Niti has dressed like man and says dont touch Naveen.
Manu and Mona comes in activity area, Manu says i will look at you. They take selfie near wall which has ‘happy diwali’ written on it, some hand come out of shutter placed on wall, Mona jumps and screams, she says what was it? he says God knows. Mona doesnt like selfie and says where were you looking? he says i was looking at you.
Niti and naveen comes in activity area and takes selfie.

Rahul and Swami are judging pictures. they like all pictures. Rahul says clarity-wise, mood-wise, comfort-wise, purity-wise, father-son duo(Karan and Rohan) picture is most surreal and goo, Rohan and Karan smiles. Gaurav reads that winners of task will get oppo phone and other inmates will get chocolates.

Mona puts hand on mic and says to Manu that they are saying we are trying to make controversy, Manu says our scene is first scene of this season so they will talk, its not against us, you know my girl has sent me gifts, mona points that her boyfriend sent it too, Manu says so whats problem? all are decided in our lives, your life is settled, Manu says if you leave house then i will try on someone else, he laughs and hi-fives with Mona.

Voiceover says that Mona and Manu have decided to play their romantic game.

PRECAP- Salman will celebrate Diwali tomorrow. Salman sings Kya khub lagti ho for Bani, she blushes. Swami says Yo whats up dude? Salman says you see things from far but how you couldnt see jail punishment coming for you? all laugh, Salman says dont nominate Swami ever, all laugh. Rohan says that Naveen was villain this week, he has streak, he raised things to throw at me, Salman says never can this happen, if someone raised hand on TV then he will go to real jail, he says to Naveen that your students must be watching, what they must be thinking? Salman asks from where he got that idea? Naveen says i just thought that i could do that, Salman says it was wrong, totally wrong.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Zai

    Nice episode, selfie task was funny.
    Naveen is going mad yaar, first Rohan and now Lokesh.
    The commoners are fighting amongst themselves and on the other side celebrities are standing by each other. This is the difference between the two group.
    Celebs are doing good
    Waiting for tomorrow’s episode, how salman will take Naveen class. So excited for that

  2. Zai

    I think now only naveen but manu and manveer also should be scolded because they went physical first with Rohan

    1. i don’t think so that salman will scoled them for that bcz salman was telling to rohan that it could not happened . by the way let’s see what happened

      1. I thougth he was telling that to naveen. but lets see today.

  3. Good task by naveen well played

  4. Payal24

    Hey guys I got to know that aakansha is evicted this week …

    1. o really ? I think it’s not so surprising .

  5. As we see bigboss fiction show and the participants do what ever , are as per task given to them. when they do task , then we ourselves think emotionally and feel some one do wrong. When the participants play emotionally and play opposite to task given, then we talk he play emotionally which was totally wrong. So may be naveen is right and play well by using mind.

    1. but he should have concentrated on winning the blocks from contestants rather than destroying others

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