Bigg Boss 10 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 10 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 43
Sahil says I respect Rahul ji alot but I can entertain more than her. Priyanka says Bani because she is strong.

Day 43 2:00pm
Priyanka Jagga who was the FIRST elimination of this season has a lot of tricks this time and she will surely avenge her untimely eviction, or atleast it looks like that. According to the updates received on the Bigg Boss site, she will try and break up the terrific trio of Bigg Boss: Manu Punjabi, Manveer Singh Gurjar and Mona Lisa.

day 43 2:45 pm
She has been jailed but that will not deter her from plotting against her housemates. Will the rest of the contestants see through the CUNNING Priyanka? We don’t know that yet but this is what will happen next on the show.

Elene and niti are inside the dome.

7:45 pm
There will be competition between wild cards(challengers) vs. inmates. In dome task, challenger and one inmate who he has challenged will be caught in a dome, whoever will come out of dome first will loose task. Lopa says to Niti that just pee in dome and Elena will come out first. Manu says i will put flour on her head. Gaurav says to Rohan that dont give them anything to eat, give them stress that we have support from you people. Bani says to Gaurav that how will i make Priyanka loose? Gaurav says psych out her, Bani says how to psych her out when she is already psycho? Manu gives thumbs to Priyanka.,
Bani jokes with mannu. She inside the dome. Bani says mannu tell everyone that you are just mine.

Everyone comes out of the dome. Bani says I was hydrated.
Om Swami will get a swanky new look from none other than his once nemesis Lopamudra Raut. He will show off his new avatar with trimmed beard et al in the house!

Also, a new task will be introduced in the house and all the contestants will PLOT against the wild cars entrants to win this. Looks like today’s episode is very eventful. Catch all the updates of this episode here and tell us how you like it.

Precap-Mannu finds stuff and says we found this from swami’s luggage. Swami says thats impossible. Bani says you are ashaming yourself. Swami says I never put it there. Swami shouts. He says they stole my stuff. Priyanka says mona has to create drama.Mona says who are you to tell me that? Bigg boss says rahul, elene, jason and bani pack your stuff as soon as possible.
m>Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Lila

    Sorry if I sound rude but what kind of update is this. Plz upload full update

  2. You call this an update?

  3. I have watched earlier Bigg Boss episodes too. I have noticed the house seems to be getting more cluttered! In bigg boss 7 the beds were big and the entire house layout was spread out. Now in BB 10 it is more cluttered. The beds are so narrow and the luggage room is so dirty!

  4. Why did n’t you give the whole update of today’s episode ?

  5. Very short 🙁

  6. Plz give in detail

  7. This is an update; if you do have issues; please start updating from tomorrow. please be thankful to people who are posting it

    1. What The Hell. Is it an update I always open this site to get updates but now I am soo dissapointed with u guys I will never open this site anymore. :-(:-(

    2. Well if you’re a so called admirer then you should know that the website doesn’t allow everyone to update.

  8. Please have the updated who updates every day do the update! We want an update not written advertisement of the show!

  9. I agree admirer….yaar bigg boss mein bohut kuch hota…its difficult to write evryting in one night….and be thank ful tht the writer is staying up till latenight to the update…no offence anyone…..yaar bani and priyanka..lock horns againn..pehle horse task aur ab….priyanka ki toh aadath hai bigg boss ke ghar me kahi bhi pee kar dena….its getting more eyeballs now tht bani and jagga are together….just like india and england tezt match…

  10. bani fought well n decides @ 3am to let priyanka win as she needs a chance…well done bani..ystrdy niti said it ryt bani saaf dil ka h…kind heartd love u bani ♥ bani ll get highest votes n its bani’s bdy trending in india..Happy bdy bani♥ from nominated ppl rahul n bani playing well these dayz n itz unfair to eliminate jason or elena as their fst week in tge house..some useless ppl still njoying in d house like nitiba mona swamiji doing nothing seriously they need to go out…i think may be elena ll b out or lse bb will snd someone secret room may be itz rahul or bani to save elena n jason..nominated ppl going to jail n bani gaurav gonna miss each othrs company as they lways njoying each othrs company n chilling out togethr..

  11. Well done Bani.. Love you!!

  12. Bani every time failed in task…firstly from jagga, then from lopa and now again from priyanka… then what about make run her mouth like rice mill to eat eggs etc. etc. and every time failed in task. Even there more fans of bani to pray her everytime ..she do this..she do what she do….i think she must will be evicted first….

  13. Bani being hypocrite again. Calling priyanka psycho,wo khud kya hai. Sabko gali deti rehti hai..jaise ki wohi sabse upar hai. She is too proud. I don’t like jagga but I’m glad that she won. Bani ko koi samjhane jae to usko ulta gali dekar chup kara deti hai aur log bolte he ki woh muh par bolti hai. Woh khudko kabhi v wrong nhi samajti. Hamesa wohi right. Agar uski jagah koi aur hoti say mona ya jagga toh badtameez bolte sab. Its annoying. I hope rahul ya gaurav win bt genuine people ki kabhi jeet nahi hoti. Gunde jhagralu log he bigg boss jeet te hai ?

  14. WTF. I thought they might stay in dome till morning. I appreciate Sangram ji n kamya ji of season 8. They spent more than 40hours in the box n broke the record. It’s a shame on this season contestants. Bigg Boss season 10 is so boring and faltu. Its not at all interesting. Better off the show. Don’t let go bigg Boss fans colors TV and Endemol.. pls

    1. i think in season 7 tat task was about luxury budget task(sry if m wrong)..n this season itz a nomination thy took lightly as if they lose oly d thing z thy will get nominated…

  15. manu is double faced . when priyanka was saying about Mona to him he was just listening and after that when he was talking to Mona he says that I said this , I said that to priyaka . he is a leiyer

    1. I thought same abt mannu but mene istagram pr dekha manu ne bola tha priyanka ko k main teri kyun manu ja kr tv pr dekhunga all though i hate him but is bar ye bat usne theek kahi

  16. Hello simran aakashi swastika and all the bb fans how are you all? I want gaurav rahul dev and bani in the final and want one of them win because now they are doing good

    1. hy kp
      I like all of them but I want rohan to win bcz he is my favorite . I think he can win bcz he has so much fan following from his previous show

      1. Hello simran hope you are fine because you didn’t tell me haha and yah rohan is good but in bb you have to create some magic to win and if he will do it may be win

      2. ya kp am fine he he he .I think rohan will definitely create magic when it will be needed . last season my favorite was reality king prince narula and he won . I hope this time also my favorite rohan will win this show

    2. agree..these 3 are doing very personal fav bani then gaurav..i want bani to win ths season..shez juz osm♥ n this week there s no all r safe..i thnk nxt week double eviction..

  17. Is this update??
    plzz don’t make us fool.
    if u can’t update, its ok
    i won’t open this site anymore.

  18. I dont think bani jayigi….bb never tells the eviction so easily…..and bani is playing it ekdum ryt….priyanka just screams and creates unecessary controversies just for the sake of footage….now even priyanka hates swami….yaar they are removing such a gud player like lokesh and are bringing swami and priyanka back again

    1. Yes aakashi you are right bb shouldn’t bring back swami and jagga both are very dhongi

  19. swami om kya sachmein chor hai . He is so irritating

    1. Hello swastika i am laughing after read your comment hahaha

      1. Hi. Precap mein dekha raha tha ki swami om ne chori ki hai . So i thought ki voh theif hai in real life

  20. Bani plz do something you look strong contender but u r not???

  21. So yesterday was a poor update and today no update at all. Good Telly Updates. Keep it up!

    1. I have been waiting for an update myself

  22. Seriously… Please update the full episode. I am not able to watch big boss or any other episodes on TV and totally reliable on these updates. Please update it whenever you will get time.
    Thanks in Advance

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