Bigg Boss 10 27th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 27th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 72
Inmates wake up to the song Ye Mausam Ka Jadoo Hai Mitwa.

Manveer says to Swami that these inmates dont clean house. Swami says they throw used tissues in whole house, indians will win, Manveer says control your words, i will stop roaming around you, Swami says i want you as captain, Manveer says he wants to win, Swami says yes.

Swami says to Gaurav that i cant bear Bani’s hatred towards me, i dont cry but please tell her that she is like my daughter, it was not my words, no one hated me this much, i dont want to leave with hatred, she is stone hearted, i cry in washroom, i have loved all girls as daughters here, i might have fought in tasks but they are all daughters, he leaves. Rohan tells Bani about Swami no able to bear her hatred, Bani says whatever.

Manveer asks Lopa she is not talking to Rohan? Lopa says he is not talking to me, he made food for me and i silently ate, Manveer laughs and says anger one side and food otherside, good going. Lopa asks you and Niti are not talking too? Manveer says we used to not talk then we misunderstood and started talking but now everything is clear and we are not talking again, Lopa laughs.

Bigg Boss gives the contestants another chance to bag the luxury budget. In keeping with the winter season, Bigg Boss introduces the new luxury budget task ‘Toofan’(storm) which will also impact captaincy. The house is turned into a snow clad region with a huge igloo placed in the garden area. The housemates are required to dress up as Kashmiris in Phiran and build or repair the igloo with the help of the equipment provided. Time and again, a snow storm will hit the house when the contestants are required to take shelter in the igloo and the last contestant to enter will be disqualified from the task and captaincy. They have to repaint igloo too, there will be total 7storms, nobody can enter igloo before storm. The contestants who are last to remaining in igloo will be contender for next captaincy.
All inmates come in store room and sees Kashmiri dresses.

Manveer says to Swami that you are looking good in kashmiri dress. All are dressed like Kashmiris. Buzzer plays. Inmates come in garden, Manveer and inmates starts making igloo. Swami goes in igloo. Gaurav says why did you go inside? Swami comes outside. Rohan and Manveer are putting glues on plies and put on igloo to make walls. Mona and Niti dances like kashmiris. Bani is painting. Gaurav says there will be push and pull.
Swami says to Manveer that i will push people, but i wont fight with anyone. Swami says i announce if i push anyone mistakenly while going inside igloo then it wont be my fault, dont feel bad about it.

Gaurav says to Manu that Swami would become filthy, he will push people and anyone can get injured. Swami says be careful, there are stones on floor, Niti says dont push anyone, if anyone gets hurt then you will be thrown out of house, Swami says i am ready to leave house. He says i am ready to paint. Manveer says leave this man alone.

Storm comes in house. All inmates run to go in igloo. Mona is the last one to enter igloo. Mona comes out after storm goes, she is disqualified. Lopa asks Mona why did you not go in igloo? Mona says all were running towards igloo so i stopped, Manu says you should have put more efforts, Manveer says she couldnt have done it, she didnt run, Mona says Gaurav was last but i didnt go inside.

Swami is paining igloo, Manveer says just chill and wait to run inside, you are not painting nicely. Swami says this is fake house so i am painting not nicely, Manveer says dont make me say things you dont want to listen, Swami says i am ready to go to jail, i am not doing anything, Manveer says i wont let you go inside igloo too. Manveer starts paining. Swami brings his stool in garden. Gaurav says you are sitting in way of running, when storm comes then this stool will hinder people.
Mona is weeping, Manveer says this girl.. he says look at me, you dont have this thing in you so you dont have to feel bad that you lost.
Swami is sitting in middle of garden and infront of igloo, Manveer says you cant sit in middle of way. Swami says i will sit in entrance of igloo then, she sits on door of igloo, Gaurav says what kind of man is he? Lopa asks him to come out of igloo, Swami says try to pull me, dont force me to flail hands, i want two people to become captain, i will put them in igloo then i will come out, i cant be captain, Manu asks Swami to sit on stool. Swami sits infront of igloo on stool.

Inmates are waiting for storm to come. Swami says i am ready, dont blame me if you get hurt. Gaurav says i wont blame you if i take on you. Swami says i a mad man, dont mess with me, Gaurav says let me be mad too today. Gaurav sits on entrance of igloo. Swami says i would even enter igloo, Swami tries to enter igloo, Gaurav asks him to move back, Bani takes Swami’s stool away. Swami tries to push Gaurav aside and says this is wrong, Niti says move aside Swami. Swami sits near Gaurav. Lopa says oh my God. Manveer says dont be physical Swami. Gaurav says we will sit on door of igloo and wont let you enter, he says to inmates that i want inmates to not allow him to enter igloo. Manu says how to? we have to be physical with him, lets put him in jail, Lopa says you cant put him in jail when task is going on, Bani says he is not playing fair, Lopa says but this is not way out, Bani says this is way out what he is doing? Manu says to Swami that i will jump on you and your neck will break, Swami says i have already lived my life.

Swami says to inmates that make indians sit near igloo door then i will move aside, Rohan says what is indian here? Swami says you all have come from capital, Gaurav says this is my country, nobody can tell me that where i am from, he shouts on Swami that who are you tell me from where i am? what do you know about me? Swami says i know a lot about you, Gaurav says why saying rubbish? you are not loyal to anyone, Swami says i am loyal to bigg boss only, Gaurav shouts that you just backbite about people, who are you tell that i am not indian? you make passports? Manu and Manveer laughs.

There will be captaincy task in which house is turned in to Kashmir, there will be snow storm coming in house time after time and inmates have to run in igloos be saved from it, the inmate who is not able to capture any igloo will be out of captaincy race. Swami says snow storm comes, inmates run to igloo. Gaurav says you just make people fail.

Lopa is in confession room. Bigg boss says to Lopa that inmates can enter igloo only when storm hits, Gaurav is sitting at entrance of Gaurav, we thought he would move away but he didnt. Bigg Boss tells Lopa to put a mark outside the entrance and asks the contestants to follow the rules.
Swami says Bigg boss protect me. Lopa comes there and says no one is allowed to sit at entrance of igloo, i am making line, all inmates have to remain behind it. Inmates move away from igloo to let Lopa mark line. Swami says how can i be sure that Bigg boss told you that? Lopa says i am given tape, move away from entrance. Lopa puts mark line near entrance of igloo, inmates have to sit behind it. Swami sits close to mark line, Gaurav says no use of line too.

As the second storm hits the house, the contestants rush to hide inside but end up hitting each other. Though Bani is the first one to enter the igloo, Lopa blames her for pushing and hurting her and says i am badly bruised, Bani says i didnt push you. When Bani retaliates, Lopa asks her to stop using roadside language with her and does not accept any justification, Bani says who are you? you are mad. Rohan and Manveer ask Lopa to calm down as it’s the nature of the task because of which everyone is getting hurt or bruised. Bani says i am happy to be roadside, this girl is mad. Bani says i entered alone, i didnt push her, why would i do it? Bigg boss says contestants disqualified should change clothes. Gaurav says i was last to enter so i am disqualified.

Gaurav brings food for inmates. Swami says Bani will be saying things in game now, Bani says dont take my name, dont talk about me, Swami says i didnt talk about you, Bani is not only your name. Bani says dont talk. Swami says no one can stop me from talking, Gaurav says its not beneficial that you talk, Swami says she is not only Bani, i can do anything. Gaurav says you fight without any reason, Gaurav leave.

Swami says i will not go to washroom, i will pee and poop here, i wont go from igloo. Rohan says you will fall down. Niti says he is going to evict, Swami says i have already peed infront of all, Niti says he is shameless, Swami says dont talk to me. Manveer says i will throw you away, Swami says do then. Manveer snatches his stool and throws it away, Swami says see Manveer physically assaulted me, Manu says you asked him to do it, Niti says we will throw you in pool, Swami says throw me and kill me so that you all go to jail, Niti laughs. Manu says you have gone mad Swami, Swami says you have gone mad. Manveer says roll your tongue Swami. Manu asks you want to quit game? Swami says why would i?

Gaurav says to Mona that all emotions are clear after living here, you care about relations, we dont realize value of people when they are easily available, i am missing people who were not close to me and i am not missing my close friends. I didnt miss my friend whom i used t meet every week, i cant even remember his face, Mona laughs and says Vikrant said that we used to watch bigg boss on TV and now i am here, this is dream, it would have been best if we both entered together.

Gaurav says third storm is not coming, what is happening? Bani says its not coming because we all are sitting at entrance of igloo, lets move away. Swami says i wont move away from here. Manver says lets go from here. Rohan says lets go to washroom. Manveer says okay. Inmates move away from igloo. Manveer says Lopa and Rohan are much more than Swami, they are not moving away from igloo. Rohan says i am coming to restroom because of Swami. Lopa says Swami wants to go to washroom so all are coming behind him? Manveer says you both are stuck to igloo, Lopa saus we both are moving with all, i dont want to go to washroom. Manveer says you are not moving at all, Manu says do what you want Lopa. Lopa says spoil whole freaking task. Manveer says its seen from your body language, Rohan says we were near restroom, play your game, we dont want to go to toilet. Manveer says we have done all work on igloo. Manu says dont say anything to anyone. Lopa says why we are fighting? we are reacting without reason. Swami is still sitting near igloo and we are fighting because of him. Gaurav says dont take unanimous decisions, whoever wants to go to washroom can go alone, and others can sit anywhere they want.

swami is sitting near igloo. Storm comes, all inmates run to igloo. Niti is last one to enter igloo but Manu moves out of igloo and sits ahead of Niti so that he get disqualified and Niti remains in task, Niti says dont do it, Manveer asks Manu to be fair, come inside. Mona asks Manu to go inside. Niti comes out of igloo so that Manu is not disqualified. Mona and Gaurav are dancing in storm. Mona laughs.

Manveer says these Lopa and Rohan are still near igloo, they dont know how to play tasks. Manveer says Swami is still having fun with Rohan, Swami says its not bad to talk to them. Manveer says i am fighting for you but you dont care about us, Swami says you want me to fight with Rohan? Manveer says you are biggest player.
Manveer says that you did good by leaving task earlier, Mona just stares him.

Swami comes to Rohan and says Manu was behind but they disqualified Niti, it was Manu who pushed Niti aside first Rohan says you want to make Manu win. Manu says one hour back, you wanted us to win, Swami says you people thew me away in one hour. Manveer says we give him food and all, he move behind them like dogs who dont even give him biscuit, he should understand now. Swami says there is no fair game here. Manveer says i will burn fire now and put him in. Mona says he mad man.

Manu says i will sit near Swami now. He brings stool near igloo and says to Swami that i will cheat now. Manu and Manveer covers igloo’s entrance, Swami says i dont care. Manu says dont get physical with me, Swami says i am just sitting here, Manu says i wont move aside from here. Lopa says we are breaking rule by moving ahead of red mark, Bani says nothing happened by following rules, Lopa says Bigg boss announce for Swami to move aside. Swami says dont shout in our ears, Swami tries to come near igloo and says they are getting physical, Manu throws his stool away and says we wont let you go inside now, Manveer says me and Manu will get disqualified because of you, Manu says play fairly. Manveer says we wont let him enter now. Inmates sing birthday song for Manu, all hug him, Manu thanks them. Swami brings his stool again near igloo, all laughs.

PRECAP- Swami tries to sit near entrance of igloo but Rohan sits near entrance and says i wont let this man cheat now, enough, Rohan says dont show anger because i can raise hand too, Swami says i will say ill words, Rohan says i can slap you too, Swami says i can raise hand too. Swami starts taking off his clothes and says i am feeling hot sitting in garden, Bani says what is he doing? Lopa leaves from there unable to see him taking off clothes, Manu looks down, Rohan says oh shit.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ROHAN is the most cutest,innocent ,kind and loveable contestant of this season…

    Manveer gunda just shows aggression/gaali/shouting…not won any task till now….flying high thinking that really he is sonakahi’s fav….bhai all the praises r from script just promoting you to fix your place in Top2…..dnt get too much overconfident….

    #ROHAN u look best in the kashmiri attite….

  2. Lopa is such a hypocrite she blames bani jabki bani to sabse pehle ander thi aur lopa giri to apni jaldbazi ki wajh se usko niti ki wajh se chiat ayi jo ke task ki hi wajh se tha saf dikh raha hai phr bhi bani and all tym cheekhna for footage aur ye niti bhi kehty han mene dekha tha ye nahi boli ke yar siyuation esi thi mujhse laga hai they both r irritating and pagal

    1. agree..this shows lopas insecurity level…n bani nailed it by her rply..

  3. Love you rohan ♥♥

    1. Same here

  4. Rohan, Manu and Lopa are the only deserving contestants in this season. Lopa is strong and nice, take stand for right things, though sometimes overdo it. Manu who in the beginning seems like a gunda kind of guy, has changed a lot for good, and in fact is more mature than anyone there. But ROHAN is the best. Though others may need to make some effort to be nice and good, to stand for something; but he is naturally a decent, fair and nice guy. And why he is like that is clearly indicated by the kind of advice he get from his brother when he came. To just being decent and not getting provoked by anything, take stand for yourself and for those who support you, who are your friends. What else you need to win in life. He is truly following this from the beginning and enjoy the journey of big boss.
    Best wishes to him.
    He is winner already, doesn’t need anyone else certificate.
    Bani is not bad, but not right in her attitude. She is much self centered which many times not go right. She has ego and stubbornness more than required. She is not mature enough to deserve winning the show. Just wonder what kind of people support her, must be the same who are blind bhai fans

  5. Ystrdy epi v can see tat how lopa s insecured of bani…shez dragging bani’s name on every incident happening in d house..this shows her maturity n insecutiy level..bani was d first one to go inside igloo n lopa blaming her on pushing haha seriously..n it was niti who pushed lopa n then blaming bani lyk ha maine viewers can see tat..bani u go grl…love u..u r doing very well..i loved her answers in day b4 ystrdyz epi in Q & A gracefully n genuinely answered n shez stick on her still al HMs said not genuine except rohan…n her rply to manveer when he askd abt whoz bani was prfct nailed it evn she knows everyones personal matter bt othr HMs cant evn ready to know her bcz thy already having a mindset tat bani z this tat bla blah…bt in reality shez pure heart vry gud human being..evn ystrdyz epi everyone was bzy wid captaincy task but 12 o’clk bani reminded everyone n she was d first one to wish manu on his u bani♥

    1. Splendid shazna…?

      Gurbani roxzzz…

  6. Hi ditya kp shriya preeti anu riya simran and bb fans first of all sry couldn’t come ystd and shriya i found you but you and kp have to find me at fb name sona yadav and kp name i read ystd kumar prateek with crickter profile yellow dress in the air right kp? And shriya pls find me

    Coming to epi i agree with shazna lopa is insecure and big hypocrite this time bani is right i think wo acha kar rahi hai but rohan is very good i hope rohan hi yai season jeetega

    1. Prettypreeti

      Sona di r u on twitter and that yellow dress wala is smith.cutie pie.

    2. hi good girl aap mujhe frnd req send karna OK
      my name is simran sran
      profile pic – I girl ki back ki lagi hai with black top .
      n and shriya u also . I can’t send frnd req . I think aapki I’d pr privacy pagi hui hau

      1. ShriyaT

        Whats ur cover pic?

      2. shriya cover pic nhi lagi sirf profile pic lagi hai

    3. ShriyaT

      I will search all of u…kp i m not able to find u…u can send me message on fb…i respond to fb messages

    4. ShriyaT

      Sona pls tell what is ur profile picture

  7. Lopaz so envious of bani….this is clearly seen in today’s epi…….

    Good goin bani…..keep rocking…..

    Bani roxzz!!!!

  8. Bani is looking very nice in this Kashmiri outfit…?

  9. hrithik ka Fan

    good episode. …..and lopa and nitibha looks horrible without makeup in the morning and bani is natural beauty even mona looks better than lopa and nitibha without makeup. ……..

    …coming to episode. …This is a fun task but as usual baba doing what he does best irritating other inmates. …and lopa omg she is so so insecure of bani that she blames her for everything and bani gave it back in the best possible way …I love her …and nd the one more thing and the most important thing …..I’d u guys have observed bani is the only who is consistent from beginning while others are changing their colours daily…sometimes they chill out with baba and the next minute they r abusing him…same from manu manveer lopa nitibha rohan they all are like this….If u have problems with him why don’t avoid him ..but no because baba give them footage that’s why I like bani she is same from the beginning. ….

    … rohan fans he is a Good guy …. I can see clearly since that bani gaurav Q A session he is more vocal in supporting in bani …earlier he was following that lopa but now taking his own stand like yesterday when lopa was blaming bani he told lopa clearly that this is a such task where one will get physical so don’t make an issue….good going lad….

    that’s it

    1. ya ryt Rohan is the best

    2. Affirmative bhai affirmative agree with your comment about vj bani and lopamuddra

    3. Prettypreeti

      JJ bhai ek sdum theektheek kaha
      Kp bhai helooo

      1. Hellooooo preeti how are you? Do you also like rohan most? Actually now i also like rohan with bani impaccable player like SPD smith

  10. hrithik ka Fan

    one thing I missed ….bani manveer and rohan were looking so good and adorable in kashmir outfits. …and misfits were gaurav baba nitibha and manu. ..lopa looking so so….

  11. Prettypreeti

    Hi guys.Gm diti di,kp bhai,JJ bhai,simu di,sona di,anu,shriyo,aki di,ria,sss and all…
    See guys my twitter id is @harpuneetkaur5.pls follow me and tell me.
    Episode-bani was looking most beautiful in that dress.lopa was insecure .task mei chot toh lgti hai.baba om ke toh kya kehne.Sabhi pareshan ho gye.manu bechara babe se pareshan kyunki use bahana mil gya.manveer aur rohan ki ladhai I didn’t like coz both r my favouravles.gaurav v pareshan swami se.Mona toh nach baliye
    Precap wohhhh om swami kya kya karega.iss aadmi ke dimaag me gobar badha hai…..sorry mai gobar ki insult kr rhi hoon.???

    1. ya preeti Maine aapko follow kr diya hai

    2. Sry my little sis am not at twitter but don wry we will meet here on tu
      and cming to epi i am laughing as you said gober ki insult kar rahi hoon but i agree with you i also don like fight rohan aur manveer ki kyuki both are also my fav…

    3. Yeah very good morning to all my dear friends of group and all bb fans

      and you are right swami om is disgusting very inexplicable person some time react good some time very bad

      kaay zaala ditya and shriya how are you both? kaay chalu ahes

      1. ShriyaT

        Nice marathi kp…?? how do u know marathi btw??

      2. Actually my father lives in mumbai (bandra) toh kabhi kabhi jaata hu bcz i am studying in delhi so, thodi bahut aati hai

    4. ShriyaT

      Sorry preeti i m not on tweeter ..if u have n fb account then tell me ur full name so i can find uh…

      1. Hi shreya sorry you asked me but i forgot to tell you my name kumar prateek and profile pic steve smith aus yellow dress and dive in the air

    5. hi kp,simran,sona,shriya,kiddo,anu ria….how r u all guys….btw this task is also very interesting…..
      I hate lopa ya….ajeeb personality…. bina bani k kuch nhi hota uska…..
      rohan luv u?

      1. Hello ditya gajab ho gaya bhai you also love rohan my god i also
        yeah lopa isn’t doing good i think bani don’t want fight

  12. hi kp , ditya , shriya ,preety , good girl,riya , anu s and all bb fans
    I just hate swami . har task m WO wali harkato pr aa jata hai . stupid

  13. guys captaincy task’s contenders are:-
    1. Rohan
    2. Manu or Manveer

    1. Yeah good contender’s this time

    2. WHR did u get this info????
      Plzzz can u share????;;; if u don’t mind

      1. actually mene fb pr bigg boss live feed page like kiya hai . us se sari info mil jati hai

    3. Prettypreeti

      St simu di tukka lga rhi hai ri8 du

      1. no preeti its a confirm news

      2. Nehi pretty pteeti meine bhi dekha confirm Hai..

    4. Prettypreeti

      Di I followed u back

      bs aur koi nah jeete

      1. Manveer jit gaya

  14. I heared that rohan wil win the task ,but dont know with whom he will compete

  15. Manveer & Nitibha should sort out their misunderstanding… I like their jodi too much… now they are not talking because of Mannu…??????

  16. Lopa raut thinks she has already won the show with her fake tantrums ,when she hurts others during a task its part of the task but when she gets hurt it is not part of the task

  17. Manveer is not wrong …he is a genuine in nature ,and caring too …so don’t call him gunda OK at least he raised his voice for humanity and not buttering like other contestant …

  18. Super rohan…..

  19. Hello everyone,
    I m a fan of bigboss but what happened in last few days in big boss house was very unfortunate.
    Vamp priyanka jagga is out of the house is a very gud. but the way it was all shown to us is a big question mark.
    I read in the news that priyanka had a miscarriage and wanted to quit so if this is true, then it was not big boss who threw priyanka out. But we were shown as salman khan threw her out.
    First if this news is true it was very unfortunate that lopamudra did this behave saying nautanki and all that words to priyanka not caring about humanity.
    Second it was nice that atleast bani went to her and asked about her health but she was too represnted towards us as vamp.
    Third it was very funny when priyanka said to salman ki I want to go do guarantee and salman asked her to sit quiet because salman was not done with his script.
    So now question is why priyanka was not thrown out when she was crossing her limits.
    Why did they wait for weekend to do this.
    After reviewing the current episodes it is clear that makers did not want to throw her out it was priyanka who did not want to continue but they presented it in this ways and I think it is true bcoz why they are not throwing om baba out whan he is crossing his limits everyday damaging property of bb

  20. Guys i am officially telling this….
    SWAMI IS NOT HUMAN..NO NO…HE IS NOT A DOG EITHER NOR An ALIEN…he the indominus rex(reference to jurasic world)..jisme har cheez ka dna fish..yes he is a cuttoefish..wen he gets scared he chages his roop into supporting the winner team

    yaar lopa ko kya ho gaya hai…she saw bani geting in first…still kyuki bani has a man physque…she blamed her…sab be dekha ki bani got in first..still she blamed her unnecessarily…simran di i think u wud have broken the tv and swami s mind wen u saw rohan getting hurt on the knees..heartfelt condolences..even i felt bad hor him although i am not a rohan fan

    1. ShriyaT

      Relly aakashi swami in my fandom is male version on Dolores Umbridge(don’t think u can get it…search on google who she is)…really insane,stupid,foul,loathsome,lunatic,numpty…all tgese things refer to swami…i think these words are made juat for swami

    2. hi aakashi ya mujhe bhut bura laga Rohan k liye . but m us swami k chakker m apna tv ku todun . uski urja shakti mujhe TV thodi dila deti . hehahhaha
      I am a dieeeeeee heart fan of last season ‘s winner prince narula. jab mandana ne prince k saath pura kiya maine toh tab bhi nhi toda . kuki mujhe pta hai aaj toh m gusse m tod doongi kl toh mujhe isipe bigg boss dekhna hai . I respect my TV a lot .

  21. hi simran kp ditya shriya goodgirl preeti and hkf.

    today i was laughing when lopa started to taunt bani woh bhi bina galti k kahi iska dimaag mei swami toh guss nahi gaya. bani ne usko touch bhi nahi kiya aur lopa bani pe chilla rahi hai. dhoongi kya karr raha hai mei soch rahi houn ki aaj ka episode dekhu ya nahi ganda aadmi. loved the way manveer and rohan taking side of bani and calmly making understand to lopa. agar task hi aisa hai toh koi na koi ko toh hurt hoga hi naa.
    mujhe lagta hai ghar mei sabb ki dosti tutt rahi hai except bani and gaurav
    lopa rohan baat nahi karr rahe hai
    niti manu same batt nahi karr rahe hai
    manu mona manu irritate ho raha hai
    manu manveer manveer ki dosti niti se manu ko digest nahi ho raha hai

    hope for good episode today

    1. ya ryt rohan is the best

  22. #ROHAN u r exactly looking like a kashmiri guy in that outfit…..

    some morons keep on saying that u r a shadow/puppet of lopa…but never….u has ur pov since day 1……thats y bb never given appreciation by worrying that u can win the show…..

    Manveer gunda has seriously issues with u….he is just a follower…24×7 chillam chillai like a rowdy….u guys r not near the iglooo…still picked up unnecessaary fight…..gawar…

    #Proud to be a ROHAN MEHRA fan….one man army…..not expect/needed others fake support/sympathy/stands….

  23. I loved the way bani replied to lopa i liked that she didnt use any foul words against lopa though lopa told her roadside and @shreya i agree with u on swami om but i thinking that then who is voldemort and bellatrix in that house

  24. I loved the way bani replied to lopa i liked that she didnt use any foul words against lopa though lopa called her roadside and @Shreya T i agree with u on swami om but i am thinking that then who is voldemort and bellatrix in that house

  25. Manveer gurjar is DA next captain…..he defeated rohan n won DA captainship…..

  26. I totally agree with big boss fan here.what a insensitive.

    1. Yes anneth. It was so insensitive.
      And I dont understand why lopa instigated priyanka when she was going through such pain and everyonw knows priyanka level. what was the need to pick this fight.
      Waiting for om swami to get out of bb.
      Spoiling every task and still he is in the house.

  27. why is lopa so insecure of bani, on et she drags bani?
    and I heard that priya was pregnant, n suffered a miscarriage so she got evicted.

  28. this om ji is shit yaar
    disgusting guy
    shld throw him out
    then mona
    and nithiba idiot

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