Bigg Boss 10 26th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 10 26th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman says new storm is entering house that is wild card entries. Priyanka Jagga, Jason Shah, Elena Kazan, and Sahil Anand are wild cards. Salman says we will meet them soon. Gautam and Mandana are with Salman.Gautam says weird people have come this time. Mandana says they are insane. Swami’s cheap comments are shown. Salman says Rahul said only line in whole season and that was calling Swami as shit jalebi. Salman says lets go them.

Salman enters stage. He welcomes everyone to show. Salman says a strong friendship is going down,see it.

Clip plays, Gaurav says take care if you can, i dont like when you say things like that. Bani says nobody has told me how to talk and all,nobody not my parents, if they dont like me talking that way then its their problem. Gaurav says i am just saying to be careful, Bani says of what? Gaurav says how it sounds, Bani says how will i know what they are listening? i am just saying what i think as right, they take me wrong because of my physicality, Gaurav says its your unnecessary aggression that is out of place, Bani says can you not talk to me? you think i am aggressive? Bani says i am frustrated about it that i talk to you most of the time and you tell me that i am aggressive, i should control my anger, be careful, who the f*ck are you? who want to ******, i dont understand what you are doing, you do not hear me everytime, you care about people too much, Gaurav says i am in public place, Bani says then dont talk to me,i cant hear all this. Gaurav says fine then.
Bani says to Rohan that i dont tell anyone about their tone or words,they can do whatever they want, i am no one to judge anyone. Gaurav says to Rahul that this is Tv show, everything is shown, i know she is right but i have to tell her that she is looking wrong, Rahul says she is aggressive, Gaurav says i dont deal with this in real life. Bani says to Rohan that he spend days with me and now he says that i should be careful,i am in industry for 10years and i know how to behave. Gaurav says to Rahul that you should point out to her that she is wrong,Rahul says i dont want it, Gaurav says it looks bad on tv. Bani says to Rohan that they are image conscious but i am real and i am not manipulative.

On stage, Salman says we will see how storm will take over this house. Salman says BANI, MANVEER, NITI, GAURAV, RAHUL are nominated but voting lines are closed, you people might be thinking about it, reason is that there will be NO EVICTIONS this week but they are not safe, their place will be owned by our wild card entries and inmates dont know about it.

Call is connected to house, Swami greets him, Salman says i am here to grill you, Swami says thats why i am folding hands before only, Salman says Bani’s team is nominated, there is new improved Rahul too. Salman says one will be evicted and who is that person,i will tell it soon. Salman laughs and says first time in history, the person who is getting evicted didnt get even single vote, inmates are stunned. Salman asks contestants nominate one to sit on the ‘Khalnayak Kursi even before Salman Khan could ask them. The drama continues as the unapologetic Swamiji willingly takes the seat and faces the wrath at the hands of Salman. Salman says wait, Swami says i take my name. whole house votes for Swami to sit. Salman asks Rohan the prince of India, all laugh. Swami says all have decided to choose me. Salman says sit on thrones attached to seat, all laugh. Swami sits on chair. Salman says i think inmates are jealous of your looks, thinking, swag, your style and clothes. Swami says they are scared that i am winner, all inmates laugh at it, Swami says i am only tongue here, i am going to win. Salman says are you really like this or doing this for entertainment? Swami says i am doing this for entertainment, there are people like hitler and i am here to fight against them. Salman asks why you are villain this week? Swami says let me see guts of them, these are teeth but they dont know that i am tongue,they are nothing without tongue. Salman says you are called villain,Swami says injustice was done to me, i kept finding gold in mud,i was sick, my body was in pain so i dont get punishment but he gave me punishments. Salman asks did you have fault? Swami says yes,Salman says enough. Rohan says we found sticks under his bed, how to deal with him? Swami says it was for self defense, i am working for country. Salman says you kept sticks for for patriotism? Swami says i didnt put sticks there and people have hands to do violence. Salman says you threaten people then you apologize in camera. Swami says it is my act and i dont want spoil my image. Salman asks Rahul if his act is true or his words? Rahul says he is disturbed man, i have not seen man like him. Salman says you know we do tests before selecting inmates, Swami passed those tests with flying colors. Rahul says he is goon, Swami says he abused too, i didnt complain about it. Salman says the one who found you should get medal, all laugh, Manveer says salute to him, Lopa says he is villain of whole season, talking about someone’s family, someone’s character, Swami says i have to when you people.. Lopa says dont talk when i am talking, silent. Swami says he was given wrong upbringing thats why he behaved with me like that, his family didnt teach him manners, Lopa and all inmates are appalled like this, Lopa says shut up, Bani is irritated. Swami shouts that why did he punish me? Salman asks Manu to give food to Swami, all laugh,. Salman asks Manu why did you decide to boycott him? Manu says my eyes are opened now, Salman says i am asking what took you so long to take this decision? Salman asks inmates from where did they come? they all tell their cities, Salman says see swami whole india is sitting here and they are boycotting you, audience have same thinking, Swami says when i go out then you will see if they are on my side or not, there will be debate on it, Salman says in debate, two people talk but you dont let anyone else talk, all clap. Salman says to Gaurav that he talked rubbish about Mona,why you didnt boycott before? Gaurav says we did mistake and thought he will change his ways but now we are sure that he should be boycotted. Mona says i asked Gaurav to boycott him but they were entertained when he used to abuse us but now when its on Rohan so they have opened eyes. Salman tries to talk but Swami keep interrupting him, Salman says calm down Swami, take deep breaths. Salman asks Gaurav, Gaurav says its not about Rohan or Mona, when Swami called Lokesh characterless, Swami says i didnt.. Salman says just breath and dont talk. Gaurav says now we have understood that he cant change, Salman says this is his mental condition, Swami says this is game, everything is fair in love and war. Salman says will you cross humanity level in war? Salman asks Manveer if he is going for boycott too? Manveer says i had soft corner for him as he is old but after finding sticks under his bed, Swami says i have it for self defense, all are against me. Salman says you are not in war zone, nobody can touch you,Swami says i can be attacked, Salman says so you are hiding sticks for that? this is bigg boss house, nobody can touch you, Swami says i didnt attack anyone, Salman gets miffed that he is interrupting and says you keep talking, i am going,he ends call. Lopa says this guy is disgusting, Niti says get lost from here, Swami says i wont go because you say so, Mona says you are not letting even Salman talk. Manveer says you keep yelling whole day and now saying you are acting? Manveer says we wait fore weekend to listen to Salman and you do this? Manu says i am done with him, Swami says you people make me learn, Manu shouts that we all are lying? Swami says i made Rohan captain, Niti says this man has made us crazy.

Salman says this all started when Rohan gave punishment to Swami. Clip plays, Rohan taking Swami’s name, Niti’s name, Mona’s name, Lopa’s name for punishment. How Rohan selected Swami for two punishments.

Call is connected to house. Salman asks Manveer about division of punishment, Mveer says Rohan takes things to ego,he gave punishment to Swami once but he gave second too. Rohan says he was talking about my parents and i will him if i have choice. Swami says parents raise child, if they gave you good upbringing then you wouldnt have done it. Salman says to Swami that respect is in your hands, do good work and earn respect, respect is not because you are elder. Salman says to Manveer that you handled Swami well yesterday, all clap. Salman asksof Rohan handled well? Manveer says Swami said many ill words and we found sticks and all, Swami says i just defended myself. Salman says i am talking to Manveer about Rohan, why you taunt someone’s blood? why you do it? i told you you have no right, you say you want good for country, you cant even be nice to these inmates, Swami says they are scared that i might win. Manveer says Rohan did well. Swami says they didnt let me eat medicine. Manveer asks him to be silent. Manveer says this man wont listen to anyone, Swami says i had fever but he didnt even let me eat medicine. Manveer says you told me you were acting, Swami says medicine was not acting. Manu says inmates food for you,if they had problem with you,Swami says you are threatened that i might win, this is competition, Manu says right then,this is competition and he will do his work now, we wont do anything.Swami says i apologize too.
Salman discusses the nominations task -Viral Video, where he shows contestants a glimpse of the tie-breaker video. Bani’s team video is shown in which they acted like dying because of infection, all laugh after seeing video. Manveer says i wanted different acted but they wanted to be creative,Gaurav says it was my idea, Rahul says i was with Manveer’s idea of making video entertaining, this video was morbid. Bani admits that the video was like a gamble for them to win the task, Rahul says Niti always in middle and always going with flow. Salman says Bani’s team got nominated because of this video, Bani says its okay. Salman says to Niti that you have dejavu feeling? Naveen got eliminated because of you and now it can happen with you because of Bani and Gaurav. Niti says i accepted their idea so even if i leave, i wont blame them. Lopa’s team video is played, Manu mimicking Rahul is shown, how he asked him to not be robotic. Lopa makes Bani’s cutout eat egg, Lopa says she is always on high protein diet, all laugh seeing it, Manu mimics Gaurav and says he creates misunderstandings. Manu mimics Manveer and act like abusing people, video ends, all clap. Call ends. Rahul praise Manu and Lopa for vide. Mona says Lopa you did well. Gaurav says i would have never done it what they did, Rahul says i wanted to do it, Lopa says we were not doing it, Rohan says it was light hearted, Gaurav says its your choice,i wouldnt have done it, Rohan says it was fun, we did for team,we made it comedy, Gaurav says you called Rahul robotic, making Bani eat egg and calling me manipulative, it was not nice.

On stage, Salman welcomes Gautam Gulati(season 8 winner) and Mandana Karimi(season 9 finalist). Salman says what you think about this season? Mandana says the wall between celebs and commoners are still there, celebs are concerned about image, Gaurav and Rahul dont have opinion, there is no clear thought. Gautam says they are hesitating to talk with commoners as they might get abused, Swami is very rude, he say anything, Salman asks how would have dealt with him? Gautam says it wouldnt be difficult for me. Mandana says he is entertaining but misbehave with girls, Salman says you kicked in your season, Mandana says thank God i am not in this season, i learned from Swami that make everyone as your relative then you can call them anything, Salman says who is wrong? Mandana says Manveer is going wrong, he is shadow of Manu, Gautam says he is doing good,he looks clean hearted. Salman says you both have different opinions, if you both were in same season then? Gautam says i would have good relation with her, Mnandana says we would have been a good team, Salman says you both have different opinion, Gautam says girls can kick, i dont wanna go against her. Salman asks about secret task, Mandana says everyone knew about it. Call is connected to house. Salman says there was secret task given to Manu and Lopa and see how much secret it was. Clip shows how Manu told Manveer and Swami about it. How Lopa behaved weirdly with Rohan and he got to know about secret task.
Call is connected to house. Salman says we asked what is meaning of secret so they asked if they should tell meaning like Manu and Lopa thinks? Lopa hides her face. Salman says welcome Gautam and Mandana. All clap, Gautam asks Swami how is he? Gautam says you are praised outside, they are saying babaji ka thullu, Swami says but it has wrong meaning. Gautam asks Lopa why were you guilty about stealing? Lopa says it would have been easy if it was not against Rohan. Gautam says i got same task and i had to go against Puneet, i didnt tell him till end. Mandana asks Manu if Lopa was wrong candidate? Manu says Lopa would have been best for this task as she is close to Rohan, Gautam asks Lopa if she didnt show instruction book to Manu as Manu said? Lopa says i showed before night and i told him that it was secret task. Salman says when Lopa was showing you letter why you didnt see Manu? Manu says she didnt show it, Lopa says i showed him but he said i have understood task and i dont want to see it, he just saw it as proof and didnt read it. Gautam says Manu didnt read it as he was over-confident. , team Lopa look a bit tensed owing to the content of the video. Up next, Salman gets to the captaincy task and questions Lopa and Manu for their disappointing performance. Manu says i agree but she was not in situation to make me read letter, and everybody had idea that Lopa had task. Salman says what is meaning of secret? it meant it was your and Lopa’s task and nobody should have known about it and you told whom? you told Swami and he is fire cracker. Salman asks Bani?Bani says this task was easy, if i was in task, i would have done it with planning,i would have asked Lopa to busy Rohan, Manu says she is also saying that Lopa could busy Rohan, i would have done it but i didnt get chance. Salman says this was captaincy task, we used to play thief police game and that doesnt make you captain, Bigg boss didnt ask you steal from bank of India.Gautam says to Bani you look good, why you are feeling low? Bani says i dont know, we are here for 6th week, people are judgmental here, i was frustrated, Gautam says you feel misunderstood, in my season nobody supported me too. Mandana says to Gaurav that you keep saying to Bani watch what you are saying and all that,i want to say that i connect to Bani more than you, you seem too much image conscious, Bani is cool and i am proud of you. Gautam says Bani feels playing like from heart. Mandana says Bani reminds me of myself in the house,Salman says what? she reminds you of? all laugh. Salman says Bani you are nothing like her and you dont want to be. Gaurav asks what was question in all this? Mandana asks why you keep telling Bani to behave and not be herself? Gaurav says i never say that to her, Gaurav says i am here as an actor,i didnt come to tell who is Gaurav Chopra, Gautam says this is reality show, Gaurav says i will do things with heart but there is camera infront of us and image is shown through it and i will taking care of that image till end.. Mandana says i stand for myself,i love watching Bani and telling you honestly, you look so boring, sorry, Gaurav says i take that with grace. Salman greets Gautam and Mandana, they leave.
Salman says to inmates that caller will ask question now. Call is connected to caller. Caller says to Swami that you said you will win this season but you are behaving like you are defeated. Salman says caller thinks that your behavior is showing you are defeated, Swami says i just act to show off, i will win at any cost. Salman says its time for eviction, Niti got zero votes, come out, Salman says even family didnt vote?this is shocking. Niti is shocked,Salman says shocking is that Niti is not only one, there is no eviction today,i will tell tomorrow. Call ends.
Salman says they think there will be eviction tomorrow but they dont know season’s twist is coming when 4wild cards will enter and they will replace nominated inmates. He signs off from show.

PRECAP- Vidya Balan enters home. Inmates mimic each other, Rahul mimics Swami, Gaurav mimics Manveer, Bani mimics Manu.
On stage,Vidya says to Salman that turned to hug inmate but Swami came to hug me, Salman says he hugs a lot. Salman mimics SRK. Salman tell inmates about wild card entries.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Why salman never talk abt manu manveer mustakes like that maal ?? Ya phr task na karne ka ilzam dusre per dalna yesterday manu saw ke baba utra hai stretcher se he said to manveer tune kuch dekha kya ?? Mene to kuch nahi dekha yani wat is his prob jabki inki bat hui thi usko boycott krne ki tab bhi wo uske khilaf complaint kar sakta tha sara luxury budget aag laga dea ??

    Priyanka jagga ?????????????not again bardasht hi nahi hoti ye bandi to please isko jitni jalfi ho sake nikal bahar karo pure bharat mein ek dhang ka banda na mila big boss ko

    1. I agreed with u

    2. Hello simple i agree with you

  2. Sarayumane

    now a days, i am liking everybody, including m3, but not hat idiot swami om yaar, please slap him someone, too irritating

  3. Wait so where will the nominated contestants go if they’re replaced

  4. yaar ye baba ko nikalo ghar se pls bigg boss.
    priyanka will create lot of mess in the house. she is most irritating contestant.

  5. Jagga daku k ane se achanak baba zayada sahi lgne lga hai ????

  6. Wat the hell yaar….iss swami ko koi nikalo….yaar hadd hoti hai…baat tak nahi karne deh rahe salman khan ko….unko kya problem….sacchi i feel unki dimagi haalat theek nahi hai……kuch bhi bakte rehte hai

  7. Wat the hell yaar….iss swami ko koi nikalo….yaar hadd hoti hai…baat tak nahi karne deh rahe salman ko….unko kya problem….sacchi i feel unki dimagi haalat theek nahi hai……kuch bhi bakte rehte hai

  8. egarly waiting for wild cards…swami ko rohan ki maa baap per nehi jana cahiye tha,usko bani ki taarah fuc**r aise kuch de deti toh kuch nehi bigarta…
    funniest talk_bani reminds us of mandana!!yeah,when bani abuses(always),It’s remind us mandy,that’s the similarity..ha ha ,nothing else.when it was all about task,she always had bellyache,at least bani has not this problem.
    celebs really need victim tag…ha ha.
    except this dna incident,swami is the one,who is playing himself.others are also attacked by this way(characterless),but that tym sab silent mood per tha,kuch toh vibrat. bhi kiya(laughed) strange!
    mannu is distracted by mona.get niti,and mona out..

  9. Hello simran and swastika where are you guys today this baba is doing pakhand from day one in bb house i remember he did the pooja at first day in house my god than said he can walk on water hahahaha

    1. Hello kp . Priyanka jagga phirse aa rahi hai i just hate her. Kyu la eahi hai .

      1. Yah aap sahi bol rahi ho swastika i also hate because as masterpiece said now baba will do pakhand again meri beti hahaha

    2. hlo kp ya swami ne aate hi kaha tha ki ghar me shanti layega but ab toh us se zayda kisika shor nhi hota he he he . that so called swami is crazy and very irritating .
      and ya kp maine aapke questions ka answer de diya tha reply mein . kya apne wo dekh liya tha ?

      1. Yah simran maine aapka reply dekh liya tha thank you very much and your age is exactly as my age haha and i think swami doing all the thing without thinking

    3. hahaha………..

  10. Masterpiece(Priyanka Gosai) #real name

    Priyanka will enter n dhongi budha swami will start his bullshit by priyanka meri beti my daughter n blah blah blah pliz there isn’t shortage of good really real people in INDIA

  11. Masterpiece(Priyanka Gosai) #real name

    Priyanka will enter n dhongi budha swami will start his bullshit by priyanka meri beti my daughter n blah blah blah pliz there isn’t shortage of real people in INDIA

  12. Wow this film is interesting especially salman khan I love him he is a good guy

  13. Hi kp swastika simran how r u guys….yaar mein bigg boss nahi dekungi agar priyanka aayegi toh..we all hate her ya

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