Bigg Boss 10 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inmates wake up to song Tune mari entry and dances to it. Lopa dosnt get up from her bed.

Manver asks Lopa if she is fine? she says yes, Manveer says only two days remaining then you can grab Rohan again, Lopa laughs. Manveer says Lopa told me if Manu left then you would know, i said i would be lost, house is silent, Lopa says Rohan used to have fun.

Manu says this house used to be full of people, used to make breakfasts for many people, she cries silently.
Lopa is looking at her Miss India crown and caresses it.
Manveer says to Manu that we have lived in this house to fullest, Manveer says Naveen should enter house too, Manu says i havent touched anything in life and this journey changed. Manveer is wiping floor and says i never moved a glass.

Lopa is singing to herself, Bigg boss calls her in confession room,
Lopa comes in confession room. Bigg boss says you were singing an inspiring song, how are you? Lopa says i am fine, but not much fine. Bigg boss says are you not happy to reach finale? Lopa whimpers and says i have bear a lot, it hurts when some guest says bad word about you and we are like kids here who dont know what is going on outside, in this crucial time, my only friend who was with me for so much time left, i am at such crucial stage and events are happening that are making me look bad, Bigg boss says why you doubt yourself? Lopa says do you think that i dont respect and loyal to show? Bigg boss says if you dont think so then dont ask us, be happy, audience is going to watch you in these last days, what you want to show them as Lopamudra is in your hands, Lopa thanks him,

Lopa asks inmates if they want massage? Manu says i would take loan to get massage from you, i dont have money. Lopa says we will have party at Manver’s stall at night, she shows her money, she says i dont take money from road, i will come in form, i have hangover of Rohan leaving. Naveen enters house, all are excited to see him. Manveer hugs him. Manu says life is jerk master, it takes a lot, he hugs Manu. Lopa gives him hi-five, Naveen says mummy asked me to marry Lopa this time, all laugh. Manveer asks how are we doing in show? Naveen says you all are doing well, no one is less than others. Manveer says we can become horse for you, Naveen says no way, Naveen says some energetic poetic lines. Manveer says we will get you married, Naveen says Manveer’s scene is going on outside house, Manveer laughs. Naveen says i touched this floor, i was master in small center but now everyone knows me, whenever i meet girl, they call me brother and ask me to make them meet Manveer and Manu, they laugh. Naveen says i got call from a girl and asked me to let her take selfie with Manu and Manveer, i said i am young too, all laugh.

Naveen says Lopa used to not show anger, i dont like when she fights. Manveer brings him to his stall and says i will ask you question. Manveer asks him how is his favorite between Manu and Manveer? Naveen says when i left, Manveer was my favorite but now Manu is my favorite, he deserves it, he hugs Manu, Manveer says love you. Naveen picks dare for Manveer in return of question. Dare is that Manveer has to give placard to one inmate. Manveer brings board, its written on board “i dont deserve to be finalist”. Manveer says help me to give it to one inmate, Lopa and Bani says we wont take it, Manveer requests Manu to take it. Manveer gives board to Manu and asks him to wear it. Manu takes board from Manver and says i dont deserve to be finalist? Manveer says to Lopa that you take joke on your ego, Lopa says i am sensitive, Naveen says you are famous in whole country because of Bigg boss, i dont agree with Mandana, she doesnt have authority to say all that but you shouldnt talk against Bigg boss, you shouldnt cry over some guest’s words, Lopa says opinion hurts, Naveen says Rohan joked about Bani’s tattoo but if she starts crying over it then its wrong.

Inmates enjoy gol gappas. Bani makes Lopa eat with her hands. Naveen says someone asked me if Bani and Lopa would never become friends? Manveer says i made them go to jail. Bigg boss says its time for Naveen to leave house, Manveer says you brought life in house. Naveen gives inmates group hug and leaves.

Manu says to Lopa that Manveer has started snapping a little, Manveer comes out of his mistake but you dont, Lopa says i did mistake and i am guilty, i even lifted Bani in my arms to end it, Manu says i fought with Bani too but when i saw her crying, i tried to end it. Lopa says i tried to end my rivalry with her but you told me about her backbiting about me, Manu says you have to ignore things.

Song plays, Rishab Sinha enters house. Rishab hugs Manu, Lopa, Bani and Manveer. Rishab says i love you Bigg boss, you have given me so much fame and respect. Rishab asks Manu to become baba. Manu shows him placard he is wearing and says i have to do things for friendship. Rishab says lets chant “no toilet no shower, 24hours Bigg boss power”, all chant it.

Rishab says i have pain in shoulder, he says to Lopa that you are not my girlfriend so you cant go under my shirt, just massage my shoulder, Lopa goes to bring oil. Rishab asks Bani if Manu deserves to become winner? Rishab takes off his shirt, Lopa starts massaging his back. Bani says Manu deserves it but competition is tough. Manu says i have contributed a lot more than Bani, i have been involved in everything, i kept fighting even if i got filthy.

Rishab asks Lopa to go behind sponge board, Lopa says i stood yesterday too, Rishab says you will get chance too, Rishab asks to give reason before hitting her with sponge. Manveer says she is easy target to irritate, he hits her with sponge, Manveer says she doesnt see others skills infront of her, he hits her with sponge. Manveer stands behind board. Lopa says Manveer praise Bani when with her, and praise me infront of me, she hits him with sponge, she says Manveer tries to be fair but he is not, she hits him again. Lopa says he is overconfident, Manveer says i wont take it, i didnt show overconfidence, Lopa says he should be humble, Lopa hits him with sponge.

Manveer questions Rishab whose true face hanst come to fore? Rishabh says Manu’s true face hanst come out, Manu if you want to take personally then fine if you dont then good, Rishab says Manveer is white and Manu is black, Manveer does good and Manu does negative, he says when you re-entered, you showed reality for 4days but then you changed. Manveer asks Rishab who was so sad in this season? Rishab says Bani is number one, she thought it would be piece of cake, she didnt see show and didnt realize all want go ahead in game, you have hurt yourself, Mandana or anyone else said anything to you but Lopa supported you, she treats you as friend. Lopa says when Gaurav left, i went to her and says i am here for you whenever you need but when Rohan left, she didnt even bother to say anything, Bani says i said i am sorry when i hugged you, Lopa says i am sorry, she hugs Bani, Bani says she does this everytime. Rishab gives dare to Manveer that Manu will be monkey and Manveer will be his owner, Manu goes to change. Rishab says dont curse me that i made you monkey. Manveer says no issues.
Manu comes in luggage room and angrily throws board away, he says its okay, cool.

Manu becomes monkey and Manver orders him to show antics, he asks Manu monkey to kiss Lopa, Manu kisses her hand, all clap for Manu’s spirit.

Manveer asks Rishab who is best task performer and worst task performer? Rishab says Manveer is best performer, he hugs Manveer. Bigg boss asks Rishab to hug other three too as its his time to leave, Rishab hugs everyone and says Bani was worst task performer, Rishab gives all his money to Manveer, he leaves house. Manveer says thi sis awesome. Manu says i will leave, its okay.

Manu says to Lopa tha votes depend on audience but if people come in house and say hurtful words then it become hard to play, like how Rishab called me black, its okay if he says it, it doesnt matter at this point. Lopa says it wont look good if we change now, Manu says who is Rishab?
Lokesh enters house. Manu and Manveer hugs her. Lokesh asks Bani to list five of Lopa’s good qualities. Bani says she likes to share her food, she is never shy to put on makeup infront of anyone, she is taking sponge game sportingly, she cooks from heart and use all spices, whoever tries to make her listen, she just understands what she wants to, Lopa laughs and gives her hi-five.

Bani gives hug to Lokesh. Bigg boss says we hope you had good time here Lokesh, its time to leave. Lokesh says i want to give money, she gives money to Manu, Lopa. Manveer and Manu hugs her, Lokesh says just enjoy, Lokesh sings in camera her signature song, Manu says you are looking beautiful, Lokesh thanks him and leaves. Lopa says how sweet.

Bigg boss says to inmates that last task of this season “BB mela” has ended, Bani says it was last? Bigg boss says all tasks have left some marks on you in seasons, some marks on your body and some on mind, you have done tasks like warriors, we praise you for doing tasks bravely and we pray that you always take on all tasks and problems head on like here, Manu says i love you Bigg boss, Lopa says thank you Bigg boss. Manveer gets emotional and says it was last task. Manveer says lets have group hug. Four finalists have group hug, Lopa chants hurray. Manveer says dont end it, give us more tasks, what will we earn without tasks? you have ended reason to stay here, you didnt tell us this was last task, we would have done anything.

Manu is in smoking room, he says i ranaway from my home to get shelter in this house, after my mom, i am scared to leave from here, he weeps and says dont leave us Bigg boss, even if you dont give money.
Manveer is crying too and says to Bani that i am not able to stop my tears, all pain is gone, Bani says you are wiping your nose with your shirt and i know you wont even wash it tomorrow and will wear this shirt only.

PRECAP- Manveer comes in activity room. Bigg boss shows him his whole journey in house and says Manveer Gujjar came in house saying he would raise hand on everything but you have touched hearts of audience, Manveer fall on his knees and touches Bigg boss ground. Lopa shows her journey and cries, she says bigg boss have given me so much strength, i have only trusted one person and that is Bigg boss. Fireworks are showered on inmates after showing them their journeys separately.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. today’s episode wo just aaaaaaahhh killing.bb10 come to an end .who ever win doesn’t matter bcoze all of them won ours heart.they have make places in our hearts and life u all.

    1. best comment

  2. Where is bani’s journey??? THEY DIDN’T SHOW IN PRECAP…

  3. Though my fav are bani and manveer I felt bad for Manu…

  4. Luv u lopa

  5. Lopa is d best amongst all 4 finalist

  6. Manu is a game player ….. But it doesn’t look good on tv…

  7. Aarti32

    Rishabh..Rishabh.. Rishabh..U said exactly watever I wanted to say..Luv u yaar..N miss Rohan

  8. At this point.,.,.I like everyone…I would be happy if any of them wins….fell in love with bani in this season….and manveer from last couple of weeks….at this point everybody.

    1. By the way raees or kabil? Which is best to watch first folks?

    2. hrithik ka Fan

      kabiil. ..highly recommended. ..u will come out of the theater as hrithik’ fan….superb performance. ..go watch it…

    3. Farhan Nagori

      I m Shahrukh fan but Raees is not like I was expecting 🙁
      Cant say about Kabil because I didn’t watch it.

    4. RANdomfANCreationz

      I m going for kaabil tomorrow and raees for Sunday then I will tell u ??

    5. hrithik ka Fan

      go watch kabiil …u will fall in love with hrithik roshan. ..I m not saying just because I m his fan but he literally nailed this movie with his perfection. ….After koi mil gaya his best performance. ….so do watch it …we need to appreciate this kind of hardwork

  9. Luvvv uh lopaa..!! ?Go fr itt Darlinn.. u r t besttt.?
    & Luvinnn t budddin frndship btw Lopa & Bani.. v btttr hav a shio name fr thm..??
    LoNi..?& wen thy mix,, itz lion..♥ &thy r actlyy.. bas frndship krne me bht time lgaa dia..
    Anywayyy ittt was chuuuuuuprr wen bani was feeeedin lopa.. lol..!!?

    1. I think ab bani lopa fans ko b frnship kar leni chahiye….:)

    2. hahhahahaha…!!
      actly v shud.. but u c thrz a lotttttt of negtvty on Twitttr.. thnx to sum obssesd fans.. onlyy once thy r out & tweeet thrz no bad blooood now,, only mite thn,, will b peace btw t fans..
      othrwise t HISTORY boooks will get motiii-weightd wid Twitttr wars Chaptr in nexttt Gen 😛 lolll

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    Today’s episode was good. Liked it a lot. Missing Rohan a lot though. I felt bad for Lopa. And OMG Bani-Lopa moments ???? (Maine kaha tha na Lopa-bani Ke friendship ka villain Rohan hain ???) Its so sweet and warming to see when Bani and Lopa hug each other and praise each other. And the way they showed the precap, as if Manveer gave the not deserving board to Manu after rishabh said Manu’s face is yet to be revealed. But actually Manveer got the board first and then gave it to Manu ??? I knew they deceive us via precap lol ??? and lokesh was sweetest amongst the three she cheered up and wished everyone good luck just like Nitibha did yesterday . Naveen was nice too. Haha marrying Lopa ???. So sad naveen masterji everyone approaches him to take pic and Manveer and manu ??? and someone told me that Rishabh’s fav is Lopa ? His fav is Manveer not Lopa. I think they should have also sent 2 guests whose fav were Lopa and Manu. There are season 9 contestants who like Lopa too. And in social media happy that along with bani and Lopa some bani and Lopa fans instead of hurling abuses to each other r now being friendly and nice ??
    LoBa rocks ???? And I felt bad for Manu he doesn’t wanna leave this house. Happy to see Lopa back in form and so r others. And may the best bigg boss 10 contestant win. Can’t wait for the finals.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      And agree when Manu returned the first 4 days was the real manu. He was so sweet those 4 days. He defended against that Jagga for Lopa and Rohan so that Lopa doesn’t face trouble and Rohan gets another chance in captaincy and also when in the family app task he sacrificed luxury Budget and also got nominated So that Mona and Bani can meet their loved ones. I think manu is like that in real life, but he knows to survive in bigg boss house he must use his mind and be cunning and cannot be so innocent since they don’t survive much in the game (unless if there r contestants like Gautam gulati and Manveer Gujjar who r kind hearted also and plays from heart).

    2. Actually, none of the contestants in the show is a “villain” (apart from Priyanka and Swamiji), Bigg Boss itself is a villain. He brings people in the house, give them tasks n tell them survive. Problem is the tasks n the nominations. The tasks n the nominations are so well co-ordinated that a person must need to choose his/her friend for nominations to save himself/herself. N in turn of all these, the friends become foes. In tasks too, what a team… Here Bigg Boss leaves friends in the “same team” so that the enemies become stronger enemies. In front of them, Bigg Boss is totally fair, but in confession room, the secret task is such that there will be fights in the house. N on Saturday, Salman sir comes to sort out everything…

      But that’s the game, u have to survive n develop yourself as a person. Though Manu was clever enough, yet he played the game well. Bani played real, yet she needed to participate in tasks… Lopa n Manveer – May the best win.

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      @Aarohi ??? agreed bigg boss is the main villain ?

  11. dude….even i was emotional wen he said it is the last task of this season….

  12. hrithik ka Fan

    very few comments these days what happen guys…hardly 2 days left…common. ..

    now episode …rishab is lol..he talked about tasks …lol….who is talking last season he lost all the tasks to prince …he even participated twice in splitsvilla and dumbed within 2-3 weeks …..he boasts himself as king daring and all…but he is a big time looser…

    …and is lopamudra gf of bb….damn why he called her in confession room and consoling her …he didn’t do that ever ….hms leaving is part of the game …I guess bb has crush on lopa….lol…

    … in these last few days bb should not send guests who says u did this thing wrong or whatever like yesterday mandy and now rishab. ..let them enjoy last few days..

    ….last thing even naveen told hms how big bani has fan following. don’t mess with us…

  13. OMG its very tough guys.. hum big boss ko host ko contestants ko pta ni kis kis basis pe judge krte hai but ending hamesha emotional hoti h bigg boss ki literally dil m aata h ki koi bhi jeet jaye…
    aaj sabke positive points:
    LOPA: she is typical classy girl nd always screen p sbse khoobsurat dikhi hai……
    MANU: manu k one liners bhut miss krenge yar he always try hard to entertain nd wo dikhta hai …..
    MANVEER: dil chhoo lia yar bande ne m hr baar sirf ek bnde k liye vote krti thi to whom i want to make winner but is bandey n mjboor kr dia ki isko vote karu…. nd i did vote for him along with Bani…..
    Last but not the least my
    BANI: Jitna usne bear kia h utna kisine ni kia guys… aur bani haters kya task task krte h usne sirf 2 baar task quit kia that to with a valid reason 1st m she dont want want to pee nd jisne wo task jeeta tha uske kitne lovers h btao?? Ase jitne s achha to quit krdo… and scnd dome task that was sporting spirit wo bndi jise tum selfish kehte ho she not only quit the task but also nominate herself for sm1 And yes big boss 10 ka 1st captaincy task bani hi jeeti thi nd last bb dhabha bhi bani hi jeeti h who cares beech m kya hota hai??????
    thats it i jzt enjoyed this season alot nd the wild cards?????????byyyyyy…. loved all the commentors HKF prettypriya lopaslays bbfan and lot more……….

    1. Tatz rllly sweeet of u BJ suppporter..?♥♥
      Allllz wellll tat endz welll.? i’m fine wid who mayy evr win.. buttt gonnna misss tis all.?

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Loved ur analysis yaar BJ supporter I also enjoyed this season a lot, infact I find this season the most competitive compared to the prev 2 Seasons. No offense this season’s contestants r more interesting then that of season 9 and credit goes to the commoners especially and season 8 contestants were good but the winner was way too predictable everyone knew GG would win. Even though Bani looks fav this season , she is still 2nd or 3rd in voting and Manveer giving her tough competition. So are Manu and Lopa giving some competition

    3. Prettypreeti

      Oh soo touchy comment….

  14. RANdomfANCreationz

    Since tasks r over now, I will express according to me who is TOP 3 in what ?

    1) Gaurav (He was fair to everyone, and if one realises the week Gaurav was elected captain, that week witnessed least fights and less nuisance.)

    2) Manveer (He didn’t do well in captaincy in first week of his captaincy, but after Salman Khan criticised him, he was seen warning housemates who broke rules)

    3) Lopa (Her captaincy was average, but better compared to other captains of the Seasons, there wasn’t much to complain but at the same time Not much to praise in her captaincy)

  15. RANdomfANCreationz

    1) Manveer (His one liners and sense of humours never fails to make one laugh. And the way he sarcastically talks to Baba is funnier.)
    2) Manu (Nailed the episodes in the first half, with his funny antics,but became a bit dull in the second half (that’s common), and would have been on TOP if he didn’t do idhar ka udher

    3) Rohan/ Bani (Rohan in first half, the only celebrity who made the lives of the commoners difficult and also the way he used to make them angrier by singing songs, but as soon as Karan departed his entertainment quota decreased and bani in second half, she may not seen much in winning Tasks, but when one points finger on her for something she felt she is right she gives a damn , and she is carefree and knows what is right, self confidence and wants to do whatveer she wants to do, hence tie between the both)

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Bani entertaining in that sense the way she speaks and just faceplam her oponents in her own style ( bani ka style) ?

  16. RANdomfANCreationz

    Best in Tasks
    1)Manveer (Was one of the most active members among the commoners, did tasks very well, won maximum of tasks. Won himself 2-3 weeks of captaincy, and not only that won Ticket to finale , and also proved a hero for Manu and Lopa, the only one who completed the last nomination task)
    2) Rohan (Almost won all the tasks , won himself 2 weeks of captaincy, but unfortunately lost his captaincy, but grabbed the chance once he got a second chance and competed with Manveer for captaincy, but his fight with Baba made him nominated for entire season due to which he barely got to perform afterwards and could have survived for a longer time in the last nomination task

    3)Lopa/Gaurav (Again a tie. This time it’s Lopa and Gaurav. In terms of no. Of wins , Lopa wins most of the task, efficient team player. But individually won captaincy only once. But had more wins and less loss, but couldn’t make use of her advantages well.
    Gaurav is one of the best team player, and also individual player, but in his over smartness he tends to disappoint his teammates, which at times also lead to loss for him. But overall , sensible and does his best in tasks, won himself captaincy once too.

  17. RANdomfANCreationz

    These r just my POV on the who is TOP 3 as I follow the show from day 1 and wanted to express it ?

  18. Manveers no 1 rank may be down due to his unfaithfullness, because there was no manveer without mannu to survive from first week. So the ranks become:-
    1) lopa
    2) manveer
    3) mannu
    4) bani
    However from sources bb was scripted and the winner will be bani.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I agree intital weeks Manveer was dependent and behind Manu, first half of bigg boss Manu and Rohan seemed fav to win the game to me, but now it’s Bani and Manveer all the way

  19. bani was the lone fighter of the entire season nd one needs lot of confidence nd courage 2 do so….luv u bani 4 evrythng u r ……
    we all r surely gng 2 miss these guys though our individual priorities vary. inspite of horrible ppl like om nd priyanka HM’s have maintained ter cool nd tolerated tem. though i dnt comment here i go through all of u r comments frnds…loads of love 4 all of u 4 u r spirit of commenting
    thnk u

  20. Finally after bani-lopa frnship..evn m relaxed now no more fyts on insta fb etc for bani-lopa…#kani#flopa..
    Still i want bani to win d show.

  21. Prettypreeti

    Ufff guys hmare sweet bb 10 ka safar aakri mukaam pr pohunch gya hai..aaj mai aapko pehle epi se lekr ab tak ki aapni joirney btati hoon…like i was literally do excited to see bb..mtlb 9 maheeno ke baad toh vaise sabhi excited ho jate hai…bb 10 ka first epi-interseting lovable mai full too tyaar thi bb ke agle epi dekhne ko..fir 1 day sbhi ko dekha pehchana…..lga tha ki woh baba hme hasaye ga…jagga aachi hogi,manu-manveer rock krenge,lopa-bani friends bnege,gaurav intelligent niklaega,dimple wala rohan cutie pie kaha tak jayega kaise kelenga,karan sir kya karenge,rahul sir kaise rehenge, mona kitna dance dikhayegi,lokesh kitna hasayegi,naveen master aapni shariyoon se kya karenge kuch sikhayega,nitibha sundari goohle wali kaise kalegi aur akanksha kaha tak jayegi..bhut sawaal the bhut kuch socha tha kuch soch ke mutabik hoya aur kuch soch se badhkr…dhongi aur dakku ne mood spoil krdia,bani aur lopa ki cold war shoru ho gyi…jo ab friendship me aa chuki roz dekha kisi ki burai ki aur kisi ki aachai……hr din koi nayi ladhai naya task….it was amazing..fir tum sb ne aapne fav chune..mai is site pr aayi teesre din i got attached with u all …ab khatam hone wala hai aur lopa bani ke fans bhi dost bnege ab shayad…i m really emotional ki ab sirf 2 din reh baar ki tarah iss time bhi khatam ho jayega..kon jitega no problem coz everyone deserves tabhi woh waha pr hai but i wanted ki bigg boss five lekr jate like season 8 but aisa nhi hoya rohan nikalgya.ohh..
    Ab sabhi finalist ko all the best..mai bhi bigg boss ko thanks krti ho that he gave us such a good season like always.ek min mai maniti ko bhoop gyi
    .sweet jodi..ek aur baat mujhe manu abab aacha lgne lga.i felt marji ho usne bhi sahi kela mere hisaab se tabhi toh woh itni aage hai…
    I would miss u all and specially-kp bhai,jj bhai,jo,simu di,diti di,ki di,sona di,anu,shriyo,shazu di,arti di,lopa slays,sonia,st,aarohi,godbless ,revealer and every1.koi reh gya toh mai krna…
    Ek choti si poem meri aap sbke sath dosti ke liye-
    Jab khatam ho jayega bigg boss toh mai kya krongi,
    Aap sb ko jaad kr mai roh longi…
    Hr dam aao sb ka pyaar rehenga mere sath,
    Bigg boss ki jaad aati rehegi hr baat
    khatam ho jayega yeh suhana safar,
    Yaad rkna ki thi ek preeti duffer….
    Love u all

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      aww preeti such a sweet message love u and ur poems r too good ???? aur don’t u dare call urself duffer preeti as u r pretty preeti ?
      Vaise I m also excited for bigg boss every season I saw in between of season 7 and then I started watching season 8 onwards , mera fav Toh season 8 aur 10 hain , but 10 main problem bb to some extent biased tha aur 8 main problem winner bohot predictable tha but both season rocked 9 was also good , but 8 and 10 i liked more

  22. Prettypreeti

    Jo love ur pov..meri bhi same pov

  23. Love u lopa

  24. I love you Lopa cos youre real af and also beauty with a brain and back bone. Hope to see you in movies or serials. Love you Lopaaaaaaa ?????

  25. give lot of vote to Manu . He is very real. He dont keep things in mind. He says whatever he think. He is not diplomate at all. ALL Canada United Kingdom , USA and all world give vote to Manu. He is real and handsome Guy. He is very straight forward,sometime Manveer says dont say this dont say that but Manu says I will say what I think . I will not keep in.

    1. I wish manu cn said things on face wot he cant keep in…manu and reality are the opposite sidse of coin..

  26. Manu is such a jal kukda…

  27. yeah wow….preeti my queen of poems…amzing yaar

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