Bigg Boss 10 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 10 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 08(continued)
In living area, Manveer says to Akansha that they are like bus with one driver driving them, Manu says to Akansha that this talk should not leak, Swami says i am not going to leak, Manu says you are not trustworthy, Manveer says you should be scared of human, Manu says you said few things wrong, Swami says you believe them not me, Manveer says you were fighting them but today you are asking them to make you learn dance. Manu says he said that he needs three people in this house Lopa, Mona and Gaurav. Swami says dont instigate them against me, Manu says i am not saying anything behind your back, i am saying everything infront of you, Swami says i just said to them that i need to build new life so teach me dancing, yoga and singing, it was nothing wrong., Manu says

you leak our talks to them, Swami says you are breaking unity by saying all this, Manu says you like to talk to behind back of someone, Swami says i never talk behind anyone’s back, Niti says you were behind Rohan till yesterday, Manu says he was attacking him till yesterday and now everything is fine between them, Swami says you people dont discuss anything with me too, Manveer shouts what we didnt ask you?
In garden, Rahul says to his team that they fight a lot, they are like kids, Karan says but they know everything, just act like kid.
Naveen says to Swami that you leak things from this team to other team, Swami says bring one proof or witness of that, Naveen says there are cameras here. Manu says Swami said to them that he didnt want to eat food that night, we forced him to ask for food from them when they were slaves to disturb their sleep, Swami says this is true, Priyanka coaxed me, Manveer says you had to take medicine right? so you needed food, Manu says he is talking about his daughter like this now. Niti says let him have food first, Manveer says he is talking rubbish.
In garden, Mona asks who is fighting with whom? Rohan says i wont interfere, let them have it.
Swami says they are right, they said that they fight with me because you people backbite about me to them, i never coaxed them against you people, naveen says you are wrong, we gave you attention so you are jumping, you will apologize tomorrow for this, dont make me angry, i am wrong man, they are trying to show respect to you but you are betrayer, you call Priyanka daughter but betrayed her honor, Manveer says i am hurt because of this, Swami says i didnt say anything to Priyanka when she was in house, Naveen shouts that i will throw you out of house, Swami says why you keep shouting that i am betrayer? Manu comes and asks what happened? Naveen shouts to be scared of quite sea, Manveer says you called her daughter and now you are saying that girl coaxed you against other team, Swami says i said infront of Priyanka onlu that she coaxed me, Lokesh says really? manveer says i am trying to eat food but he is not letting me, Swami says i am not even talking to you, Naveen says so whom you are talking? God or sky? Swami says i will not eat here, he takes food plate but Niti asks him to sit down and eat. She asks Manveer to remain calm, Manveer says you dont know what he is saying behind our back, he is lying about us, Swami shouts to not talk to me, if you have guts so go and talk to them.

Manu says to Mona that dont cry, people will think wrong, if i touch your hand and talk then my intention is not wrong, Mona says i know there will be episode that i am talking to you, Manu says your team will make issue, Mona says your team might make issue too, Manu says your team is not your family, he asks her to sit and says we will go home soon, we didnt do anything that you are crying, dont cry baby, i cant console you as if i come closer then people will take it wrong way, i am hurt that i told my life story to Bani and Karan that i struggled for 10years to reach here, i have two BMW, two more automatic cars, they are not celebs buts veggies for me, they should be ashamed that if a girl is normally talking and playfully saying things, they make is controversy.
Bani says to Karan that he said something so Mona said that who told him? i said i didnt say anything to Manu, i just conveyed your message to Mona and thats all, Karan says i saw them having playful conversation then i asked Gaurav to confirm my suspicion then asked Rohan and they confirmed my doubt, Rohan also said that Naveen was eyeing them weirdly, four people saw it so maybe all four are wrong or she is wrong, if she is right then she should end matter, Bani says i told her that if she wants then we wont talk about it again.

Day 9
Bani wakes up. Song only in india plays. All girls dance. Swami is copying their dance steps. Swami sees Priyanka’s cutout and kisses it.

Gaurav and Karan sees preparation done in garden for next task. Mona says to Rahul that you said most tough work is washing clothes. Rahul says i will wash it.
Naveen says to Manu that this is common man task, we should win it. Manu asks if he washes his clothes? Naveen says yes, you people are uncommon man, i will wash it, Swami says it seems like we will have to become cleaner, it seems like we will have to run on conveyor belt too, Manveer this is to bring clothes not to run on, we would have Swami out of house through this if it was big.

Niti reads luxury budget task ‘BB laundry’. It will be commoners vs. celebs, this task will be for ownership of house. In garden area, there are two laundry stations, both teams have to run it, time after time, there will be orders given by Bigg boss and team will to finish orders before other team and in more good condition than them, they will deliver clothes to Bigg boss, to fulfill orders, as per bigg boss’s orders, team have to wash, clean and press clothes then fold them nicely. Nitibha and Rohan will be quality inspectors for enemy team, they will check qualities of clothes after team finish order, after quality inspection only, order will be delivered to Bigg boss, inspectors have to watch that quality should be nice, and at par, this is important task. Blue costume for celebs and orange costumes for commoners.

Manu says to Mona that i get affected by my friends’ talks, like if i get to know anything about you in future, it will hurt me, we should be practical, my team was teasing me that you are my friend, i will use my mind in game but i get attached with person so it hurts, i will be fine after drinking tea, Mona says now you will become my enemy in task? Manu says thats fair game, Mona says you will snatch clothes from me? he says they wont give you task where we have to fight, we will start snatching clothes from conveyor belt, i think Rahul and Karan will snatch from their side and me and Manveer will come ahead from our side.
Manveer says to Lokesh that we will give you clothes, you dry them and wait for next clothes, Lokesh says you are strong so snatch clothes and snatch them like they dont get a thing, dont let them get detergents, be attentive, it will affect nominations.

Bigg boss says we are ordering for first 10clothes to be washed. Lokesh, Manu runs to conveyor belt. Buzzer goes off. conveyor belts open, Akansha, Lokesh tries to get it, Mona tries to snatch it, all are trying to get it. Gaurav gets some clothes. Bigg boss ask them to stand behind barricade at the end of belt not on start of belt, all stand at barricade, clothes starts coming in through conveyor but all cross barricade to get them first, Rohan and Niti ask them to not cross line. Manveer goes ahead of barricade. Naveen keeps clothes he collected in basket and goes to get more, Lopa comes from behind and steals clothes from his basket, Rohan hints her to run fast to their side, Lopa stealthily goes with clothes to her side. All are fighting to stand behind barricade, Rahul and Manu tries to snatch clothes but they call on floor, Manu gets it in end. Swami is collecting clothes Manu and Manver are snatching. Manu says to Rahul that we fell down in heat of moment. Lokesh asks Bani to not hold her hand. Karan asks Lopa to not steal their clothes. Manu says to Rohan that there is no chance to get physical as we both have our sides. Both teams start to wash clothes. Manu is using censored words to order his team. Rohan says to Manveer that dont throw clothes on ground, dont disrespect them, Manveer shouts to ignore, we can wash anyway we like, i can throw clothes anywhere, Rohan says you are throwing clothes on Akansha’s face, Manveer says she doesnt have problem so shut up.
Rahul says to his team that cut soap in two and use it to wash clothes.

Niti says to Manu that if there are very small stains on clothes then we can ignore them in inspection. Karan says to Gaurav that clothes which are not dirty, just wash them with water and say they are cleaned or just wash stain and leave. Niti inspects and says to Bani that you just washed stains, you have to wash whole cloth. Lopa calls Rohan and asks if we have to wash whole clothes or just stain? rohan says there are no such rules, she is distracting you people, Gaurav says so you do same with their team, Rohan says i didnt see stain till now, he leaves. Manu shows stain to Niti and says its not getting off, she says dont waste time on it, wash other cloth.

Swami and Manveer are drying clith by jerking it, Manver says people must be happy to see you work, Swami says i didnt even have a glass of water, Manveer says all are like that, i never washed my boxer in house. Rohan says Swami just blow air from your mouth and they will be dried, Swami says its not allowed, Bigg boss restricted me to not use tantars.

akansha is showing clothes to Rohan, Rohan is inspecting clothes and says they have wrinkles. Niti asks him to inspect as you want as otherwise there is will be fight. Rohan says this cloth is not dried, Akansha says we will dry it, Rohan says you have to wash it again because there was rule that you have to wash whole thing again, Naveen shouts that this is not dirty, you headless chicken, Rohan is little taken back by naveen’s anger. Rohan says have you gone mad? this is dirty, Manu says naveen has worked really hard to wash it. Karan says to Gaurav that poor Rohan will get stressed totally. Lopa reads rule that if inspector rejects cloth and put it in rejection bin then it was to get washed, cleaned, dried and ironed again before presenting him again. Manveer says we will wash all again, we will make it perfect, Rohan says Bigg boss they are not letting me check clothes. Manu says to Manveer that i have asked you to get in fight if Rohan raises his voice, Naveeen says dont let them build pressure, Manu says yes if he is raising voice then get in fight, let them feel we are mad and we are united.

Swami says to Manveer that i will do my work, manveer says to Swami that try to walk on conveyor belt, maybe you will go out, Swami says i have to give 10crores as compensation if i break rule, Manveer says all he is worried about is money, Swami says i am earning from age of 5, i am getting respect from Bigg boss, Manveer says you can work in films, Swami says there is films in making on my life, there are western actors too in it, i am acting in it, Manveer asks who is playing young Swami? Swami says producer will see it. Manu asks if there will be message that in start that this movie is fictional and there is nothing related to reality? Rahul is snickering listening all this. Swami says its reality based, Manu asks budget? he says 100crores, Manveer says really? Manu asks if he will give me rule? Lokesh says Manu will be his goon in movie, Swami says there will be terrorists in my movie, Manu asks where is getting 100crores? Swami says i have financier, Manveer says you were afraid to give 10crores to bigg boss? Manu says give me 20lacs, i will leave house.

rohan says to his team that they are slaves too, why they are not cooking food? Karan says they will say they are busy in task, we are eating individually, Swami says i think bigg boss will send food. Rohan says you are not doing anything, make food, Lopa and Mona laughs. Swami says i am doing task, whatever i have to do, he leaves. Manu says to Manveer that we have to control Rohan, Naveen says i was rightly angry on him.
rohan is in kitchen and says to Lokesh that i want to eat egg, can you cut? she says egg? he says no tomato and onion, he says to Bani that she doesnt cook egg so we can make her do other work. Nit says she is veg and task is going on, she is doing her personal work. Bani says should i ring bell? Niti says you cant, Bani says where it is written? Niti says they cant do two tasks together, Rohans ays so we wont eat anything? Niti says you can cook, Bani says bigg boss has restricted us to not cook, Niti says Bigg boss didnt stop slave/owner task but he didnt say that task is going on too.

Manu says to Niti that you didnt help Karan, good, Niti says i am not mad to help. all are responsible for themselves her so why should i get friendly with him? he thinks i am sweet, Manu says he is doing work for Tv and money but we are working for name and fame, name and fame is always above money, he just wants to get footage, Niti says he will do work which shows him on camera, Manu says they did mistake by asking Bani to do task as she clearly said that i am not going to tarnish my image of 10years, she has age factor, might be committed, they are clever. Niti says Karan is doing work. Manu says he is doing b*t*hing and pressing clothes only, he has patience and knows camera will zoom on him two three times which he wants.

clothes are coming from conveyor belt. All ask each other to stand behind barricade. Rahul gets first cloth, Niti says Rahul you are breaking line. Mona runs and gets cloth from start of conveyor, all run to it. Gaurav says we will not cross line, he asks everyone to comeback, Manu asks if they can stretch from barricade and snatch? Gaurav says you have to keep one foot on barricade line.
Niti says to camera that i will keep this T-shirt with me as it will make me remember how much crazy we became in Bigg boss house, Karan says also if we grab one thing then we dont leave it till it teardowns, Niti says both India , Pakistan(celebs,commoners) are getting things. Karan says i dont know what they are doing.

Karan is inspecting clothes. Karan shows Manveer stain and says this is not clean. Manveer says its not dirty, Rohan says this is not perfectly cleaned, he puts it in rejection box, Manu says its his day, let him throw all clothes in bin, if quality check is not approving then throw all clothes, we are not ****** to wash them again and again, just throw them away. Rohan is ignoring them.
Niti sees torn clothes and rejects it. Rohan says this cloth is torn maybe from hard washing, he rejects it, Manveer says dont talk rubbish, Lokesh says clothes dont tear by drying. Gaurav says let them inspect, dont argue so much Manveer.

Rohan says to niti that we decide even if there is small hole in cloth, we will reject it. Lopa says yes she rejected our pant as it had hole, Niti asks how much small hole it is? Rohan says i will show you hole, he shows her and says its torn, Niti says i rejected theirs but it had bigger hole.
Mona says to Manu that you guys have more clothes, you people are snatching and washing nicely, Manu says even Gaurav didnt leave any chance to get clothes, Mona says but you people got more clothes, Manu says we are working more hard as this task is related to luxury budget and nominations and all.

Buzzer plays. Teams have to send 10clothes through conveyor outside. They count it. Put their boxes on conveyor and send them off.

Bigg boss asks inmates how are they? all sigh being tired, Bigg boss says you must be tired washing 9, 9clothes, Lopa says we washed more but only 9 got approved. Bigg boss says this day will be written in history, you people took 9hours to wash 9 clothes, because no team completed the order on time so your first order is rejected and today’s time of task has ended, take rest. Bani asks slaves to cook food.

Mona says to Gaurav that like someone is working and you people are talking then people say that only they are working and you guys are just having fun, Rohan asks if our team mates are saying that? Mona says i am just telling that this is going on, Rahul says why you are scared to tell clearly? Mona says i am not scared, Gaurav says if you dont clear it then we will not be able to believe you, Mona says she said that fun is going on. Bani comes too, Mona says like Karan was pressing and you people were talking, Bani was pressing too, so it was said that we are working and they are talking. Gaurav says it was momenterly thing, Mona says but there is confusion among us, Gaurav says we dont have problems with each other, Bani asks who said that? Mona says you said that, Bani asks whom did i say? Mona says you said generally that i and Karan are working and all are having fun, Bani says so it was happening, i didnt lie, Gaurav says why you are adressing it like that? Mona says i am just repeating comment, i wont say again, i dont want to talk again, Rahul says why you are getting angry, you did right by pointing out, Mona says it was normal and now its getting serious, i just repeated comment which was said.

Mona laughs and says Manveer you call bigg boss as Babuji? Manu asks what you are talking with her? Manveer says i was just asking bigg boss for juice. Manu looks at himself in mirror, Mona says you are always looking in mirror, Manu says i didnt care about looks when i came here because we didnt talk much but now i am conscious of looks, Mona says Oh God, she blushes. Many asks naveen what girls of calcutta likes? Naveen says they dont liek boys whose name start from M, also that start from P, Mona laughs, Naveen says those who have mother’s tattoo on hand, girls dont like it, Manu has his mother’s tattoo on his hand, Manu says i can have her name’s tattoo on other hand, Naveen says i am telling you to leave Mona and try on Bani, Manu says you are not settling down and trying that i dont get settled too, Swami says Mona is already settled, Manu says you dont repeat it here again, all have settled in real life, Swami says you should settle with Bani, Manu says we will have sword fight.

Manveer asks Swami if he can do good for them? he says we will talk about it after going out, Manveer says deal done, Naveen asks him to make him learn tantars, Swami says we tell it in private, Naveen says i am not kid anymore so i cant do it? Swami says no. Manveer asks what about control on death? Swami says no one has control on death, Manveer asks if my restrained relation with father can be sorted? Swami says yes, it can happen, Manveer says i just want that, nothing else, swami says its like controlling your lover’s mind, Manveer says i dont want to cast spill on him, i am not even his ****, Swami says we have to change his mind in your favor. Naveen says why dont you cast spill on Nawaz Sharif? Swami says if it was case then i would have been prime minister.

Manu says to Lokesh that you know why your times passed so nicely today? because we are like your family, we must have some characteristics from your family member, if you got trapped in sophisticated celebs then you would just sit in corner, you would be in tension, we are like family, Naveen says they would make fun of you, Lokesh says i can answer back too, if someone tries to instigate you then i dont remain silent, Lokesh hugs Manu. Manveer says its good that we are even in number, if there were just two three commoners then i would have been sitting in corner, if i didnt get Manu then i would have been going crazy, Lokesh says i wouldnt laugh if you people were not here. Manu 6commoners are good, Akansha is like us too but Niti is different, i like Lokesh most in house, she is like my younger sister, Lokesh says you give me father vibes.

Manu, Lokesh and Manveer are in living area. Mona comes and asks why they are not sleeping? Manu says its been 20days being away from girlfriend, how could we sleep? we are missing girls, we are boys afterall. Manveer asks Mona if she wants milk then its in kitchen. Manu asks Mona to taste his milk before he drinks it, she stares him, Manu sings it happens in India, Mona says you are not sleeping? Manu says we have to plan for tomorrow’s task, Mona puts hand on back, he says if there were not two, three members of your team here then i would have massaged your back, lokesh can give it, she says no, he asks to taste his milk before going, he asks Bigg boss to switch camera to her side, he gives her his mug of milk and asks her to take one sip from his mug, there in camera, she says i am going, he says please, Mona tastes milk from his mug, he thanks her and says i will drink from side where you took sip from mug, she smiles and goes to bedroom.

PRECAP- All contestants are snatching clothes from each other. Naveen gets angry on Rohan and says if i go mad then nobody will be able to stand here, Rohan mimics him, and says you are useless crap. Naveen tries to attack him but Manveer grabs him and drags him away. Naveen is shouting on him, rohan says this idiot will fly away from blow only, Manveer shouts on Rohan to talk less, you are going to tell us who is idiot? he charges on Rohan but Rahul grabs him and drags him away. Manu says to Rahul that you talk big things but you cant even stop a young guy(Rohan). Rohan says to Manu that if you have guts then come and charge at me. Manu runs towards him and pushes Rohan away with his chest and says dare you challenge me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I just love rohan. He is toooo good. can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.

    1. Ya I too like rohan he being just ordinary like us we can relate usand dont get angry on smalll things

    2. Bigboss isnt about cuteness i like rohan bt i dnt see any bigboss type attitude in him so basically i doubt his chances to win so far….

      1. I dont think so rohan being cute because he is taking stand…he is doing task properly and takig stand but he is not shouting unecessaryas commoners are doing

      2. Definitely nothing to do with cute, i didn’t like him before but now he is taking a stand. Did you see the way Navin was shouting at him? He is doing his task and these guys are on purpose trying to create fights. Celebs don’t complain or make a fuss when Niti rejects their cloth but Navin, Manu and Manveer are just crazy.

      3. so true dear as commoners are not able to control rohan from their anger,they were also discusing that they are not able to control..and commoners think that people like angry people but we like sensible who can take stnd not who are fighting for no cause

  2. This manu is like another Priyanka… Idiot arrogant and loud… Just hate him…
    Big boss was better with celebrities… I am not enjoying this season at all

    1. Ya manu is thinking to place of priyanka and naveen is also behaving same I thought he would be sensible but he is just shouting for no reason

      1. Exactly.. Even I thought naveen is decent… But he is also shouting and fighting like a mad person

    2. yep me also….irritating with commoners.

  3. Maithlii Sinha

    Manu Punjabi in the bachelorette India……

    Today’s episode was interesting….bb10 is getting more and more interesting day by day…..manu n Mona something serious is cooking between them!!!!

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    Slowly slowly everyone’s true face gonna come out soon. That was funny when bb said 9 hrs 9 clothes that will be written in bb history ??? i think among the celebs Rohan is doing quite well this week like the way he is reacting to situation used to hate him a lot now i m liking him. And among the commoners I like Niti she is also speaking up now and knows when to say what. So for this week till now my fav is Rohan and Niti let’s see if they continue like this. And Naveen don’t know what is wrong with him. Manu is Manu he is like that only. Now it will be more interesting to see who wins this luxury Budget task
    I m liking season 10 now it’s interesting

  5. This season creates irritation. Arr you sure the indiawale represent common people? They seem pyschos….mäd rude arrogant and agressive people. It loathes me to see common man being projected like this. Celebrities are thousand time better and dignified. And this week they are giving effort.

    It also makes us question may be big boss branding has become such that the selected commoners think Sawant and Bindra way is the highway to name and fame…which they claim they are bickering for.

    1. i think so they have seen other season of big boss , so they think that while shouting and fighting they will reach finale but they have to understand from priyanka eviction.I thought naveen would be sensible but he proved wrong today

  6. Mona is such an idiot!wen ppl told her for her own gud she started behaving like a jerk.rohan n Rahul r awesum.naveen has started showing his real colors #hated throughout the episode?

  7. Thought naveen wud be far more sensible than his teammates….but he s acting like a lunatic for no reason. Indiawale are portraying common men in a wrong way. Manu, naveen and manveer are plotting than and planned to fight for everything. There is no professionalism among indiawale. Bigger boss please remove the. Common people n the house…..because actual common people outside BB house are not like the one inside the house.

    1. True, Navin has flipped officially. He is trying to get attention and thinks the shouting and screaming will do the trick. I feel he is the most manipulative of the lot. He has preconceived notions about celebs and try to influence the girls on their side not to be friendly with the celebs. When in fact Salman itself said there should be more interaction between celebs and commoners. Have you seen Navin interact with any celeb other than Mona that too he comments when she dances.Total hypocrite

  8. manu naveen and manveer are overreacting. they have planned to fight and doing according to it.manu and mona what r they doing i dont know. harr season mein ek odi banegi banegi
    niti doing well .rohan behving smartely. others are doing well no comment for them except that dhongi baba

  9. All allegations made by Akansha against Yuvraj’s family are FAKE. Read this article to see real face of akansha

  10. Good work done by commoners, what it may be to loose their personality, the commoners do well to make this season in top , otherside the celebs looks their position only and do such to save them… entertainment…if they survive more, one day the big boss room will be change to silent bhoot bangala.

  11. guys … see bigboss twitter ..rohan one man army…
    i like the way he is playing..all comners are targeting him and thinking that he will ger fear but
    well done rohan..i already voted u..

  12. Mona is doing this love drama only for camera because till sunday episode there was nothing between mona and manu so how can in just 1 day they come so close to each other.
    As friends celebs has once warned her, now its upto her how she presents herself to outside world.

  13. Prettypreeti

    Heyyyy how r u all????
    Talking bout yesterday epi.
    It was high voltage ladhai but not more than that precappp.
    Naveen ko kya ho gya he is a professor he should have control.
    Rohannn is doing good man.he is ok..
    Precap was soooo ladhaka.
    When bigg boss said only 9 clothes I was really itne kam.
    Laundry task mei ladhai thi kicham kichi thi aur kuch bhi nhi.
    Seriouslyyy that dhongi baba ke upar film yeah banda sathyaya hai.nooo doubt..
    Waitingh for today ladhai wali dhobighat

  14. All d commoners xcpt niti r just doing all dis for attention…n manu z giving attention to mona to use her.hez manipulating her to fight to her team mates n cant she just c dt hes making a fool out f her! Like his behavior change for her in other celebs presence n he flirts wd her wn commoners r there…i like rohan he isnt like another hot headed young lad commoners r targeting him kz dy think he z weak n can b instigated easily n dis week i think akanksha will leave kz she isnt seen anywhere nor she takes stand n not even in dhr group meetings . She has d max chances f leaving.dis my pov. Wt do u guys think??

    1. I too think aakansha will be evicted becoz she is not seen in 2 weeks…I want them to be entertaing why they think that while fighting it will be entertaing …it should be fun tasks but as usual every1 wants to be fight

  15. hrithik ka Fan

    indiawale won the laundary task again….now they are maliks again and celebrities are sevaks again….coming to the episode. ..These commeners are real Gawar people..and that naveen…how hard he was trying to get footage. ….total fake he was …screaming for nothing. ………These commoners are loosers. ……

  16. Exo chanyeol oppa

    Hate this commoners they are mad people they cannot represent us they just make a bad impression of us …….why the hell are they even there they dnt deserve fame and not even a single respect…….they r suckerss

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