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Bigg Boss 10 25th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman comes on stage and dances with Sonakshi(Sona) Sinha on song Tune toh pal bhar mein chori kiya re jiya. After dance, Sona punches playfully to Salman. Salman wishes everyone merry christmas and new year. Salman welcomes Sona, Sona says i have been here before too, Salman says you are inmate, you keep going in house, Sona says yes, Salman says she is top 3rd best looking heroine, she is best talented actor, Sona says why you are laughing saying it? Salman says say something about host, Sona says you are top actor, Salman says i am topless too, all laugh. Sona says this season is action packed, i want to meet everyone, Salman says if you had gone inside yesterday? Sona says i thought i would have to meet Priyanka which i didnt want, whatever she did was unacceptable, and

her favorite contestant is Manveer. Salman says you will go inside house, Salman says to Sona that now you can fit in chimney too, all laugh. Sona goes in house.

In Bigg Boss house:
Inmates have have worn outfits. There will be party in house for christmas, all are excited about it, all will attend party in garden, there will be appy fizz bar too, Salman has sent special gift too, we hope that you all enjoy party and make it memorable. All inmates run to garden. Appy fizz song plays, inmates are happy seeing decorations in garden, all inmates dance. They comes to big gift box and open it, Sona comes out of it, all scream in happiness, Sona wishes everyone christmas, Sona says anyone can recognize you, Swami says to Sona that ask your father about me, he knows me, he is wearing 3pieces suit, Sona says i will ask my father for real. sona says all are looking lovely, i hope you are happy with gift, Gaurav says very. Sona ask them to stand around table, there is bottle on table, inmates will play Spin the bottle game, they will make them listen a talk and they have to guess who said it, statement would be said by inmate, i will tell you two options and if you are wrong then you have to drink appy fizz drink in one breath as punishment, Sona says Manu is exempted from task as he is man of week. Lopa spins bottle first. It stops at Bani. Sona reads statement “When Swami commented about Bani’s mother then she asked all inmates to boycott him and when he commented nasty things about Mona then she didnt care a little bit, she is hypocrite”, Sona says if Niti said it or Lopa? Bani says i am gonna go with Lopa, Sona says wrong, drink in one go. Bani starts drinking can and takes on punishment. Bottle spins and tops at Lopa. Sona reads statement “Lopa has turnaround and then she feel to say something then later she realizes it must have not looked on her”, it was said by Gaurav or Bani? Lopa says Gaurav. Sona says right answer, Lopa says i know who say what. Bottle spins and stops on Niti. Sona reads statement “I was 100% sure that she would get evicted but this girl is so clever, something happened and Manveer’s was in her lap”, it was said by Manu or Mona? Niti says i dont expect from both but i would say Manu, Sona says right answer, Niti says interesting. Bottle spins and stops at Mona, Sona reads statement “If Mona wants to keep an image of sunny Leone then why cry all the time?”, it was said by Lopa or Niti? Mona says Niti, Sona says correct, dont cry now. Bottle spins and stops at Manveer, Sona reads statement “Manveer doesnt take stand and just follow behind, he always take Priyanka’s side”, it was said by Rohan or Gaurav? Manveer says its wrong and was said by Gaurav, Sona says wrong, he has to drink can of fizz, he asks should i get one more? Sona says you are my favorite so have it. Bottle stops at Gaurav, Sona reads statement “Gaurav doesnt take stand, he is manipulative”, said by Lopa or Manveer? Gaurav says Lopa, Sona says correct, Lopa says we know each other well. sona reads statement “Rohan is confused about his gender”, Rohan guesses that it was Manveer who said it but in real, it was Manu who said that, Manu says it when we had fight. Bani says i didnt say anything bad in any episode. Sona says Salman is really happy with you all especially with girls, but he is always with girls, all laugh. Sona says he has sent gift for girls, its in bedroom, all girls run to bedroom. They see someone behind comforter, they take off covers, man is in mask, girls scream, he says i didnt come to scare anyone, he takes off mask and its Manish Paul. All come to meet him, Manish hugs Gaurav, Manveer, song shandaar plays, inmates dance. Manish says what to say about you Swami, you are looking cutie, Swami laughs. Manish says Sona we will play game with them. Manish says you must have seen chat shows, they all sit down. Sona says lets call Manu, Manveer and Bani first. They come on stage, Manish asks Bani that if you and Lopa are alone at an island and stuck somewhere for 7days and there is food for only one person then what will you do? Bani says i will eat Lopa then, Lopa snickers. Manish says such love, Bani says first i will make her fat giving her food then i will eat her, Lopa laughs. Sona asks Manveer that what would be title of Swami’s movie? Manveer says it would be “farzi(hypothetical) baba- the Om story”, its maind dialogue would be that i wont be loyal to anyone, i am chimpanzee and will remain Om from inside. Manish asks Swami how you like good words for you? Swami says last word was nice, all laugh. Sona says to Swami that say dialogue. Swami says I will always remain Om. Manish says to Swami who is hero here? Swami says i am superhero, Manish hugs him. Swami says Manu is hero. Manish asks who is heroine? Swami says its Mona, Mona blushes, Manish says who is villain? Swami says i am super-villain too, Manish he is everything, Sona acts like sleeping with his long speeches. Manish asks Manveer to list girls in order of beauty from top to Bottom, Manveer says 4th is Bani, 3rd is Mona, 2nd Niti, 1st is Lopa, Lopa is flattered. Sona says i have brought being human bracelets, she says some words are written on them. She gives bracelet to Manu which has “care” written on it. She gives bracelet to Mona which has “joy” written on it, She gives bracelet to Swami which has “help” written on it, Swami says its my birthday, Sona wishes him. She gives bracelet to Niti which has “hope” written on it because you are hopeless. She gives bracelet to Manveer which has “love” written on it, She gives bracelet to Bani which has “share” written on it and says you must share.
Manish says to inmates that we have brought cake for you. Bani brings cake from store room. Swami cuts it and makes Swami eat it, inmates dance, Rohan makes Swami eat cake. Manish and Sonakshi leaves house.

On stage, Manish comes there and Salman is not there. He mimics Salman and welcomes everyone to weekend ka vaar. Manish says let me tell you that i am new host of Bigg boss show, actually Salman is really busy, i will handle here but people must have thought to host this show, he ask audience who want to be host of show? One man stands up and says i am Raghav Chopra, Gaurav Chopra is my brother, Manish says great, we are giving you chance to be Bigg boss’s voice, say like him, Raghav says like bigg boss, Manish says you said it with lust, Raghav says it happened by seeing you, Manish says people are forward these days. One woman stands up for acting as host, Manish says you have to act like calling Gaurav in room, she says i really like him, Manish says i saw on your face, she sweetly says Bigg boss wants Gaurav to come in house, Manish asks what you want to do with him? woman says i want just see, Manish asks what you want to see? all laugh.
Manish says Salman is gone, i will do it in my style now. Salman and Sonakshi comes from behind. Manish says some quirky poetry. Salman says you must have destroyed this show if we were not behind you, Manish says i cleaned stage and everything before you came. Salman says you are trying overtake my show? Manish says i cant even overtake your car while walking, all laugh. Manish shows him locket he is wearing, Salman shows him wearing same locket, its being human locket. Salman says we have launched being human jewelry. Sona says to Manish that you will get Manishment(punishment), he has to do Salman’s dance steps, Salman says i made simple dance steps for people like you, Manish jokes was it praise or not? Manish funnily dances on Salman’s songs, all laugh.
Salman asks Sona about inmates, Sona says all were happy. Manish says Swami was target. Sona says Swami knows my father, Salman says he has given acting tips to many actresses, all laugh. Salman says we have made game “slapping game”, it was inspired by your dialogue “i am not afraid of slap”, now you will do it. Salman makes her sit on slapping chair. He says tell me three movies of mine in which my name is not Prem, she says Bajrangi, Dagang and Dabang 2. Salman says how many films we did? She says 2, Salman says one more son of Sardar, slap. Sona is slapped by fake slap. Salman asks how many seasons of bigg boss i hosted. She says 6, he says this is 7th. Salman asks who is no. 1 Khan of industry? Manish laughs, Salman says you will get two slaps now. Sona says Salman Khan. Salman asks how many times your father said “quiet”? Sona thinks and says around 97thousand times, Manish says this was just in one movie.
Manish is made to sit on slapping chair. Salman says cow big or brain? Manish says i dont have brain, i see cow, he gets slapped. Salman asks hen came first in world or egg? he says i dont know, i got to see goat while growing up, he is slapped again. Salman asks stairs goes up or down? Manish says both, he is slapped again. Salman says what is skin color of zebra? black or white? Manish facepalms, he is slapped again. Salman asks what thing become wet if you dry it? Manish thinks and is slapped again, Salman says answer is towel. Salman asks if world in my hand then where i am? Manish says you are really holding world in hand. Salman says who bahubhali was killed? Manish slaps himself at this, all laugh.
Salman says to Sona and Manish that we will play one more fun game, you will have to lip read, you will wear headphones and not able to hear me then you have to lip read my statement. Sona wears headphone. Salman says statement “your favors”, she is not able to lip read him as loud music is playing in headphones. Sona guesses it wrong “your mother”, Manish says why she is bringing sisters and mothers in it? Sona says this is family show, i am reading dirty things. Sona takes off headphones and asks what was it? Salman tells her. Manish wears headphone. Salman says statement “your aunt cute”, Manish says dont say these things about my mummy, all laugh, Manish guesses it. Salman wears headphones next, Sona says statement “banjo bajao”, Salman guesses it, they play it some more.
Next game is, Sona and Manish are given rings, they have to throw them in Salman’s fingers. Salman catches Sona’s rings and Manish’s rings, Salman says i have been practicing this for years. Salman thanks Manish and Sona for coming, they leave.

Salman connects call to house. Inmates dance on jag ghoomiya song, Salman claps for them. Swami wishes him, Salman wishes him birthday, and says you are looking nice, Manveer reads poetry for him, praising him, all inmates wish him birthday. Salman says to Gaurav that you dance really well and Rohan you are looking really nice. Salman says hostel task was destroyed so i will read your letters now. He reads Gaurav’s message “i can live without water but but without Bani”, all laugh. Salman asks Bani’s reply, she says it nice, Salman laughs that so much dry reply. Salman reads Manu’s message for Mona “lets play kabaddi bhoujpuri friend”, all laugh. Salman asks Mona you accept Kabaddi match? she says no.
Salman says to inmates that we will see how friends understand each other. I will call pair and ask them to sit with their back and i will ask them statements.
First pair is Manu-Manveer. Salman first question is Manveer neglect Manu because of Niti, they both say no. Salman asks Lopa is more important for Manu then Mona, the both say no. Salman asks because of Niti, there is difference between Manveer and Mona’s friendship, both say yes. Salman asks Niti brainwashes Manveer, Manu says yes, Manveer says no, Niti says i dont, this is wrong. Salman asks Manu is tired of Mona, Manu says yes, she should go home. Manveer says no. Salman says you both are compatible.
Next couple is Swami and Rohan, all laugh. Salman says joking, next couple is Gaurav and Bani. Salman says Bani is self centered, Gaurav says yes, Bani says no, all laugh. Salman says Gaurav neglected Bani for Mona, both say no. Salman says Gaurav is most flirt, they say no. Salman says Gaurav would nominate Bani when time comes, Gaurav says no, Bani says yes. Salman says you both are compatible. Salman ends call.

Salman says to audience that families met inmates. They shared their feelings after meeting inmates, lets see that.
Clip plays, Gaurav’s brother Raghav says Niti is fake. Rohan’s brother says she is still in house? Raghav says Manver will get cheated. lopa’s sister says Manveer is fool. Raghav says Manu would sacrifice his friends, he is playing whole house. Vikrant says i felt Manu’s words. Raghav says i feel Mona is fake, she scheme things. Niti’s mother says Mona should object which she doesnt like. Raghav says Lopa support right thing. Lopa’s sister says Swami should act his age. Raghav says Swami’s brain is tight, he cant think anything. Vikrant says what he is? from where he came? what he do, nobody knows. Raghav says Bani is my favorite, she is straight forward, you should be understanding. Rohan’s brother says she is lost. Lopa’s sister says she would win tasks if she stop thinking about food. Gaurav doesnt know what he is saying. clip ends.

On stage, family members of inmates come there, Lopa’s sister Bhagishri, Manveer’s father and brother Anoop then Raghav, brother of Gaurav. Salman asks how is Manveer? his father says he is doing good, i havent talked to him in last 6years, love has increased now, he used to stubborn but dont know what magic bigg boss did, i used to not like his beard, now his brother has beard too. Salman says what was the grudge between you and him? father says we get married in early age otherwise people start gossiping, Salman says even i am not married till now, all laugh, Salman says but my father didnt stop talking to me, encourage me to remain happy. Anoop says manveer ranaway from marriage. Salman says next time let him choose girl. Salman asks Raghav if Gaurav is like this in real? Raghav says he is like that, he said he wont change himself, Salman asks about Bani, Raghav says Bani is playing individually, Gaurav doesnt know how to handle situation but Bani has to review her way. Salman asks Lopa’s sister what is reason behind Bani and Lopa’s friendship? all laugh, she says they got attention. Raghav says we all are happy that Priyanka is evicted, Lopa’s sister says we got christmas gift. Raghav says i thought Lopa and Gaurav would be friends but Bani factor played on Gaurav’s mind. Salman asks Manver’s father about Manu, father says i just asked him to be careful,, brother says he said to Manveer that he came to our house and people are talking about him but he didnt come to our house, he lied. Raghav says i agree with them, Manveer is my favorite contestant, he is consistent and play with heart but he has to use mind, Salman says then he wont be different from others. Salman hugs and thanks them for coming, they leave.

Salman says lets see what happened after Sona and Manish left house.

In Bigg Boss house:
Manu says to Niti and Manveer that i didnt make you feel that i am not your friend? Niti says you think i would make friends to use them? i made friends after so much time, Manu says if my plan was to make Manver away from you then i would have done it but we accept it, dont react now, Niti says i just wanted to clarify, Manu says i dont talk behind backs, clip ends.

Salman connects call to house. Salman says to inmates that i met your family members. Salman says Swami you didnt tell me you have 15kids? Swami says i have crores kids, Salman says are you going to have family? Swami says i will think as you asked.
Salman connects call to caller of week Rajiv. Rajiv says to Salman that my family is your fan. Rajiv says to Bani that in hostel task, Priyanka and Swami said ill words and whole house went against them but that time Gaurav and you were playing crosses on eggs like you dont care about anyone in house, Bani says its complicated in house, its big deal to take stand and for whom, most people were shouting and i didnt want to stand there, i would have stopped them from fighting, Rajiv says they will like if you take stand, you were talking and gossiping about Lopa to Priyanka after she said such words to Lopa, you told Priyanka that you wouldnt have allowed Lopa to touch her kids after that, it doesnt look good, Bani says my opinion was that if fight was so nasty then after half an hour you become civilized infrornt of family. Salman says fight was between Priyanka and Lopa but kids had nothing to do with so Lopa went to kids and didnt want to upset kids, Lopa says correct, Bani says i said if i was in Priyanka’s place, i wouldnt be able to do what she did, call ends.
Salman says to inmates that three people are nominated, he says to Mona that dont ask things so desperately that people make you cry for it, MONA YOU ARE SAFE. Salman says now its Gaurav and Bani nominated, i think their friendship is ending now, this is damn tough, Bani says i am coming out. Salman says BANI YOU ARE SAFE so GAURAV IS SAFE TOO, all clap. Bani makes him sit down. Salman says the one who shouldnt be evicted got evicted. Salman says Mona, Bani and Gaurav are still nominated for next week, Salman says e is Sulta, Salman laughs. Salman says Bani and Lopa could meet their families because you both nominated yourself so bigg boss being big hearted have canceled it and you both are not nominated and this is all Swami’s doing, he traveled in Bigg boss’s heart, Manu says i also feel its Swami’s doing, i didnt expect this from Bigg boss, all laugh. Salman says have great time, he ends call. Salman signs off from show.

PRECAP- Bani and Gaurav are in confession room. Bigg boss says you both will be going live where audience will ask questions from you. Niti reads task to inmates that Bani and Gaurav will be asked questions but not from audience but from inmates, this is your chance and will secret task, you have to keep it hidden from Bani and Gaurav. Manveer asks question from Bani that Bani saw nasty fight between Lopa and Priyanka kept silent and didnt protest. Bani says nobody cant make Priyanka silent, its good to not coax her, Lopa says imagine if she said those to you then i would have seen how much you ignored her. Gaurav says let low people talk, its useless to stoop to their level and go in unnecessary fights, inmates laugh, Lopa says i will see if he will remain silent if it was said for his sister, be a man enough dude. Gaurav says Mona likes me and gets disappointed if i dont protect her, Mona says i dont say it for myself only, i say it because you are man of house and should take stand for everyone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. W R’s DA update?????

  2. Prettypreeti

    Hey how’s ever1.atibha di upload the epi.kitna jhakhas that.

  3. Prettypreeti

    Happy bday salman siand manu

  4. I didn’t get the written update of bigg boss 10 26th dec and so I am commenting here.

    Before today’s episode, I liked the way rohan played his game.i supported him along with gaurav and manveer and bani. But today he had made me disappointed. I have never expected that he will play a double faced game. Behind bani and gaurav, he made fun of them, and supported other inmates and infront of them he tried to be supportive to bani and gaurav. Today he really made us know that he is really playing game but in a sweet way so that no one could blame him.
    Moreover I may add that, in the first few weeks I really supported lopa as well, because she took the right stand and continued task. But now she seemed like only interested in gossiping and making gaurav and bani look bad.she let go no chance to spare them from being blamed. That day she told that priyanka’s children should not be bought in between tiffs of them that was going on, as they are not part of it,and I agree with her, but today she bought gaurav’s sister in the issue of lopa and priyanka tiff, when gaurav was in confession room. However she is not part of game also.
    From this week,Mona seems like to become like lopa. She always tries to repeat the same thing as lopa does. When lopa had a conversation with gaurav at night about taking stand, Mona too had started in between without any logical approach but repeating the same syllables again as lopa did. She actually never had her own point of view she just plays behind someone. Let it be manu or someone else.
    Manveer is really impressive. The way he asked questions to gaurav and bani with logic was good. He also took stand against nitibah while showing shoe to someone, on national tv. The way he is playing is preeti appreciative.
    Nitibah is really getting irritable day by day. Still she is getting saved whereas rahul was made out even though getting vote.
    Liked Manveer ,gaurav and bani but the selfish attitude she had,really looks very bad. Hope she learns to share getting the the band from sona and continues tasks, otherwise she is smart player.

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