Bigg Boss 10 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 38
Rohan is sleeping in garden. Lopa comes there and wakes up Rohan, he asks why you are coming again and again? she says i brought blanket for you, she covers him with blanket, he thanks her. Rohan sits up, she says i am not getting sleep. Rohan says you think that anyone can open this safe with all these ropes i have tied around it? Lopa says i can open it if you sleep, Rohan says i am owner and i wont let anyone take gold. Lopa shows him that she can open it easily by pulling ropes. Rohan says dont do it, Rohan says you are scaring me in sleep, you cant do it, what are you trying to do? Rohan stands beside safe and says you wont get anything. Manu comes out of washroom and asks what happened? Lopa and Rohan are both around Safe, Lopa says he is no friend. Lopa tries to move Rohan away from safe, he says dont push. Manu asks Lopa if he should call people? Lopa laughs and says call whole village, Rohan says Manu you wont gain anything by stealing but Lopa will gain, she wont get anything, Lopa helplessly looks at Manu, he leaves. Rohan says to Lopa that you are clever, she says its not betraying, Lopa is tying Rohan around safe, Rohan is hugging safe and says you are not right thing, will you like if i tie you like this? you are not looking good, Lopa says i am finding it right, Rohan says i will do what you are doing then, he tries to free himself from ropes and says i am asking you gently to not tie me, Lopa says you are not listening to me so i dont have any option. Lopa tries to tie him, Rohan says you are not listening to me, you are forcing yourself, i am getting hurt, Lopa says you know what, i can stoop low, Rohan says you already have by doing all this, Lopa says i was doing it for fun, she frees him from ropes and says good night, she leaves, Rohan says sweet dreams Lopa.

Lopa says in camera that i cant do this task alone, i cant steal but still i tried and Manu is not participating, its team task but he is not trying, i tried to tie Rohan with ropes, Manu saw it but he didnt come to help me, if you can give me some lenient way, or any parallel task then it will be good, Rohan already had doubt on me and i am doing this task alone and Rohan is sleeping outside where he cant sleep because of cold but Manu and i tried.

Day 39
Having protected his gold throughout the night, Rohan and the housemates wake up to Chandi Ki Daal Par. Rohan tells Bani that Lopa had task, she kept coming here whole night but i didnt let her do anything. Rohan comes to Lopa and dances with her, Lopa dances infront of him, she asks if i am irritating you? i can do it, he says you can.

Lopa says to Manu that i tied Rohan with ropes and if someone helped me then i would have won. Manveer says you tied him? Manu says its not possible that you can tie Rohan, Lopa says you think i am lying? Manu says it was going on because of your friendship with Rohan. Lopa says forcing on Rohan is not task but i held Rohan’s hands and hinted Manu to come and get gold but he left from there.

Manveer says to Niti that we could have hide gold while finding in mine. Niti says we have to do something today. Manveer says Manu keeps talking but he doesnt do anything when time comes.
Swami says to Lopa that there is a lot gold outside, you can keep it with you. Lopa says i cant give him sleeping pills, Swami says but you can hide gold.

While making breakfast, Bani taunts Mona asking her to keep the utensils clean. Mona gets annoyed with Bani for repeatedly talking about the same thing, she says this is overreacting, Justifying herself, Bani tells Mona to not take it personally because she only hopes for a little cleanliness in the kitchen, i am making breakfast so i want it clean, Mona says why react this much? Bani says to Gaurav that this is stupid bullshit, they are **********, nobody appreciate me cooking breakfast. She asks Mona to not take it personally,

Mona says to Gaurav that why Bani talks rudely? Gaurav says its her nature, Mona says even we can do acting and talk rudely but we are talking nicely, Manu says she keeps blabbering anything she wants. Gaurav asks who wants breakfast? Manu says i wont touch breakfast cooked by Bani.
Bani says to Rohan that kitchen was so unclean when i woke up, i want everyone to wash their utensils. Lopa taunts her by asking her to practice what she preaches, Bani asks anything else? Lopa says thats it, Bani says i am walking away then, Lopa says as if i care, Bani says to Rohan to not talk about her behind her back, Lopa says Swami washed utensils used by you, Bani says eat first then talk to me, Lopa says you are making me talk when there is food in my mouth, Bani says i am illmannered, Lopa says i am not interested in arguing, Bani says it will amazing to meet you Lopa outside house, i will teach her in public place, Lopa says it will more amazing for me, Bani says i dont talk when dogs bark.
Bani comes to Gaurav and asks if she has to make more breakfast. Gaurav says me, Rahul and you are remaining. Swami says i didnt eat breakfast too. Gaurav says you are weird, i asked everyone if they ate or not, Manu said he ate, Manu says i said i wont eat, Gaurav says same thing, Manu says its different. Gaurav asks Swami if he wants breakfast? Swami says yes.
Lopa says to Rohan that she cooks up fights, idiot, from where did they bring this cartoon? Manu comes to Rohan and says i am not saying particularly, when we fight, we curse people and say abuses and we are blamed for that. Lopa says she was abusing Mona so much, Manu says not Mona, if she was abusing Mona then i would have punched her, she was abusing whole house. Manu says to Rohan that i cant stand this much wrong, i wont do any household work, i will do my work separately, Bani was complaining that she is making breakfast alone, Mona asked her to talk to captain, but she said captain is sitting on his seat calmly, tell her to separate her utensils if she has so much problems.
Bani says to Gaurav that i was not personally attacking anyone, i wanted people to help to cook.
Manu says to Rohan that separate everything for Bani, she should know how much food she is eating. Rohan says i know she has problem. Lopa gets into a brawl with Rohan saying that he is not strict with Bani when it comes to housework. Rohan, in turn, reminds her that she cannot dictate what he should or should not do, Lopa says dont talk to me in this tone, Rohan says see your way of speaking. Bani and Gaurav sees them from far, Bani says they cant be talking about food.

Bigg boss says to inmates that soon alarm will start and gold mine task will start.
Manveer asks Swami what car he has? Swami says i walk. Rohan says you told me you had big car, Swami says i have all cars but i dont want to tell Manveer, Rohan says you have Ferrari? Swami says yes, but i am not here to tell about my cars, Rohan says you are lying, Swami says i am beggar, i dont want to talk, i have throat infection, Rohan says it should remain till end, atleast there will be peace in house, Rohan asks him to take medicine.
Buzzer plays, Manveer and Niti starts finding gold in mine, Niti hides gold in her mic pouch.

Rahul says to Rohan that nobody has got secret task, i can tell you that. Niti is hiding gold in her sipper. Manveer asks if there is water in sipper? she says it has, Rohan wont doubt it.

Swami says to Manu that they cooked food for me but snatched it from me, Manu says they can do anything. Swami says i didnt get any household work so they blamed me that i didnt do any work, Manu says why you wont do any work? Swami says they didnt ask me for work, Manu says your team is assigned, i they are working then you work with them too. Swami says i am not in Gaurav’s team. Swami i have kitchen duty but they didnt tell me to do that work, i would have done it. Gaurav says i told you many times to do your work, you do so much drama, i dont like to fight thats why i dont say anything. Swami says you have star image so you care about it. Gaurav says you have kitchen duty so why dont you come yourself when we start making breakfast? Swami says how would i know? Gaurav yells if he doesnt have eyes to see they are cooking? didnt you see Bani was working alone, Swami says i didnt know she was working, she didnt call me, Gaurav says bigg boss would send you invitation to work? Swami says i was with Rohan. Lopa serves food to Swami.

Swami says to Bani that i dont like to listen curses, you cursed Mona, Bani says when did i curse Mona? Swami says you cursed whole house, you swore to everyone. Bani says so it became true? i think you have confusion with curses, Swami says you said such dirty words, Bani says you are in your little world and just live there, your have small mind, world is wide and you have no idea of people’s experience, you have such judgemental thinking that people wont like to listen to you, she folds her hands and says do you know meaning of this? Gaurav asks Bani to leave it. Swami says all are criticizing you in house, Bani says do you think i care? Swami says but your fans will be affected, Bani says i dont have fans, Swami says your fans are saving you. Bani says i dont like to listen rubbish things, she leaves from there and Gaurav following behind.

Swami says to Rahul that Lopa gave me food, Rohan says what is your problem Swami? why dont you work with your kitchen team? why cant you just wash some dishes? do something if you are in team, you just eat and sit, Swami says i will do work if my team member ask me to work, i am ill but still i was ready to work. Rahul says you are assigned work but you dont it. Gaurav comes there and says we tell you daily about work but why you dont come yourself and start working? Swami says i am sick since yesterday. Rohan says why you were not coming out of mine yesterday? i am owner but you are not listening to me, Swami says bigg boss is owner only. Manveer says Swami worked hard in mine, dont pick out at him for that, Rohan says Manveer dont interfere, Manveer says you took work from him and now scolding him, you were cheering for him. Rahul says Swami was dancing in morning and now you are sick suddenly? Swami says they snatched food from my plate, they didnt want me to have food. Gaurav says i told you that i will make another plate for you, was it snatching? you are weird man. Manveer asks if they didnt cook for him? Gaurav says no we didnt cook after breakfast shift ended, Swami says the were cooking till late, he is lying.
Rohan decides to ensure that nobody has stolen any gold by checking the contestants’ pockets, he asks Manu to search them, we will start with Swami, Rahul says start with me, Swami says Rahul will become captain. Swami says i didnt even go in mine till now that they are searching me, Manu searches Rahul. Swami says he wont be hiding in his pants, Rahul must have hidden in bed. Rahil says you ******, why would i steal? dont start talking rubbish, why would i steal gold? Swami says you didnt go to mine so i was just saying that you wont have in pant pockets, Rahul says so accuse Rohan, he started search not me, Sami says i was not saying to you, Rahul says dont talk rubbish, i will beat you, ******, Swami stands up and says beat me, hit me if you can. Lopa asks Rahul to back down, Gaurav brings Rahul away from Swami. Swami says hit me, hit me, you ******, Swami says kill me, murder me, Manveer takes Swami from there. Rahul says dont you dare say rubbish things, you are like jalabi but jalabi is dipped in sugar while you are dipped in potty. Swami says if you have guts then hit me, Rahul says i keep ignoring you but why he is accusing me of stealing gold? Swami says i was just saying that you didnt go to mine so you wont have gold in pockets, Rahul says you said that i have hidden in my bag, dont turn this around, Swami says everything is recorded, i talked in your favor, one man is snatching food, other is trying to kill me, Rahul says you are lying, Swami says i am biggest liar and devil, Rahul says you are jalebi dipped in shit, get lost. Rohan asks Swami that there is one gold bead in your pocket, give it, Swami says i found it from bedroom, i wont give it, Rohan says why not? Swami says i didnt get from mine, Rohan says you are looking wrong now, you were accusing Rahul of stealing and now doing this? Rahul laughs and says funny. Manu asks Swami to give it, Swami says i wont give it, Rohan says you are robber. Bani says he snatched gold, Swami says i didnt snatch it, you cursed everyone out so dont talk, you told Manu that he can say item to girl but you curse everyone out? Bani says i just said one curse and you keep saying rubbish whole day, Swami says bigg boss stop these curses, this is insult for you. Bani says right. Manver says to Niti hide test tubes of golds. Bani says to Swami that find in dictionary, it was not swear word, read its definition, give me hi-five, he says i dont want to touch your hand, Bani says exactly.

Swami comes to Rahul that i wont think against you. Rahul says i dont care what you think about me, it doesnt matter to me, think anything you want, Swami says i never did wrong with you, you did so much for me, you brought oats for me too, Rahul says you say so much rubbish things but i avoid it.
Rahul comes in bedroom and says what man is he? always fluctuating, now saying sorry.
Manu asks Swami if he went to sort things with Rahul? Swami says i just talked to him, Manu says you went to apologize again. Swami says i never apologize, Mona says you said sorry earlier, Swami says i didnt say sorry, Mona says you went to sort out with good intentions so its good, Manu says dont go to them, they will insult you, Swami says i insulted them too, Mona says he insults them too.

Rohan weighs gold and says i have 4350gms rightnow.

Bigg boss says to inmates that task Gold mine has ended. In task, Bigg Boss also reveals the secret task given to Lopa and Manu. Let alone completing secret task, they couldnt even keep it secret and told other inmates about secret task means they failed completely , otherside Rohan collected gold and succeed in task and ask winner, he is captain this week too. Lopa congratulates him. Rohan hugs Manu. Rahul says amazing.
Manu says to Lopa that till i read instructions about secret task, before that whole house knew about it, Lopa says i told you it was secret task but you told everyone, Manu says you didnt give me instruction book earlier, Lopa leaves. Manu says she is trying to befriend me now, she didnt give me instruction book. Rahul says to Manu that i didnt know about you being part of secret task. Manu says even Rohan didnt know about me being part of it, Rahul says welldone, Manu says when i got to know about, it was already late. Lopa says i told Manu that it was secret between us, but all got to know about stealing. Manu says nobody knew about me being part of it, Lopa says if Manu had come when i tied Rohan with ropes, Manu says it wouldnt be right thing to do, they are friends, they can tie each other, but if i had become part of it then it would be nasty, Rahul says hats off. Lopa says stealing is not clean work at all.

Manveer says to Niti that they could have stolen gold, Niti says it was not possible, Rohan was protecting it well.
Manu says to Mona that lopa told me about task when i was with other people, i didnt read instructions till later and told everyone about it.
Lopa says to Rahul that i feel like real thief, i didnt even steal.
Manu says to Rohan that Lopa never did robbery or anything like that so she was stuck with it, she was not normal and it was showing on her face, Rohan laughs.
Lopa says to Rahul that i had dilemma going on about task so it was showing on my face.
Gaurav says to inmates that Bigg boss chose best persons to do stealing,Manu says Lopa’s face was showing that she was given task. Bani says this task would have happened easily. Manu says she told me that she tied Rohan and said i should have snatched safe from Rohan.

Swami says to Manu that they are thinking about sending you to jail, we will be against it, Manveer says when they do it then we will make issue, Niti says yes, we will make issue if he puts someone from our side to jail. Manu says if he gives it to me then i will accept punishment, Swami says you go to jail but Mona cries, Mona laughs at it, Manveer says this swami is weird.

Bani is in luggage room, she is watching picture of someone, she hides it from camera and looks at it and cries hiding it in hoodie, its picture of some guy and girl. She weeps seeing it, she kisses photo and puts it back in luggage. She is weeping.

Gaurav comes to Bani and asks if she cooked food for us? she says yes, he asks when will you eat? she says i already ate, Gaurav asks if she will eat again? she says i will eat in a bit, Gaurav asks what is cooked? she says rice, pulse, spinach, potatoes, if you dont like my cooked food then you can eat their food.

Gaurav and Rahul sees Bani sadly looking at sky in garden. Gaurav says to Rahul that i kept telling since morning that words are words, you say them in reaction, if someone is not saying them then you are reacting. Bani weeps silently. Gaurav says to Rahul that she walks off when you about touchy subjects, Rahul says she has ego, she is touchy and has ego too.
Bani says to herself that someone told me that bigg boss house would keep shrinking and we are at half way point but i dont feel its shrinking, when you see someone crying, dont tell them to not cry, let them cry, its healthy to cry and dont tell to calm down, you can cry and yell. I wanted to play this game till i enjoyed and i didnt enjoy today at all. Gaurav comes there and says lets go, we will eat, she says go and eat, he says come and eat together, she says i will come later, i dont want to be around people, Gaurav leaves. Bani says to herself that its tiring being misunderstood. She gets up and leaves.

PRECAP- Bigg boss has made Swami, Niti, Lopa and Mona as puppets of Rohan. Big boss asks to open first drawer, they opens it and playcard shows stretcher, Bigg boss says the one who will get this punishment, will remain seated on stretcher till next orders from bigg boss, Rohan gives stretcher punishment to Swami, Swami says i made him captain but he is giving me punishment, you shameless, Rohan says you are robber. Swami says your DNA is dirty s cant expect anything from you, Rohan says stop saying rubbish now. Swami says what kind of father he has that has given him such upbringing, Rohan doesnt answer him. Gaurav says dont talk about someone’s family like that Swami, Swami says i will speak, Manveer says dont say Swami, Swami says Rohan die. Swami sits on stretcher.
Swami says just Bigg boss give me order that i am free and can be myself then you will see scene. Gaurav shouts that you backbite about people, Swami says its your work not mine, Rohan says Swami has gone mad, Swami says yes i am mad, Rohan says you are doing all this and want me to respect you? you are a thief, Swami says i dont steal, i snatch.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. seriously ……bani is a piece of shit …first abuse everyone than play victim card …..threatening lopa ….she is swami no 2 ‘ bani swami’
    behaving like mandana…..even mandana is better than her.
    swami is chutiya….He is doing anything that comes to his mind ..
    Gaurav is a official puppet of bani …he looked like a strong player in first week but now behaving like a puppy of bani….
    Rohan is now playing good …
    Lopa and manu should not blame each other its a team fault as they failed as a team….
    manveer is playing good…too .

    M2 boys and lopa rocks as always…..

  2. Hi simran swastika simple ishaan aakashi and all bb fans i am laughing after read of ishaan comment hahahahaha

    1. hlo kp, how r u

    2. Am fine simran and hope you also fine

    3. Hi kp me too laghing afrer reading ishan comment blind fan of m 2 boys and lopa

    4. Hi kp . I couldn’t reply because i am busy with my studies

  3. hey frends how r u all
    coming to the episode it was good and contestants they are doing their best sayyad
    -yesterday when bani cried i really feel bad for her. she is one of the strong contestants and woh rooh rahi hai toh bura laga. but one thing she said right “koi nahi aane wala samjhane wala rona hai toh rooh it is good for health.” many of the people hate because of her attitude and ego but one thing of her i really like and that is joh baat hai face pe boll deti hai backbite nahi karti
    -rohan is playing good hats off how he guard his wealth in night
    -rahul jagg gaya hai swami om ki bolti band karr di hahaha
    -gaurav is nice but bani ki peeche peeche chalna not good he must play his own game individually but must keep frienship and must support each other
    -lopa playing nice ussne kal ke task mei apna best diya tha manu ke wajah se harr gayi
    -niti arre yaar footage ke liye kya kya karna partha hai ladd rahi hai swami om ke saath
    -mona abb bhi dumb hai pura ke pura lekin kya pata game khel rahi ho woh bhi
    -manveer manu ka chamcha abb toh apna game khelo
    -manu yaar koi isko secret ka meaning bata do sab ko bata diya hame task mila hai chori karna hai hahaha. koi effort nahi lagaya issne . lagayega bhi toh kaise backbiting se time hi nahi milta hai
    -swami om isko kya bolna nikalo ghar se . kitna ghatiya aadmi hai sab ke saamne jhoot bolta hai gali deta hai ghandi . kaha se utha ke laaye biggboss wale. sabko murderer bana diya issne dhoongi kahi ka. koun log honge iske followers

    iss week elimination hoga ya nahi koi plzz bata do
    jagga daku is returning this week

  4. Bani stay strong..go u..♥
    manu n lopa juz jealous f lwayz taunting n barking against u…evn rohan rahul lso going gud..gaurav dint seen mch in ths week as hez nt well..

  5. mannu has no fault on destroying the secret task, since he was not given complete information about secret task by lopa, he was only told to steal the gold so he discussed it with manveer and others.
    lopa should not have forcefully tried to snatch the gold since she was clearly said to steal gold. babaji ko apni taraf aati hui aandhi kabhi nahi dikhti..

  6. Niti and rahul r useless in this show, so they should be evicted first. Bani is ill behaved day by day, she use the dog word in her every abuse, every time she looks eating something so what she cook for others. Till my favourite is m3.

  7. Secret means secret you don’t have to share with any one. Etna to so called “intelligence” Manu pechle kaiye bb episode Mai dekha hi Hoga… Iss Mai kya rule book padhne thi.. Wo sirf apne chaamchoo ke sath hi khel sakta Hai.. Aur Wo bhi sirf faltu ki fights

  8. bani's supporter

    Be strong bani…..

  9. What the hell is going on ?? y bb bringing prianka back . They can’t find any commoner from all India . It’s really really unfair with other contestants who r voted out . She was voted out y reentry of her then bring back others too. ?? really disappointed all votes going waste

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