Bigg Boss 10 24th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 24th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 100
Inmates wake up to the song Daawat-E-Ishq, they dance.

Manu says to himself that i dont want to go from here, where will go leaving these walls? we have started loving these walls, he is making tea while getting a bit emotional thinking about how he is going to miss staying in the Bigg Boss after the finale and express it through a monologue. Manu says i will miss everyone, God bless you guys.

Manveer says to Manu and Bani that i will shift to house, Bani says no one will give you roles seeing your faces, Manu says they will take us after listening our high pitch voice, i want to be near big stars, Bani says i will ask some people, if you both go to Gauhar, she will be your landlord but if Niti calls me first then i will give flat to her.

Bani reads that Bigg boss have arranged extravagant dinner for them but before that they have to do a task. Bigg Boss introduces the BB Dhaba task wherein the housemates are divided into two teams- Lopa- Rohan and Manu-Bani and have to cook some delicious food in the given time frame. Manveer is chosen to be the sanchalak(referee/judge) and owner of the dhaba who will get food orders from Bigg Boss and ensure that both the teams prepare it in the given time limit.
A dhaba-like set up is put up in the garden area comprising of a stove place which both the teams have to share to cook food. The housemates are asked to dress up like dhaba chefs with aprons and gamchas and pick up all the required ingredients from the store room every time they get an order, Lopa and Bani have only 3 minutes to pick up ingredients from the store room. After the task completion gong rings, both the teams have to get Manveer to taste their dishes and while he decides whether to accept or reject the dish. However, the final decision lies with Bigg Boss as Manveer will send most delicious dish to store room.

Manveer is in confession room. Bigg Boss tells Manveer that ask the contestants to prepare a Chinese food item in the span of 1 hour.
Manveer comes to inmates and says you have to prepare chinese dish, you will have three minutes to get ingredients, think what you both want to cook. Bani says to Manu that we can cook fried rice but it will take time to boil rice, we can make paneeer chili dry, we would need sauces.
Rohan says to lopa that we can make noodles, Lopa says we have only one stove.
Buzzer plays. Bani and Lopa hit the storeroom to get all the necessary ingredients and the responsibility is upon Bani and Lopa. Bani is quick enough to pick up all the sauces while Lopa struggles to get the right ingredients. They both take ingredients. Bani and Lopa bring ingredients in garden. Lopa says i didnt get chinese sauce because Bani took it, she requests Manu if he can give her sauce? Manu says i cant now, Bani says we took it first, Lopa says you people can share, Rohan says you people can take our things too. Manveer says do make one dish before time. Lopa starts cooking and says its burning, she says pan is not non-stick, she burns all cheese, Manveer says you are giving very good message.

Manveer says i am hungry now. Bani is cooking. Lopa is working on her stove. Manu says you guys have so many items, Lopa says but we dont have chinese items. Rohan says put all items we have, Lopa says we will make something out it, dont make me panic. Lopa cooks some chinese dish. Rohan says dont put burnt cheese in bowl, Lopa says they are not burnt, they are fried, Rohan says oh fried.
First buzzer rings, both the teams display their food items in a serving bowl and put it in front of Manveer for assessment. Manveer asks Lopa what she made? she says chili paneer, Bani says i have made spicy paneer spring onion sauce. Manveer tastes Lopa’s dish and says its not cooked fully. Manveer says Bani’s presentation is good too. Manveer tastes Bani’s food, he says Bani’s dish tastes very nice, Lopa’s dish is burnt and half cooked. Manveer declares Manu and Bani as the winners and keeps their dish in the confession room for Bigg Boss’s evaluation. Bigg boss asks if its tasty? Manveer says they did well in less time.

Manveer is in confession room. Bigg boss says we liked dish you presented. Bigg boss asks both the teams to prepare an Italian dish in the span of 1 hour.
Bani and Lopa rush inside the store room to get the ingredients and once again Lopa loses out on picking the pasta packets as all of them go in Bani’s kitty. They both take ingredients they got. Lopa says she took all pastas. Manveer says you didnt pick important ingredient, Lopa says you dont understand Manveer. Bani says Lopa took all bottles, Lopa says i am ready to give vinegar but she wont share pasta. Bani says i have only hand so i took what i could get. Lopa says i will take gas lighter now, i wont give it. Manveer says to Lopa that you are at mistake, you took all sauces but didnt take past. Lopa says i wont cook without pasta, i am ready to share but she is not ready to share, Manu says this is not about sharing. Rohan takes gas lighter from her and gives it to Manu to fire his stove. Lopa says i am not playing this game now, Bani says she is snatching stuff, Rohan says i wont say anything. Lopa says i am just saying to share, Bigg boss is not giving enough ingredients, he gave only one packet of pasta, Rohan says its her strategy that Bani took pasta first, there is no need to fight on it now, Manveer says you both are not playing nicely, Rohan says why you are distracting us? i am trying to make her understand, Manveer says i am her owner, i am asking you both to work, Lopa says Manveer you are not allowing us to talk, Rohan says why you are interrupting us? Manveer shouts to not yell at me, you people keep whining about ingredients, make dish from ingredients you picked, Lopa says i just asked if they will share or not.

Rohan asks Lopa to do something that we will win. he says there are not only pastas in Italian, we can make prawns and all. Lopa says i will present itialiano, Manveer says and make my stomach upset.

Bani does dressing of her dish. Buzzer plays. Bani says to Manveer that we have made pasta in tomato sause. Lopa says i have made prawns with broccoli with rice. Manver says team Lopa have more good presentation than Bani. Manveer tastes both dishes, Manveer says Bani’s dish is very taste, Lopa’s dish is sour, i dont know much about italian taste but Bani’s dish is more tasty.
Manveer brings Bani’s dish in confession room.

Bigg boss says to Manveer that dish you presented was nice and next order is sweetdish.
Buzzer rings. Lopa and Bani comes in store room and starts picking ingredients, Bani says she is putting her ass in my face. Lopa says Bani got sugar packet and it was only one.

Lopa is making chocolate sweet dish, Lopa says i am making chocolate dry-fruit halwa. Lopa says these kind of dishes are made once in life only, Manveer says and they are buried here only.

Lopa does dressing of her dish with chocolate syrup. Rohan says we have invented this dish.
Buzzer plays. Rohan presents dark chocolate halwa. Bani has made kheer. Manveer tastes Lopa’s chocolate halwa and says this is poison, i will give it to Bigg boss, Lopa says dont say like this, Manveer says this is great, it will be out of world, they have killed chocolate. Manveer tastes kheer and says Bani’s team has won. Bani dances. Manveer asks Lopa to take things lightly, Lopa says dont call my dish poison, Manveer says i am stuck between educated people. Rohan says kheer is better, its okay. Manveer leaves. Lopa says to Rohan that my dish was not that bad, he is calling it poison.
Manu says to Manveer and Bani that Lopa and Rohan wont eat halwa which they cooked. Manveer says they dont do anything but sit on bed whole day and crib. Bigg boss says their third order was successful too and task is finished.

Bigg boss says to inmates that we praise you all for taking part and working hard in cooking task and to celebrate their 100days stay in house, youngest chef Zorawar Kalra. Zorawar enters house and hugs everyone. Manveer says we have cooked a lot for you. Zorawar says you guys are like stars. Zorawar says to Manveer that you are great but we need your beard again. He says my two assistant chefs are coming to celebrate the contestants’ victory and to cook a scrumptious meal for them.

Zorawar’s chefs are cooking in kitchen. Zorawar says for Bani, i have asked them to cook egg dish, i have something special for you all, Lopa says you know about us, tell me about me, Zorawar says people used to like your food, manu says not anymore, Manu says Rohan has become ill eating her food, Lopa laughs and says nothing like that. Zorawar says they are cooking daal zhawal with one bite. Zorawar says you people are physically strong, Guarav was classmate, Bani asks if Gaurav is really like that? Zorawar says Gaurav is like that in real life too. Zorawar tells them about pickle pulse rice mix. Inmates taste it. Manu praise chefs, Manveer says they are great. Manu asks about ingredients chefs are using.

Along with his assistant chefs, he prepares Indian fusion food giving a twist to every food item. From Kababs, to daal chawal starters to twister jalebis, the housemates gorge on some delicious food and profusely thank Zorawar for making their Bigg Boss milestone a special one. Chefs present them meat they cooked for more than 8hours.

Inmates are enjoying food. Zorawar praise his chefs. Bigg boss says i hope inmates are full after eating this food, he thanks Zorawar for coming in house. Zorawar hugs everyone, wishes them luck, he says you guys are all winner, Zorawar leaves house with his team.

Manveer asks Bani about some dog getting some special item of cooking, Bani says some dogs are trained to sniff those items, that item is around Rs 24000/kg, Manu says its more than our rates. Manveer says to Manu that my poop would be so good in morning, dont know what we ate today, Manu laughs and jokes.

PRECAP- There will be festival in house. Mandana Karimi comes in house. There is wet sponge throwing game in house. Manu places his face on board, Manveer hits it with sponge, all laugh. Next Lopa places her face on board, Bani hits it with sponge. Mandana says to Lopa that you maybe Miss India but you are behaving like a little girl who is always nagging, what you said about Bigg boss was not correct, you can spit in plate you are eating, you are in Bigg boss because of Bigg boss, Lopa says i respect Bigg boss. Mandana says i dont think so, you are looking like Om and Priyanka. Later Lopa says Mandana’s favorite is Bani but i am not here to please anyone. Lopa gets gloomy and says its humiliating, she cries and says i dont want to live here till finale, Bigg boss i beg you to just let me go, i just wanna go man, she cries, Bani and all are sitting with her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. The most striking thing about the episode was when Manveer was having a conversation with the chefs while having his meal, while all the other inmates were busy with Zorawar in the garden area.

    1. Yeaahh… Even I too noticed that moment. Manveer is very down to earth, n when he told Lopa that her dish was poison, I m sure he didn’t mean it. Lopa felt bad, sorry for that. At this moment, Manveer has already become the winner by winning hearts… U rock man!

  2. hrithik ka Fan

    hi friends. …how r u all…kabiil Is releasing tomorrow …do watch it. ..looking a good movie. ..

    …coming back to bb house. ..lopa..lopa….aaa big boss bani is not giving me sauce. …big boss bani is not giving me pasta…..big boss bani is not giving me sugar……in the end. ..big boss bani is not giving me bb trophy.… insecure she is omg. …lopa has been exposed badly in the past three weeks and tomorrow mandana will show lopa her true “aukat “. ….btw why flopa is so proudy she didn’t win any beauty contest she was 2nd or 3rd runner up……but she is a sore looser always blame others for her failure. ….and rohan is spoiling his game by following her….he is a nice guy but with the wrong person…nevertheless tomorrow mandy will tear apart flopa so tomorrow is a must watch…

    …last thing rohan is actually 28 years old and I couldn’t believe that he looks like a 19 year kid…..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Finally u r back btw belated happy birthday ? I wanted to wish yesterday but U were not there that’s why.
      Since I have a 4 days holiday this week I can watch both the movies, I will watch both as I m big fan of srk and I like kaabil songs too. And I m loving hrithik in kaabil he is looking so cute in the trailer. I also think kaabil will be good and raees too.
      Yes Rohan is 28 yrs old this is true even I couldn’t believe it initially and he is elder then Lopa also ?

    2. hrithik ka Fan

      hi fatrajoo. r u ….and a big big thanks. ..and ya do watch kabiil….Thanks again

    3. Oh double j bhai how are you? I missed your comment a lot and a belated happy also from my side am busy with study thats why i couldn’t wish you that day and how was the party? And bhai i like srk v much but i will see kaabil also with raees

    4. Prettypreeti

      Yup..i will watch pakka..
      Happy belated birthday….
      Mere bhai ka bday tha kal,
      Bani ne bnayi thi keer bhai ke liye dhalkr jal…….

    5. hrithik ka Fan

      Haha Thanku very very much prettypreeti … means a lot to me and ya bani made khir for her biggest fan haha….

    6. That’s true hrithik ka fan that rohan is spoiling his game bcoz of lop mudra. Basically lopa and baani , both are not deserving candidate for big boss trophy. This is what i feel. Also, this guys are always trying to insult each other by all means.

  3. Wht happen to Lopa yaar. Why she is losing her patient WO Bhi at this tym .jaha lopa rohan ko kehti thi calm down ab Rohan usye kehraha hai .and miss mandana karimi who the hell are u to comment on lopa like this.didn’t she see news chnl where swami om doing all the drama and priyanka jagga ooo god she is comparing lopa with these cheep guys .just bcoz she like bani.
    Thank god today bani have complete the task

  4. Aarti32

    Yippieeeeeeeeeeeee!! Nitibha will come!! Wow!! I’m so so so so sooooooooooooooooooooo happy..?? finally, I’ll get to see Maniti once again..Yayyyy!!

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Ya IKR MaNiti r so cute and I also read that Gaurav is also coming

    2. Prettypreeti

      MaNiti rockz

  5. Now its clear that bb wants bani, manveer and manu in the top three…. Thats why everyone who comes on the show badmouths about lopa…. Farah said the same thing and now mandana….. I supported mandana in last season and was devastated by the finale results but now i’m glad that she didnt win….
    This is finale week so why makers gives script to guests to badmouth about certain contestants specially lopa???? This is not fair..
    Manu and manveer are bootlicking bani so that they’ll also get some attention and votes from bani fans…..
    Manu very well knows that he is less popular than lopa thats why he always says bad about her…. He said there’s no difference between lopa and swami so that viewers wont vote her and he will be in top three….. And guess what, bb is also supporting him thats why they gave such script to mandana to make lopa look bad…
    Manveer… Even though the sweet dish by lopa and rohan was bad,( obiously without sugar, they cant make a sweet dish) , why say that it is like poison???? The dish’s presentation was very good and was looking very tasty…. Atleast he should have supported them by saying without sugar you guys managed to do this much which is comendable…. He should have supported their efforts… This bani manvr and manu trio are leaving no stones upturned to badmouth lopa and demotivate rohan.

    1. Den in dt case salman is being given d script evry week to support

    2. Lopa flopa bn gyi….now her real side is being shwn…evrytym if sm1 says sumthng den she wanna leave d shw…while dis happened throughout d seaon wid bani…wt wen flopa compared bani with om swami lol…its karma(nayay ki devi) wat goes around cums around as she shud realize hw it feels..!!

    3. Lopa is actually bad…!!!just fakes humanity… can’t u see

    4. Sarayumane

      I totally agree with you

  6. This lopa is really no less than om nd priyanka……as t days r passing shez degrading more n more …..during t initial days she was gd but nowadays……. Her true clrs r coming out…..
    It seems like rohan has forgotten that he is there to play a game n not for bng caretaker of lopa mudra raut….
    Luv u bani….
    Anyways precap looks v exciting….

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      hi st. …everyone is same from the beginning.’s just that they are less in no…and their real personalities are coming out….lopa is like this only…proudy …now she is exposed and that is visible. ..

  7. Vote for bani❤As the days r passing lopa mudra start getting more insecure from bani..bechaari.?

  8. Manveer Gurjar

    Yeh flopa ko kya ho raha hai sanam…
    Day by day insecure ho raha hai sanam..
    Par is natak ki koi use nahin..
    Kyun ki !
    Nation knows tum utter flopa hai
    Yeh flopa ko kya ho raha hai sanam…

    1. Haha, awesome yaar..
      Bahut badiya..
      I too was laughing at the way flopa was behaving.. Eeeeew, he broke my toy, he took my sketch pencil vagera..
      Par aap ne, FLOPA kids oh my mata kardiya

  9. I love Bani but a game is a game, she only did something good in the cooking task of today, where she was smart and cunning too – lets give it to her. Other than that she has been crying, quitting or abusing. However, she has a big fan following. It should not just be fans voting big boss should have a team secret judging on their daily performance like any other reality show. Lopa is getting frustrated and loosing her cool. Manu is manipulative – Manveer and Rohan are sensible.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Agreed with u ???

    2. A show like Bigg Boss can’t have judges. On what basis will the contestants will be judged by the judges???? In a dance or singing competition, contestants are judged on who is more perfect technically and is more versatile. But what are contestants actually supposed to do in Bigg Boss house??? They are supposed to play a game but there are no rules on how the game should be played. All contestants have different strategies and qualities due to which different types of people like them. So in the end, the contestant who gains the maximum fans through whatever reason, is the deserving winner. Votes are the only proper criteria atleast in a show like Bigg Boss.

  10. big boss jhuta show shoe ? lyk tera show

    1.Manver Ko sanchalk bnaya kya khak lopa vijeta hogi task ki
    2.Ye manver dehati gawar Ko kya malum Italian kya hota ha
    3.Ghtya log apni aukat dkhadi shuru se tune big boss
    Ab kis kis had tk gir sakta ha Wo Btarha ha tu
    4.Ghtya gundo Ko winer banega
    Seasn 9 ki gundi Ko bhej Kr tu batega k kon kitne pani me ha
    Mandana ghtya aurt jsi tu khud thi wese ghtya contstnt Ko tu suport Kr rhi ha
    5.Apne seasn ki ghtya gundi
    Tu thi apne seasn ki ghtya om 0r jaga 0r tu bategi k kon kya ha ghtya gundi madna
    6. 0r manver apne apko kya India wala India wala bolta ha srf tu he Indian ha baki Sb kya kisi 0r dunya se ayen hn Sb celebs bh Indian hn
    Srf apne apko Indian na keh smj ai vote Lene k lye apni aukat dkha rha ha tu comonr ki tarh aya ha bs 0r ye bh batadu k comonr bhi teri tarha gunda mawali nhi hote
    Indian Teri ya bani Manu mandana ki Tarh gunda nhi hote
    Indian rohan lopa ki trah clean heart wale hote hn dosru ki bate sehan krte hn 0r akele ladte hn
    7.Tm sbne milkr ghtypnti ki had krdi
    Zulmo sitm k pahad tod dye in dono pr lekn in dono Ne itna sehan Kia jo sehan krne ki tmhari aukat nhi

    8.Gidr jhund me ate hn bikhari big boss
    Mandna fara karan ‘hakline hakli jackline’ 0r 4th bikhari ka nam yad nhi viacom 18 0r rajnayk k bikhari jhund me aye lekn
    9.sher 0r sherni akele ladte hn ye sabit krdia rohan lopa ne rohan 0r lopa tm dono he asal vijeta ho dilo k vijeta
    Dilo Ko vijeta ropa
    V love ropa
    Badsha o badsha
    dilo k badsha ropa

    Dosti k ashik hn ropa
    Nafrat k katil hn ropa
    Sub k dilo me shamil hn ropa
    Badsha o badsha

  11. big boss jhuta show shoe ? lyk tera show

    10.Such sune ka dum nhi big boss tjh me gidr jhund me ate hn sabit krne ka dhanevad k tm Sb gidr bs ropa k dushmn bane ho
    11.0r ye Manu bani ko bolta backbitng krta k bani kuch krti nhi dayan ha bani sb ko ladwati ha 0r
    12. aj dono ghtya gunda Manu manver gundi bani ki tail bne hn m2b bane hn
    13.Kyn k Viacom k 4 bikhari 0r appy fizz callr scriptd bate bol gye
    In bikharyu k script pdhne se kuch nhi hota
    14. lekn dilo k ghaow koi nhi bhr skta jis pr guzrti ha Wo janta ha ropa stay strong.
    V r with u ropa.
    15.Is ghtya scriptd show k bahr zindgi ha
    Hm log apko boht pyar
    Krte hn
    16.Jis k pas Jo hota ha Wo wohi deskta ha
    Bezat log bezat show bezti he deskta ha
    Izzat Dar log izat dete hn.
    17.pese se tamez kharidi nhi jaskti
    Lopa Ka nam bigadne se
    Ap izat Dar nhi begert bnte ho
    Chahy apki kitni bh fan following ho
    Ap ki prvrish malum hoti ha

  12. big boss jhuta show shoe ? lyk tera show

    18.Bs 2 log lopa rohan ko targt Kia ha ghtya show ne.
    19.Tm logo ne sari apni 0r apne show ki izat miti me miladi ghtyapnti Kr kr k
    20.Kya level tha big boss ka
    Kis level tk gira dia

  13. lopa ek choti bachhi ke tarah act kar rahi hai…aur rohan ko immature kehti hai….she is blaming bigg boss for everything…..lopa ne kitna chocolate daala tha halwe mein…sugar widwa ho gayi

    and ya hkf bhai we will watch kaabil..and raees..btw aapka real name kya hai

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      hi aakashi88. real name is bharat sharma ..naam to suna hi hoga….lol…

    2. Nice name double j bhai

    3. Prettypreeti

      Bhaiya jj bhaiya happy belated birthday u didnt tell me…and bharat sharma and why jj???thinking..

  14. and big boss show shoe lyk tera show….pehle toh…manveer kya kisiko bhi nahi pata hoga ki italian khana kya hota hai so manveer ko toh gaali mat do…kyunki mein bhi gaali de sakti hoon aur aapse behtar de sakti hoon…so pls manveer ko toh gawwar mat kaho….aur parvarish pe pls for gods saie mat jao..yahan hum if opinion rakte hai…kisiki insult nahi karte hai

  15. What a PLAN BIGG BOSS to favour ur FIXEDTOP3 or i can say FIXEDWINNERBANIJ!!
    BB is trying evry other way to shw LOPA & ROHAN in badlight this final week.
    Dey r deliberately inviting guests like kjo farah & mandana to insult LOPA & to show BANI in good light!!
    Really u r crap guys!
    1 newcomer LOPA se itni fatt gayi ke aapki VIACOM wali ldki BANI khi haar na jaaye!
    wahh wahh!!
    But we will vote more 4 LOPA !!!

  16. Bani was never a friendly person from the very first day of the show. But Lopa could communicate better with everyone. At this stage, Lopa herself has let her down from the position what she made. Now Bani has become the more friendly one after Gaurav left. Problem : I m in dilemma whom to support. I loved Lopa, I hated Bani. Now : I like Lopa, I love Bani.

    That’s y I will vote for Manveer. He is the favourite. :p

  17. RANdomfANCreationz

    Areh yeh bigg boss hain ya masterchef hain ???? Vaise I love masterchef so I have no complains about today’s episode besides Lopa i liked everything in today’s episode I liked Lopa usually but why is she behaving so weirdly these days. And finally Bani won a task ???? chalo cooking in bb house helped her ?. And this Lopa really doesn’t know how to cook or what? And as usual my fav was Rohan. Rohan was trying to calm down Lopa and he completely understood the situation he didn’t blame anyone . And even M2 and Bani prefers Rohan over Lopa. Lopa seemed very hyper today (idk why she has so much problems with bani) i wonder what would have happened if it was bani-Lopa and Rohan-manu instead ? But Lopa tried her best though. I think Bani enjoyed the task a lot since she loves food. The funniest part was when Manveer trolled Lopa as Lopa said she maid Italiano and Manveer said only to make my stomach upset ?????????????. And Rohan is so sweet, when he said to Manveer, tumhe kheer zyaada achi lagi thik hain ?, and there are tasks which can also be fun without any jhagra , but if Lopa was a bit less nagging it would have been perfect episode. Areh I would have been happier if they called Vikas khanna or kunal instead of Zorawar ?.
    And i also read somewhere bb and masterchef India have the same makers, now I know why ?, btw both r my fav shows too ?
    Precap I won’t say anything as of now, because i don’t trust precaps ?, yesterday the way they show precap as if Manveer and Rohan will get into a serious fight but nothing like that happened ?

    1. Aarti32

      Exactly yaar, chef Vikas shud hv been called..He’s soo cute??

    2. Prettypreeti

      ???????????? vikas is my fav….

  18. good epi enjoyed it..well done bani manu..ysterday bcz of her overconfident & immaturity she lost the task..bani took all main ingredients in every round & lopa took unnecessary items & then blaming bb..nw itz look like top3 manveer bani & manu..

    precap looks intresting..actually first bb invited nitiba & gaurav..then bb changed gaurav nd invited mandana to add more masala in the house..why bb…?everyone would hav loved to see gaurav back in bb house n some gaurbani moments too..i got to know this from gaurav’s tweets..3 dayz before he tweeted “#suprise #tommo or day after tommo n al” n then day before he tweetd that “#apologies #nosurprise #theybacked outagain…” so bb would hav been snded niti & GC only..Gaurbani & Man-niti…GC miss u hope to see u in finale & want Gaurbani dance in finale♥ bani keep rocking♥ love u♥

  19. hrithik ka Fan

    good news for lopa fans….rohan is evicted in midnight eviction. ….Le dubi lopa rohan ko….

    1. Jaise Bani le dubi thi gaurav ko. bani ka chanmcha

    2. hrithik ka Fan

      oho su-su kumar is back…jali jali….jali…lopa ke chamche ….

    3. hrithik ka Hen, what a creature u r , mind ur language first.

    4. RANdomfANCreationz

      So what happened if Rohan Mehra is gone but at least Rohan Bhatnagar is coming (Kaabil) ???

    5. hrithik ka Fan

      Haha @fatarajo bang on …ur comment is brilliant. ..I actually like ur comments. ..very sensible comments. …and going to watch kabiil at 8 …super excited. ..

  20. Gd morning to simran, ditya, preeti, shriya, aakashi, anu, double j bhai, shazna, fatarajo, aarti, lopa fan, rohan fan, bani fan, manveer fan, bhawana, aarohi, st, godbless and all

    first of all bigg boss ne ek bhi dish nahi chori saari ki saari swadisth pakwaan khud hi chat(eat) kar gaye aur upper se ye bhi bolte hai manveer bigg boss ko daawat pasand aayi hahaha

    and nithibha will come good to see manveer and nith together once again

    1. Prettypreeti

      ????????????????? bigg boss ka pet gharab ho gya hoga ab toh..

  21. Aarti32

    Good morning, kp, Fatarajo, HKF, Preeti n everyone..
    Mandana is calling lopa childish..N dat she keeps nagging..But anyone remembers how mandana used to behave, all d time bak bak bak bak..N most of the time she used to argue for no reason..Apni galti kisiko nhi dikhti??

    1. Prettypreeti

      Good afternoon di

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      ??? I used to like Mandana in season 9 ? But she was too violent and everytime used to say physical ???

  22. Like rohan rather then bani and lopa. due to fan following bani may be save and get ticket to finale. Rohan one day u may be number 1 not in small screen but in big screen also and i salute u prince of india.

  23. Lopa is spoiling her game in the last week of finale. I don’t know what’s wrong with her????? She’s becoming so annoying. Why was she blaming Bani for not giving the ingredients???? That itself was the task. U win half of the task if u take the right ingredients. and what was the need of creating an issue if Manveer called her food poison. Can’t she take jokes sportingly. This Lopa can never admit that she’s wrong.

    Loved Bani today, she was so calm and composed, not losing her cool. and she can also cook so well, she was working like a professional. But yeah, Manu was also playing well. Team Bani was smart. A villager like Manveer will not know, what’s Italian, so u can’t blame him here. There was no bias here by the sanchalak. Team Bani won fair and square.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Ageeed with u Luna
      Lopa khamaka spoiled her game this week , and I also liked Bani a lot today.
      Actually in today’s episode I liked Manveer (his sense of humour is too good ?), Bani (i realised she was quite calm today and even when Lopa was complaining) and Rohan (he knew what was right in task and he also focus on task and was calm too). Manu was also not bad and Lopa yaar why she had to fight
      I thought bani and Lopa will be friends in the last week like Gautam-Karishma , but now I don’t think so.
      i only saw two instances were Lopa and bani were supporting to each other (the Swami Om fight regarding bani’s mom) and (again Swami Om when he was ousted of the house)

  24. Farhan Nagori

    News from source Rohan evicted.

  25. Lopa always complaining..
    Dear lopa..
    First when asked to make Chinese ,u sud have taken sauce first, but no
    Second when asked to make Italian, u sud have taken pasta first, u didn’t do that too
    Third ufffff, when you they said sweet dish, u sud have taken sugar first..

    U never had any presence of mind or basic cooking sense and blaming bb and team..

    But the way u made oh my mata of paneer… Great great.. Even u didn’t cut paneer.. Hahahaha

    1. Farhan Nagori

      Very true.

  26. Manveer Gurjar

    Good News :?????????

    All of you are very well aware of the fact that this week Bani J and Rohan Mehra were nominated. Last day, all housemates woke up in the midnight and were shocked to know that elimination will take place now.

    In the last eviction of Bigg Boss season 10, things didn’t work in favour of Rohan Mehra.???? He got less votes than Bani J and was eliminated from the house. ????Surely this is a bad news for Rohan fans.


    1. Wowwww superb… Thanks for sharing this news… ??????

  27. When bb already decided the winner and trying to make sure that Rohan should not reach the final, what’s the point to conduct the show. If TRPs Are great, then bb would have also tried to make swami on as the winner. Cheap show, not deserves our precious time. It’s Rohan’s fault to enter such falthoo show . I boycott the show, and also appeals the same to all wise and decent ones. The eviction once again concreted the belief that Big boss show is cheap and not worthy to watch.

    1. Rano ki kasam

      Haha, jaa burnol lagao.. Waise bhi us [email protected]@llo mein kya tha wo win karun.. Ooooohh, even in yrkkh, new rohan is performing 1000times better..
      Ab is naa mard ka, career bhi Ho Ho hoo gayi

  28. In last season mandana is my favourate.But whatever she says about lopa is wrong.I just wan’t lopa to win.she is mu favourate contestant of this season.And i like manveer too.

  29. Prettypreeti

    Ufff simu di rohan evicted..feeling bad…very bad….
    Gd afternoon kp bhai,simu di,diti di,jj bhai,shriyo,aki di,jo,shazu di,lopa slays,art di,godbless,st,aarohi nd every1…..
    Naam likhte likhte hi hath dukh jaate hai…..specially thumb..oh mera angoonda…
    Khana pakarkr aaya hoga maja,
    Pr manveer aur bigg boss(khana ka kr) ko mili hogi shaza..
    Aaj mando aayegi,
    Lopa ko rolakr jayegi..
    Mela lagega in bb house,
    Kon bnega elephant aur kon mousd..
    Niti bhi aayegi,
    Manveer ke moh pr smile layegi..

    1. Very good afternoon little friend hath dukhe se naam likhte likhte koi baat konya sb aapyi hi friends se aur badhiya kavita likhe se aapne toh gajab ho gaya aur manveer kyukar khush ho gaya nithibha aagi jab

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Areh yaar Pri pucho maat mera votes Toh pura pain mein gaya but still a bit happy for bani kaash rohan bhi final jaa Pata
      And yes kya poem hain

  30. I agree with your 20 points ,each point is correct, I don’t know your name but Jo kaha bilkul theak kaha especially the song you dedicated to both lopa and rohan ,
    Nafrat k qatil hain ropa was very nice ,
    I love lopa ,bigg boss kya ker rahe hain aap , lopa Ko target kyun ker rahe hain aur favorite Ko winner bananay k liye aap lopa Ko degrade ker rahe hain , aur yeh baat to mene bhi note ki k manveer Ko food Taste kerne k liye judge kyun banaya usay kese pata k Italian dish ka taste kesa hota hai , baad main bhi to aapne chef Ko bheja na to task main he bhej dete wohi taste ker k sahi batata , manveer to apnay dost Manu ki waja se Manu aur bani Ko he task main pass kerega , chef zorawar ko task k duran bhejte to pata chalta k manveer kitna biased judge hai , yeh baat bilkul theak hai manveer bohat achha bannay ki koshish kerta hai lekin hai nahin kyun red dot walay task main jab rohan itni buri tarah gira to kisi ne bhi uthaya nahin lopa ne uthaya usay aker,, manveer bhi itna violence ker k agay kese pohnch gaya , pata nahin, yahan favoritism Jo chal raha hai sub nazer aa raha hai hum bani blind fans ki jese blind nahin hain , ab
    To mujhe bhi lagraha hai k yeh log bani ya manveer Ko he winner kerengay jabhi last week main aaker lopa Ko itna insult kerwarahay hain , but aik baat yeh bhi sunlain aap bigg boss .

    mudayi lakh bura chahay to kya hota hai ,
    Wohi hota hai Jo manzur e khuda hota hai.
    Is gher main violence bigg boss k top 3 ko allow hai
    Lopa stay strong we love you alot
    We will vote for you

    1. Winner who Hoga Jose public support milega…you are saying this because yo now lopa is actually flopa…go on twitter…and look what craze ppl have for bani…and you know why it is because she was never fake…like lopa,whose plan to drama of being good turned her into plz don’t call the show scripted… just because ur favorite one is a LOOSER..

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