Bigg Boss 10 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 10 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 38
The contestants wake up to ‘Sona Kitna Sona Hai’. Inmates dance.

Bigg boss calls Lopa in confession room and says we are giving you and Manu secret task, inmates will be given task in which they have to give things to owner of mine, your and Manu’s work is to steal half jewel of gold mine when lights of house are out, if you see in garden, there is door near jail which have secret slots which only you know, you can put things you steal in that slot, if you are successful doing so then you and Manu will be contender for captaincy, this is secret task so no one should know about it. Lopa says stealing is little difficult for me, Bigg boss says if anyone knows that you have done stealing then you will loose task, you can read instructions that are on table, you can take it with you. Lopa thanks him.

Garden area is converted into gold mine. Bigg Boss introduces the BB Gold Mine luxury budget task wherein Rohan is a businessman and the rest of the housemates are his Ghulams(workers). These workers have been tasked with finding Gold for Rohan from the Gold Mine in the garden. On finding the gold, the workers have to collect it in a test tube and give it Rohan in his office, who will in turn weigh it and put it in his safe. Two workers at one time will be finding gold and atleast two workers have to keep working. If Rohan is successful as owner of gold mine then he will be captain for next week too, if he is able to keep workers work and they give him gold then he will get captaincy, this is luxury budget task too. Rohan says to Manu and Manveer that i will be captain if you help me and if you dont then you dont know who will be captain.

Manveer says to Mona that we were insulted yesterday by using cut out, our team couldnt do it, i wont help Rohan. Niti says to Manu that i dont have interest in luxury budget or Rohan being captain. Swami and Manveer sing and dances.
Lopa says to Rohan that we will find more and more gold for you. Manu says if you dont give me work next week then i will find gold for you. Niti says but it wont be fair, Rohan says i supported you so much Niti.
Manveer tells Swami to keep collecting gold in his pocket and dont give it, Swami says we cant keep it in pocket, Manver says dont talk to me if you dont want to listen.
Bani says to Rohan that its about you being supported. Bani warns Rohan to be careful, Manu and Manveer making plans to sabotage the task. rohan says just help me out.
All inmates are wearing worker’s clothes which is pant and shirt. Swami asks Manveer to tight his belt, Manveer goes in washroom and tights his belt. Rahul comes there and sees Swami wearing suspenders, Manver says you are looking smart, Swami says give me my kurta, i will wear it over this dress, Manveer says no i wont let you wear it, he says Bigg boss wants to his kurta, i wont allow him.

Lopa tells Manu that we have got secret task, she shows him instruction book and says we have to win to get captaincy. Manu says what we have to do? Swami comes there and says dont do any deal with Rohan. Manu says give me sometime. Manu comes to Lopa and whispers if we can do it some other way? she says no. Swami comes and says we want you to become captain, Manu says you leave, let me strain her friendship with Rohan, Lopa says nobody can strain it. Lopa tells Manu that we have to steal gold from Rohan’s safe and have to put in slot, we are team in this. Manu says we will act like being his supporter and do work at night, Manveer comes there and lets go, Manveer says what is going on? Lopa says just work. Manu tells Swami and Manveer that we will steal gold from safe, we will talk about it later. Manu says to Lopa that i told them we will steal, we have to keep people on our side, Lopa says you will discuss everything with all, this is not good.
Manu says to Rahul that we will do robbery at night, Rahul says fine.
Rohan says to Lopa that make sure to get more and more gold from inmates. I will make sure you are helped to get gold.

Buzzer plays, task starts. Lopa says to Rohan everyone will try to be captain so people wont coordinate.
Manveer says to Manu that why you are whispering to Lopa’s? why did you tell Swami that we will do stealing? you know he cant do it, Manu says you were roaming with him.
Swami asks Lopa if we have to do stealing? Lopa says no Manu was joking. Swami says i want to make you captain, Lopa says just dig gold from mine.
Bani says to Gaurav that Manu and Manveer will be upto something.
Manu says to Swami that why you talking about stealing to everyone? go and put ad in newspaper.
Rahul is finding gold in mud. Manu is going to find it too, Rohan says this task seems incomplete.

Lopa is dancing and comes inside Rohan’s office. Rohan is inside, Lopa sings yeh mera dil and dances, she sits on Rohan’s table and asks how much gold you have? she laughs and flirts, Rohan says i have alot of gold but go and work, dont distract me, Lopa says you seem nervous,my work is here near safe. Niti says it seems like you are giving preferential treatment to one worker, he says you can come inside too. Niti says see we work for person who has colorful life in his office, disgusting. Lopa says to Rohan that she starts overacting in tasks, they laugh.

Rohan sings that friend is not friend because of secret task. Lopa says what are you saying? Rohan says you can take gold directly from me if want, take it, i am giving you, Lopa says no why i take it? Rohan says you dont dance like you did today, i know you, you wanna fight? if you want gold then take it but dont fight, i will complete your task, i know your laugh is saying that you have secret task, Lopa says i cant act like you, Rohan says your secret task is revealed, Lopa says even Gaurav and Rahul was called in confession room. Rohan says you are smiling, i know you in these 40days, Lopa says your face is making me laugh, Rohan says dont betray me even if for secret task, take what you want. Lopa says you dont trust me, i wont be part of task now, Rohan says this task cant be that smooth, maybe your task is not to work.

Lopa says to Rahul that Rohan is saying Gaurav and Rahul got secret task too as they went to confession room. Rahul asks Rohan if he thinks he got secret task? Rohan says come here, Rahul says i wont, Rohan comes to him and says Lopa is dancing at my table weirdly, i didnt say about you, Rahul says i am not Lopa, Rohan says i didnt say about you. Rahul says i wenjt to find gold first, Rohan says you went to confession room, Rahul says i went to confession room last night too, he asks Rohan sit, Rohan says you are getting angry on me like i am doing this deliberately, Rahul says i dont have any special treatment, i am working in this task so you can get immunity, Rohan says i trust you.

Manu tells Manveer that i have got secret task, i didnt go to confession room but listen to me. I want you to get caught while stealing, this will help me to be out of doubt. Manveer says i wont steal or get caught by it.

Swami wears his Kurta over worker’s dress. Manveer and Manu laugh seeing him. Swami says i am ready to find gold. Manveer and manu are working in mine. Swami says i will find all the gold for Rohan. Manveer says he has energy of a boy, he is shaktiman.

Rohan says Swami your time is over, come our of mine, Swami says there is still time for my duty. Rohan says dont irritate me, Swami says i made you captain, you will put me in jail, Rohan says i wont. Swami says if i dont find gold then you would put me, Rohan says you didnt even fill one test tube till now. Lopa says i wil go in and find. Rohan says Rahul will do first. Lopa says you are not letting me do task, seems like you will be me in jail, i thinks you want me to get humilated, she throws away her cap and leaves. Bani is finding gold, Rohan asks if she is tired? she says no this is like workout. Rohan says you must have filled 10test tubes. Lopa says you are calling me secret agent but not letting me work. Rohan says Bani and Swami are not coming out of mine, Banisa sy i can come out if you want, Lopa says you are not letting me perform.
Lopa comes to Manveer that he is not letting go in mine. he wants me to become worst peformer.
Bani gives gold to Rohan, he says you are best performer.

Swami and Rahul are in gold mine, Rahul says forgive me if take your gold, Swami says i will kill you, Rahul says i have a son, dont do it.

Lopa and Swami are in gold mine now. Niti says i will go in place of Swami now. Swami says i wont come out till tomorrow, Niti says Rohan is saying you are not listening to him so he would put you in jail. Swami says dont mess with me, you are nominated, Lopa laughs at his threat. Niti says you are threatening me? he says yes, Swami says threat your followers. Swami says i will sending you out of house, Niti says you are no one to tell me what will happen on weekend, you have no respect for women, you show your true colors every minute, Swami says you are not a woman but girl, Lopa says to Swami that i told you many times to talk to girls with respect, Swami says why she is talking to me? Niti says i was going but you started threatening. Rahul asks Swami to come out of mine, Niti says you want to get footage, you are going to jail anyway, Swami says you leave, why irritating me? Niti says say sorry for threatening me, he says i wont. Rohan says to Swami that are you human? Swami says i am devil, Niti says you have no shame, you were calling Sunny as Leone, is she your relative? Swami says she is my daughter, Niti says Salman told what you say about your daughters, you are shameless. Swami says you know what i have done on Tv. Niti steps in mine and says what did you say? Rohan asks Lopa to come out of mine as Niti and Swami are inside. Niti shouts that you want to slap me? Swami says i didnt say it. Manveer asks Swami to just do work. Niti says when you get slapped then you will realize, you shameless man.

Manveer says to Rohan that Swami is not coming out of mine, let him work. Rohan cheers for Swami. Niti says dont do it, Rohan says he is my worker, Niti says worker who dont listen to you, Rohan laughs, niti says dont laugh, Rohan says i was laughing on something else. Niti says you were yelling for him to come out and now laughing at it? Rohan says i am praising him for finding gold, you are nominated thats why doing all this. Niti says dont say that, dont go there, Salmand condemned him for saying things like that and you promoting him? how can you ignore what he said? Rohan says i was not praising his comments? Niti says stop yelling and listen, Rohan says you fight to get in limelight. Niti comes in office and takes gold from safe, she says should i throw it away? Rohan asys dont do it? Lopa says to Niti that dont do this, this is task. Niti says listen, you dont interfare, i can do anything, Niti says i can do anything, Lopa stands infront of safe and says i wont let you touch it. Niti says dont push me, Rohan says you are fightin deliberately with me, Niti says you are praising man whom you were yelling at some minutes ago. Lopa says we all know Rohan was not praising his comments, Niti says i am not talking to you, i dont want to talk to you. Lopa says to Rohan that why did you let her take gold from your safe? Roha says i can force a girl to be away from it.

Rohan says to Rahul that why she is saying that i am praising Swami? i was cheering for Swami so he comes out of mine but he is not listening. He says to Swami that all get stuck because of you. Rahul says its not allowed otherwise i would have lifted him and take him out. Rahul says to Swami that i am requesting you. Swami says i am folding my hands to not interfare. Manu and Manveer says to Rahul that he is different man, he is not from this world, they sing behti hawa sa tha woh. Rahul says Swami what kind of man are you? Swami says please dont it now, manu asks should i bring dinner here too? Swamis says i wont eat, i have fast, they laugh.

Swami is still in mine. Rohan says you have collected a lot of gold, Mona is working with him now. Rohan says you go and eat food now, i will give you another chance, count your test tubes. Swami says i will put my collected gold beads in test tube and give to you. Rohan says i will let you come inside again, i promise. Swami says dont call Niti here, call Lopa, my mission is to make you win only.

Swami says to Manu that tall Rahul came to throw me out of mine but you didnt come to support me. Manu says he didnt throw you, Swami says he came inside even when there were two people already inside, Bigg boss dont follow his own rules. Manu says Rahul told Manveer to bring Swami out but Manveer didnt make get out from there, swami says but he didnt support me too. Manveer says why taking my name? Swami says Rahul was threatening to pull me and throw me out. Manu says he couldnt do it because we didnt support him. Manu says to Manveer that this way i wont get chance whole night. Manveer says we didnt let them touch you Swami, Swami says they came inside to throw me, Manveer says you threaten everyone and want to be safe? why can you remain silent? Swami says i am not dumb, Manveer says you are *****, Swami says my own people dont support me. Manu says we cant fight directly, they are thinking we are on their side, Swami says they know you are not on their side. Mona says to Manveer that many people are depended on you. Manu says to Swami that Bigg boss have given me task to steal gold and put it in place they have told us.

Bigg boss says today’s time of task has ended, keep everything in place where it is. Bani says to Rohan that sleep near safe, i wouldnt trust anyone, i wont take chance. Bani brings mattress in Rohan’s office in garden so he can sleep there. Manveer says to Manu that i have filled gloves, what to do with them? he says they will be useful. Lopa says Rahul that if Rohan wants company then i can sleep in office too.

Manveer asks Rahul if he brought Swami out of mine by pulling from hand? Rahul says i just requested him. Manveer says he blames me everytime, you didnt touch or force me but he is blaming me that i didnt stop you, we should tie him somewhere, he has mood swings. Manveer says to Rohan that put him in jail, he is mad man. Rahul says he is weird, Manveer says we are bearing him, Rahul says i salute you.

Manu says to Lopa that i have sleeping pill, should i give to Rohan? Lopa laughs and says i cant even think about it. Manu says i will give to whole house, they will be all asleep. Lopa says this is team task but i cant do it, i am feeling bad to lie to him, we are doing just task. Manu says we are not doing anything wrong, i will give sleeping pills to them and wont tell them, Lopa asks where will you get sleeping pills? Manu says Swami has them, i will get it from him.

Rohan and Lopa ties ropes around safe. Bani says nobody will try to open it now. Rohan says i will wake up till he or she tries to open these ropes. Lopa says yes noise will make you wake up.

Manu says to camera that Lopa is getting guilty over everything. They have tied ropes around safe, i can do it but Lopa is his friend and she can be closer to him, i will try but i dont think of succeeding, you have chosen Lopa but she cant steal, this is disapppointing. Lopa has helped him to lock safe, dont know what she is doing.

Manu says to Lopa that Rohan’s eyes are closed. Manveer is there too. Lopa and Manu enters Rohan’s office, he is sleeping there. Lopa silently comes near safe and tries to open ropes but Rohan wakes up, Lopa moves away from safe, Rohan turns and finds her in office. She says whats up? i am not getting sleep, you want anything? Rohan asks how you are awake at this time? she says i woke up to go to washroom. you want tea or coffee? he says no, Manveer and Manu are hiding. Lopa asks if she can talk to him? Rohan goes to sleep again. Lopa comes in kitchen and says its so cold outside, nobody can sleep outside but he is sleeping.

PRECAP- Lopa ties Rohan to safe using ropes. Rohan says dont do it. Rohan says this is not good, i will do what you are doing. he holds safe and tries to take off ropes.
Swami’s comment makes Rahul, Rahul says dont you dare say rubbish things, you are like jalabi but jalabi is dipped in sugar while you are dipped in potty. Swami says if you have guts then hit me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Zai

    Episode was quite good…
    Rohan is doing good, hopes he stays like this only and he doesn’t go down like before… and i really wish he becomes capitain again.
    Manu…. How can he say that he will give sleeping pills??? He doesn’t have the right
    to do that….. what if something wrong happened if someone consumme those pills?!! You never know… i am glad Lopa didn’t agree to him.
    And it was suppose to be a secret task then how can Manu tell this to Manveer… friendship apart, he should respect bigg boss orders.
    Only Lopa is participating in stealing and all…. she is also doing well.

    1. Zai


    2. Hope salman kam az kam is hafte mannu ki class le le first maal…now sleeping pills he is weak thats y usse aaj tak koi task sahi se hua hi nahi

  2. Finally rahul will rebel tomorrow.
    Manu shd atleast try to do secret task even if lopa can do better what’s his input, ulta sabko bata raha hain we have got secret task for captaincy, its secret for some reason
    Rohan guessed right lopa is doing secret task well played he is doing his duty properly even at night very nice, bad move lopa u shdn’t have bahaved abnormally, just go at night and rob.
    Bani playing smartly, taking every step with deep thought but gets impulsive and speaks literally anything and doesnt apologise

  3. hahahaha …….nitibha fighting becoz she is nominated…
    manu acted childish….secret task ki mc bc kar diya usne
    lopa tried her level best but her overacting made rohan knew that their is a secret task..but lopa supported friend rohan I appreciate that..
    bani guessed it right she played a major role in rohan captaincy…..
    rahul did engineering …..hahahaha lol he cant abuse and now what he is doing hypocrisy exposed…
    manveer playing good…
    mona is safe so she will not cry….
    but I still support m2 boys and lopa… I think rohan will win for sure bani might be runner up…as rohan popularity increasing day by day and after weekend he is doing nice …

  4. Baba bilkul hi pagal hai….. pata nhi task me bande ka dimag q khrb ho jata haii…. is hafte v baba hi villian hoga…. phycso baba… n yes Nitibha is fighting becoz she is nomineted… or ye manu to secret tax ka band baja diya… lopa is trying her beat.. baki sab ok ok tha……

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    I don’t know who will win this task but i think Lopa and Manu already lose because Manu revealed about the secret task to Manveer and they r not allowed to do so. And also Rohan doubts that Lopa is doing secret task and he even said that. So in that case did Lopa and manu lose the task? I am confused i think next epi confusion will get cleared.
    Manu is crazy sleeping pills? ???
    Lopa is sensible and kind hearted. Bani did well today. And what happened to gaurav? He is not even seen in today’s episode, even Nitibha got footage. Lopa and Bani both r good in different ways but they just don’t get along. I also have a feeling this season winner will be Rohan Mehra.
    And also a wildcard entry coming this week or next week. To make it fair they should bring in a commoner to as a wild card entry. According to sources there will be 4 wild card entry and one will make entry soon

  6. wow rohan rocks . now he is awesome i hope he will captain again. Rohan already has doupt of secret task , no he is sure about secret task bcz he was saying that ” task can’t be so simple , there is definately a secret task “. he knows that lopa is doing that secret task .

    1. sry its not its become

  7. hy prince narula fans , today is prince’s birthday ?? yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  8. haha smart player dono d meaning f secret task lol..bani played smartly n helped rohan to win this task..she hinted him b4 d task oly n lso nyt she tld him to sleep near tat box n lso collected 10 tubes rahul well playd n supported rohan..nitiba tried hard to get sme footage as shez players f d week are bani rohan n rahul..

  9. haha smart player manu dono d meaning f secret task lol..bani played smartly n helped rohan to win this task..she hinted him b4 d task oly n lso nyt she tld him to sleep near tat box n lso collected 10 tubes rahul well playd n supported rohan..nitiba tried hard to get sme footage as shez players f d week are bani rohan n rahul..

  10. for manu-what there is no point of secret if tell everyone about it. i hope biggboss will say something about it ,rather then supporting him in his evil deeds. i like rohan and bani, they played smartly in this task. Although what nitibha said was due to her nomination, but her words were right, atleast someone was taking stand for girls against dhongi baba. please is baba ko out karo., i don’t feel like watching bb whenever he comes on screen, he gives a yuck feeling. and last Where wa gaurav? he knows that he is nominated for this week but is not giving any content why??well, do anyone here knows who are the wildcard entries ?

    1. gaurav z nt he dint participated in prblm ths week voting lines r obviously no elimination…if by chance there lso the person ll go to secret room..

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