Bigg Boss 10 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 10 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 98
Manveer sings yeh kahan aagye hum, Manveer says we are in top 5, from the time i have come in house, i have been following Bigg boss’s orders, i never moved a thing at home, Manu says we have learned everything in house, i never washed my underwear but i did all work in this house.

Bani says to Manveer that i didnt want to come in reality show, you think that i didnt need money? i was offered Bigg boss for last four years but this time Gauhar convinced me, my experience in roadies was horrible, it was difficult, i wanted to work hard but didnt want this trauma, i am gonna cry, Manu hugs her and says we dont understand your taste and anything but you are nice, Manveer says she is going to win show like this, they laugh, Bani wipes her tears.

Manu says to Manveer that Bani is suffering alone here, Manveer says she shows it like that, Manu says she is right, people are expecting things from her which she is not now, Manveer says we are away from house for years too but we are not crying like her, she is crying over roadies journey, she would cry after going from Bigg boss as if we tortured her, Manu says Bani said that she didnt make muscular body to do tasks, she has become girly, she wants to marry and settle down but people are not accepting it, she said that she doesnt have passion like you and me.

Day 99
Inmates wake up to the song Baazigar O Baazigar. Inmates dance to song.

Manveer says to Manu there is door in garden, Bani and Rohan would be tied there till Rohan gets evicted, Rohan says you both dont have confidence on me, Manu says people are chanting Bani’s name everywhere, Lopa says no Rohan is famous too, Manveer says people want to see her, even if she is not doing anything, Manu says she has her style, people like it, she has made us like criminals in house, she is a bird.

Manveer is waving bye at Rohan indicting that he is going to get evicted, Manu says his whole fan following is lost, he is going to be behind in votes, Rohan smiles and leaves. Manu says Rohan is scared to leave this house this time, Bani says i cant imagine going in mid-week eviction like Bani J you didnt get enough votes so you are out. Lopa comes there having facepack on her face, Bani, Manveer and Manu gets scared, Bani cant stop laughing, Lopa scares Manu. Manveer says Lopa has height and looks of models but when she speaks, it all goes down, they laugh.

Bigg Boss asks Manveer, Lopa, Bani and Rohan to gather in front of the finale room adjoining the garden area. Manu is asked to stay back and wait for Bigg Boss’s instructions. Manu wishes everyone.
As Lopa, Bani, Rohan and Manveer enter the finale room, they are made to sit in front of a LED screen flashing ‘Grand Finale’ on it and are asked to evaluate their performance on the show. Basis all their weakness and strength, they have to draw a conclusion as to which contestant will get eliminated from the grand finale run and in what particular order. After they decide the order, contestants have to leave the finale room in that particular sequence as and when the signature tune of the show rings. Rohan says after spending 3months here, i think Bani should leave first, i played selflessly. Bani says Rohan should go, i did tasks as much as i could. Manveer says Bani is shown differently, she is different character, i would want Bani over Rohan.
Once Lopa, Rohan, Bani and Manveer go inside the finale room, Bigg Boss calls Manu in the confession room and asks him to guess the sequence that the other 4 contestants will decide upon to leave finale room after mutually deciding who would leave house first. Bigg Boss also informs that Manu will have to keep this task a secret as it will help them increase the winning prize amount to 50 lakhs from the current 43 lakhs. If Manu’s estimation is correct, a certain amount will get added to the prize money.
Rohan says Bani becomes selfish in everything. Bani says you are putting me down here like i dont do anything, i want to win but not on the cause of hurting myself.
After thinking for a while, Manu draws an estimate that Bani will come out of the room first. Bigg boss asks him to leave.
In finale room, Bani says i did orbit task nicely, Lopa says you tried to push me off task. Manveer says Bani has handled a lot of situations and tasks sensitively and maturely. Rohan says she is more mature than me? Manveer says yes, Lopa says she broke phone too, Bani says you throw things at your friend too, Bani says Rohan injured me with knife too.

Manu is waiting for one inmate to come out.
Bani says to inmates that i dont think you are horrible people, i never said you are not in top 5, i atleast agree that you gys deserve to be in top 5, Lopa says you dont understand things Bani. Bani says i wont move from this spot, i am going to win now.

Manu says i am alone in Bigg boss house.
In finale room, Bani says to Rohan that you think i am going to get evicted? Rohan says yes i think i am going to be safe, Bani says people like me, Rohan says they like your tattoos? they would like that you dont do tasks? i also appreciate that you have muscular body, but you dont participate in game.

Bigg boss signature music plays but no one moves from their place in finale room. lopa says do whatever you want to do man. Bigg boss says to them that we told you one inmate have to leave when tune is played, Manveer says we re tying, he sings funny song, Bani laughs. Bani says i tried to convince them, now you try.

Manveer says who is going to show good heart first? Bani says i am selfish.
Manu is sitting lounge and waiting.
in finale room, no one is leaving. Lopa says we lost call center because of Bani, Bani says because both of us, Lopa says you didnt listen to me carefully and predict things, you didnt even say sorry to me, Bani says i am saying in camera that i am sorry to Lopa’s family if i said anything wrong to Lopa, i apologize to Lopa and if she thinks this is drama then be it, am tired of hearing that i am selfish, i am roadside, i am animal and all that, you people are best, win whoever wants to win, i want to touch your feet, you guys are best, she touches their feet, Lopa says what is this? Bani says i cant stand her face, Bani says i feel so bad when she keep saying that she hates me and all, its like i have no idea how i reached here, Rohan says dont get emotional, Bani says i am emotional, Lopa says you dont need to show emotions here, Bani says you cant tell me where to show emotions, Rohan says why you are crying over task? Bani says i want to cry then what is your problem? i said sorry to her family and i wanted to clarify it, Lopa says you did just because i asked you to, Bani says you people stay here, Bani comes out of finale room and cries, she says sorry for using slangs, i am emotional, i am tired of hearing bad words, Manu asks what happened? Bani says she keep calling me useless in tasks, Manu says you are lioness.
Rohan says she is trying to show me negative. Lopa says its her strategy to do this, Manveer says she quits everytime, Lopa says she wants to show like we are some cruel creatures.
In house, Bani tries to calm down, Manu says they are not doing task, they might be talking about you, Bani says after saying horrible things about me, they say that we shouldnt fight.

Bani and Manu are in confession room. Bigg Boss congratulates Manu for making the right estimate and adds 1 lakh rupees to the final prize money. He then asks Bani to join Manu in the guessing game to add 2 lakhs to the prize amount if they guess rightly about who will be next to come out of finale room. Manu says Rohan and Lopa would not come out, Bani says if Manveer get agitated then he can come out, Manu says i think Rohan wil come out, they take Rohan’s name to come out next.

In finale room, music plays, Rohan says Lopa and me can leave together. Lopa says i dont think less of myself, i think we are all at same stage. Manveer says to Rohan that i have come till here, we all know how we played, Manveer comes out of finale room. Lopa says he didnt even wait for us. Lopa opens door and asks Manveer to come out.
Manveer says to Manu that they were saying old things, he asks Bani why did you touch others feet? you were not alone, Bani says i was and i am alone in this house, Manu says to Manveer that i told Bani that Manveer would come out. Manveer says Rohan wanted to come out before me but why would i keep Lopa above me?

Manu, Bani and Manveer are in confession room. Bigg boss tells Manveer about secret guessing game, he says Manu and Bani guessed second person wrongly. Now you three have to guess if Lopa will come out or Rohan will come out of finale room, you will be able to add 5lacs if you guess right. Manveer says Lopa will come out before Rohan because she would want to make Rohan feel good. Bani says she would want to redeem herself by coming out before Rohan. Manveer says Rohan is like darsheel Safari.
In finale room, Rohan says to Lopa that we are not selfish, i will leave after tune plays.
Manu asks Manveer and Bani who they think is more cheap? Bani says Lopa, Manu says Lopa will try to act big hearted now. They take Lopa’s name to come out next.

Lopa says to Rohan that lets come out of room together or i can leave before you, they are not going to throw me out of house for this.
In house, Manu says they will come out together, Bani says they cant come out together, Manu says Lopa will put foot out of room after Rohan.
Bigg boss tune plays, Rohan and Lopa both come out of finale room together. Lopa laughs and says we both came together. Rohan says i put foot first outside room.

Bigg boss says to inmates that we gave you task to increase prize money of winner to 50lacs. Bigg boss says we expected you to play one of last tasks to play with sincerity, honesty and according to rules but due to childish act to temper with this task deliberately by Rohan and Lopa has washed all your hardwork, one inmate had to come out of room but they both came out together and it was their plan together, Lopa asked Rohan to come out room together and maximum punishment would be that task will be discarded but now we will tell punishment of destroying task, we are punishing you by decreasing prize money to 40lacs, all inmates are tensed hearing it. Manveer says Bigg boss is angry. Lopa says it was not our plan to come out together, Manveer says one of you should have stayed.

Manveer says to Lopa that it was expected you wouldnt come out room, Lopa says Bigg boss keep cutting money, Manveer says you made task discarded, Lopa says Rohan is saying that he got down first but Bigg boss didnt want to increase prize money so he put blame on my name, he even cut money. Bani says he cut money to teach us lesson. Manu says to Lopa that Bigg boss doesnt accept anything which is twisted, he wants to hear straight thing, Lopa says then he should use one camera too. If Bigg boss doesnt want to do anything then he has thousands of reasons to not do it.
Manu says to Manveer that atleast they should accept their mistake that they made money go waste, show’s creatives are patient, they should throw them out. Bani says even Salman told her to not say things against Bigg boss.
Lopa laughs and says to Rohan that they put gun at our heads. Rohan says it was not their 10lacs.
Manveer and Manu says to Bani that Lopa and Swami Om are not much different.

PRECAP- Inmates have to become cook and cook dishes. There will be Bani’s team and Lopa’s team. Ingredients are in store room, Lopa and Bani tries to get ingredients first. Lopa takes gas first, Manver says to Lopa that mistake is yours, Rohan says dont come inbetween task, Manveer says i dont like to, Rohan shouts at him to mind his business, Manveer shouts to not yell at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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