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Bigg Boss 10 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nomination Special
Day 35(continued)
Manveer says i will miss Lokesh, she was so excited to be here. Manu says when we were coming in auditions, we had doubt if we will survive here or not, realistic person gets affected here, i have confidence that i wont get evicted soon but like Naveen knew after breaking his hand that he is going to leave, its shown on face when you know you are getting evicted, just look Niti’s face this week. Mona says you dont get affected in nominations but friday brings anticipation, people would be normal when they leave this house. Manu says this is life designing show of comman man.

Swami says to Rohan that you are our Ram, he wont listen to Ravan(Manu). Manu says we are at same place and you are calling us Ram and Ravan? what will people think? Swami says people know you are ravan. Rohan says Swami has these thoughts, this is wrong, Manu says Salman gave you lecture for one hour still you acted like crying fish. Swami says i am a fish, you are scorpio. Mona says i would want to slap him, Swami says i know how to slap people not get slapped. Rahul says no one saying anything so dont comment like this Swami. Lopa says even if they are commenting, you dont have to reply. Manveer says if we start commenting like you then you wont be able to bear. You acted so much yesterday but it didnt effect Salman a bit, dont keep calling us ravan, Swami says come and strangle me, Rohan says dont call them Ravan from now on. Manu says change his eating schedule to make him realize, manveer says till how much can we bear? Rahul says i warned you before too, what fun do you get from all this? pack this up, Swami says i like this about you.

Manu says to Manveer that take on Swami, but dont let anyone else sort your matter and take limelight, like Rahul did. Manveer says i was waiting for Rahul to shut Swami up but he didnt, Manu says who made him elder of house? you are elder of house, Manveer says he keep saying that he will stop fights. Manu says i told Rahul that we are emotional ****, he couldnt understand it, Mona says he just eat and wash dishes.

Swami says you people are behind me. Manu says we want to be away from your shadow even, why dont you hide your face, Swami says this is not your house, i can roam anywhere, Manu says if it was my house then i would have showed you. Swami says you are not in house thats why, you left your house. Manu says you saint, dont know who found you on roads, you dont know about your family, the insult you had bear, after that any respected man would have been under pit. Sawmi tries to answer but Manu says blah blah blah blah.. Swami tries say to in english, Rohan says i will have to punish you, Swami says i will bear any punishment you and bigg boss give me. Manu doesnt let him speak and says you shout stuff your mouth with cloth, Swami says are these godo words? Manu says you are saying that we left our house, is that nice comment? Rohan says dont go personal Swami, Manu says he does that deliberately, Swami says he called me living on roads, Manu says you commented first, Swami says you commented first, Niti says Swami you commented first, Rohan says dont comment like this.

Day 36
Sarkai lo Kahtiya song wake up inmates. Swami wakes up Manveer from bed. Manveer hugs Swami.

While preparing breakfast, Om Swami irritates an already cranky Bani by asking her to make a second dish for his breakfast. Bani says you can see my efforts already Rohan, Rohan says just make one packets of oats. Swami says i will eat bread too, Bani says this is luxury budget item, you can have it, she asks Gaurava if to make roti for him? Swami says i cant eat roti, Bani says i am making oats too, Swami says fine and leaves. Bani says i dont understand, he eat rotis sometimes and sometimes not, and i dont like bullshit to make one more item, this is not okay, Gaurav says its okay if people want more than bread, Rohan just wants little more in breakfast. Bani says take his side, fine, dont listen to me.

Manu and Manveer funnily talk in english.
Bani says to Gaurav, i thought i will be filmy today, i will all expressions and dialogues, Gaurav says why did you change mind? Bani says i got stressed about breakfast, she cries drmatically, Gaurav sighs, Bani says what was that? he says it was deep breathing, she says why? he says it didnt come from my lungs but from my heart, Bani laughs. Gaurav and Bani are feeding bird in garden. Manveer says to Manu see sparow, Manu jokes it came from california.

Manu and Manveer comes to Mona and asks why she is sad? she says i like being alone, Manu asks what we did? Manveer says then why you are not talking? Mona says i dont want be in shadown of you both, Manu says good friends sort things out, Mona says first think what you people keep saying and then talk, i dont forget things, Manu says what you want? Mona says i want you people to be what you are, Manu says we are same, why you changed? Mona says i didnt call you, why you people said that i am playing game behind you? Manveer says it was question by Salman.

Gaurav reads task to inmates. Bigg boss introduces a ‘Viral Video Fever’ task. In keeping with the task, the contestants have to create a 3-minute entertaining, sensational video matching the set up provided by Bigg Boss. The housemates are divided into two teams
Lopa’s team: Rohan, Manu, Mona and Om Swami are assigned to Lopa’s team.
Bani’s team: while Gaurav, Rahul, Manveer and Nitibha are in Bani’s team.
The team who will loose task will be nominated this week. Rohan wont be nominated as he is captain but will be part of team.
These videos will be judged by bollywood celebrity (Sunny Leone). She will be giving thumbs up for liking video and thumbs down for not liking video, the team who will get most likes by end will be winners. When message tune is played, it means your scores are getting updated.

Inmates see Sunny Leone on Tv, Sunny says i will be judge of nominations. Inmates have to impress her to be saved from nominations. They have to create sizzling, hot videos that will be viral in seconds, do your best.

Niti says to her team that i have creative end, Bani, Gaurav and Rahul has it too.
Manu says to his team that controversy gets viral fast.
Niti says to her team that strong players should do it first.
Swami says to Lopa that i will leave my shame for task, i will do what you want. Lopa says okay.
Gaurav says we have to think what sunny will like, she is girly. Bani says cliched romantic things will work too.
Swami says Mona kissed me in kitchen, we can do something like that to create controversy, Manu says what did you do Mona? Mona says i gave him chaste kiss as he was showing afection.

Romantic bed setting for marriage night is shown first on TV. bigg boss says this is first setup of your video. When alarm plays, they team mates who are going to take part in video making will go in activity area.

Both teams are discussing about setup. Niti says Rahul, me and Gaurav will play the scene. Rahul will come in house for stealing. they eneact scene, Gaurav asks Rahul who is he? Rahul says i am robber, Gaurav says there is nothing in my house to steal, Rahul says i want to steal your beard, Gaurav pushes him away and they both fall on bed, Rahul says lets make love promises, the all laugh.

Sunny comes in secret room, she says its my 5years anniversary with BB, i have so many memories with this house. She sees first video. Manu and Mona are enacting marriage night scene. Manu pulls Mona on bed, she falls on him, he asks did you get hurt? she says no, he takes off her duppatta, Mona says we will try to be romantic. Manu says then Swami will enter scene. Sunny says i feel like this video should not play, she snickers.

Swami and Rohan are sleeping, alarm plays. Swami says i was not sleeping, Rohan says i was not sleeping too. Swami says thats why i am sitting with you so people dont fill your ear that i was sleeping.

Bani and Lopa are in confession room. Bigg boss says you both know that Bigg boss is a family show and the videos which your teams made was not as per standard of show so we are rejecting them, now we will give you another setup, keep in mind to keep act in entertainment limits, they say okay.

Next setep is shown for video, its cow stable. Bigg boss says team mates only enacting scene will enter actitvy area.

Manu, Rohan and Swami enter activity area to make video. Manu and Rohan acts like cow and buffalo, Rohan is cow Prithim and Manu is cow Pyari. Pyari says i cant sleep without you Prithim, Prithim says see this Swami collecting grass, not even giving us, Pyari says lets run from there. Prithim says once he open our ropes, we will run, Pyari says kick him and run, Rohan acts like kicking Swami, Swami falls down, Manu and Rohan runs from there. Swami says where did my cows go? Sunny sees video and says it was interesting but they have to work more hard like me on my hindi.

Gaurav, Bani and Manveer enters activity area. they recreates a scene from movie Deewar by adding a fun twist where Gaurav acts like Amitabh Bachchan, Bani as Sumitra Devi and Manveer as Shashi Kapoor. Gaurav says i have bigg boss house, what you have? Manveer says i have cows and maa. Bani comes as Maa, Gaurav says remember maa i bleached my eyebrows for you, Manveer says i shaved my beard for you. Bani says enough, maa will leave but tell me who made these tattoos on my body? i am leaving for canada, she runs, they both leave. Sunny laughs seeing video.

Bell rings. Sunny has given thumbs up to Bani’s team and thumbs down to Lopa’s team on first stable video. Bani is exicted and hugs Rahul. She runs in whole house.

The second set-up is that of a Disco. There is pole too. Bigg boss says we can play Sunny’s song as per request. Mona says to Lopa that we both can do pole dance, Manu says let Mona do pole dance, Lopa says okay.
Rahul says we can create bar scene, Niti says why dont you dance on pole to be different?
Lopa says to her team that we can have boy-girl pole dance.

Bani’s team enact bar scene. Rahul dances around pole on pani song. Gaurav flirts with Niti as she is bartender, Niti sings aaj ki raat. Sunny is watching scene and says she has beautiful voice. Gaurav and Rahul are huffing and fighting over Niti but they stare each other intensely and start singing romantic song for each other, they both lovingly dances while Niti cries on floor. Sunny laughs and says what is happening? Gaurav and Rahul touches Niti’s feet to take her blessing in end. Sunny says they can do anything to win task.

Lopa says i will do pole dance. Manu and Rohan will be rich boys flirting with me. Manu says show your pole dance moves, Lopa shows senseous moves. Mona says her body is good, Lopa should do pole dance.

Lopa’s team enact bar.
Bani says to Mona that i thought you do this scene, Mona says it will be good, Lopa has good body. Bani says i dont think so.
In activity area. Lopa’s team turn up the heat as Lopa dances sensually around pole. Sunny says she is looking so hot. Rohan and Manu dances with her. Lopa asks what are you doing boys? they say we are praising your beauty, Lopa says you both are smart, hot too and rich too. Lopa asks which car you have? Manu says i have big car, Rohan says i can sell big car for you. Lopa says whoever do pole dance better than me will take me for drive. Rohan says anything for you. Rohan and Manu takes off their shirts and funnily dances around pole on pani wala dance song, they dance in boxers, Lopa steals their shirts and run from there. Manu and Rohan both are robbed by Lopa. Sunny says my favorite about video is when Lopa runs away with clothes.

Mona is sadly sitting in luggage room and crying while all inmates are having fun talk in kitchen.

Lopa says we will win. buzzer plays. Result shows Bani’s team one point, Lopa’s team one point on bar setup. Lopa dances.

Sawmi says to camera that make our team won, give this birthday gift to Mona, i dont care if i participate in task or not.
Manu comes to Mona and says lets go out. In garden, inmates have written big HBD MONA on grass with papers. Inmates bring Mona in garden, they sing happy birthday for her, Mona is surprised seeing garden thing, she hugs Manveer, Swami, Lopa, Rohan, Rahul, Bani. Mona starts crying, Rahul says no crying now. Manu and Manveer lift Mona on shoulders. Mona laughs.

Mona and Manu are lying on their beds, Mona thanks Manu for birthday present, he says no need.

PRECAP- Video task continues. Rahul mimics Swami. Gaurav and Bani are bathtub, Gaurava is shirtless, Bani is in sports bikini, Bani acts like forcefully kissing Gaurav. Next Swami is in bathtub with Lopa and Mona, Lopa says he has hot body, Swami says thats why i get hot and bomb girls like you. Sunny laughs and says Swami is enjoying.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. WOW! This is going great. I love ROHAN!!

    1. High five??✋✋?

    2. Sarayumane

      High five

  2. Kia hot episode thi …lopa sizzeling dance was outstanding….mona day by day contestent men weak hoti ja rahi ha ..mona raise one point about manu nd manveer was correct ……….
    Lopa is playing really well she is active in every task ….
    Now rohan also doing good aftr salman sir class
    Rohan nd lopa are my favourite

  3. Ahahaha

    Zat scene was hillariious …the alarm part
    Rohan and baba om were actually sleeping…??
    N then both denied

  4. Bani just know to make people fighting..she tells Mona to why not she act in pole dance…a kid strategy against lopa..bani u fail in make entertainment and u know only moving your eyes or mouth.

  5. M2 boys and lopa are rocking as always rohan is also coming back on track …
    Mona is now playing victim card …crying as always….
    cheap bani doing the same thing bitiching about m2 boys and lopa……
    swami again doing the same thing …he started fighting m2 boys ..
    b/w m2 boys haters were calling mona cheap ..but what was bani doing in bikni and forcefully kissing gaurav that is not cheap for celebs chamchas ..

  6. I love Bani and Gaurav.. ?

  7. M sure nomination task ll win lopa team bcz bb don want to eliminate itz obvious ths week nitiba going…anyway bani gaurav rocks..

  8. Rahul, Gaurav Chopra and Bani are the the the the BEST. Any one of these shoul win. Lopmudra is LIAR, HyPROCRITE, FAKE, CUNNING lady. Very MATLABI. She is very immature.

  9. thumbs up for Bani J

  10. bani’s team should win the task
    rohan and bani r playing vry well

  11. Lopa is t besttt among alll ths inmates..
    she is v.sporty,, active & entertainin..

    Bani is such a hypocrite..!! juss hate her..
    I used to like her in roadies,, but t way she is throwin tantrums here..
    toooo much self-obsesssed she is.. fulll of arrrogance & irrritatin..

    I wish she gets eliminted like karan..coz,, she anyhow got good fan following & tat may save her..

    Thumbs up Lopaa.. T real ppl r reallly appreciatin ur hardwork.. real in t sense t persnz who r not bound by fan love..!! & u deserve to win..
    Rohan is pickin up v.fastt & if he keeps doin t same. then he can too be a finalist

    1. I agree I love Lopa as shes very entertaining
      Bani is annoying

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