Bigg Boss 10 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 10 20th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 96
Inmates wake up to song elaan song. Inmates dance and enjoy.

Manu says to Manver that i am upset about last day’s task, Lopa says i had to wake up at night, what happened with Manveer, they had put chilled water on Manveer, Manveer says i had to bear it, if you both had been in task, it would have been more difficult for me to see all that happening with you both, i saw Bani’s attitude, i told her that my shoulder has immense pain but she kept throwing chilled water on my shoulder. He says we will throw water with force, it will push them back and leave mark.

Rohan says i didnt like when you were not allowing Bani to throw water on Manveer, Lopa says i was not liking what she was doing with Manveer, Rohan says then he would have left task.
Manu sas to Bani that Rohan is playing behind you, Manveer says he was bringing water buckets and asking Bani to throw on me. Bani says i didnt know what he is was doing.
In bedroom, lopa says to rohan that when she was putting ice in my shirt, you didnt stop her, rohan says i asked her to leave you as you lost, Lopa says what goes around comes around, you are wrong for me and i am wrong for you, lets cut it out.
In garden, Bani asks if Lopa is shouting at Rohan or laughing? Manu says shouting.
Lopa says you dont make sense, Lopa says if you do something then have strength to bear that yourself too, you did things and now you are scared. Rohan leaves.

rohan comes back in bedroom, Lopa says are you done with my backbiting? how sick? Rohan says why you think wrong always? i was listening to Manu, we had argument so i left, Lopa says i know you so well, rohan laughs, Lopa says idiots, Rohan says if i leave tomorrow.. Lopa says then i will take your bed too, Rohan says i know.

Manu says to Manveer and Lopa that we will use oil, we will put oil in their feet and throw water with force on them, Manveer says they will be didi is scared, Manu says we will do something with rohan and Bani will leave task, Lopa laughs, Manu says we will pull harness of Mona, Mona laughs. Manveer says Bani has done tasks in other shows, Lopa says she did nothing, she hided ice boxes too, Manu says Bani was telling me that i just pray this day passby, Lopa laughs, Lopa says Manveer cant even laugh properly, Manveer says i am dead.

Lopa says i will be busy, Bani is near, Lopa says i will break eggs on faces. Manu says we should start collecting things to throw at them, Lopa laughs. Manu says will put chilled water on Rohan, they joke about irritating them, Lopa laughs hysterically.

Bigg Boss announces that it is time for role reversals — Bani J, Rohan Mehra and Monalisa are to hold on to the red mark while being pulled back by a harness. Manu, Manveer and Lopamudra, meanwhile, will try and disturb them. Team Manu held mark for 4:30hours due to Manveer’s hard work. Team Manu have to make sure that they make all three members of team Rohan to leave marks before 4:30hours to win task.

Manu says we can use fizzy drinks to throw at them, put 15cans in fridge, Lopa says dont do it, Manveer says you give nice advises then you break it yourself, you gave us good advises in call center task, Lopa says i kept my patience, i am just giving nice suggestion, Manveer says we look fools to you? we have reached this stage too so we know how to harm anyone, we never did filthy things in game. Maybe they will leave before us.
Bani asks Rohan to keep going in task, just be gentle.

Buzzer plays. Lopa says to Mona that you cant take support from other hand, Manveer says you can hold mark with one hand but cant use other hand to hold table, Rohan says you people were holding mark with both hands, Manveer shouts that we are saying you cant use any support with other hand, Rohan says why you are shouting? Manveer says you made me go crazy in task and now making your own rules.

Buzzer plays. Rohan, Mona and Bani firmly keep their hands on the red marks. Lopa is kneading flour in kitchen. Manveer says come out Lopa. Manu comes to Lopa, Lopa is laughing, and says see what i am doing. Lopa puts kneading flour on tissues, she says you go and make it look like that i am not interested in task and i am not making any plan against them.
Manveer says in garden that is she eating inside? Manu comes and says we dont know.

Manu throws water on Rohan’s face. Manu puts water in shoes of everyone. Manveer puts water on Bani, Bani says good job. Manveer says to Manu that we have to make floor slippery, we can use egg yolk for that. Manu splashes water on Bani with full force, Bani says oh my God. Manveer breaks egg and puts it in Rohan’s shoes.
Lopa is making some designs on flour, making is look like snake kind of thing. Manu says finish it and come out, she says yes.
Manveer puts oil on floor near shows of team Rohan. Rohan says i didnt put oil in shoes. Manu puts oil on their hands too. Manveer puts egg yolk in Bani’s shoes.

Manu slowly puts water on Rohan’s back. Manu asks Bani to close your ears. Bani does and looks down. Manu throws water with full force on her face, Bani looses balance and her hand gets displaced from red mark, she is pulled back by bungee cord, Rohan who was standing beside her looses balances and slips down, loosing grip from red mark and falls down too. Manu says yes, Manu and Manveer cheer. Manveer says great. Manu comes to Lopa that i made Rohan and Bani loose. Manu says to Manveer that Rohan lost like me without doing anything and slipped. Manveer says he slipped. Manu says Mona i am coming to you, she smiles.

Manu takes Mona’s mic away. Manveer brings water, Manveer pours water on Mona, Mona says i dont have problem with water, Manu says bring one more bucket Manveer, Mona says i dance in rains, i dont have problem with water but harness is pulling me back with force, Lopa helps Rohan takes off his helmet. Manveer pours more water on Mona. Manu says i will splash water on her face. Bani says Lopa is going to do something, Lopa says i am nod doing anything. Bani says to Manu that she nominated herself twice for you and you are doing this with her? Mona says no issue. Manu splashes water on her face. Manveer puts ketchup on her hand. Lopa brings out plate on which has made snake with flour, she puts it on Mona’s table to scare, Mona gets little frightened but keeps firm grip on mark, Manveer says she was making this since morning, Lopa laughs. Bani wipes Mona’s hands.

Manu says Rohan fell due to fright of Bani. Manveer says how he got frightened? Manu says when i splashed water with full force on Bani, Rohan got scared and lost balance, Manveer says Rohan lost all tasks in oversmartness, Bani mimics Rohan’s anger, Manu laughs.

Manveer puts egg on Mona’s hand, Bani says we eat it so its not dirty, Mona says i am not able to do it anymore. she leaves mark, Lopa says welldone. Bani and Manveer pulls her from harness. Rohan congratulate Manu’s team.

Manveer says to Manu that Rohan does everything but keep putting blames on others, he shows his true colors in tasks but then comeback calling you brother.
Rohan says to Lopa that Bigg boss made me learn how to accept defeat, Lopa says winning or losing is part of game, no man everytime wins, Rohan says it gives me motivation to do more good in next task.
Bani is wearing Gaurav’s upper, says to Mona that my motivation was to win, i love to do challenges with fun, Mona says i put my strength, Bani says this game is like that, people will say that why i didnt do physical task but Manu threw water with so much force.

Bigg boss congratulates Manu, Manveer and Lopa for winning task. Bigg boss says as per we told you that this task will affect last nominations and the affect is that ROHAN, BANI and MONA ARE NOMINATED, whoever is safe this week from Rohan and Mona will be nominated next week. Manu, MANVEER and LOPA ARE SAFE from next week’s nominations and are finalists of this season, they cheer happily. Bani congratulate them and says Manveer took you guys to finals, Lopa says we contributed too, Bani says he wa best between three of you.

Manu says the way Manveer played, nobody played but i did my efforts by making two players of your team leave, Manveer did great efforts, bani says you guys had advantage of Manveer being in your team.
Manver calls Manu, Manu comes, Manveer says in camera that see my family and his family that we are in finals.
Bani says to Rohan that Manveer played really well. Rohan says we had advantage as we knew what was coming, Bani says we didnt know they would throw water with so much force, it was not easy, Rohan says if we knew that our turn would come too so we would have done task like that, Bani says it was clear that both teams would have turns.
Manu says to Manveer that he said same thing that i didnt do anything in task, Manveer says so what did Rohan do in task? he doesnt have brain, he thinks that i take injections?
Bani says to Rohan that nobody is giving Manveer credit, Rohan says they got advantage because of him only, Bani says they are lucky.

Bigg boss ask inmates that mutually choose one contestant from both teams whose performance was worst in task and will go to jail. Manu says oh shit. Manu says Lopa got distracted too fast in task which was not good for us, Manveer says Lopa reacted too fast, Lopa says but Manu lost task first, Manu says i lost because of your act. Manveer says i take Bani’s name too, Rohan says if Lopa is going to jail then send me too, Manveer says only Bani and Lopa dont get along so we should give them space and send them both to jail, Bani holds her head hearing it. Lopa says Manu left task first so i take his name and i take Bani’s name because from her team, she took hand off first. Manu says we will send Bani with you to jail. Manu says me and Manveer are voting for Bani. Rohan takes his name, Bani says Lopa took my name? she laughs, Lopa says i dont want to go to jail with her, all laugh, Manveer says you dont have choice to choose jail mate, and season is ending so you both leave house on good note, Lopa says i dont want to sort, i want to talk to Rohan, i have to spend time with him, he is leaving, Rohan says look at her confidence that i will leave for sure, Manu says if Lopa and Rohan are agreed to go to jail then fine, Rohan says i am fine to go. Manu says Bigg boss this swani couple is going to jail, Bani snickers, Manveer says Rohan is taking his name only, Rohan says i thought i could make my team win but i couldnt so give this reason, Manveer says this is not good reason that Lopa is going so i will go to jail too, Manu says we all voted for them so take their names only, Manveer says Bigg boss Lopa and Rohan are chosen, Bigg boss says you yourself is not satisfied with these names Manveer, you are captain and should decide firmly. Manveer says i want to send Lopa and Bani, Bani says you are just sending us for your fun, this is not justified reason too, Manveer says Lopa gets aggressive in tasks, Lopa says Bani is going to jail because she lost first from her team so Manu should go from our team, Manveer says we are giving our reasons, Lopa says if you want to send only Lopa so take my name, Manveer says we wont say like that because you are not so important that we will send you to jail, when we were trying to make them leave task, you were busy making snake, Lopa says so what? when Manu left task, i was there in task, Manu says we are not interested in sending you to jail, you want to go to jail yourself, Lopa says what is this logic that send Bani if Lopa is going to jail, Manveer says dont know how you reached finals, you dont understand anything, Manu says dont say rubbish, Lopa says lower your volume. Manveer says dont tell us about volumes, Manveer says i take Lopa and Bani’s name, Bani says i put efforts in making your team leave. Lopa says me and Bani will go to jail, if all are voting for it, if i say that i wont go to jail then nobody can send me but i have got majority votes so i will go. Manveer says to Bigg boss that Bani and Lopa are chosen to go to jail, Bigg boss says Bani and Lopa will go to jail.

Manveer says to Rohan that they will talk and sort out in jail, Rohan says i dont think so. Bani comes there, Manveer says to Ban that become friends with Lopa, Bani says for you? ha ha.. Manveer says to Lopa that think you are entering first time in house, introduce and become friends till you both come out of jail, Manveer locks them in jail and leaves.

Bani says to Manveer that i am going to sleep before lights are off. Manveer says if you both talk then it will be good. Introduce yourself, i am confused why you both are miffed? Lopa says dont know, Bani lies on bed, Manveer says lets leave them.

Lopa says to Rohan that i feel you are uncomfortable, go to sleep, Rohan says should i go? Lopa says dont think so much, goodnight, Rohan leaves. Bani and Lopa are lying on their beds. Lopa is silently weeping in her bed and tries not to sniff.

Bigg boss says its time for Bani and Lopa’s punishment to end, free them from jail. Manveer comes and opens jail, Bani and Lopa leaves. Manver has injury on shoulder and is limping due to injury on leg too because of yesterday’s task.

PRECAP- Shahrukh Khan will join Salman on stage on weekend ka vaar. Salman says to shahrukh you are criminal and are alleged to have stolen 151gram gold, SRK laughs, Salman says you were seen dancing when thief was stealing, SRK laughs.
Farah Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Karan Johar and Ganesh will join SRK and Salman on stage. Farah says to Salman that Mona got married, she had boyfriend for 8years, Karan says what boyfriend? she was having fun in house, Farah says she got married, Karan says two in one scene was going on, applying lipstick wont make you married, all laugh. Manveer has mobile and he is in smoking area, SRK calls Manveer and gives secret task to him, SRK says i am giving you secret task, you have to hide two trays of eggs in store room infront of Bani, wanna know who i am speaking? he says yes, SRK says i am Shahrukh Khan speaking, Manveer is speechless and says Sir love you. Manveer comes in kitchen and takes two trays of eggs, Bani says where are you taking it? dont do this, what is this nonsense? Manveer tries to put eggs in store room, Bani says dont take eggs, SRK sees this on TV and says Bani will cook Manveer in her breakfast now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. congrats Rohan fans.. Mona is going to leave house this weekend… Rohan is saved… ? Kanchi has tweeted…

    1. ARK

      Ah!! No need to be…he can’t survive against bani.

      1. well I’m telling he is safe for THIS week… don’t know about next one..

    2. wow!! 1st time I’m first one to comment here.. hihihi!!! a big Congratulation to me!!!!??????????

  2. ARK

    Mona survived for the longest…wow!!!
    Manu n Manveer were too harsh on bani.I think Rohan deserved the punishment coz he was caring 4 lopa all the time.

    And yeah it’s true that lopa n manu got advantage without doing much. I think they should choose on individual performance.

    Manu has very well used Mona to escape nominations. I wanted him to get nominated. Manu is the most manipulative n cunning member n that’s how he has survived till now. I hope not to see him in top 3.

    I m very much confident that bani will survive this nomination too.

    At last happy about what manu n manveer did to lopa. They showed their true colours.
    Lopa should learn to respect friendship.

    All n all bani stands out and deserves to b a winner.

  3. Many are saying Manveer is the scripted winner. Honestly, at this point of time I feel Manveer deserves to be the winner. He was just “superb” this week. Possessing a true sportsman spirit he maintained his smile till the end, even when he was bearing the pain. Hats off… U go man.

    Secondly, Manveer proves he is not the “jaani dushman” of Rohan. If this was Lopa n if Bani was in Rohan’s position, Lopa would always take Bani’s name for sending to jail. But this was Manveer. He did what he felt was right.

    #Godbless, eta sotti khub valo khobor. Mona r jonno kharap lagbe but still sara kolkata or jonno khub khusi. Rohan deserved to stay, he is also good, but not the main lead I feel. Manveer should win, Rohan should come second.

    1. hi Aarohi.. Mona ke aamaro ekhon khub bhalo lage.. kintu o kaalkei leave korchhe.. kintu eta khub khushir khabor je Bengal theke keo over 90 din survive korechhe.. and oke notun jibon er anek anek subhechha…?. by the way aapnar Mona ke chhara ar kake bhalo laage/laagto???

      1. Hlw Godbless. My all-time favourite is Manveer. The fact which I like about him the most is that he is very sporting n friendly.
        Mona k just amar valo lage, she is not a favourite. Tomar?

      2. well Manveer amaro favorite.. and hope he will be the winner.. tachhara Nitibha o favorite chhilo… especially their chemistry I used to like the most..?. ar bakider moddhe Mannu ke chhara baki sobaike motamuti valoi laage…

  4. What the hell is this???? why Bigg Boss sent Manu and Lopa directly to finale??? It was Manveer who completed the task and did all the hard work. Manu and Lopa only got a free ride behind him. Bigg Boss has been really biased this season. They just want to keep two commoners and two celebs in finale and that’s why they saved Manu, and they saved Lopa because she was giving more content than Rohan. It’s very unfair for Bani and Rohan. Mona will get evicted tomorrow but next mid-week eviction will be between Bani and Rohan, I really wanted Rohan and Bani to be in top 2 but now one will get evicted before finale. It’s tough road for Bani now. Lopa fans will support Rohan. Manveer and Manu fans also hate Bani and will support Rohan. Gaurav fans can also vote for Rohan as they think that she used her as a doormat. Kaanchi, Karan and Hina fans will also support Rohan. Bani has no support like that. Hope Gauhar asks her fans to support Bani.

  5. Bani and Rohan did really well in tasks, but it wasn’t much entertaining like previous day. Lopa is getting irritating with each passing day.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Don’t worry Luna Bani will be safe , because bani have the highest fan following among bani, Rohan or Mona. And also in social media most r bani fans i think 60% r bani fan only , and if bani gets evicted b4 finals then no one will spare bb ? bb already got scared seeing the response of Rohan fans when they heard he got evicted ? whereas later turns out to be Mona

  6. manu doesnt deserve to be in final now bani or rohan anyone can be finalist not fair wat mannu did in the house except backbitting idiot *****

    1. How many of u r exited about weekend ka war this time

      1. ARK

        Yeah dear, I’m very excited. SRK-salman together with Sunny!!! It will b very exciting to see the trio.
        Jhalak team is also coming. But I have learnt that Teriya is the winner…I mean really!!!!

  7. who is manveer and manu to decide that lopa is deserving finale or not? manveer just won one task that was physical. if khali was here he would have won too. this doesnt mean manveer wins big boss

    1. Manu and Manveer contributes more than half of an episode. They joke, fool around, gossip, fight, talk about others, etc whereas Lopa has only one thing to talk and only one person to talk to(mostly Rohan) about Bani. So relatively they are more deserving than Lopa. Imagine half an hour of Lopa every day, all of us will get quite bored.

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        I like Lopa but frankly speaking in that 30 mins 25 mins she will do make up ??? then it would become make up tutorial show instead of reality show ?

  8. lopa, rohan, manu and bani are more deserving then manveer. manveer is selfish and just used manu always.

    1. “Your love makes me strong, your hate makes me stronger “-Manveer (©CR7).

    2. I think either you are a blind or you are a unjustified character …You didn’t see how manveer give his best in task .he deserves to be the winner also .he proves several time that he deserves to be winnner of bigg boss 10.What lopa did in task

    3. joke of the day

  9. O no…..??..yeh week nahi toh agle week rohan out hojayega…..bcz i know bani has more votes ??????

  10. Lopa is loosing her cool and she is trying to get a lot of footage due to Rohan. It isn’t fair that all three went to finale. Manveer is a given as he earned the ticket to finale and he did a good job at the task for over 4 hours. What did Manu and Lopa do to reach there. They should bee in the pool for nomination for next week and not just Bani and Rohan depending on who goes out this week. Hope and pray for a change.

    1. Cherry blossom

      Agreed. I hate Lopa and manu?

  11. Manu did not deserve to go to the finale. He is very manipulative. He always back bites Rohan and Bani and when he gets a chance also Lopa. He will do what it takes to push himself even if he has to walk all over Lopa and Manveer – he has gotten worse after Salman told him he should stop gossiping.

  12. Dono wtz going on in t glass walled house….couldn’t BB give an individual task ….I mean seriously y did he put rohan n Mona in baniz team…… BB knows v well tat Mona vl support mannu- manveer( but she did well when it was her turn) n rohan who was busy with his friendship ( kuch bhi ho Jaye bhai dosti top priority Hai!!)

    It was really unfair shd hv given individual task after all its about finale…oh god!!!!hope bani makes it…

    Overall I can say tat BB’s motive was to nominate bani n Rohan (as they r on top 2 positions acc to popularity ) ….they will get huge no. Of votes n bb’s bank balance vl increase.. Hahaha. N n n at last bb’s dream of evicting rohan vl come true…….
    Fed up vth dis scripted show……

    Juz hope to c bani in t finals….love u bani…..

    1. juz making money through voting..

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      ??? bb is very smart bb always wanted 2 commoners and 2 celebs in finals since that was the concept of this season (but i don’t see what’s the problem there are 3 celebs and 1 commoners in finals, at least all 4 r not celebs the way commoners were getting evicted), bb knows all will definately vote in finals no matter who r the finalists and they know bani-Rohan have highest fan following so bb took advantage and nominated these two and also cancelled Rohan’s punishment only to get him nominated again

  13. bani dint go to such an extent of hurting their faces wid water….and this team……guys lets boycott bb man…totally unfair….manveer did all the hardwork and manu and lopa just took the credit….dumb…..

  14. Gd morning to everyone this is not good yeah manveer did a great job in the task but what did lopa and manu do in the task? But i think that was a team task thats why they go straight into the final

    and wow srk my all time favorate bollywood acter will come today karan arjun aa gaye haha superstar srk will promote raees

    and GODBLESS is rohan safe from eviction?

    1. Oh myyyy gooood am also a big fan of srk actually i am a silent reader and lover you all friends comment but today as you wrote you are a big fan of srk so i comment and good morning to you also kp and yes mere karan arjun aa gaye i think we should be friend like karan arjun what you say and may i know the full form of KP

      1. Full form of kp is prateek nice name sonika and yeah we are friends like karan arjun

    2. yes kp.. his gf has tweeted… I mean for this week.. Mona is leaving…

  15. Cherry blossom

    Wtf?! Why splashing others with such great force?? Well done Bani because you left the task early or else you could’ve gotten hurt. I don’t want Lopa and Manu to go into final. Next week is going to be sad cause my fav Bani is nominated? do vote for Bani people. Vote as much as you can. She is the only one who plays insividually and and survive alone like a warrior. Do make her win the show since she totally deserves it?
    I like manveer too but not more than bani ? sorry not sorry?❤️

  16. Prettypreeti

    Hi guys…..
    Going to school.
    Have time so open it….
    Waiting for badshah and sultan

  17. oh no!!! Mannu in finale… he does not deserve yaar!! kuchh bhi kaho, he is still in house ONLY for Mona and Manveer!!.. they have saved him all the times, but still he did backbiting about them.. lol,.. Mona 1st time lasted long in task… well Bani tried a lot to win… according to me top 3 will be.. Manveer(100%), Bani/Rohan(whoever will stay, I think Bani) & Lopamudra(far better than Mannu).., but winner can be anyone, even hard to guess…

  18. Love you bani

  19. RANdomfANCreationz

    According to a poll, 50% thought Bani will survive in task most and 50% thought Rohan will survive in task most, so 0% for MonaLisa. Turned out to be MonaLisa ????. Which proves nothing is impossible ? What was Mona doing in the house these days? But today she did a good job in the task, but I feel she could have stayed longer. Looks like her Shaadi helped her ???. And now I am reading news that not Rohan, Mona will be evicted. Now who spread the Rumours that Rohan will be evicted ? Now only after watching the episodes we will know who actually gets evicted ?.
    So bani j is nominated, basically Rohan and Mona both r evicted in that case what was the need of mid week eviction by can just do double elimination and declare, LoBa and M2 as finalists ? Because bani have huge and immense fan following in social media all r writing about bani, not much for Rohan even though he receives a lot of votes. Besides Rohan fans, i m sure Lopa fans will vote for Rohan. But even then Bani have high chances. And if Rohan gets evicted besides Mona surely Bani have higher chances is in finals, even if some M2 fans may vote for Mona. But if Mona getting evicted news Is true in a way it’s good because she will happily go from there and Rohan is more deserving if we see performances based on entire season. I think this week Mona did better than Rohan. Rohan was already acting as if he is sure he will go which is why he got less interested and became the old Rohan. I hope as soon as Rohan gets saved he gets back to the new Rohan.
    But I don’t like the fact only because of the hard work of Manveer, Manu and Lopa also goes for the finals. That’s unfair. If Lopa/manu would also make it like Manveer then it was fine, but here it’s only Manveer. I think if I was bigg boss i would have introduced a task where bani and Rohan/Mona can get a chance to save themselves by defeating Lopa/Manu. ? But manu/Lopa gets a huge advantage thanks to Manveer ?
    Because only Manveer deserved to be in finals in terms of performance in this task. Not Manu and Lopa. I really wanted bani, Lopa, Rohan and Manveer in finals but that Manu Aunty took away one spot like that without doing anything ? Even mona is better than that Aunty. So now either bani j or Rohan will be in finals ? Or maybe Mona if Rohan gets evicted I was quite sure bani-Rohan-Manveer will be in TOP 3. If I have to choose between bani or Mona i will choose bani (Mona is a nice person but she herself is not interested) but between bani and Rohan will be a tough call for me but I will choose rather choose Rohan (bani doesn’t perform in tasks) over bani (she is real but tasks r important to survive in bb house). But even if Bani goes to finals and Rohan in TOP 5 i will still be happy 🙂 but that Manu Aunty ? I don’t mind if he was in TOP 5, but he went to finals ? (I don’t like manu because he backbites a lot and takes advantages of other, i used to like him but idk what happened with him later on)

  20. RANdomfANCreationz

    I m liking Manveer day by day he wanted to send bani and Lopa to jail which he did so that they can sort out their differences but sadly that didn’t happened ? If Bani-Lopa had a friendship story Rohan would have been the villain ???

  21. guys Lopa ki photos dekhi kya purani omg…

  22. bani ko kehete hai plastic face n all..jra pehli vali lopa ko to dekho…fir smjme ayega plastic face kise kehete hai…

  23. Manveer did al the hard work nd manu lopa got advantage direct to top4.. really manu doesnt deserves to b in ths is unfair wid wanted manu till fanale..if manu get nominated along bani rohan lopa defnitely manu bb did al this to save manu..

    Anyone noticed that since manu came back from his mother’s demise..he has not been nominated since 6 weeks…its been decided by big boss team everything scripted and favouring going acc. to script rohan ll b going out nxt mid week eviction.. top 4 manveer bani lopa manu..then manu out & nxt lopa [email protected] top2 manveer n bani..& the winner z manveer..script end..bye bye bb..

    manveer & bani both deserves title nd defnitely manveer ll win no doubt in that..but still i bani like more than manveer nd want her to win title..bani♥

  24. I am happy for manveer…he deserves to be in finale… what an awesome task yesterday…n he went through all the pain with a smile… that is the spirit…hats off….
    I support manveer n I am a fan of manveer….
    When he entered he was an arrogant, rude guy…but pure at heart…he has low down his anger and have changed for good…n he has performed his tasks too well..above all he was true and pure at heart and maintained his friendship… always loyal to his friends…
    I have seen people saying manu didn’t deserve n got into this finale with help of manveer…I am not a Manu fan and hate his b*t*hing…but today he too performed…agree yesterday he n lopa didn’t perform…but task was to remove the other grp from staying long, which he did v. Well…I think he performed n that’s why he is in…

  25. This is the biggest proof that BB wants to evict Rohan. The makers dont want the deserving contestants in Top 3. Manveer, Bani and Rohan deserves to be in top 3. But Manu and Lopa got free ticket to finale without any hard work. I was wondering if manu team would be there instead of Rohan’s, the team would have cancelled the task because the stand was not fixed when Bani was leaning on it and due to that only Rohan fallen down. I dont know why I think that the team has done something to those stands after 1st day so that Manu’s team would win and the makers would get all the contestants they want in finale and not the deserving one. First they distributed the teams like this and then Manu’s team got advantage for going on 2nd day and then the stand was not fixed properly for team Rohan’s chance. All these facts just prove that BB wants to evict Rohan and the show is scripted. And what the makers wanted to prove by cancelling whole season’s nomination for Rohan when they had already decided to again nominate him. Just wanted to become good in everyone’s eye and to prove and the show is not scripted. But everyone knows that BB is partial with Rohan from the start. I really hope to see Rohan win this season or if not that atleast he should be top 3. He is a really strong person and deserves to stay till last. Everyone can see that apart from BB.

  26. I laughed allot what lopa did in yesterdays task, by the time she completed her snake both bani and rohan left the task. After that also she used that snake on mona which make me even more laugh seeing lopa, manveer and monas reaction.
    I am lopas the way she used to entertain made me laugh allot.
    She used to behave like common man , she used to fight or throw anger who are against to her.
    Lauvhing and entertaining
    She is entertaining and way she used to be is dildar

  27. Vote for manveer ….support the commoner

  28. Manu, manveer and lopa were in top three, what i guessed before and thanks to bigboss for making this season best ever.

  29. bikash daulagophu

    bigboss seems doesnt use his brain too much for this season , so easily cntestnt r getting finale , bigboss just think abt last season whn you made whole india emotional whn keiser n prince did their task for tocket to finale ….use n bring some interesting emotional entertaining task, though contestant r not able to creat such drama its ur duty to bring n create such scene …..bekar mein hamlog ka timepass karwa rahe hain……..watching bigboss only for BANI bytheway

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