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Bigg Boss 10 1st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 16
Inmates wake up and dance to song haseena.

Swami says to Manu that we dont have to do household task while doing task, Naveen doesnt have to work as he is not nominated so tell me strategy, Manu says we will keep them scared psychology, we will discuss later, Swami leaves. Manveer says he gets insane, why he is asking for plan when he will go to jail, he should chill.

Gaurav reads task ‘king and queen’ to inmates. Commoners will be royal family while celebs will be royal staff, royal family have to keep their respect and own this house and rule it while royal staff will have to follow orders of royal family and to keep them happy. King will be Swami and Manveer will be his son prince and Niti will wife of Manveer and underqueen, all sequel. Lokesh will be daughter of Swami and princes and Naveen will be her husband, all laugh and clap. Gaurav says Manu will shrwed and cunning uncle of family. Royal cooks of kitchen will be Lopa and Karan, chief minister will be Gaurav, bodyguard of king will be Bani, all laugh. Gaurav says royal entertainer will be Rohan, Gaurav says keep playing guitar. Mona and Rahul will be royal servants. This task will effect nominations and ownership of house. Inmates go to get costumes from store room. Naveen says to Swami that you will control everyone.

Gaurav says to Karan that i am royal advisor, i can advise both teams.
Swami asks Manveer asks to tell him what to do as king, i didnt do anything before. Manveer says whatever you want , for that call me, dont call Manu, if you try to play any game then i wont spare you. Swami says to Naveen that is there any role of son in law in mahabharat? Naveen says son can kill father so son in law protects him.
Manu says to Swami that you will be king soon so eat before. Swami says my bodyguard is strong, Manu says you will get killed if you dont listen. Manveer says bodyguard will live and king will be murdered. Manu says he get will get killed on puranmasi night(night of the full moon) or we can lock him in jail.

Gaurav is in confession room. Bigg boss says to him that you are given secret task, you can see camera and there are situations written on paper which your team have to capture secretly in task, you can beome owner of this by clicking more pictures which we require. Gaurav reads picture situations they have to capture.
1. to capture Lokesh crying.
2. Swami in jucuzzi with female.
3. Mona kissing Manu on cheek
4. Manveer and Niti’s slow romantic dance in pool.
5. Karan giving oil massage to Naveen.
6. Swami wearing Rahul’s clothes.
7. Niti wearing make up as joker.
8. Bani throwing Lokesh in pool.
9. Rohan helping manu to change clothes.
10. two female servants making Manveer eat fruits.
11. Makeover of Manveer.

Bigg boss says that if commoners get to know that there is secret task then you will be disqualified.

Celebs are making strategy in lounge while commoners are making it in bedroom.
Gaurav shows situations they have to click.
Manu asks we should discuss strategy, where is king? Manveer says he died, they laugh.
Gaurav says to his team that we have to create situations and someone from our team will capture it.
Manveer says to Manu that Gaurav is discussing something with them, Manu says if they try to play game with us then they will be gone.
Gaurav says we should start with making eat fruits.
Manu says to Swami that you wont do anything, you should order around, and call for water to wash hands, dont do any work, tell Manveer anything daddy, Swami says call me pitaji, Manu says ask for anything you want to eat or drink. Swami says this uncle will destroy our reign, Manu says dont know how Swami became king. Mona comes there and hugs Manu from behind, she says say anything today, Manu says i am dead today.

Swami takes his position on throne in lounge while Bani stands beside him as his bodyguard. Royal family sit on their thrones. Gaurav is wearing shawl and keeping camera under it. Naveen says to Swami that if you want to say something secret then send Bani your bodyguard away. Swami says i dont want to talk to spoiled son of mine. Gaurav says to Mona we will make strategy. Swami says to Bani that tell me things i ask you secretly. Manu says he is starting weird, Manveer says he doesnt want Bani to leave his side. Lopa asks Niti if she want her breakfasT? Niti says yes. Swami asks Gaurav if he can keep his bodyguard near him? Gaurav says as you want.

Commoners come in bedroom. Manveer says to Swami that this is how you will do task? Manu says listen to me, be in character but Rohan is sleeping in our meeting hall, they have started to irritated, and Swami is saying he will take advise from Bani, she is from other team, Swami says she is my bodyguard. Naveen says you want to win or be king? Swami says i want to winm Naveen says let Manveer handle everything in task then, Swami says but he is my spoiled son, Manveer says i am spoiled for them, Niti says let Swami play as he wants, Manu says why you want to break unity of team? he can eat or take bath as he want, Niti says let him do task as he wants. Swami says why will i give footage to Manveer? Manveer says discuss things with us, Manu says Bani will forward our plans to them so keep her away. Talk secretly to each other, make them do household works. Naveen says Swami will give orders but Manveer is his son and can change his orders. Niti says lets start task, stop this lecture, Manu says you want us to fight there infront of them? Niti says task is starting, Manu says then you go and sit there, Niti says dont shout on me, Manu says bug off, Niti says dont tell me what to do, why you are screaming? talk nicely, he says you dont deserve it, get lost, she says you get lost.

Commoners are sitting on thrones. Swami asks Manu to sit beside him and let Niti sit at end. Niti says i dont like your orders Swami. Gaurav says you are queen of other family that got married in this family, your family wouldnt like your father in law talking like this with you, niti says yes i dont like his orders. Swami asks Gaurav to leave, Niti says he is talking to me then he will leave, Manveer says king is ordering him, you cant deny him, Niti says i am underqueen too, you have to respect my orders, i asked you to let him stay here then whats your problem? Manveer says we can say anything we want. Niti says keep your tone low when talking me, Manveer shouts that she is no one to tell him how to talk, Niti says why you are yelling at me? you are no one to yell at me, Manveer says keep your orders to you, Niti says you ill-mannered man doesnt know how to talk to women, Bani asks Manveer to calm down, dont yell. Niti says to Lokesh that seeing this family, i can see how daughter in laws are disrespected in this country. Swami says to Manveer(Prince) that wife should follow orders of her husband. Niti(Princess) says who said this? these are your s*xist views, daughter in law can do anything what she wants. Niti tries to read instructions, Naveen takes it from her, Niti says why you took it from me? he says there is importance of king, dont break it, Niti says who are you take it from me? Naveen shouts to not take importance of king, all laugh, Naveen shouts again that king has important, Niti says dont yell at me again, dare you to yell at me again, Manveer says is this test? Niti says i didnt talk to you, this family doesnt know how to respect women. Lokesh says to Swami that we will follow your orders, give chance to others. Swami says i have become like this because of giving chances to others.

Manu says to his team that Niti is nominated and she cant make issues with celebs as she thinks they will be helpful in future and she wants to impress them so she is making scene with us. Swami says to Manveer and Naveen should irritate servants, we will give Niti divorce, Manveer says she is not in character, she wont listen. Mona comes there and hugs Manu, she says Manu left me away. Rohan says to Manu that servants cant hug owners like this, Manu says and who is telling this? a servant himself? Gaurav and his team are waiting for Mona to kiss his cheek, they are discussing that Mona didnt inform us before going to him, we are not even ready with camera, Lopa asks to go with camera, she can kiss him ssoon. Niti says to Manu that uncle is flirting with servant, he doesnt have standard, Mona says i like this uncle. Mona kisses his cheek. Rahul says they are taking advantage of our servants. Manu says shit.. dont air this, please dont.

Mona says to Manu that you are scared that kiss will go on air? he says i dont care about anyone, we know what we are doing but we will have to explain people in future, we will have to live with them, you will live with them, Mona says we are not doing anything in hiding, i kissed you as friend, if i can hug you then i can kiss. Manu says they will put you in jail for kissing me, you are servant and crossing line in their eyes, Mona says servants are for these pleasures only.

Lokesh says to Manveer that what Naveen is doing? just sitting on throne. Gaurav says he doesnt get ideas, Lokesh says he is torturing us with ideas. Manveer says he is your husband so you should no, Lokesh says i dont know about him. Manu says we should put him in jail, Gaurav says we should have more jails, why wait for three days? put king Swami in jail now, Manu says nobody should go to meet him in jail. Manveer says yes why wait for so much time to put him in jail when he has to go in end? all laugh.
Gaurav comes to Swami and says your royal family is preparing to send you to jail at the end of task, i am your royal adviser so its my duty to inform you, Swami says i will make them loose task then, i have told them, Gaurav says i just told you that they were joking, Swami says then i will give ownership to you people if they keep this.

Gaurav says in camera that Rahul will try to make Swami wear his clothes now.
Rahul says to Swami that they are forcing me to wear this cloth, i dont know why they are torturing me. Swami says they will do anything but i am going to give ownership to your team in end, Rahul says dont do that, i dont need ownership, just wear this cloth or else they will make me wear it. Swami says i dont have to wear it, keep it in your bag now. Bani is reayd with camera. Rahul says just wear it for once, Swami says i dont need it, Rahul tries to make him wear forcefully, Swami says you cant do it. Bani says you cant force king to wear like this, go from here, Rahul leaves.

Lopa and Mona is going to try to make Manveer eat fruits with her hands as per situation to be captured. Lopa and Mona puts fruit in Manveer’s mouth, it falls from his mouth, Niti says i dont like they making you eat. Gaurav is capturing picture hiding from them. Niti says you both leave, Lopa and Mona leaves. Gaurav says welldone girls, i took picture.

Manveer says to Rahul that what you did with king? Swami says he tried to suffocate me with cloth, i was choking. Manveer says you want me to kill him? Gaurav comes there and says i dont know what you are saying to anyone, your servant Rahul became physical with king, he touched king. Rohan says he is not king but dramaqueen. Swami says this is part of plan to kill me. Rahul says you cant keep saying anything on Tv that we are trying to kill you. Swami says you came here with intention to kill me. Rahul says i am standing here, lets see who will put me in jail, Manveer says you are taking him differently, you think that if servant is coming near king then it is threat, Manu says you have to go to jail, Rahul says i am ready to go, Niti says problem is that you tried to forcefully make him wear clothes. Gaurav takes Rahul to jail. Rahul asks if they captured when he was making Swami wear that cloth? Gaurav says yes, Bani have clicked it, Bani says yes i clicked all stages.

Manveer is holding Lopa’s hand, Niti says he is holding hand of servant, i should die, she hugs Manu and cries, all laugh. Mona says what is this? she starts crying, Lopa says its okay Mona, these men are like this, dont trust them, they are cheaters. Manveer tucks his hand with Lopa’s arm, Niti says she is breaking my house. All are laughin. Swami says to Naveen that they are breaking royalty. Naveen says they are having fun. Mona comes there and says i am pregnant with Manu’s baby, give justice to me, all laugh. Manu acts like cunning uncle walking with broken leg and says the one who is pregnant, i dont have any relation with that person, all laugh, Mona says i should die.

Niti has given task to Rohan to paint royal painting. Rohan is painting. Niti says you are not even seeing that pain is dripping. Niti says make painting red.
Gaurav says his painting will not be rated, we are at deadend rightnow.
Rohan asks Lokesh to bring food for him, Swami says you are ordering princess? Niti says put him in jail, he is not following orders. Rohan says its good to go to jail then to bear all this. Niti says call bodyguard, she destroys his painting with black brush. Rohan goes. Manveer says to Lokesh that you wont say anything against him? you like that much that you are smiling at him? Lokesh says i smiled slightly, Manveer says you are not in character, Swami says why you are showing love to others when you are married? Manveer says you are part of royal family, be serious, Lokesh says i smiled at painting, not at Rohan. Swami says i am spreading indian culture and you have broken it, Lokesh says what did i do? Swami says you are walking and listening to other man ignoring your husband. Lokesh says what about dancing with girl in morning? that is indian culture? you can do anything but if we do anything then i am insulting indian traditions? Lopa has listened all this.
Lopa says to her team that they are so scared of losing that beaving hysterically. Gaurav says enough of politeness and decency, if next task is physical then i am going to overpower them, we can have fun in our group. Lets go with oil bottles, we wont offer them massage directly, they will deny it first but we will say massage is for calming down.
Manu says to Niti that i am here to giving shrwed advises to Manveer and Lokesh. Celebs come there with oil, Gaurav says king you want massage? Swami says no. Lopa asks sweetly if Manveer wants massage of his beard? he says no, Manveer says go ahead, dont sell here, get lost, Lopa says dont talk to me like that, dont say get lost and all, Manveer says you are no prime minister, dont come near, Lopa says dont you talk to me in that tone, i am doing my work, Manveer says get lost, get lost, you cant tell me what i have to do, Lopa says why should i go? if bigg boss asked me to do something then we will do it, show these gestures to your mother and sister, Manveer shouts to not go on mother, Lopa says then dont go to near me too, Rohan tries to calm her, Lopa says you cant talk to me like that. Niti says he is just asking you to leave, why did bring his mother? Lopa says he cant treat lady like this, we are playing game, you cant insult us like that, we are not his real servants, to hell with your massage dude, i dont give a flying f*ck, she takes off her apron and says my team is taking your lead since morning but i wont, she leaves. Manveer says i just ask her to leave, Manu and Niti says you didnt do anything wrong.

Karan is giving massage to Naveen, its part of their secret task. Gaurav clicks their picture. Lopa is happy about it.

Swami sleeps on throne. Manveer says dont sit here anymore, it will affect your health, Niti says these celebs dont care about task or game so they are sleeping peacefully in bedroom while we are sitting here on thrones, not leaving them. Manu says we should sleep on thrones. Manveer says look at Swami, he is sleeping in sitting position and he is holding his turban since morning, see his dedication, cant people see it? Manu says we are sleeping on chairs while making them sleep on bed, what else can we do? Manu lies on floor. Manveer says Swami can be anything but he dedicated, he is showing examples, he is showing efforts, he is fighting with us, for us, for him, going to jail too.

PRECAP- Swami enters pool and swim. Swami sits in jacuzzi while Mona and Lopa give him bath, all clap for him, Bani is clicking pictures.
Bani pushes Lokesh in pool, she falls down and screams. Rohan goes in pool to bring her out. Swami alleges that Lokesh and Rohan are characterless, this is against indian culture, they should go to jail, end this game.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Manu and gaurav are playing good ..
    Lopa nominated so she is screaming against manveer …manveer was not done any thing wrong ..he only said go way .
    nitibha tries to be on celebs side ..she thinks that commoners are getting evicted and celebs are safe …
    Swami , nit and lokesh are dumb …manu said rightly that they dont have minds …

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    Today episode was okay okay. This task seems interesting. If anyone gets to know about this secret of sevaks from the maliks will confirm be manu Punjabi. ?his reaction though when Mona kissed him on the cheek. And task no.4 seems almost impossible ? Haha Niti and manveer they can’t even tolerate each other much and that too dance ?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      As for the precap till now celebs doing a great job hope they win and this baba is mental like how can he say this to Rohan and lokesh just because they r in the pool ? (unless if it’s part of task)

      1. rohan falling in pool is part of game to make lokesh cry….

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      I know is part of the game I am talking about baba not Rohan

    3. Prettypreeti

      Yes manu can now he is smart .
      Baba g makes too much of an issue.
      Akt part of game yes

  3. hrithik ka Fan

    celebs will win the task…and will become the maliks again…

    …coming to this episode. was funny one in the beginning then turned into heated arguments. …manu is the smartest of all the commeners not listening to him will make them loose the task…..commoners nitibha. ..swami. .are egoistic. ….nitibha is trying very hard to get footage but she is not succeeding. ..nitibha knows out of all the people nominated this week she is the weekest. ..and so trying very hard….

  4. hrithik ka Fan

    I have started liking manu punjabi because he is playing smartly. …He clearly told monalisa after that kiss to keep it as a game plan nothing more than that…I liked that…….and he is trying to guide commoners also but they don’t have enough mind to understand. ….If manu had entered the house as celebrity he would have made celebs win all the tasks because they play as a team unlike commoners. ..

    …For now my favourite is manu punjabi. ..

  5. Very small task given to celebs, so they may win. Manu do great…niti,lopa make themselves more poorer.

  6. Prettypreeti

    So now many think manu is doing good even me.baba ji ka circuit hilla hoya hai.
    Celebs will win I think .
    My fav manu until he is doing good .I think we all will see him in finals.
    Iss hafte lopa niti angry coz they r nominated

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