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Bigg Boss 10 1st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman comes on stage and welcomes everyone on stage. He wishes everyone new year. Salman says there is always fight for food in house, see this.

In Bigg boss house:
Manu says to Manveer that we will keep coffee, Gaurav says we used to keep it common, Manu says now we are dividing in groups, Gaurav says i dont drink coffee but dividing is wrong. Bani says this is common thing, there is no coffee today when i woke up. Lopa says i found in on kitchen table, Manveer says we will get everything we find now, Manu says we will divide fruits, Bani says i didnt any eggs, Manveer says you took your share of eggs, if you can do it then why not us? you want all to do what you want to do, you hided eggs, Bani says even i can allege you that you hide things, i never did anything like that, she walks away.

Salman connects call to house. Salman greets them and says BANI, GAURAV and MONA ARE NOMINATED, we will tell results later. Salman says lets start 2017 on positive note, you have to praise other inmates. Lets start with Swami, he asks Swami to praise Gaurav. Swami says Gaurav strangled my neck but.. Swami says dont try to make yourself bigger, praise them with heart. Swami says Gaurav is great actor and he has handled house very well, he has calmed me down and i like him most in house from heart. Salman ask inmates if Swami praised Gaurav from heart? nobody agrees, Swami says they are against me. Salman says you are one of kind. Salman asks Gaurav to praise Swami, should i give you hours to think about it? Gaurav laughs and says once in a while Swami is in good mood and laughs and his laugh is endearing, he laughs like kids, he gets naughty. Salman says i try to make him understand to be like that. Salman asks Lopa whom she wants to praise? Lopa says i want to praise Rohan, Salman says no no.. you have to praise Bani. Lopa says Bani is very disciplined, she takes care of herself a lot. Salman asks Bani to return compliment, Bani says Lopa cares a lot for people whom she get along with, she is always well dressed, meticulous in that manner, she is generous in sharing her makeup tips, she cooks really well, she likes to share her food. Salman claps for them.
Salman says there are only 4weeks remaining. Salman asks Manu who shouldnt be in top 5? Manu says Niti, Mona, Rohan, Swami shouldnt be in top 5, Niti is least present in house. Manu says i think Mona is going to leave today, Salman asks Mona, if she doesnt want to leave now? Mona says i look at inmates and all are perfect in task, i always lack behind, Salman says you have worked hard, you have worked in movies then why low now? Mona says i am confident in dancing and acting, Salman says you bear coactors then you can bear inmates too. Mona says i am heroine there so able to bear them. Manveer says Swami, Gaurav, Mona and Niti shouldnt be in top 5. Salman says Niti they are both are against you, Niti says they think i have different track, this journey have given me confidence. Lopa says i think Swami, Gaurav, Niti and Mona wouldnt be in top 5. Gaurav says Niti, Mona. Niti starts crying hearing it. Niti says i am sorry, Salman says its fine. Niti leaves. Salman asks Mona to not cry, Mona says i am not crying. Lopa pacifies Niti and bring her back. Salman says Niti dont cry, how does it feel that you are crying and Mona is laughing? Niti says it doesnt feel nice that you live with these people and they dont have confidence on me, Salman says you think you will go to top 5? Niti says i am fully involved in house, i try to keep things calm, Salman says like Gaurav? or like Lopa? threatening people that i will cut you, Lopa hides her face hearing it.
Salman says to Gaurav and Bani that you both got luxury budget task. Salman says inmates didnt find your answers genuine, you can ask one question to one inmate. Gaurav asks Manveer that you said you expect something from me, i dont expect anything from you then why you do? Manveer says Bani has her own routine, but your image is like driver of house, i just hoped you to maintain decorum of house, i didnt find it in case of Priyanka. Gaurav says i accept your answer, Gaurav says Priyanka was their leader in start but they didnt object, they go soft on Swami too, i tried to make Priyanka explain but she didnt fight with me, she used to accept her mistake infront of me, why i was asked again and again that why i didnt take stand. Manu says Priyanka was never leader, i was leader, she was my teammate so i had to be with her, Salman says you called her garbage on first day too, but you fight with them and then become fine with them again, like with Swami too. Manu says if someone apologize to me then i cant deny them, Swami doesnt apologize but he ask for food and i cant deny him, i will give food to person who cant cook, Salman says you people fight on different level, if someone who has earned reputation has fear to loose it so they behave well, have you seen Bani in roadies? she is changed here, there will be change in you when you go in next show, like Rahul and Karan never took fights to that level, Swami is naked man, his work is to shout and hurl at people, he will come out and will do fighting to come on Tv, Swami says my image is not like that. Salman says this is your performance? there is no acting in house, you should be genuine, you are like this inside and outside both. Salman asks Manveer that what you found wrong in Bani and Gaurav’s answers? Manveer says we wanted them to accept mistakes, they twisted things, there was no clear answer. Salman says you came here to find answers? Manveer says maybe we didnt like their answers. Salman says why Rohan said that he liked answers? Manveer says Rohan said that Gaurav is like brother. Manu says Rohan asked questions too but he went to Gaurav’s side when Gaurva come out. Salman asks if Bani and Gaurav were lying? Manu says my heart was saying that he was not saying truth. Rohan says they have judged Gaurav and Bani that they always twist thing without even listening them. Salman says i will call later, he ends call.

Salman says interesting task if storm happened. Clip plays, Swami’s fight with Gaurav is shown then Rohan’s fight with Swami is shown. Swami taking of his pants is shown then how Swami grabbed Rohan when he tried to enter igloo, clip ends.

Salman says many things happened in task which shouldnt have happened. Call is connected to house. Salman asks who are bruised? Swami says Rohan kicked my back, whole back is bruised. Salman says why you are like this? is anyone complaining other than you? Swami says they have planned to kill me, Salman says they will kill you infront of cameras? you have done a lot of things too, you keep sticks with you. Salman says to Manu that we saw how Swami played, dont you think that others were playing like Swami too, if Swami was sitting infront of igloo then why all others were competing with him? Manu says Rohan makes strategy to stand on one point in any task, Gaurav took stance to sit infront of Swami then Manveer and me sat infront too, if people of our age goes mad in task then Swami going mad in tasks is justified. Salman says you realised Swami made you people do what he wanted, he made you his puppets, even Gaurav sat infront of igloo, Swami irritated people so much that people got angry. Swami says i was dying in task. Salman says then why you do this? you know danger then why you go in there? why you provoke them? Gaurav says i was so irritated, i didnt want him to do what he wants, he always stop tasks. Salman says tie him somewhere before tasks. Swami says they tried to do anything. Salman says why you keep taking off pants? Swami says i was sweating, Salman says you are sweating in winters? you were wearing dirty underwear. Manu says most bad thing happened with me in igloo task, at lat moment Swami got stuck at entrance of igloo and kept trying to grab Rohan. Swami says if wanted to keep Rohan out then i would have used his weakness, Salman says tell us his weakness, Swami says he wont be able to live anymore, Rohan says no tell us, Salma says tell us Rohan’s weakness. Swami says if i peed on Rohan then Rohan would have run to take bath and would have left bathroom. Salman says you are saying you wanted to pee on him? Swami says no, Salman says you said that you can make him run away with peeing, then you can make me run with that too, Swami says you are my God. Salman says you are fake baba. Salman asks Manveer to bring cloth to tie Swami’s mouth or put finger on your mouth Swami, Swami does. Rohan says i never showed violence to Swami, Swami tried to grab me from igloo then i lost flower task because of Swami, i was trying to concentrate but Swami distracted me and i tried to keep calm but he made me get nominated for whole season, i noted that when Manu and Manveer takes action against him then he moves back so i thought to intimidate him by pushing him little, Salman says pushing happens in task as it happens in heat of moment but its not right either, but everything was finished then you coolly pushed him away, he irritated you to level that you couldnt control it, Swami says he slapped me to kill me. Salman says you dont trust me when i am saying you were not slapped? Salman says this man Swami has woken up Gaurav too, he is waking me up too, Rohan dont get involved in it, Rohan says how is it allowed in task? Salman says its not allowed but you pushed him after task, we believe it was wrong, we dont want to set this as example, i am bearing him then you do it, you are wrong to think that others are pushing others, Rohan says i was injured by being pushed, i did wrong too, Salman says dont follow wrong path, if they are doing shit then you dont do it, what happened with Priyanka? i asked her to leave my house, why you locked yourself in washroom? Rohan says i was crying in washroom, Salman says dont cry now, Mona see this, Mona laughs. Salman asks Lopa that you saw Rohan pushing Swami? Lopa says i didnt see it clearly, Salman says how you kept saying that Bigg boss is wrong to punish Rohan? Salman enacts Rohan pushing Swami. Swami hints that Rohan slapped me not pushed me only. Salman says now i will slap you Swami, i am showing everything. Salman says Rohan put force in pushing him then he took off mic, Lopa when you didnt see it then you kept saying Bigg boss was wrong? one thing is supporting friend but you are blindly following him, you need to know details of all this, one more thing that you were making fun on Rohan when he locked himself in washroom, it was not looking good on you, Rohan was upset and angry but you made him look small, you made fun of Rohan’s emotions. Lopa says i knew that Rohan pushed Swami but Rohan said that he didnt put hand on his neck, i told Rohan that it was wrong of him, if he wanted to cry then he could have gone to washroom but he was saying he will live in washroom for 30days which made me cry, i felt that this pushing happened before too but they were not punished but Rohan was punished. Salman asks didnt bigg boss discard tasks? or objected to abusive words? didnt he warn people? there is high pressure in tasks, Rohan did it after task. Swami says my hands were held by Manu. Salman says to Swami that did bigg boss ask you to take part in task? Swami says i was asked to help. Bani says Swami’s name was not written in task, Salman says there were rules that only Rohan and Manveer would participate, Gaurav says it was clearly written that no other inmate can touch flowers. Bani read it clearly. Salman says he is playing with everyone, he is clever, he thinks that negative publicity is publicity, Swami remain in limits, Swami says i am sorry for that, Salman says you do it every weekend, Swami says i remembered Naveen doing things against task rules. Salman says i am trapped by him too, he wants to take footage by talking to me, i would not talk to you from now on, i will not give you TRP more. Salman asks Rohan to control his temper, you had no right to do it, he doesnt give a damn about his image, he wants this image outside house, he wants to be on TV with this image, Swami this is our india, who are you to say that they are not Indians? why you have this thinking? they respect your age, Swami you have upset me man, he ends call.
Lopa says to Rohan that i was laughing on your antics, i wasnt laughing, i was just smiling on your kid like antics.
Swami goes in washroom.
Gaurav says to Rohan that Salman is taking your side, just leave it, he is trying to make you understand.

On stage, Salman says no medicine can make people like them to understand.
Salman says i like to discuss about Bigg boss. Salman welcomes Diandra Suarez and Amir Ali as guest panel. Salman says they are both following show closely. Salman asks diandra if she write notes? she says i see everything, Amir says all are celebrities. Diandra says i like Lopa and Manveer. Amir says i like Manveer, Lopa and Rohan but Rohan went ahead a little. Amir says i rewind when Gaurav dance in morning, its like he is different when he is dancing. Salman asks about Gaurav and Bani’s friendship, they are like husband ans wife after 10years, Diandra says its friendship of convenience, Gaurav tries but Bani is over emotional and does emotional blackmail, Amir says i feel bad for Gaurav, i think Gaurav is doing because he doesnt have choice, they wont talk outside, Salman says i hope, all laugh. Salman says we listened Diandra and Bani were roommates, Diandra says yes for almost one month, in Khatrom ke Khiladi, Salman says you both got along? Diandra says we got along really well, i thought she would be strong woman in house but she is self victimizing herself, if you keep walking out then people wont understand, this Bani is strange for me. Salman asks who are top 3? Diandra says Lopa, Manveer and Bani. Amir says Manveer, Lopa, Manu and Bani. Diandra says i didnt get four options. Salman greets them, the leave.

Salman connects call to house. Call is connected to caller of week. Caller says i want to ask Niti that you showed slipper to TV when Gaurav and Bani were shown on TV in question and answer task. Niti says it was a genuine mistake on my part, it was lack of judgement, i tried to keep it joking but i didnt realize it was weird, i didnt have wrong intention. Salman says joke can be disrespectful, Niti says i apologize for lack of judgement. Call ends.
Salman says to inmates that we will keep eviction suspense, you are safe for now, Salman asks Swami to keep silent, he ends call.

Salman says Bigg boss will give chance to inmates to increase prize money to 50lacs again. He signs off from show.

In bigg boss house?
Day 75
Niti says to Rohan that say anything to my face if you have problem, dont take digs at me, dont b*t*h about me to people, you went to Gaurav behind my back and said that i showed slipper to his face, dont do acts like immature aunties, i am being nice with you but you cant do this shit with me, its my perspective. Swami comes there, Rohan says now you have brought him, Niti says i didnt bring him, Rohan says dont shout.

Niti is sad.
Gaurav says to Rohan that Niti feels bad. Lopa says to Rohan that you shouldnt have told Gaurav about slipper thing, Rohan says dont force your decision on me, Lopa says its pointless discussion, she leaves.

Bigg boss says to inmates that its time for eviction. Mona, Bani and Gaurav were nominated, one nominated inmate will get evicted today. MONA IS SAFE, all are stunned. Mona cant believe it, Manu and Niti hugs her, Manveer says great. Rohan congratulate Mona. Bigg boss says Bani or Gaurav will leave house. Bigg boss asks Gaurav and Bani to come in activity area. Manveer says to Mona that you will go far ahead in show. Rohan hugs Gaurav.
Bani and Gaurav comes in activity area. Bani says i feel like crying. They are shown on Tv. Gaurav and Bani sits on bench. Gaurav side hugs Bani, Bani says i am fine. Bigg boss says you three are together once again, Bani says three? Bigg boss says you, Gaurav and your favorite bench but for last time, you both started 75days back, you both became friends, your reltion saw all type of ups and downs, but it went through, your friendship will be reminded in Bigg boss history, lets see your friendship moments. Clip plays, Gaurav and Bani’s entry is shown, then Bani asking Gaurav about his matrimonial ad, Gaurav bleaching his eyebrows for Bani is shown, Bani destroying her favorite cardigan for Gaurav is shown, Gaurav nominating Bani is shown, Bani walking out on Gaurav is shown, their fights are shown, Bani blaming him that he nominates her everytime, Gaurav having problem with her style is shown, Gaurav saying sorry to Bani is shown, Gaurav sticking sorry sticky note on his jacket is shown (Bani says i was so happy when you did it), Gaurav and Bani’s date is shown, their weird dance is shown. Gaurav’s love letters are shown. Mona is crying seeing their journey on Tv. Gaurav and Bani’s random moments are shown, Gaurav saying that his journey would be incomplete without Bani is shown, clips ends. Bani and Gaurav both are emotional. Bigg boss says its time for one of you to leave house, Lopa is in tears too, Tv is turned off before they announce eviction, Rohan and Lopa are emotional. In activity area, Bigg boss says GAURAV IS ELIMINATED, BANI IS SAFE, Bani hugs him and says thank you, Bani comes out of activity area. All are weeping. Rohan hugs Manu. Manveer says finally Gaurav left, Manu and Manveer is emotional too. Manu says we shouldnt cry for people we fought with. Rohan comes to Bani and says we saw you both in activity area. Bani goes and locks herself in washroom.

PRECAP- Pairs will have to do nomination in confession room after deciding mutually. First pair is Nit-Lopa. Other pair is Bani-Swami. Swami says i nominate Bani, Bani says i nominate Swami, if you think i am Devi then listen to me, Swami touches her feet, Swami and Bani start doing sit ups, Bani touches his feet, Swami says i will die. Rohan says to Lopa that you think you are always right, Lopa says you keep telling to fulfill friendship, my foot, Rohan says you dont deserve good friends, Lopa says you never tell me what i deserve, she throws Rohan’s luggage on floor.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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