Bigg Boss 10 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 10 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 95
Inmates wake up to the song ‘Chale Chalo’. Inmates dance happily.

Vikrant and Mona are sitting in their special room, Vikrant says dont praise or say wrong to people now. Bigg boss asks them to come in confession room.
Manu says to Rohan and Lopa that we got to experience wedding infront of us.
In confession room, bigg boss ask how are they? Mona blushes and says we are good. Bigg boss tells them that it’s time for Vikrant to take everyone’s leave and make an exit from the house. Vikrant and Mona comes in house, all greet them. Manu hugs Mona and says you are grown up now as you are married. Vikrant hugs Manveer. Mona gets teary-eyed and with a heavy heart bids goodbye to her husband. Vikrant leaves. Manveer hugs Mona and says you are lion. Manu says Mona you didnt ask me and got married, Manveer says she married to get saved from Manu, i dont trust this Manu, all laugh. Rohan says it was show’s biggest moment.

Mona says to Bani that i feel changed, i have responsibility, i dont feel like dancing or wearing western dresses, Bani says she is acting like abiding daughter in law, make babies Mona. Manu says Bigg boss i got shot, very hard, Manu asks Mona to show her mangalsutra, she shows it, he says wow.

Manu says Mona is looking slim, Mona says i got slim, Mona says dont say all this, when we talk, it looks normal but it goes out of proportion later, Manu says you liked me as friend, what happened now, there was nothing in your heart, Mona says nothing is in my heart but people even commented that you wouldnt even look at me after leaving house, Manu says Piku didnt say it, Vikrant had insecurity and people increased it, you people were not married but had relation so he was insecure, you know Piku would be happily sleeping now, she should have thought before that we wouldnt do anything with each other when you are in relation with other people.

Bigg Boss introduces another challenging task that will give the contestants an extra edge to save themselves from the upcoming nominations which are last nominations, the team loosing will have disadvantage in last nominations. The housemates are divided into two teams- Team Manu consisting of Manveer, Lopa, Manu while Team Rohan consisting of Mona, Bani, Rohan. On the first day of the task, Manu, Manveer, and Lopa are tied to a bungee cord and are asked to put their hands on a red circle(mark) placed at a distance in the garden area. The trio has to stretch the cord and take a position next to the red mark with their hands firmly placed on it at all times. They have to make sure that the majority of their team members survive in the said position for the longest time and if they are able to do so, they get a special power to save themselves from the next nominations. Team Rohan which includes Bani and Rohan will try to force team Manu to leave that mark. Rohan’s punishment of being nominated every week has ended and he has chance to take part in task and save himself.

Bani says to Rohan that we can do anything in task, we can throw eggs too, Rohan says we have to make them leave mark soon, Bani says i will throw water on them, Rohan says lets see what we can do.
Manu says that we have to bear everything.
Bani says to Mona that first we will throw water, Mona says then oil, Bani says we can use eggs on them but i am reluctant about eggs, we will try everything.

As the task commencement buzzer rings, Bani and Rohan start irritating Team Manu. Bani says lets start irritating them. Rohan says do anything Bani. Rohan asks Manveer to have fist fight with him, Manveer says leave me on my own. Bani brings water bucket. Rohan asks where will you put on them? Bani says everywhere. Rohan says dont let water go in mic. Bani throws water on Lopa, Lopa says she is throwing water on my mic, Bani says she is keeping mic inbetween. Bani goes behind Lopa and throws water on her back, Rohan says put on her feet Bani, Bani says its clean water, Lopa says people show standard this way, Bani says you keep going on my standard, i am doing my task. Mona brings fake flowers and rubs on Manveer’s face, trying to irritate him in her way, all laugh, Manveer coughs and laughs. Rohan asks Lopa to leave mark. Bani brings water bucket again, Lopa says will you take our lives? Manveer says i took bath this morning Bani. she throws water on Manveer too, Manveer says do whatever you want to do man, we can bear all this too, Bani says this is spirit. Bani throws water on Lopa, Lopa throws water mug away. Bani throws whole bucket on Lopa. Manveer asks Lopa to focus on your mark, let Bani do anything.

Rohan and Bani brings few things, Manveer asks did you bring cat? Bani puts ice in back of all three, Bani puts ice in Lopa’s shoes too, Bani says this animal might bite me too, Lopa says you would do that, Bani says you already called me animal. Bani pours water on Lopa’s head. Manu says Bani you would loose your memory one day. Bani pours water on Lopa, Lopa throws mug away. Manver says Bani is putting on Lopa like she is cow.

Bani and Rohan are collecting oil, Bani says you would not put on Lopa, Rohan says i would do it. They bring oil in garden. Rohan says Bani be away from Lopa, she says okay you do it. Bani and Rohan pours oil on their hands holding marks. Bani says we can put oil on their feet, Lopa says my dress should not spoil, Bani says i cant care about that. Manu says our shoes are expansive, dont put inside it. Bani pours oil around Lopa’s feet. Bani brings curd. Bani says Lopa made it, what was this Lopa? She pours curd on Lopa’s, Manu’s and Manveer’s hand. She throws curd on Lopa’s dress too, while Bani is putting curd on Lopa, she brushes against Manu as a result of which Manu’s hand gets displaced from the red mark. Manu says i didnt get to know it, Manveer says you should have held mark tightly, Lopa says it was not acid Manu, Bani says Lopa you were flailing hands in air. Manu says i wanted to hold it whole nigh. Manu sits on floor and is miffed with himself.

Manu says i will keep holding mark even if i lost. Manveer says dont stand now, it will hurt you. Bani is pouring oil on Lopa’s hand, Lopa tries to snatch bottle from her, Rohan says Lopa you are loosing concentration by doing this. Bani is pouring curd on her head. Bani says her hand moved from mark, Rohan says Lopa your hand moved from mark. Bani says accept your defeat Lopa.
Bani comes in restroom and says to Rohan that people would curse me for all this but i have to do this for task, Rohan says i am supporting you. Bani says whatever you do with Manveer, i will do same with Lopa. Rohan puts conditioner on Manveer. Bani puts foam on Lopa’s head, face and hands. Rohan says Lopa your hand moved so leave task. Bigg boss says to Lopa that for which instruction you are waiting? you took off hand from mark so you are out. Lopa leaves mark. She says to Manu that cord was pulling me back a lot.
Bani is pouring water on Manveer. Lopa says can i support Manveer? she throws water from bucket. Rohan says dont go against rules, Lopa says you dont tell me that i cant support him, go away. Rohan says you are angry Lopa. Bani tries to throw water on Manveer but Lopa tries to take bucket away. Manveer says Lopa calm down, i will leave my mark inbetween your fights. Lopa takes ice pack which Bani had put on Manver’s hand and throws it in pool, Bani says oh my God.

Bani throws sand on manveer, Rohan throws water on him. Manveer says stop it Bani, its like Gaurav saying to you that i can stay without pani(water) but not without Bani, Bani says aww. Mona is trying to tickle Manveer with flowers, Manveer says do it anywere, if roadies type cant pull me away then how can you? Bani is pouring water on Manveer continuously.

Lopa says to Rohan that think long-term, Rohan says i know everything, you were angry when i put oil on your hands, Lopa says i wouldnt care if Bani did that but i didnt expect it from you, Rohan says if Bani would have done it then you would have shown aggression thats why i did it, i was thinking about your benefit only.
Manu says to Manveer that if they keep pouring water on you then you wont feel cold but if they stop then it wont be cold. Manver is drinking tea. Rohan comes from behind and pours whole bucket of water on his back, Lopa asks how is tea? Manveer says its great. Lopa says keep going Manveeray.

Lopa says i want to read rules. Bani is blowing air on manveer using rulebook. Bani says i am sorry i am doing task and cant give you rulebook, Lopa says i want to read what is allowed, Manu says she would get tired and will give you it. Lopa goes behind Bani and says i want to read rules, Bani says calm down. Bani is blowing air through rulebook, Bani asks Lopa to move away. Manu says Lopa she would give it. Rohan pours more water on Manveer. Lopa says to Manu that Rohan has started this first time, they would look.

Manveer is shivering due to cold now. Manu says let people see what commoner can do, you will be more strong Manveer. Manveer smiles. Mona is worried for Manveer. Manu is sad too seeing his state. Manveer is totally drenched, Rohan pours more water on him. Manu has tears in his eyes, Manveer is severely shivering, Lopa rubs his hand trying to bring heat to his hand, Rohan pours whole bucket of water on Manveer, Manveer screams and is breathing heavily, he chants for God, Lopa says Manveer dont go through all this nonsense, leave when you want to. Rohan laughs and pours more water on Manveer. Bani asks is he having fun? Manver says love you Bigg boss. Manu sings to support him, they sing Rock on song.

Manu shows plug and says to Rohan and Bani that if we do same task tomorrow then we can give you current too, Rohan says there is a lot that can be used, Manu says i have got motivation from today. Rohan says you never appreciate that we are doing minimum, Manu says you want me to appreciate all this? you are doing nothing that can be appreciated, i would appreciate Manveer, Rohan says why you are saying that you will use current? Manveer says Rohan use spice if you want, Rohan says we are not like this, we are not feeling and liking doing anything, we dont want to pour water on him too but we have to do it for task, thats my point, Manu says you just clear your point all the time. Bani pours water on Manveer, Manveer says stop it, he shivers and says see time Bani, Bani says leave it Manveer, why paining yourself?

Bigg boss says today’s time for this task has ended. Bani slowly pulls Manveer away from mark, Manveer falls down, all praise him. Lopa says i am proud of you Manveer. Manu says he is tiger, he pulls Manveer up, Bani says great job Manveer. Rohan says we had to be do task continuously too.
Bani and Rohan make strategy that they will hide things which other team can use.
Manu says to Manveer that now i have idea about task, i will use everything from toothpaste to red spice everything, Manveer says dont do it, Manu says no.

Bani comes in kitchen and starts hiding things which they can use tomorrow.
Manu says to Lopa that i have no limits now, i will use everything.
Bani hides oil behind sofa.

Manu calls Mona as sister in law, Mona says i dont know what to say, Mona sits on his bed, Manu is lying, Manu says come near, she doesnt and says i dont know what is going on, i cant do this, Manu jokes about bhoujpuri, Mona leaves. Manu and Manveer laughs and jokes more.

PRECAP- Lopa says to Rohan that i couldnt see what was happening yesterday in task, Rohan says we were doing task, not hurting anyone, Lopa says if you do something then have strength to bear that yourself too, Rohan says i am ready to bear more. Lopa says i will break eggs on faces now, dont do things if you cant bear it, it will happen with you too. Team Rohan starts holding mark next day. Team Manu tries to make them leave marks. Manveer says we can make their shoes slippery by using egg yolk, he put egg yolk in shows of Rohan, Manveer pours water bucket on Mona while Manu keep her mic away. Bani is drenched, Bani says its difficult. Manu throws whole bucket of water on face with force.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Prettypreeti

    Thabks atiba di…
    Manveer u rock man..
    Salute u..
    Bani j and rohan played acc to task but i am lil…… Upset ..

  2. yasmin saultana

    This bani is BL******dy . she always irritate Lopa.but this tym lopa also loss her Patience .feel bad for maveer .i love u let’s see wht is going to happen tomrw .its tym to give back the good things which rohan and bani had gave in todays episode.i just hate u bani

    1. NikkiTa

      she is playing task

  3. Prettypreeti

    India won..wohooo..
    Gud night
    Hope i m first 2 comment

    1. yeah..yuvi n mahi superb well fav ms♥ virat♥ if morgan was there till end then eng would hav won d match..

  4. Aarti32

    Manveer was fabulous today..He has so much strength n patience..N even in such a tough situation, he was cracking jokes, I mean r u serious!! But Manveer was already in finals, so y did he hv to do all dis task n all??

    1. Simran99

      hi aarti manveer is not in finale . he is in finale week . finale week m bhi ek mid week eviction hota hai ye task uske liye hai

      1. Aarti32

        Oh my God!! So many tasks!! I’ll faint yaar

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Areh yaar now bb is a bit unfair to Manveer because he won ticket to finale bb never said there will be nominations b4 finals who won ticket to finale and I suppose ticket to finale means using ticket to go to final. If Manveer still doesn’t goes to final, and have to save himself from
      Nomination , that should be called immunity instead of ticket to finale in that case it’s unfair to Manveer. And I suppose he is the only one among the entire 6 contestants who managed to keep his hand at the mark, so at least in that terms i think bb should save him so that he goes to the finals

      1. Aarti32

        Yes..I agree..Bb is unfair..Dat too many a times..Thank God Manveer is strong n patient, otherwise he wud hv lost yaar

  5. truth hurts...

    Bani j’s thinking and doings in tasks…..
    1. Luxury budget task- “Man i’m backing out man! I wont do that task….”
    2. Any task for the benefit of whole house( e.g. money raising task) – ” bhai! Mujhse ni hoga bhai… I don’t want to do this fu****g piece of shitty task( goes on cursing)…..”
    3. Tasks for personal benefit(e.g. captaincy task) – “i’m always ready to do this…. I will show my full potential… Will show these son of the b*t*hes that I ALSO DO TASKS AND CONTRIBUTE FOR THE HOUSE……”
    4. When not backing out from tasks- ” I will show my full aggression and energy ( goes to break provided things and starts cursing other housemates, not even caring to not say hindi curse towards other ppl’s mother)…….”

    Her 95% tasks related episodes revolve around these……
    She will the worst contestant ever to win bb if she wins…..
    Loved the precap…. Really waiting for bani to back out the task for “offensive treatment according to her mental logic” by other housemates….
    The most selfish back out contestant ever…..

    1. truth hurts...

      And forgot to mention, hats off to u manveer for showing the potential of a common indian man…. Manveer rocked today…. This man stood that position for 4 and half hours….. Salute u man….

      And by the way, task personal benifit k liye hai…. to obviously bani jaldi back out ni kregi….

    2. ????Gud analysis

    3. And if she doesn’t back out from the task … then will you EAT YOUR WORDS….don’t rely on the precaps… I did not see Bani doing anything wrong like throwing urine, throwing chilly powder, bringing opposite parties clothes or personal belonging and destroying them, or irritating them by calling them roadside or making them realize their standards… Flopa always says to Bani this shows your standard… when Flopa was getting ready for beauty pageant, Bani was participating in Roadies.. so Flopa darling know your standard..

    4. As per your 3rd Point, Bani will put her full effort to win it… thanks for supporting her…

      1. Lopa won nt fr herself only bt fr india too and by d way instead of supporting bani bcz she was so gud at roadies c her performance in bb10 which is actually nt appreciating

    5. Go to hell..yes bani Is selfish…so what??at least she doesn’t act being good like flopa…we love bani..anyday,anytime.. ??

  6. today Bani and Rohan were really very rude, they did really wrong.. I’m sure team Manu will take revenge of all these by doing more bad things.. why they don’t play games in funny ways? these are totally not acceptable, and these are very shameful act.. i didn’t like today’s episode, and I’m sure that tomorrow’s episode going to be more disgusting.. these are not entertainment at all… in today’s episode I did only like Manveer’s spirit and Mona’s innocence.. I liked how Mona rubbed flowers stick on Manveer’s face to irritate him,and how he reacted..(I wished if Nitibha could be there and if she did the same to Manveer?????, ..and how would she reacted when team Rohan did “Atyachar” on him)…. don’t know why but I’m liking Mona day by day.. coming to Manveer, his spirit was just awesome, you have to win man… I’ll defiantly vote for him…

    1. Mona a C grade actress can never be innocent. It is a big deal for her to be in this show and get married,

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Nitibha would have cried ??
      Btw Mona is a nice person and innocent. But when it comes to tasks, she is not even willing to try. Bani and Mona have lost maximum no.of tasks but at least Bani tried, Mona didn’t. But I realise that Mona did well in that maalgadi task , when it comes to benefit for the housemates she does well, but not when it comes to captaincy. I also remember how she wanted to make m2 or Gaurav captain so she managed to keep the test tube till the end. She thinks about others first then herself 🙂
      Though I m completely against Rohan getting evicted instead of Mona I must say Mona is a nice person but she herself isn’t interested in the game and also the last 2 epi revolved around her. And also she got a lot of fans as she is bhojpuri actress maybe that’s why. But i can’t digest the fact Rohan got evicted despite ending up with highest votes last week. ( i think Rohan himself knew he will get evicted this time that’s why he became inactive) i saw some live feeds he keeps on indicating he will get evicted. Even m2 being a good Friend of Mona, said that Rohan is more deserving. Manveer said that he mentioned and he is sure Rohan is in TOP 5.
      Even other contestants r sure he would make it to TOP 5 but he didn’t so it was very disappointing overall as a result

    3. Aarti32

      I was thinking d same thing..Ditto.. Nitibha was as usual missed..??

  7. Rohan is getttin eliminated tis weeeeknd..???????? wth mann.!! Mona kii new shaadi huii hi,, usko bhejo na Ghar.! Rohan is mor deservin compartvly..???? i dont trust in votin now. Compltly scriptd it is
    Jusss hate BB..!! Tata,, bye-bye frm nxt sezn..

    &Aaaj ka epis,, manvir undoubtedly was t hero.! Thou he’s confrmd to b in finale,, he did giv up t task.. wudnt b surprised if he getz t trophy.! Atlst he’s deservin by al means..
    & Lopa..???u r t besttt.!! Thou i’m afraid fr ur rival,, ab uskaaaa kyaa hoga..sabb kuch chupa diaa,, butt ande ka fandaa can do wonderz..!!????
    Exctdd fr kal ka “Tit fr Tat” panga.. & i gues thrz nothin outtta line,, vrna baad vle drama pr misleadin promo na bne,, psssbl hi nhii hi..??

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      ??? ya I think last 2 Seasons were scripted besides the finals last season ?
      I think bb should change their time back to 9pm since the time their timings changed to 10.30pm bb makers have went crazy.

      1. So, fatarajo you think timing made the impact hahaha by the way your name is v long i again forgot

    2. what really? is Rohan really getting evicted…?????
      and yes… even, Gourav-Nitibha were more deserving than Mona.. but maybe she is getting a lot of votes from her bhojpuri fans…

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      I am saying about timing because it’s so ironic that as soon as the timing changed the makers became biased which is due to Low trp, more than the timing Low trps made the difference , the makers are bent on increasing trp that’s why they can bring contestants like Swami Om back in the show ?

      1. Exctllly FJ.!!
        Alll tis drama is jus fr t sake of TRP..
        Jus cox Sara&Ali kii shaaadi fetchd gud no.’s thn,, doesnt mean thy do mona ki shaaadi ese abruptly..
        Mayy b the earlyy night or prime time slot wud do t neeedful..
        Vse i’m exctd fr *RAEES* spcl..??

    4. RANdomfANCreationz

      Now who is Sara-Ali. Sara Ali Khan (Saif Ali’a Daughter?)? Jking. Btw who r they? Ex be-contestant? Which season as I saw bb from season 7 bani’s bff season and that beyhad guy and Aijaz Khan ( I was too young b4 they show season 7 ? SoI had no idea about bb that time ?)But it is so funny when they show bigg boss and the screen is like monalisa ki Shaadi i don’t know how that will fetch trps (in hIndi serials they do because Hindi serials weddings r incomplete without intense drama) and if this time trp gets very high maybe some who nvr saw bb thought about the painting monalisa ?????
      I was excited for raees initially but when I listen to kaabil songs became excited for both ? Luckily I have an holiday when both the movies will release so I can watch both the movies ?

      1. Aarti32

        Funniest comment of d era..???? I laughed more than I had laughed in my entire life..Or maybe in all my previous births too..
        Ok, jokes apart..Sara Khan n Ali merchant got married in season 4 I guess..She’s not Sara Ali Khan..Miss funny bones

    5. RANdomfANCreationz

      Oh they r ex bb contestants wait is Sara Khan that actress in a star plus show which was about two Sister named bidaayi or something like that she was in bb i heard but I don’t know if she’s the same Sara khan

      1. Aarti32

        Yes, she’s d same one

  8. Manveer was spot on today, he did really well in the task. Bani also made the task interesting. People should understand that this was only a task and contestants have done worse in previous seasons. Lopa , Manu and Manveer are also doing the same thing or I say worse in the precap. Lopa was really bad today with her dialogues on aukaat yet again. She forgets that Bani is way more popular than her due to her previous stint in Roadies and also being paid more than her in this show (just stating the fact). So at least, she shouldn’t talk about aukaat in front of her. Also the way she was guilt tripping Rohan was really bad. Good that Rohan continued to do the task but he should mind his own business and didn’t help Lopa in tasks, he’s appearing like a manager of Lopa doing that. Both Manu and Lopa were exaggerating things. It was a task and they are also doing the same thing, so no point in playing blame game here.

  9. Khabri Sonalifan on twitter has tweeted that Rohan will be evicted this weekend. She’s very reliable and hasn’t given any wrong info till now, so I think it’s true. If it’s true then it’ll be proved that this season was scripted. No way on earth can Rohan get more votes than Mona. Bigg Boss was already very biased towards Rohan. I think Rohan was evicted to make place for Lopa and Manu in finale because these two contestants had less chances in finale if we go by popularity. This Khabri also tweeted that Manveer is the fixed winner this season which is again very ridicuous and unfair. I thought that votes in Finale are audited though I knew that Bigg Boss can also renmove contestants if they don’t give content. If it’s true then it’ll be proved that Bigg Boss is scripted. No way on earth a commoner can have more fans and get more votes than a celeb. Manveer stands nowhere near Bani and Rohan in popularity because of their previous shows and popularity. Rohan and Bani already have a pre-existing fanbase and anyone winning the show over them is hard to digest. It’ll be proved that Bigg Boss is doing fraud by not taking votes into consideration and even charging money for votes.

    No offence to any contestant but I’m just stating the fact.
    An advice to Rohan fans, trend Rohan on twitter before eviction takes place. May Bigg Boss change their decision.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      What ??? but last week i read he got the highest votes, how can he get evicted? Really ridiculous ? Now I m also in doubt if bb is scripted because according to fan following, votes Rohan, Manveer and Bani are TOP 3, so I was always sure these 3 will be on TOP 3. I thought maybe he will make till TOP 5 since bb is unfair to him, but he didn’t even make till there. Now I know why they cancelled his punishment. Mona Lisa is the luckiest contestant on this season she got saved 4-5 times (double elimination, Gaurav, Nitibha were more deserving then her) . I think even rohan realised he will be the one going home this time. And anyways after he gets evicted votes will decrease so bb is just apne hi pair me Kulaari mar diya.

    2. Totally agree wid reality commoners fans no where near to bani & rohan fans..based on voting bani z real winner..but i knew tat bb wont consider voting nd based on this yr concept they ll make manveer as winner..both bani n manveer deserving tiltle but still itz reality show so bb should consider voting..otherwise no value for fans z juz 4 making money..still m watching this season juz for bani..itz clear show z ths z ma lasy season..

    3. I mean No way on earth can Mona get more votes than Rohan.

    4. Simran99

      Luna I am ready to trend . bta do k trend kya karna hai

  10. The task demanded Both Rohan and Bani to do anything so that the opponents would leave their marks. Tomorrow the same thing would eventually happen. So basically there is no need to be badmouthing any party.

    1. Yeah xoxo bhai i agree with you eventually both party will do the same

  11. Manveer Gurjar - pind ka guroor

    Finally glad that rohan will face manu tomorrow..
    Even in task he is supporting lopa..
    So it’s better he is eliminated than doing PR duty for Lopa..
    Plus new naksh of yrkkh is acting much much better than this feminine guy.
    Glad he loses bigboss,already left leading show and now he will remain jobless after big boss.. Haha, what if kanchi too leave this jobless [email protected][email protected][email protected]

    Manveer rocks.

  12. RANdomfANCreationz

    Today’s episode Manveer just nailed it. Wow he was really amazing. He deserved it. Now with this he proved why he deserved the ticket to finale. The task was funny initially but got harsh later on. Bani and Rohan played well but was a bit too much. I felt it was a bit mean of Rohan when he laughed while pouring water on Manveer who was shivering. Bani is improving in tasks, finally. And those who said Rohan is chamcha of Lopa, r wrong. If not he would have listened to Lopa. But he carried on with tasks. Bechara Manu, got out of the game due to bani-Lopa fight ?. It was funny when Lopa was helping Manveer after she lost and when bani-lopa were gonna fight Manveer was like now like this I will leave the mark due to fight ?. Now it will be interesting to see how Rohan-Bani performs tomorrow. Manu looked very angry ?. Finally bb ended rohan’a punishment. Chalo it’s good.
    But my question is Manveer already got to ticket to finale and also won this task does that mean he won bb too? ???, But I m wondering what benefit Manveer will get he is already in finals. And hats off to his spirit, he was smiling in the entire task

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      And that pink jacket of Lopa is so irritating ??? i hate it.last season it was that prince’s black jacket and rishab’s green jacket, this season its Lopa’s pink jacket ???. They won’t even leave their jackets for a week ?

  13. RANdomfANCreationz

    I have been reading that some Bani fans have been voting for Mona. If that’s true and also bb is scripted if Bani fans can save Mona compared to Rohan who ends with the highest votes this season, then they can definately make Bani the winner this season ?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      BB is not scripted*

    2. do you think Mona hasn’t her personal fans? come on, she is a celebrity…. I think if eviction would happened, judging by efficiency, then she would have left the house in 2-3 weeks… and if Biggboss is not saving Mona, then she maybe getting enough votes…

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      Well i said I m not sure if this season is scripted because I read somewhere that Rohan got the highest vote and suddenly this week he got evicted. So it’s quite shocking. His votes can’t reduce so much so easily . And as for Mona, I know she have a huge fan following base since she’s an Bhojpuri actress and I saw that based on fan following, efficiency and voting bani, Rohan and Manveer r in TOP 3. So that’s why I said like this. And about the Bani fans thingy i was just kidding I know most bani fans just vote for bani. Sorry I hurt u ?

      1. no dear, you didn’t hurt me.. and I’m neither Rohan’s fan nor Mona’s.. and I was really angry on her when she saved instead of Nitibha and Gourav, who were more deserving.. so I told she must have a huge fan base, so that she is saving every time, being least deserving..

  14. guys have u noticed this??bani did not swear at all in this task…ITS A WORLD RECORD….btw team manu ne khud dekha ki bani ki team ne sirf paani aur oil aur kuch mild cheeze daali thi…par manu toh bol raha hai ki mein current lagva dunga..mein spices use karunga…wat is this??

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Haha bani sudar gayi ???
      I liked bani a lot this week frankly speaking

    2. Waise aakashi wo current wali machine toh rakhi thi shayad use karne k liye hi rakhi hogi

  15. I am a silent reader here. I don’t know if someone noticed this… I may be wrong since I only read updates…
    We all know Rohan has been nominated for the season. And the nominations this week was too easy. No one would have nominated themselves knowing that they are only a week away from finals… Yes, Mona nominated herself. She is sweet and really friendly. But what if she hadn’t ? Then, only Rohan would have been the nominated contestant ! Does that mean he would have been directly evicted ??
    I may be wrong but I feel it was BB plan to evict Rohan… Though his plan shaked a bit when Mona also got nominated. Let’s see what happens.

    About this episode, Manveer did great job. He really has patience. And I like Mona’s Innocence. And I don’t really think Bani and Rohan did something wrong. Yes, water part was too much in this cold. But don’t forget how past contestants from other seasons had played the similar task and how rough they were !

    I heard Rohan would be evicted. I don’t want to believe this. All in all , I never watched Big Boss so much But i was always updated about this season ( BB10 ). Honestly, I am disappointed.

    P.S. I am not Rohan Mehra Fan. But am supporting only him. Vote for Rohan.

    1. Simran99

      ya shreeya Maine bhi ye baat notice ki thi . ye bb ka plan hi tha to evict rohan . ya I don’t believe that rohan is gonna evicted same as u . I am literally crying after reading that rohan is gonna evicted . I am just totally dissepointed from this scripted show. yr itni vote ki sari bekar.?????????????

      1. True. Simran.. And I think BB freed him of the punishment just because they already know/think he will be out this week… I voted for him so much… may be not much.. around 1500.. but I tried my best.. and now.. I am really disappointed.

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      It won’t have made any sense if no one got nominated and they evict Rohan for that so it would have been evidently unfair maybe they would have Organised another task for nominations or no eviction why would one suffer if all housemates do well no logic
      But I don’t know why bb is so bent to throw Rohan out.

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      @Sherya ??? 1500 times ?
      I also saw a poll regarding the task who will stay till end bani, Rohan and Mona (bani-Rohan got 50% each and Mona 0% like not a single vote ?)
      And she gets saved over Rohan ? Bb’s shaadi gift to Mona ?

    4. BB is always unfair with Rohan. He was given a team where he can get evicted after this task. I cant say that Bani and Manveer are not deserving, they deserve to be in top 3 but so does Rohan. But team was distributed in such a way that M2 and Lopa will get saves from season’s last eviction and Rohan would get eliminated. Coz BB will never eliminate Bani, dont know what problem the makers have with Rohan.
      He is the most genuine person in the house. Manveer is also good and he has changed a lot after coming to BB. But Rohan was a true gentleman when he came and now also. He always supports the person who is right be it Bani or Lopa and always gets sandwiched between Bani and Lopa fans. I was not Rohan Mehra’s fan before but after BB I am his huge fan. Makers always cut his parts which should be telecasted that are shown on voot or unseen videos. Everyone can see BB is unfair with Rohan and they wont let him win. But he wins the show or not he has won many hearts. He is the most strong contestant, after all the bullying from makers he is still standing strong. PROUD TO BE ROHAN MEHHRA’S FAN.

  16. I don think bani n rohan crossed any limits cimpared to previous..i hav seen previous season ppl used chilly powder detrgnt water shoes nd al..bani n rohan did in a limit thy mainly used cold water ice n was task they hav to defeat d opponent..ppl r simply bashing them..lopa n manu simply doing drama as they couldnt digest the fact tat both lost task so early..miss lopa lwayz talking abt bani’s standard…lopa immature girl widout standrd..bani getting as contract amount more than title amount miss lopa..both bani n rohan well played..

    Hats off to manveer..well played..itz a patience n mental strenght based manu n lopa lost..wating 4 todyz epi..i wish bani does well like manveer..

  17. Cherry blossom

    I hope Rohan and bani would win tomorrow. What’s the point of arguing when both the teams will get a chance to do the same task again. Why can’t they accept defeat?? well, I’m proud of manveer. And also well done bani! U did every thing u could.
    Manveer and bani totally deserve to win the show. But I like bani more than manveer?❤️

    1. agree lopa n manu couldnt digest the fact tat they lost task so early..manveer & bani both deserves title…but i like bani more n want bani to win this season..

  18. Gd morning everyone
    oh my god manveer was superb excellent he did great job despite nasty blow but i can imagine nithibha was crying sitting on sofa with eating popcorn the further imagination only aarti can tell hahaha but never the less god job in a very difficult task

    and now bani rohan and mona be ready bcz manu will throw the water with 150kmph today they will get solid treatment i think

    and yeah preeti india woooonnnnn but i told you before that you will see a blinder from EJ morgan if he hadn’t run out than the result would have been slightly different but in the end we are happy that india won

    1. Simran99

      ya kp maine bhi kl ka match dekha . and lndia won .bcz of India’s match I skip my favorite show badho bahu . koi baat nhi repeat telecast dekh lungi

      1. Badho bahu aur wo bhi india k match k samne sahi kiya skip karke bcz kitna intresting match tha v tight finish

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Badho bahu that prince Narula ka serial na? ???
      Vaise the only show I watch now is bigg boss and my fav show ended ?
      Even b4 bb started It’s hard when u follow 2 shows ? Unless if I have holidays ?

  19. Hats of manveer

  20. RANdomfANCreationz

    Looks like many didn’t like my comment today I wrote those comments anywhow as I was feeling sleepy ???
    I myself realise i didn’t clear a lot of stuffs in my comment and it became one sided (like the Rohan-Mona comment) ?

    1. I don’t know about many but seriously i like your comment at good vision you are very telented and wonderful commentator just keep commenting till the bb end and once again i would say i forgot your full name hahahahaha

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      That’s really sweet of u ?
      Chalo ab Kevin Pietersen be meri tarref kiya ??? vaise yesterday ind vs Eng match was amazing
      Mahi and Yuvi’s Innings ?????? they were commendable but i missed the first innings ? Due to my classes ? Both Odis were amazing if eng won one third ODI would have been more intense ? But in the end ind won ? ?

      1. Aarti32

        When my eyes fell on Mahi n Yuvi, I was like..R they talking about Tashan-e-ishq???

      2. Aarti32

        But then it struck my mind dat they’re Dhoni n Yuvraj Singh..

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      @Aaru ????? Mahi-Yuvi ???
      OMG TEI ? haha i didn’t even thought about it wow ? I like that pair after twinj in that show though ???

  21. Simran99

    hi kp , preeti ,ditya , shriya , gud girl ,anu s, aakaahi , riya and all bb fans .
    Jo rohan aur bani ne kiya tha WO wrong tha . but next day wo ye hi cheez karne wale hai toh sirf rohan aur bani ko wrong kahna galt hai .
    manu keh rha tha k ye Jo kiya wo bhut wrong hai wo bhut Galt dikhne wale hai toh agle hi din same cheez karne k liye tyar kaise ho gya . uske tym pe WO sahi thodi ho jata .

  22. Manveer n Bani nailed it!! I wish they would hve been in d same team!! N people calling rohan team bad hve no idea how less they hve tortured. Watch todays epi n u’ll knw manu will b far more cruel!

  23. hi kp simran ditya aakashi88 hkf goodgirl preeti and shriya.

    jo bhi kaho one of the best week tha ye bb 10 ka.
    bani aur lopa ki toh dosti hi yesi hai toh inka kuch nahi lekin baki koi jhagda nahi ladai nahi.
    bani bhi task karr rahi hai lekin yeha per kuch logo ko bani ke task karna aur na karna dono se problem hai koi nahi.
    manveer iss bande mei jitne ki baat hai pher bhi i want bani to win.

    ye manu aapne aapko bada intelligent samaj ta hai. overconfident kahi ka.
    agar aaj lopa aur manu yehi sab karenge toh bhai kyn boll rahe ho jyada task mein dimaag lagau na.
    hahaha bani hiding things to be saved for today.

  24. ARK

    This is so unfair. If the task is for saving from nomination then it should b an individual task and even if they divide the team they should do justice. I mean both Manu n manveer r on same side n both r strong. On the other side Bani has such a weak team. Firstly Rohan doesn’t has team spirit and leadership qualities. He is constantly thinking for lopa who is another team member. Similarly Mona thinks of manu n manveer. So Bani is left alone. I know Mona will quit after few minutes and Rohan too can’t make it. Opposite team will try to irritate bani and as per the precap they will definitely stoop very low and bani will b left with frustration…god!
    Anyways all the best BANI!!!

  25. Simran i love your name and you can we be friends and kp and preeti your bonding is good

    1. Simran99

      ya definately we can be frndz

      1. Awww simran love you do you?

  26. acc to fan base ,bani should win and if it doesnt hppn then bb is definitely scripted..straight truth

    1. Manveer has a better fanbase. Online fanbase contributes to less than 10% of the votes.

  27. It was a task nd rohan’s team was asked 2 make opponent team 2 leave the mark .so dont feel tat they did anything wrong they cane in bb 2 play there was nothing wrong.infact this was nothing.though i support lopa 2day i felt tat she was reacting 2 much.rock on rohan.

  28. Rohan’s team lost. So whoever among Rohan and Mona is not eliminated this week will be up against nominations with Bani next week(final nomination) . Most probably it will be Rohan against Bani

  29. Team manu ne bahot hi jada kr diya task me no limit..thats wy team rohan har gai.,n rohan evict in weekend ka var.,n mnvr n bani in top 3 Fix

  30. congrats Rohan fans.. Mona is going to leave house this weekend… Rohan is saved…?.. Kanchi has tweeted…

  31. Aarti32

    Since team Rohan has started from level 3 of torture, team Manu will for sure start from level 5..There’s no doubt in it..So we can’t blame team Manu tomorrow..

  32. Aarti32

    I have a complaint..Bigg Boss sent Mona n Vikrant to d secret room for their so called suhaagraat n there were cameras!!?? I mean who fixes cameras in a newly Wed couple’s room.. Bigg Boss must be unmarried, otherwise he wud hv not done dis silly mistake??

    1. Hahahahahaha absolutely right but bigg boss is very populer bcz of his voice very solid

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      ??? u called me funny bones u r more funny bones lol camera ??? haha no they show na Mona-vikrant came to secret room and then they didn’t show anything else which means they switched off the camera ?
      Yaar ur Yuvi-Mahi joke and this one is Kamal ???
      Aaru u nailed it

      1. Aarti32

        Ok..U’re funny bones n I’m funny skeletons..done

  33. Rohan deserves to stay. Mona is of no contribution at all to the show. In the task she only once swished a bouquet of flowers on Manveer’s face and the rest of the time she was sitting what a waste it was Bani and Rohan who were very active to the very end.

  34. Just love u bani. Keep it up. You deserve best. And friends its a game dont judge anyone character. And if you are judging them than keep in mind that manu is always wrong. He just support the person from whom he can gain something.

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