Bigg Boss 10 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 33
Inmates wake up with the song ‘Ek Ho Gaye Hum Aur Tum’ being the contestants’ wake-up call. Gaurav, Mona and Swami dances.

Swami comes wearing T-shirt and trouser. Rahul says what is happening? Swami says people will call you me mad, Karan says you are looking good, Swami says yoga is effecting my belly fat. Once my Guru had pain, i asked him to do yoga, make people do it then you can earn making people do Yoga. I think Salman will make suit for me seeing this dress.

Rohan come sin kitchen, Bani says you have to handle every household chore. Ask them to clean their beds.
Manu says to Manveer that he has opinion, always following others.
Bani says to Rohan that if someone uses kitchen, remind them to clean it.

Rohan is in confession room, Bigg boss asks how you are feeling? Rohan says its good to be captain. Bigg Boss asks Rohan to name two contestants who he wishes to send to jail, they have to keep standing in jail boxes. Quickly, Rohan decides that Manu and Manveer deserve to be punished, Bigg boss asks reason? Rohan says last time Manu went to jail but lied and came out of jail, he said he cant live in jail but we all went to jail, i want him to go again. Manveer is dangerous for people so he should remain in jail always. bigg boss i want to ask if someone is not listening my order and not even punishments then how to make them listen? Bigg boss says its upto you how you make people listen to you, it depends on your thinking, go and tell your decision and lock them up in jail, Rohan asks if i have to give them reason too? Bigg boss says its upto you.
Manu says i have benefit of doubt that i might not get punished because last friday had problems with it. Rohan calls everyone in garden. Rohan says to inmates that i have to give punishment to two inmates, i have given reasons to choose them, they allowed me to give punishment without explanations so i am not giving. Rohan says i have to give punishment to two inmates, i dont want to tell reasons of why i am taking their names but they are Manu and Manveer, Manveer says we want to know reason. Rohan says its my decision, stand there in that box. Manveer says we should know reason, Rohan says i dont want to, Manveer says we will not take punishment. Rohan reads rule of punishment box, The jail has a huge a box kept inside where the contestants had to stand until any further communication from Bigg Boss. They can’t come out of the box even to use the washroom without Rohan’s permission. they have to ask captain before coming out for bathroom, captain have to make sure that they go back to boxes, they will be served food in jail utensils only. Manu says i am not doing it. Rohan says this is fun in not telling reason. Bani says with weeks going on, punishments will be more severe.
Manu says to Manveeer that i dont understand food served in jail utensils to me, and he will take me to bathroom? i wont go even if Bigg boss ask me. Rohan says Bigg boss that Manu and Manveer are not going to jail, they asked that till bigg boss dont sent people to put them in jail till then they wont do it, i cant force them.

Niti says he is captain of house, Bani says why Bigg boss is asking us to do these things? this is part of house, Niti says you are right but captain was made by voting, you were made captain by choice, Rohan says i am supporting people who voted for me, dont talk to me more, Niti says can i talk to you? Rohan says dont teach me, i dont want to get influenced, Niti says you owe explanations, Rohan says i dont owe it, i asked Bigg boss. Manu says to Lopa that he is punishing us because we didnt give him votes, Lopa says i should get punished too then, sorry you had to face this because of me, Manveer says we can vote for anyone, Bani gave me reasons too. Rohan says you both go inside jail then i will give reasons, Manu says i dont listen to anyone except my father, i wont even listen to Bigg boss, Rohan says you are disrespecting me, Manu says no one can force me, not even Bigg boss, i wont go to washroom by asking your permission.

Niti says to Rahul that i thought he should give them reason as punishment is hard. Rohan says let me talk to them again.
Rohan asks Manu if i give reasons then will you go to jail? Manu no i am not in mood now, Rohan says i am not backbiting you, i am telling you upfront, Manu says i dont have problem with jail but i cant go to washroom asking permission, Rohan says Bigg boss make new rules for Manu.

Rahul says Punishment is rigid, Niti says he was not in mood to go. Lopa says Rohan acted like dictatorship, Rohan says dont teach me, Lopa says dont show me arrogance, dont point finger at me, talk to me nicely, Rohan says you abuse anyone but i cant point finger, Lopa says you couldnt take stand yesterday, Rohan says take their side, Lopa says i am just telling you, you are wrong. Lopa yells that this is not fair, you are punishing people but saying you dont want to give reason because you dont want to. Rohan says you will tell me if i am fair or not? i am captain and i can do anything, Lopa says you are not captain but dictator, Rohan shouts i am right. Rohan says you dont have mind, Lopa says dont talk to me one week, Rohan says go to Manu and Manveer and talk to them, they are not happy with rules, cant you see that? Lopa says you are not even giving explanations, Rohan says you are siding them as they voted for you. Lopa gets angry on him and smashes tray on kitchen slab, Rahul says what are you doing Lopa? Lopa says how dare you talk to me like that? Rohan says you are abusing me, Bani says dont throw things, dont do this, Rohan says i am just talking, Bani says time out you both, its dangerous here. Rahul takes her away, Lopa says what is this to not give reasons while punishing others, Rohan shouts on her, i am right. Lopa says i took punishment without giving reason but they want it, Bani says i gave reason, Lopa says i am not talking to you, Bani says talk with respect, dont bring my punishment here. Rahul says to Lopa that you are mixing two things, Lopa says i have been in that situation, Bani was not giving reasons too, Rahul says Rohan is given task.

Manveer says to Mona that Swami must be saying to Rohan that we devils should get jailed.
Swami says to Rohan that when Manu left jail in Bani’s captaincy, it was insult to Bigg boss, if someone is going against his rules then Bigg boss should expel them, Rohan says Bigg boss will take action.
Manveer says they keep asking for roties in breakfast, who eat it? then they keep blabbering in english and when their time comes to cook, they take any veggies and make it, Manu says i just want to cook, people are liking me because i am not washing dishes, Manveer says they are fooling us, i will shut them in bottles, Manu says if there was no limits in fight then he would be floating in water. Lokesh comes there, Manveer asks did she clean bathroom? she says i dont like to answer, Manver says you will be punishment, they think we are their servants, i will beat them with sticks.

bigg boss says to inmates that we make captain every week to keep house running and captain is given powers too, we expect captain to be fair. Bigg Boss mentions two things. It is the responsibility of the captain to play fair and make the right decisions. It is also the responsibility of the contestants to obey captain’s orders and if they don’t, then they are breaking the rules of the house which will have consequences. Some time back we asked Rohan to punish two people, we ask Rohan again and whoever he chooses, they have to go to jail for sure. Rohan says my names are Manveer and Manu, i am feeling like giving reasons now so i will. Rohan says Manveer is very harmful, he is dangerous and should remain in jail forever, and in Bani’s captaincy, Manu became touchy about jail so i wanted him to back again, if we can go in jail then why he not? Bigg boss says you both have to go to jail as per captain’s decisions. Manveer and Manu are in thoughts, Manu says let me think, Manveer says they are asking, we have to go, Manu says lets go then.
Manu says to Manveer that if we had to go then we would have gone earlier only. Manveer says its bigg boss this time, they are our father like. Manu says he is saying i am touchy about jail thats why sending me. bigg boss says Manu and Manveer go to jail, Gaurav will be jailer. Bani says they should have made me.
Manveer says this is players fight, its father ordering now. Lokesh says if i dont leave tomorrow then i will make Rohan see that he is kid, all are running behind him like his mummy, he is asking suggestion of everyone, has no point of view.
Manu and Manveer enters jail after touching ground. They tand in boxes placed inside. Mona is sad. Gaurav locks jail and leaves. Manu says these are rules but what kind of people are sending us jail again and again, what our families will think that we are sent in jail by all captains, should we mimic Lokesh? he mimics Lokesh and sings song.

Manveer says to Swami that you must be feeling sad seeing us in jail or are you happy? Swami says yes i am dancing, cant you see? Manveer says you can abuse us but must be sad seeing us like this, Swami has tears in his eyes and weeps, Manveer laughs and says dont cry, Manu says we wont irritate you now, Swami says Naveen left my two sons, Manveer laughs, Swami weeps, Manveer says we are not on noose, Swami says i wouldnt be sad if you were jail but in standing in boxes? i used to cry in secret room for you people, Manveer says not now, chill, if we are not devils then show will be boring.

Manu is raping, Lopa is dancing. Rohan asks Lopa to come and sweep, Lopa says i have done it, Rohan says you didnt clean nicely, Lopa doesnt listen to him and dances, Rohan asks if she not working? you clean in two minutes? Lopa says i cant mop whole day, you do it, why you are behind me?
Rahul says to Gaurav what has happened to her? she is misbehaving so much, Rohan is gentle, Rahul says even after seeing what type of man he is. Rohan says to Lopa that you did mopping in two minutes, Lopa says whatever, this is nonsense.

Manu says i want to go to washroom. Rohan comes there and asks Lokesh why she is standing here? dont you have work? you will be given punishment, Lokesh says i am not moving form here, Gaurav says your team is working in kitchen, Lokesh says i am standing here, Rohan says i will give you punishment, Lokesh says i wont listen, i will do work when i want, you poor, Rohan says you will keep in garden at night in 2hours. Lokesh says there is no watch here.

Rohan says to Lokesh that after lights go off, you will remain in garden. Lokesh says what is punishment? Rohan says dont overreact. Rahul is watching their argument. Lokesh is moving tissue box in air and says i dont know meaning of punishment, tell me, Rohan says you will have to remain in garden, your voice is chaotic for my eyes, Rahul angrily eyes Lokesh who is moving box in air, Rahul takes box from her and says why you are moving it near my face? and says keep it away from my face, loutish girl, Lokesh is stunned and leaves. Rahul says till when i had to bear her moving box to my face?

Bigg Boss introduces the Garnier – Man of the Series Match task in which two men will compete which the ladies of the house vote for the Rahul, Rohan, Karan and Gaurav on a scale of 1-4 on their looks and physique. Lokesh votes for Gaurav and Rohan. Bani says show your biceps and all, men sing yeh dosti. Ladies vote. Lopa says Karan is 4th, 3rd is Rahul, 2nd is Rohan and 1st is Gaurav. Lopa says Gaurav is mature, his behavior with girls are good, he is strong physically too.

All inmates come in activity area. Ranking amongst the top 2, Gaurav and Rohan become the competitors for the Garnier Men Oil Clear Task where both of them are tied to each other back to back on mud pit and and are required to gather the most number of medallions other either ends of mud pit and have to put it on box which has their name on it, the one who will get three medallions first and put it on box will win. Lopa is appointed as the judge for this competition.
Gaurav and Rohan are connected by strong back to back, they pull each other to get to end of mud pit and get medallion, Gaurav gets first then Rohan gets it and put it on his box, Rohan is stuck in mud pit, Gaurav is tired too, Lopa gives them break and they start stretching again to get another medallion, Rahul and Lopa cheer for them, Lopa asks Gaurav to not hold edge of pit, Gaurav leaves it. Gaurav tries to move but they are both tired again, they starts again, Rahul says i am proud of you both, Bani cheers, Rohan holds edge of pit, Bani shouts that Lopa ask him to leave it, you asked Gaurav too, dont be biased with rules.

PRECAP- Lopa says if he doesnt hold edge then how will he stand up? Bani says you didnt allow Gaurav, this is great, i didnt see unfair person like you, Lopa says this is fair competition, Bani says leave it Gaurav. Salman says there will be double eviction this week.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Hope karan and Mona get evicted. Lopa things she’s some miss world. Unfair Lopa you are insecure. Rahul good for putting lokesh in place

    1. really, ask him to put rohan in place!.

    2. It was Lopa who over reacted. Rohan confirmed with bigg boss and acted accordingly. she shouldn’t have interfered and made such a scene! Lokesh wanted some screen time to be saved from eviction hence acted foolishly!

  2. its karan and monalisa who out of the show ???????????

  3. Rohan is the dumbest of all the housemates. he is using other ideas rather than his.

    1. Sarayumane

      you shouldn’t forget mona, she is the dumbest of all the housemates

    2. awwww. mona uses her own brain at least and rohan uses other like he has no brain.

  4. Baba swami ji again weeping in the show pakhandi

  5. Oh god this lokesh is so irritating to watch.

  6. I feel like lopa is insecure about her relationship with celebrities.until now I felt like she is a fair gal,but now I feel like she is acting till now as a sweet girl,where she is not.she want all the people to be on her side.may be the insecurity is the reason why she became rival with bani.she feels like bani is making her team on her side.but she should understand that this is bigboss one can make anyone on their side,its just a game for favour

    1. Bani indeed irritates her. Bani’s insecure of her. Lopa wanted to make good relationships with commoners. In this process she’s lost celebrities support.

  7. Rohan is really not a captain but dictator, after last what we expect from immature kid like rohan. Bani play game only against dumb she..m3 u r the best.

  8. rohan is the puppet of bani…and that sick gaurav is saying to lokesh ..inki jaati hi aisi haiv..what is that …imagine if the samething was said by m2 boys …m2 guys are best ……..
    Rohan proved that he is a gay by locking m2 boys in jail……
    that tharki swami always backstab m2 boys ……
    bigg boss is also unfair how can someone punish without giving reason ..this shows this season has a preplanned winner which is rohan the chamiyan………
    f**k you endemol….

    1. M2 Saara din backbite karte rahe chalega….. Sab ke baare me galat bolte rahe chalegaa… lekin Celeb bolde to aapki Jal jaati hai….kyun??? Rohan did confirm with Bigg boss that he need not give reasons… Period!

      Post that Lokesh did drama so that she can gibe last try to get saved from eviction and Lopa ko pata nahi kya hogayaa…. achha khel rahi thi ab tak!

  9. Rahul and karan should be evicted

  10. lopa and lokesh should evicted

  11. I wish mona and lokesh to get evicted….both of them do unnecessary things to get unnecessary attention…i had these people always used to says vulgar things about others just to be on screen…..manu ranveer love to send other people in jail and make fun of it…and now when its their turn..i seems unfair for them…bravooooo… they not even hesitated to send niti in jail..her family is also watching show..what is that stupid reason ..what my family will say seeing me in jail..hhhh.

  12. Manu and Manveer always doing acting… first they say “Kisikey baap me dum nahin hai mujhe jail me band karney ki” then when Bigg Boss gives order they immediately makes a U turn and obey it… “Issey hi kehtey hai thuk key chatna.”… When commeners like Lokesh and Niti talk to celebrities they have problem but when Lopa and Mona supports them.. it is okay.. Backbiters and Hypocrits….

  13. The other day I saw a comment ( I forgot the username) saying that this time all the women in big boss are either fat or ugly!!
    I don’t like the coment! Pls guys let me know your thoughts.

  14. ishaan ur right he is puppet of bani
    what bani say he say same thing 2 other as a punishment
    he did not have his own brain 2 use he is detector and bani is the boss
    he is foolish
    i think loopa want 2 be captain of bigg boss house 10

  15. Zai

    That’s not the precap…. that was part of the episode
    Precap was salman scolding omji for commenting on the girls and him crying

    The last game, Rohan won it…
    And nothing was wrong at the beginning, Rohan clearly asked Bigg Boss if he absolutely tell the reasons, it was his choice… he is capitain they should listen to him…

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