Bigg Boss 10 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 10 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 94
Inmates wake up to the song ‘Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai’ that heightens anxiety and spirits inside the house. As they take a walk around the house, they find the entire house decorated with flowers and a wedding mandap set up in the garden area. The housemates relish the moment and gear up for the ceremony.
Manu says to Mona that it was good song they played, i was seeing dreams of your wedding. Vikrant comes there and takes Mona with him.

Bigg boss announces that the rituals will soon commence with Mona’s mehendi ceremony and some guests will come in house, female inmates will get to put mehndi on her hands. Clothes are in store room. Manveer says Rohan and Lopa get ready fast, Bani will take care of her food.
Rohan says Vikrant and Mona have got nice clothes for wedding.

Vikrant says to Mona that it’s her only chance to give their marriage a second thought. She shouldn’t complain later that everything happened in a flash and she didn’t get time to think. Mona blushes and says that dont think like that, she playfully shoves him and hugs him from behind.

Manveer is shirtless, Bani is dressed in eastern wear, Manveer says to Bani that they are forcefully making you wear indian clothes, where will you apply mehndi? Bani says on my tattooed hands. Manu says we should have worn saree, he and Manveer sway.

Bani says i am first time seeing real wedding on set. Lopa is doing her makeup, Manveer says get ready fast. Lopa says let me do makeup before i apply mehndi. Mehndi applier comes there. They start applying mehndi on Mona’s hands. Manveer says Bani’s hands have no place for mehndi. Manveer asks Lopa to leave place for mehndi, dont do so much makeup. Song doli sajaa rakhna plays, inmates start dancing with Vikrant. Navriye song plays, inmates funnily dance on it. Lopa joins them, inmates dance happily, Bani is dancing with Manveer.

Vikrant says Mona your mother have entered. All are excited to see Mona’s mother entering in house, Mona runs and hugs her, she introduces her to everyone, mother says all are nice here. Manu asks her to hug Mona fully, he takes things from her which she brought, Manu says Mona dont cry now. They bring mother inside, Manveer says dont cry Mona. Manveer brings chair for Mona’s mother. Lopa says to her that you are really sweet, mother says to Rohan that you fight a lot, Lopa says right, he fights a lot, mother says the two people i dont like are already out of house, others are not irritating.

Vikrant says to Manveer that whole India must be watching me and Mona getting married, Manveer says they would even say that you are doing for show’s purpose, Vikrant says people even said that i said things which were nice to you and Manu but you people even said that you would slap me and all that, Mona is mine but if Mona goes against me then it would be highlighted, i have no grudge against her but telecast was wrong.

The baaratis Nirahua aka Dinesh Lal, Amrapali, and Vikrant’s sister make a grand entry inside the house to partake in the celebrations. Mona’s happiness knows no bounds and she thanks all the guests for making it for her wedding. Mona hugs all guests. Guests meet all inmates, Mona says such big surprise, what is happening with me? Dinesh says to Mona that you did really well, all are proud outside, Manu says we are proud of her too, Dinesh says you took care of her, Manu says me and Manveer also express enthusiasm and get M3 mehendi tattooed on their hands.

Dinesh says to Mona that we are not fake, Dinesh says this is not fake marriage so its not about wedding, there will be 8th phera which will be for marriage night, Vikrant puts hand on his face blushing and laughing, Dinesh says we dont need camera for their marriage night, they laugh.

Mona is dressed as bride and in confession room, she says to Bigg boss that thank you for doing this, i cant tell you my happiness, my family was fan of bigg boss and now they are in house, my marriage is happening on such grand scale, i am so happy. Bigg boss says we wish you all the best for future and congrats on your wedding, Mona thanks him and comes in house. All say you are looking beautiful, Manu says should we cancel wedding plans, all laugh? Vikrant is dressed as groom and waiting for Mona in garden. Lopa asks Mona to be a shy bride, Manu says should i sing humesh tumko song? they laugh.
Bride side people hide Vikrant’s shoes. Mona is brought in garden to mandap. Mona sits in mandap, Manu says both are looking beautiful. Pundit start reciting mantras. As the nuptials begin, Panditji performs puja, followed by pheras, saath vachan, sindoor, and varmala ceremony, While Mona’s mother performs her kanyadaan, Vikrant’s sister does the ganthbandhan. Lopa says she is Mrs. Mona Singh now, inmates shower them with flower petals. After Mona and Vikrant seal the deal, they seek blessing from everyone and thank their family members and friends in house, Mona’s mother is in tears, Manu hugs Mona and wish her best for future. Vikrant says in camera that thank you Bigg boss, Mona says we thank all the audience and blessing of all. Bigg boss wishes all the best for their married life. Mona says Bigg boss i want photo. They all pose in camera for photo.

Manu says to Mona that you got name, fame and even marriage in this house, everything you wanted. Manu says prince of India, Miss world, Bani J is attending her wedding, and also she got commoners like Manu and Manveer and also her family. Mona says i couldnt have thought about it. Manu hugs her and sweetly says Mona.. she says Manu.. Manveer.

Manveer reads that its time for reception party, all guests will be part of it and will perform in it. Manu and Manveer will be host of party.

Garden is decorated for the grand wedding reception that is to be held in the garden area. Manu and Manveer are given the responsibility to host the evening and make it an entertaining one. When the housemates enter the garden area, they find a brightly lit stage placed right in the center where they have to give their performances. Manu says to Mona that we will be doing fun things so dont take is wrongly, Mona says why you both are formal with me? Manu says just making is clear and tell this to Vikrant too.
Mona comes to Vikrant and says Manu and Manveer will be doing fun so dont misunderstand it and get miffed about it, Vikrant says Bigg boss is asking all this, i wont say anything, Mona says dont take is wrong way and dont do this here atleast please.
Mona and Vikrant comes in garden. Just when the reception is about to begin, Ravi Kishan makes a dhamakedaar entry dancing to Dhina Dhin Dha and surprises everyone. Mona says what a pleasant surprise. She thanks Ravi, Manu touches Ravi’s feet, inmates greet him. Ravi dances with Mona. He brings Bani on stage and dances with her to 440volt song, He brings Lopa on stage so Bani leaves stage, He further sets the stage on fire by dancing with Lopa. Ravi says you guys rock, he hugs Rohan and says you stayed long. He says to Mona that you are looking good, you cried whole 3months, Mona says now i am laughing, Ravi says this place changed my life, i didnt know what was happening in outside when i was in house but when i left, my life was changed. He asks Manu and Manveer to come stage, they come and touch his feet, Ravi says i am giving stage to them. Being at their humorous best, Manu and Manveer kick start the function by narrating Mona and Vikrant’s love story. Manu says one beautiful couple got married today, Manveer says Bengali girl and Rajput boy got married, Manu says when Mona entered in house, all thought she would do something but she kept swimming pool full with her tears, all laugh. Manveer says then she met two friends Manu and Manveer and M3 was made. Manu says then came Romi(Vikrant), Manveer mimics Vikrant and act intense like him, Manu says then Bigg boss called Romi and thought to change his life by giving him wife who will beat life out of him, all laugh.
After Manu and Manveer’s performance. The housemates give a spectacular performance to a medley of Joote Do Paise Do and Aivayi Aivayi Loot Gaya. Vikrant and Mona stands up and clap for them. Dinesh and Amrapali add some Bhojpuri flavor to the evening by dancing to Laalipop Lagelu.
Manu says now romantic couple Mona and Vikrant will dance. Mona and Vikrant give a romantic performance on Rang De Tu Mohe Gerua. Mona dances around Vikrant, Vikrant goes on his knees and dances, he gets up and pulls Mona closer to him. All clap for them after dance. Mona thanks Bigg boss. Manu says this will be memorable night for Vikrant and Mona. Ravi comes on stage and says i know Mona for 16years, like Manu didnt burn Manu’s gift, she is like that in real life, she is going to everywhere with wind, she wouldnt care even if she got out of show, He says to Vikrant that you both are in same career so Mona will be big star after here. Lopa says Mona is prettiest girl in house, Manu says i am in tears that Lopa is praising someone else, Lopa says you dont hear me praising people, Manu says its like Lopa you are pretty but little less than Bani. Lopa says i pray for Mona’s happiness. Ravi says remain happy after show ends too.
Lopa wishes vikrant good life ahead.
Manveer says to Manu that you shouldnt have praised Bani infrornt of Lopa, you shouldnt have said it, Manu says i said it so dont tell me what i said, Manveer says you shouldnt have said it, Manu says i didnt say anything, i was just having fun, Manveer says you should have allowed Lopa to speak to Mona.
All take selfie together. The celebrations come to a close with the bride and groom cutting a cake as the guests wish them a happily ever after. Vikrant makes Mona eat cake, Mona feeds him cake too.

Ravi says some poetic lines to inmates. Bigg boss says for Mona and Vikrant’s special night, we have arranged special room, Mona blushes, all say aww.. Bigg boss asks Vikrant and Mona to say goodnight to everyone and come in confession room. Manu says to Mona that you are married, i love you, Mona hugs Manveer too. Manu, Manveer and Mona do their signature step. Manveer says i love you. Vikrant and Mona leaves.
Mona and Vikrant comes in their special room. Mona jumps to Vikrant and hugs him tightly.
In house, Bigg boss thank everyone for attending wedding. Ravi hugs Manveer and says you are my brother, Manveer says you brought energy in house, Ravi says win this show.

Bani and Manveer are washing dishes. Rohan is drinking water, Bani says people are seeing that we are washing dishes after dishes but nobody is coming ahead to help, Rohan says whom you are saying this? you are taunting me? Bani says i just told you that there are dishes here, Rohan says why you are taunting me that people are watching all? you tell me directly that wash dishes, dont do this type of thing, this is immature, Bani says i didnt taunt you. Rohan says i did everything in house. Bani says you are the best.
Rohan says to Lopa that i am talking gently to her but she has no manners to talk.
Manu says To Manveer and Bani that Rohan was saying that two episodes back to back were for Mona fully, she got married, i was just guest, all guests were here for her so people would vote for her, people would vote for her so i am going to leave, Manu says i mean they thought Mona did wedding for votes, people do wedding to get saved? Bani says yeah right.
Rohan says to Lopa that how much you sweetly talk to Bani, how much nice you are with her, in the end she would snap back.

Manu says to Manveer that beautiful people came in house, Manu says with Mona’s wedding, it would help me that Piku wont have any doubt regarding me now, i was dancing and happy in Mona’s wedding so people wont say rubbish. Mona is in industry and goes away from home for months but Vikrant doesnt get insecure but he got insecure with us something wrong must have be shown.

PRECAP- There will be two teams in task. Team Manu which includes Lopa, Manveer and Manu will have to keep hand on red mark placed on stands in garden while are being tied with ropes from behind. Team Rohan which includes Bani and Rohan will try to force team Manu to leave that mark. Lopa has hand on mark, Bani puts water on her to remove her hand, she throws water on Manveer too, Manveer says do whatever you want to do man, we can bear all this too, Bani is pouring some liquid on Lopa’s hand, Lopa pushes it away and says dont show your standard, Bani says you keep talking about my standard, i am doing my task. Bani throws water in Manu’s shirt, he screams. Bani sprays foam on Lopa’s head. She throws sand on Lopa and Manveer.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Aarti32

    As always, I missed Nitibha today also..During d mehendi ceremony, shaadi n reception, I was just imagining wat Nitibha wud hv done if she was here now.. Jst imagine Nitibha dancing wid her hands filled wid mehendi..She wud hv danced wid Manveer, n Manveer wud not hv danced wid d Bhojpuri actress..She wud hv roamed around d house having mehendi on her hands n Manveer wud be helping her..Jst imagine Manveer feeding Nitibha her food wid his hands, bcz she had mehendi on her hands ???? I’ve gone crazy imagining all dis stuff!!

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yes u r first to comment Aaru ???
      Hahha wah Wah u thought a lot about ManNiti ?, even I miss them a lot. Manveer looks lonely after Nitibha got evicted but his funny actions though. ????

      1. Aarti32

        He is vry funny.. Espclly while doing d M3 step??..He looks funny but cute also

    2. Don’t think more and more otherwise you will definitely go crazy haha i think you should meet maniti outside

      1. Aarti32

        U’re right, I’ll go crazy..But if I get a chance to meet them, then I’ll go insane??

    3. Aarti32 r u lesbo? How can u be so obsessed with Nitivha? Sick!

  2. Aarti32

    Hey, m I d first one to comment?? If yes, then yayyyy!!??

  3. Bani looked gorgeous today yr…hehehe finally lopa got to know her worth when manu said she is looking less pretty than bani….

  4. Lovely episode..last 2 dayz was best dayz f Bb10 as no fight drama full of happiness joy love in d house..bani was looking so pretty..juz killed it in red..loved bani-manveer’s mehendi dance..mona z super happy but vikrant doesnt seems like tat..i wish both f them wonderful life ahead..stay togethr forevr..manveer z not happy tat manu praised bani hehe manveer bhai bani itni pretty lag rhi thi ki aaj manu bi jhoot nhi bol paya jo vo hamesha karta

    precap..again task..fight..drama.. rooting 4 bani♥

  5. Seems like this whole marriage drama was fixed much before and Monalisa already knew about it, otherwise how can big superstars like Nirhua and Ravi Kishan came to attend the marriage??? what if Monalisa had said no for marriage???? Did she even said yes ??? she was only laughing and jumping like a small kid when Vikrant proposed her, then both came out of the activity area and Bigg Boss announced their marriage. I think this marriage was already on Monalisa’s contract, Bigg Boss wanted to raise TRPs by doing this cheap stunt. Now I know, Why Monalisa was not evicted till now despite doing nothing. I even heard that Nithibha got more votes than Mona, but still Bigg Boss evicted Nithibha to do all this marriage drama.

  6. Bani wants to be puppet of M2 by fighting and b*t*hing abt Rohan..its not M3 …its going to be M2B

    M -mad dogs
    M – mostly
    B – b*t*hing

    Manu chuglokar aunty not Rohan u r so insecure of Mona’s marriage.

    #All Rohan fans vote for ROHAN only one day left

    1. For your kind information Bhavana bani is not a puppet of M2 neither she wants to be it’s your misunderstanding. From the beginning of the show bani is the only person who is single in the house not in any group unlike Rohan who got support from Rahul as his fatherly image and Gaurav as his elder brother or lopa who always got support from Rahul and Rohan or this M3 group. Bani is the lone survivor in the house since the beginning and she has reached till here passing all nominations. Bani was nominated every week just because she was not in any of the group so please stop saying that Bani wants to be a puppet of M2 just because she is talking to Manu and Manveer doesn’t make her M2 puppet. As there are very few people left in the house out of that lopa is very insecure of her for every thing she has to blame bani and same is the case with Rohan so apart from them who else is left in the house it is natural that she would talk to Manu and Manveer she would not talk to walls of the house so just stop saying this shit.

  7. BB is PR team of M2…Always M2 in same teamfor tasks,Manu & mona will be paired for nominations,live set up for manu,never pointed any wrong doings of manveer,never shown their b*t*hing sessions,captaincy got extended with out any task……….list will be goes on

    i think M2 exit will be arranged in a grand way…BB loves M3 threee much.

    BB jaani dushmani with ROHAN….cheap bb

    Sms ROH to 56882,vote for Rohan more

    1. Mannu and Manveer have paid the bigg boss team to be on the show, in fact Mannu have said this in the show also. That is why they r promoting them so much. Whereas Rohan has a contract with star plus but not with colors, therefore the bigg boss makers are trying to evict him as soon as possible. This week was all about M3 group and Mona’s so called melodramatic weeding. Since Mona is nominated along with Rohan only, the makers promoted Mona by creating a fake so called wedding so that Mona gets all the footage along with votes and Rohan gets evicted this weekend.

  8. I really wish if Nitibha was there in marriage.. Biggboss could invite her as a guest.. hope she’ll be their in final..

  9. Lovely episode. Big Boss brought in so much of fun and laughter and also brought two hearts closer for ever.
    God Bless the newly married couple.

  10. Precap showed Bani’s cheap standards again. Bani doesn’t miss any chance to hit below the belt. This two-faced woman is going to lose the finale regardless of what she does to get footage.

    1. No she isn’t going to loose my friend….

    2. Bani task kre to prblm na kre tb b prblm…bani’s haters vil hate her bani’s supporter vil support her no matter wat

  11. shaadi!!!!!

    1. Hello aakashi Didn’t you like monalisa’s shaadi?

  12. RANdomfANCreationz

    For the first time I really liked M3 a lot. Bechara Manu got so emo for Mona. That shows how close M3 is to his heart. And also wrote M3 on their hand using mehendi. Such a sweet gesture. Manveer and Manu very funny today ???haha when Manveer said don’t do so much makeup to Lopa ? Manu directly told Lopa that Bani’S more beautiful than her ? Wow what a courage, well manu is right bani is more beautiful than Lopa naturally. Wow what a shaadi ? Bb should have called some of the contestants of this season who got evicted like Nitibha, Gaurav etc. And what’s wrong with Rohan? He seems very disturbed. How did he become the previous short-tempered rohan again? ?I think it’s not completely his fault. I think he is frustrated because he gets it that by is too biased with M3, and is always unfair to him. He tolerated a lot, how much more he would have tolerate? I pity for him. But he should understand that people like the cool and calm Rohan more. Not the short-tempered one. I feel really bad for him. Areh ladkewale r doing all the household works ?
    And precap, back to tasks. Wow so much is happening Bani is full on active , and Lopa once again kept her calm. That’s a very good thing about Lopa. ? That’s what I like about her. She is calm. But bb always portrays Bani as villian in precap so I don’t always trust precaps ?

    1. Aarti32

      Exactly my thought..Bigg Boss ko Nitibha ko to bula hi Lena tha..Aur kisi se humein matlab nhi??

    2. juss luvvvd alll t performances of t H.M..!!
      esp thoz scenz of Rohan-Lopa.. eeeekkks.!! fnllly a seazn wer v r cherishin frndship & not a fake love angle.. loll.
      & as for Manu,, i think he’s tryin to please bani fans.. N.M..!! wud hav been bttr if Bani wud hav been in manu’s team..
      as per pre-cap,, kall k pre-cap dek karr.. i’ll commmnt further.. 😀 😀 😀 i’m sure yhn b kuch toh gadbaddd ofcrx hogiii loll

      Rohan & lopa r luvvvvvvvvvv mann.!!

    3. oooops.!! i commmentd,, down ur post. didnt actlly meant to.. 😛

      & naturallly.?! rellly.. :/
      nywayy,, Glad tat lopa is maintainin her calm,, but wont say anythin on it abii. lolll

      Insta prr,, i’m not tat of an ardent follwer there.! jus i kip commmentin on fp’s 😛 u can add me thou,, my user id : “@wahikimahi” 😉

    4. RANdomfANCreationz

      Haha @lopaslays bani looks very beautiful when she doesn’t do any weird experiments with her hair ??? and
      I read that while bani was irking Lopa Lopa will move due to which manu’s hand will slip from the red mark

  13. I just hope Rohan leaves the house this week. I don’t think he has the winning quality in Bigg Boss. He can’t take stand for himself and keeps on following Lopa. I am damn sure he wouldn’t do anything to Lopa in the task. Ofc forever her puppy? im not saying that he is less stronger than Mona. It’d be nice if both of them were evicted. Rohan would realize how much friendship he has with Lopa after she will backstab him later.. Anyway, enjoyed the episode?

  14. Bani jst doing her task.,top three me to mnvr manu n lopa hai isliye rohan n bani ko alg team me rakha kyu ki vo bure dikhe or baki inmates unke khilaf ho jaye simpl.,.

  15. Lipika Tasnim

    This week we will come to know, if Mr. Salman is impartial. If he is really impartial, he should ask how Lopa always says rubbish about Bani’s standard.

    1. If Bani is the winner, we will be convinced that the show is fixed. A loser like Bani is not winning material.

  16. This show s not about pretty outer.. Its abut pretty from hrt actly lopa s had a lot cmpare with bani.. Love u lopa

  17. Bani z being real in d shw..showing her true self wate r it may b good or bad..she z d true winner

  18. Bani z showing her true self wate r it may b good or bad..she z d true winner

  19. ARK

    It is sure that BB10 did this wedding drama just 4 the trps. Mona was so happy but I m quite apprehensive about that Vikrant. None of the marriages that happened on reality show has survived so let’s hope for good as Mona is a very innocent girl.
    Coming to lopa -bani, why does lopa always question bani’s standards? Bani has a fighter spirit and she deserves to win the show. And she is a true entertainer as well. The way she answers lopa and Rohan makes them speechless and so they use all the wrong methods to defame her.And I would say again that Rohan is useless.

    1. For you being uncivilised is being cool. You like uncouth people like Bani that is why our society is so depraved. I am sure, in reality you would not like a person like her to be your friend, Bani the HE MAN

      1. ARK

        I think as a friend Bani is better than lopa at least she doesn’t force her decision on others. She is not double faced like lopa. And dear one is not civilised when he or she can lecture well, it’s your inner self which decides whether you are civilised or not. Yes lopa can be a fake lady baba like swami om.

    2. Well said .

  20. Prettypreeti

    Hi guys…so so so so sorry sorry.i know i m guilty but kys kro wifi ki glti thi…chl nhi rha tha but now working and preeti is back…
    Meri taraf se mona aur vikrant ko shadi ki badhaiyaan…
    Hello kp bhai,simu di,jj bhai,jo,shazu di,aki di,arti di,sona di,diti di,anu, godbless, nd every1….
    One taylor swift fan was commenting also..i too a big fan…i read the comments of ur all today..dekh rhi thi ki pichle do din mere bin kya kia..
    And jo and aki di i m back with my poem-
    Before starting poem i would say mai match dekh rhi hoon aur mera mahi maar rha hai and the sixer king is hitting…congo 2 both for 100 and 150 well india..
    Now my poem-
    Mona ki shadi aakir ho gyi hai,
    Ab woh akele beth kahi nhi roh rhi hai..
    Manu aur manveer ne jamaya rang,
    Dance bhi kiya apna special dulhan mona ke sang….
    Mona ne range mehndi se aapne hath,
    Dua krti ho rhe yeh joda hmesha sath sath..
    Khushi se manaya sbne jashan,
    Gharwalon ne dikhaya aaona tashan.
    Ho gyi bani aur rohan ki ladhai,
    Ki dono ne ek dusre ki burai..
    Aaj aayega finale ki chunouti,
    Dekhte hai konsi team jitegi aur konsi hai roti..
    Love u all

    1. heyy u neeednt b srrry fr tat.!
      suprrrb Poem..
      JBH,, u hav prettty much improved in ur style of writin itt.. 😉

    2. Yeah good one(poem) aur dho diya england ko aaj double khushi first spd smith made a classic ton and than yuvraj sing made a blinder ton both my favorate made a big impect on match and preeti now you will see a blinder from jc buttler i think

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Pri finally u r back yaar 🙂

    4. Aarti32

      Double A h behena..

  21. yeah man preeti i told u the queen of poems…just the best

  22. Bani is good at heart,no one understand her .lop is cunning b*t*h acting like angle

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