Bigg Boss 10 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 17th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 93
Inmates wake up to the song ‘Saanjan Ji Ghar Aae’. Inmates dance to song. Mona says its such good song, someone might me coming.

Manu asks Mona what will you go after going out of here? will you sleep? Mona says i will talk a lot, days are passingby so fast now, i will plan something about 14feb, i have to go to Kolkata too, Manu asks if you go with your boyfriend to your mom’s house then people dont taunt? Mona says they just ask us to get married fast.

Bigg Boss gives the housemates an opportunity to do luxury budget shopping. In the garden area, the luxury budget items are placed on a table with a plastic string attached to it. The housemates are asked to form a chain and pass on the luxury budget items of their choice by holding it with their mouth. While the housemates were entitled to get 10 mins for the process but they only get 6 mins because of Manveer and Lopa’s slipups, Lopa reading letter from furnace and Manver breaking smoking room’s rules, Manu can use this luxury budget too, Bigg Boss also lifts the ban imposed on Manu to not use the luxury budget items. Bani will first next to table where things are placed, Bani will pick item she wants, she will grab it from mouth then transfer to Lopa, Lopa says no way.. Bani says you dont want to do it? Lopa says i will try, Bani reads that Lopa will pass to Manver then Manver to Rohan, Rohan passes to Manu and Manu passes to Mona and Mona will place item on empty table.
Buzzer plays, Bani one item, puts in mouth and passes it to Lopa, Lopa takes in mouth and passes to Manveer, Manver to Rohan, Rohan to Manu, Manu to Mona. They keep passing items, Bani asks inmates what they want and then pick up item, Mona and Manu are laughing, enjoying task. The housemates successfully pick up some of their favorite luxury budget items and feel delighted. Manu tries to keep some items which they didnt pick in time but Bigg boss ask him to leave them.

Bigg Boss calls for Mona and asks her to go inside the activity area. All inmates hug her and says everything will be fine, you are not leaving from house. Lopa says someone might have come to meet her. Mona enters the activity area to find her boyfriend Vikrant standing there waiting for her against a brightly lit romantic backdrop. Mona runs towards him and greets him with a tight hug. Mona says i knew you would come when i listened song this morning, Mona and Vikrant leans in and kiss each other on lips. When Mona asks him the reason for his visit, he says will you marry me? he hugs her, Mona says you have come to propose? he simply goes down on his knees, takes out a sparkling ring and proposes her for marriage. Mona is over the moon and finds it all surreal, she hugs him tightly and says yes, we will marry infront of all, this is nice, oh my God, i am so happy, she asks if this is true? he laughs and says yes, we will marry here. Vikrant further tells her that they are going to get married right there in house,.
Vikrant and Mona comes in house. All inmates are happy for them, Lopa hugs Mona. Vikrant hugs Manveer and Manu. All congratulate them, Mona says i am getting married. Vikrant side hugs Mona, all inmates are happy for them. Lopa asks Mona to show her ring, Mona shows it, Manveer says Swami om predicted it and wanted to arrange their wedding.

Bigg boss welcomes Vikrant and congratulate them for getting married, Bigg Boss makes an official announcement about Mona and Vikrant getting married in the house and that the contestants will have to take all the responsibilities of the wedding as her fellow inmates, they will get married tomorrow, their families will come in house on wedding day. Amongst the contestants, Lopamudra, Rohan and Manu are asked to be the on the bride-side while Bani and Manveer are made to be on the groom-side. Inmates are so excited for wedding. Mona hugs vikrant, Vikrant says happy? Manu says to Lopa and Rohan that it will be fun, there is double bed too. Lopa says arent you ashamed to say all this? they laugh. Lopa says i will hide groom’s shoes as per ritual.

Lopa brings black coffee for Vikrant, Manu gives him dry fruits. Manveer says you people go away from our groom, all laugh. Manu says groom-side ate everything. Lopa says we will not give dowry at all. Vikrant says Mona, Manu and Manveer’s friendship is good, he says its really difficult to live here, Manu says you will live here and know. Vikrant says Mona is same in real life, Manu says you are really lucky to get girl like Mona. Vikrant says i am lucky to get good mother and good wife, i was never confused, friendship happens, now i understand as Niti have left, Manveer says yay, all laugh. Manu says Manveer was worried about Niti, he talks about her. Vikrant says to Manu and Manveer that you both have taken care of her a lot, she used to keep finding you both in house, it showed bond.

Vikrant says to inmates that Bigg boss is very big name for me. They show everything except bathroom, Bani says thats good. Manu says clap for Lopa for handling Rohan ins washroom. Vikrant jokes about Lopa and Bani’s closeness. Lopa says not funny at all, she walks away.
Lopa goes in washroom. Rohan says we were joking. Manveer says to Bani that she is childish.
Manu says he should think before speaking. Bani says he must be speaking like this everywhere, Manveer says he will leave after marriage, he is not trying to make image. Bani says if Mona is feeling bad about anything Vikrant saying.
Vikrant comes to restroom, he says to Lopa that you re being followed a lot, she has a lot male fan following.
Manveer says to Manu that Mona is getting good journey so if Vikrant does say few ill words then we will bear it, because we have heard person like Swami.
Vikrant says to Lopa, Mona and Rohan that i dont want to talk about Manu and Manveer but you people will their things after coming out.
Manveer says to Manu and Bani that its our task to arrange this marriage nicely.
Mona thanks Bigg boss and says this is lifetime thing.

The contestants are asked to start the preparations and begin the wedding rituals with Haldi ceremony. Bigg Boss provides them with all the things required for the ceremony and asks the housemates to perform the rituals, both groom and bride side have to keep trying to make their haldi ceremony more entertaining.

The contestants roll up their sleeves and kick star the celebrations by applying haldi on Mona and Vikrant. Bani mixes haldi, rohan says our bride is glowing before haldi only. Bani and Manveer apply haldi to Vikrant while Lopa applied to Mona. Lopa says Vikrant wont get girl like her. They revel in the moment by applying haldi on each other and dancing to the song Navrai Majhi.

Vikrant says to Mona that i am not saying you are wrong, i cant make you understand here, i never said you were wrong, i have seen a lot of things, you know people can talk about Mona being their friend but there is no relation here, nobody is your father? Swami tried to act like your father, he applied balm on your back, how can you allow anyone to touch you? Mona says he offered to apply it, Vikrant says it was wrong, Manu says i told her that it was wrong, Vikrant says will you allow people to touch your body parts? Mona says he is petty man. Manu says you both talk alone but dont infront of camera, Vikrant says to Mona that people will talk rubbish about it, there were other girls in house too but you allowed Swami, it was wrong.

Manu asks Vikrant will you allow us at home? Vikrant says i did nothing, Manveer says you sent bad clothes and all, Vikrant says Mona should have trusted me, Manveer says she used to cry over it, Manu says she told us that you sent bad clothes deliberately.

Manu says to Vikrant that i played cricket for 20years but i never tried professionally.

Manu says to Manveer that we shouldnt be more comfortable with him.
Vikrant says to Mona that Manu doesnt know much about cricket, he was bragging only, Bani says i knew he was bragging.
manu says to Manveer that we have done everything here, Manveer says we are applying haldi too here, Manu says he is telling plus points of everyone too, we know about our plus points, like Lopa takes stand, Bani is from other planet, Manveer says she was mixing haldi with spoon, Manu says they are like that, Lopa would have used spoon too.

Vikrant says to Manu that everything is seen, you managed well. Manu says i have good friendship with Lopa too but Mona and out friendship was presented differently, Vikrant says you people used to talk covering mics and it was highlighted, if you both whisper in ear then people start imagining other things. Mona and Vikrant have joined beds, they go under blanket together and cuddle with each other. Manu and Manveer are looking at each other lying on their beds.

Mona and Vikrant will get married tomorrow in the presence of Bigg Boss, housemates, and their family members. Inmates dance in wedding, all are dressed for wedding. Mona comes out dressed as bride. Manu says you are looking so pretty, should we cancel wedding? Mona laughs. Mona and Vikrant sits in mandap, they take pheras and get married and touch elder’s feet.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Love love loved bani today…how beautiful she was looking…!!!???

    1. plastic surgery injections bani

    2. Makeup faced lopa…!!!??

    3. lagta hai app nai plastic surgery karwai hai jass

  2. Taylor Swift rocks!!!?? #ut (utkarsh)

    Wow yaar aaj k episode me naa jaane kyun bani bht pretty lag rhi thi??…. And precap me shaadi waale din lopa bhi extremely beautiful lag rhi hai???…. Even though both are enemies, i ? them both…. Mona nd vikrant ki jodi bht cute h???…. I dnt knw why but when everybody was overwhelmed with joy due to bigg boss’ marriage announcements, i was also feeling very happy and elated and full of joy……
    Hello by the way ppl…. I used to read comments here…. Fatarjo u are the best in commenting… And aakshi, i would also love to see a romantic dance performance between nitibha and manveer??….

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Taylor swift it’s very sweet of u happy u liked my comments 🙂 and btw I am a very big fan of u, love ur Taylor swift praised me I m so happy ???

    2. Taylor Swift rocks!!!?? #ut (utkarsh)

      Utkarsh and i’m just a big fan of her??

  3. awwwww congratulation mona

  4. Aarti32

    I so luvd it when Manveer was being teased on Nitibha’s name..Oh my God!! My craving for Maniti chemistry is increasing day by day..N I liked manu for d vry first time today, jst bczhe teased Manveer..
    N I jst don’t want to talk abt lopa or bani, let d fighters fight..I’m on Maniti hangover..??
    Jst imagine if Vikrant’s baraat wud hv come from outside d house n d EX-CONTESTANTS wudhv been d baraatis..It wud hv been too much fun..??

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Haha in that case they should have Organised mona’s Shaadi last week, then Nitibha would have been in vikrant’s side, then three on girl’s side, three on guy’s side ???
      Ya their chemistry is amazing

    2. Aarti32

      Yeah..U know my sis said Mona has two bros Rohan n Manu n a bhabhi lopa (as Rohan’s wife)..But Vikrant has only Bhai n behen..She strictly said BANI IS NOT BHABHI..??n then I said his bhabhi is on holiday ??

  5. Aarti32

    U ppl might b thinking of me as crazy n insane?? I m indeed..

  6. Now eagerly waiting for Mona’s vidai this weekend. ? Stay blessed. ?

  7. Hrthik ka fan

    Boring shitty stuff…?

  8. Guys vote for Rohan,classy guy who never used any beep words.

    some morons calling Rohan is puppet of lopa …why bani is following M2 new chamchi of M2 batch want to replace mona’s place.

    shower ur love n support to the most genuine guy ROHAN theu votes….All Rohan fans buckle up.

    1. Do you copy and paste the same comment on every episode?

  9. sadly in BB house,
    shyness is equal to Bachpana.

    It is so sad that a decent guy is always bullied by hms/bb/salman and some psycho fans.

    ROHAN fans dont believe any f**ing rumors,its to distract us….vote for Rohan more n more……

  10. Awesome. Now Mona has to leave after the wedding or on the weekend Big Boss has given her the gift of her life.

    1. Mona will be going in secret room

  11. I just loved how Bani read Bigg Boss letters today, I think it was the first time she read it, most of the season Nithibha read the letters of Bigg Boss. The way Bani speaks, her expressions, her attitude, her walking style, all is just amazing. Her outward personality is really awesome and one of the reasons, she has so many fans. just see how she was dancing, I loved it yaar. Her overall personality is very strong, that even if she doesn’t do anything, she becomes the center of attention.

    1. totally agree..luv her personality♥

    2. Agree vth u…she’s DA bst…….

    3. Is it??? R ol HM’s goin to DA finale..

    4. Sry2 by mistk i postd it here

  12. What looks like it would be bidai of Mona… but I wish it should be bidai of Rohan… let us see how Flopa survive 1 more week without Rohan PUPPY and the guilt that she let Mona be nominated thinking that Rohan PUPPY will be safe if he has a competitor like Mona

    Now, I salute Mona for not knowing also whether she will be the only one to be nominated or whether this whole marriage thing happen… she nominated herself even if it was for Manu… Superb girl Hats off to You..

    1. Taylor Swift rocks!!!?? #ut (utkarsh)

      First of all rohan is not a puppy?? and lopa had nothing to do with mona’s nominations… Dnt know how u came at this assumption??….

  13. Mona z super happy..happy 4 mona..aww bani was looking stunning in black n bindi♥ i heard tat aftr shaadi mona going to secret room nd vikrant outside..mona coming back to inside on weekend..

    1. Is it??? R ol HM’s goin to DA finale..

    2. i dono..saw a post regarding this on twitter..

  14. Hi my lovely simran di ditya kp shriya preeti anu s riya and all

    simran di where are you mai bhot dukhi hun aap comment ku nahi karti pls forgive me reply me
    preeti loves your poem sis

    i like mona very much now very decent girl waiting for today epi

  15. Cherry blossom

    Lopa was taking everything about Bani so seriously. She’s trying to show that she doesn’t give a damn about her while clearly the audience and as well the contestants can see that she is quite insecure if her and only fights with her for footage?? nice try!
    I must say Bani was looking beautiful.. The thing I love most about her is that she is really straightforward. Unlike Lopa, A.K.A flopa, she is not fake and isn’t trying to grab footage?
    I like how bani and m3 are mingling together and agreeing that Lopa is childish. At least they’ve found out her true colors.

    1. Bani slayed already

      And I think the letter thing was just a act by lopa to put bani down..which she obviously can’t…she just put her own sister down..poor flopa

  16. RANdomfANCreationz

    Finally in today’s episode all contestants were happy. Loved this episode a lot. Everyone was enjoying a lot. The luxury Budget task ??? bani-Lopa-Manveer-Rohan-manu-Mona. Haha i liked the fact bani had to pass the items to Lopa ? Finally in one task they r together ?. Finally after so much cancellation the inmates got their luxury Budget. And wow Mona-Vikrant shaadi. No wonder why bb Organised luxury Budget task this time m if not housemates will complain because of Shaadi all food items got finished ???. I think vikrant would have been a better bb house candidate instead of Mona ???. I don’t know why people r calling Mona-Vikrant relationship fake, they have been together for 8 years so i don’t think it’s fake.
    This Lopa again got sensitive. I like her but what’s she doing the last 2 days it’s not good. And those who r calling Rohan Lopa’s puppy even rohan told Lopa that they were joking. Manveer was full on funny today ???. What a sense of humour ? Bechara misses Nitibha a lot.
    And also in the last part when manu-Manveer were looking at each other ?.
    Tomorrow is Mona’s wedding. Looks like this week Mona’S Bidaayi will take place but maybe not since most Bani fans r voting for Mona.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      And BB also lift out the luxury Budget ban from manu it would have been better if they lift rohan’s nomination for entire season too. Anyways i think Rohan didn’t perform well as a sanchalak yesterday, Manveer was a better sanchalak. I know Lopa has emotions connected to her letter and maybe that’s why Rohan let her read the letter but he should have warn her to be careful since it’s dangerous .

    2. Taylor Swift rocks!!!?? #ut (utkarsh)

      Ha yaar vo kya tha!!!!??? manu nd manveer ek dusre ko bed pe kitne der tak dekh hi rhe the and manu was sliding his hands inside manveer’s blanket?!!!!???….. Kuch v hota rhta h….

    3. heyy FJ.!
      naaah.!! its not me on Insta..
      my user name is diffrnt ther.. 😛
      btw watz ur’s/? wud u like to get added..?!

    4. RANdomfANCreationz

      ?? oh lol that’s means i message wrong person okay well haha u tell urs first ?

  17. Bani islookin so pretty?….

    1. Don’t know y sm people r hvng misconception tat bani fans r voting fo mona…? nothing’s like tat…..we vote fo bani only……n only bani…
      Vj bani rokzzzz!!!!

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      I said that some bani fans r voting for Mona because when I was seeing comments of bani fans in insta some were like Rohan is chamcha of Lopa so vote for Mona that’s why I say like that

  18. RANdomfANCreationz

    Did anyone realise in the haldi vikrant was wearing manveer’s clothes ?

    1. Aarti32

      Yeah..Manveer is so nice.. if I wud hv been in his place I wud hv NVR shared my clothes.. Espcly during haldi..I’m vry possessive for my things..N he shud hv come wid his clothes na..After all d marriage was planned..

    2. oh ya jo itz manveer’s clothes..u r ryt evn i saw some ppls comments in insta but reality bani fans nvr gonna vote 4 mona they show support only in comments for mona..regarding votes bani fans r bit selfish hehe they oly consider bani..

    3. yeah jo..itz manveerz cloths..u r ryt evn i hav seen sme ppl supporting mona in insta..but in reality bani fans nver gonna vote for mona..they show support oly in comments..regarding voting bani fans r bit selfish hehe they consider only bani..

    4. Agree vth u,,regarding votes we support bani n only bani..hahaha…

  19. hrithik ka Fan

    hi guys. ..I guess I am quite popular in this website like my idol hrithik. …as someone has copied my username and commented above …but beware guys I m original…

    coming to the episode. … I the only one who think manu was trying very hard to look happy for mona and vikrant. ..because he also knew he creates misunderstanding between them ….and bani was looking damn good women in black. ….she is very happy go lucky. .bubbly girl..that’s why most of the people and celebrities supporting her….it’s just that house was crowded before and she couldn’t express herself ….but she is going great. ..go girl…

    1. Aarti32

      Dats y I told u get registered..

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      ??? aaru lol haha
      @HKF i knew that blue logo was someone else and btw kaabil songs r amazing Kuch din is my fav that song ???

    3. butttt I’m cumpltly in t hangova of “kaabil hoon ya” 😛 thou kuch din is as welll a v.melidious track.!!
      & ofcrx Zaaalima.. tat has to b myy fav currntly..
      t way i want Bani & Lopa to avoid clashes wit each other.. jus similarly i want srk to avoid clash wid HR.. 😀 😀 how funnny,, ths celbrties alwyz leav fans in dilemmma.. lol

    4. RANdomfANCreationz

      @Lopaslays ???? nice one lol clashes between SRK n HR movie like Bani and Lopa ???? btw I m a big fan of Sri since childhood so raees was already in my must watch list. And as for Hrithik I like him too but the songs of kaabil r so good and also hrithik’s look in that movie reminded me of hrithik’s rohit character in koi mil gaya that was my fav hrithik movie that same kind of innocence i can see in hrithik in kaabil too but when he comes to take revenge in trailer he reminded me of him in bang bang ?. And srk’s raees once again reminded me of his don movie ?
      So I m excited to watch both the movies gonna watch them on weekends right after release

  20. Aarti32

    While Bani was reading d letter, I missed Nitibha sooooooooooooooooooooo much!! She always read d letters so nicely n her accent was also very attractive

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