Bigg Boss 10 16th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 16th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 91(continued)
Manu says to Lopa that Manveer was saying to me that i should have been more open when voting happened for me, Lopa says they would have done same if they were in your place, Manu says they said india is listening so would i say bad words to move ahead of other? Lopa says no.

Day 92
Inmates wake up to the song ‘ Tohfa Tohfa, Laya Laya’. Early in the morning.

Mona says to Manu that what you said about Rohan, he pressed buzzer then you said Bani was saying suggestion, Lopa started conversation after scolding you for saying that she doesnt forgive then when you talked about Bani then she was interested, Manu says you dont listen fully, Mona says i listen to you everytime so listen to me, i dont understand you people,

i should not say anything, Manu says i am not able to connect with your talk, Mona says you dont understand my words, cool, i wont say anything, she leaves.

Manveer says to Bani that i would say in camera that i am going to beat someone, Rohan says Bani tell in camera that you are not going to do it then it would look like you left it, Manveer and Manu laughs at it, Bani says i am nothing than you, Rohan asys no you were hero in solar task Bani, Manveer says you are nominated Rohan so you can say anything? Bani says if you want to make fun of me then make fun of it, dont go like i am hero in task that i dont do tasks, criticize fully if you want, Rohan leaves. Bani says to Manveer that we had fun, Manveer says he questions then answers himself and then says sorry and leaves. Manu says he keeps grudges in mind but i like that he doesnt fight on face.

Bigg Boss introduces the nominations task for the week with yet another twist. Dressed up as a postman, every contestant is assigned a parcel of one of their fellow contestant which they have to either deliver or destroy in a foyer. If they fail to destroy and instead deliver it successfully to other inmate, they will be nominated for the week while the contestant owning the parcel will be safe from nomination and vice versa. They have to burn parcel in furnace of other inmate to save themselves from nominations. The parcel would entail gifts or letters sent by their family or loved ones. Since Manveer has already qualified into the finale week and since Rohan is nominated for the entire season, they are made the sanchalaks(referee) of the task.
Mona have Manu’s parcel
Manu will have Bani’s parcel
Bani will have Lopa’s parcel
Lopa will have Mona’s parcel

They have to open parcel before burning it and once parcel is opened, they have to burn it. Bani takes Lopa’s parcel, Lopa says show me, i want to feel it, Bani says you cant.

Lopa says my parcel will be burnt. Manu says to Manveer that will you give Bani’s parcel? he says why would i?
Mona feels distressed and starts crying as she is caught in a dilemma whether to deliver or destroy Manu’s gift.
Lopa asks Bani if her parcel is heavy? Bani says seems like it, Lopa says i wanna see whats inside it, Bani says too late, she leaves.
Bani says to Manveer that Lopa was talking to me, it was funny, i said too late for friendship, Rohan says she didnt ask for your friendship, Bani says good defense. Manveer says to Rohan that Lopa did talk to her, she should have asked Bani to not burn it.

Manu comes to Bani that Mona has my parcel, Bani says if its valuable then all parcel must have something valuable.
Bani comes to Mona and hugs her, she says dont cry, maybe its small parcel for Manu, Mona says its from his home, Bani hugs her and says all have sent from home too.

After the first buzzer rings, Manu asks Mona that dont try to give me parcel by nominating yourself, dont react too fast, Mona says one have to give parcel, Manu says i am requesting you to not do it, Mona says this is not it, Manu says burn my parcel, it wont my friendship.
All inmates come in garden, Mona says i have to say something when i have to give parcel? Manu says whats the need to go first, i am saying you that think about yourself, dont give it personally, even if there is human inside dont give it, Mona says its from your home, Manu says i will go back home soon, Mona says what if its important and i burn it? i cant do it, i want to deliver parcel to you. Manu says all families have sent parcels, take time and then decide, i am requesting you by folding hands, Bani says they both are right. Manu says i left my mother for this show and she is no more, i am requesting you to not do it, if you leave this weekend then i will blame myself, dont do it, Mona says its my decision, why will you blame yourself? Mona says i have decided. She delivers parcel to Manu and nominates herself. Manu is miffed with her.

Manu is in tears for Mona sacrificing for him, Manveer says people do sacrifices in friendship. Mona cries and says i am away from home, i feel my home’s fee from my clothes, Manveer wipes her tears and says you passed all season doing this, Lopa says all want parcels. Bani says should all nominate themselves? Manu says to Mona that you are not alone, you should have thought first, Manveer says we are friends, Manu says to Mona that you are star. Manu holds Bani’s hand and says if i can nominate myself for your message then i can nominate myself for this parcel of yours, you are my sister, Bani says no dont it, if i wanted it i would have asked you for it but its okay bro, i know i would regret seeing what s inside but its okay.

Manu opens his parcel, he finds mug which have pictures of his. Manu has got letter too. Message says that play positive, mom is watching you and all india is proud of you – Your Piku.

Lopa says we all can handover parcel and all will get nominated, she says i will deliver, Manu says i will deliver too, she asks Bani if she will deliver parcel and get nominated? Bani says you are saying so gently, you want your parcel? Lopa huffs, Manu says have patience Lopa, Lopa says who doesnt want it Bani? you would want yours too, Bani says burn my parcel, i dont want it, Manu laughs, Lopa says i am sure Bani will burn my parcel.

Manveer says this is bad that first we have to show gift then burn it, she is talking to me with attitude, i would have given to her if she talked to me nicely, she was saying to Rohan that i would not give parcel, Bani says i nominated myself for Priyanka Jagga because she was nice to me but Lopa would never talk to me if it was not for parcel.

As the second buzzer ring, inmates come in garden. Manu says to Bani that if you give Lopa parcel then we will give parcel to each other and we will all nominate ourselves. Bani says Lopa go first and deliver to Mona, Lopa says i will give my words, but first i need my parcel, Bani says i am not going to nominate myself for Lopamudra. Lopa says she would burn my parcel, its her call. Bani dances. Manveer says Bani you can think about doing good, you can save yourself but think about others, Bani says we were doing all this so Mona gets her parcel but Lopa has it so she should deliver it to her, Lopa says i am sorted what i will do, Manveer says then go for it, Lopa says i will give it on fourth buzzer, i am fine if i get parcel or not, i wont beg her to give parcel, i am not going to bow down to her, Bani says i am just asking her to talk gently, i cant bear her voice in ear so lets end it, Lopa says why she was doing drama? i knew she would do it, Bani says you werent nice to me. Bani says i want to save myself from last nomination so i am going to burn Lopa’s parcel. She brings out letter from her parcel and says its from her sister “behena”, she says Lopa has got letter, she burns her letter. Bani says i am safe from last nominations. She hi-fives Manveer and Manu.

Lopa is sad, Rohan says you will meet her after 10days, you met her 15days back too, Lopa says when i was in 3rd standard, i fought with my sister and she wrote me apology letter with “behena” at the end, she gets emotional remembering, Manu hugs her and says everything will be fine after 10days. Manveer says anything could have happened. Rohan says this was expected from Bani.

Bani asks Manu why he think Lopa will nominate herself to give Mona her parcel? Manu says i dont think she will give it, Bani says Mona has self sacrificed herself for her friend, she misses her house a lot so she deserves most to get her parcel.
Lopa says to Rohan that i want to get saved but i dont want to make Mona cry.
Bani says to Manu that she will use card that Bani nominated me too.

Lopa says to Rohan that i wanted to read my sister’s letter. She sees in furnace that letter is there, she reads her letter. Bani says she is trying to read it, Lopa reads that her sister wrote that you were not at mistake for having fight with Bani, you didnt say anything wrong to Bani, Bani’s madness has come to fore. Bani says this is not allowed. Lopa tries to take
Bani decides to do the process and destroys Lopa’s gift. Lopa tries to bring out letter from furnace, Bigg boss says you will burn your hand, this is dangerous for you, move back from it. Lopa says i want to read. Lopa says to Manveer that my sister wrote nice things. Bani makes weird faces seeing her happy, Bani says i threw it straight in furnace, i didnt know she would read it, Manu says she has learnt it from Swami om.

Manveer and Rohan are in confession room. Bigg boss says what if something is put in fire? you are two referees but couldnt stop Lopa, Lopa was putting hand in furnace which was burning with so much temperature, this shouldnt happen again, they nod.

Buzzer plays, Lopa says i will go in last. Manu says i am going then. Manu says i want to burn Bani’s parcel because she will meet her family soon. He opens her parcel and says its greeting cards, its from Gauhar, he burns it and saves himself.

Buzzer plays. Inmates come in garden, Lopa comes forward. Bani acts like kicking her from behind. Lopa says i want to burn Mona’s parcel because i cant nominate myself at this stage, i think i would disappoint my fans if nominate myself, i know it feels bad, when Bani burned my parcel, i felt bad. Lopa brings out Mona’s gift, its heart shaped cushion with two hearts on it, Mona starts crying seeing it, Lopa says can i cancel this? Manveer says put in furnace, Lopa is emotional, she reads “you and me forever” written on cushion, Lopa says i am sorry Mona, she sees Mona crying and says i feel really bad, i want to cancel this, Mona leaves, Lopa says this happened with me, it feels bad, Rohan says burn it. Lopa burns her cushion.
Mona cries and says yes you and me forever, she cries. Bani smiles and says you will meet him soon. Lopa and Rohan comes there, Lopa says i am sorry, Mona says its okay, Lopa says you will meet him, i lost my letter too, dont cry.
Bani comes in garden and sees furnace.
Bigg boss says nominations are done. ROHAN, MONA are nominated this week.

Lopa asks Rohan if she can bring cushion out with viper? Rohan says dont do it.
Bani says to Manu Lopa wants to see if we are looking good or bad then she takes he step. She says Mona should stay now.
Rohan says to Lopa that nominations was about other’s happiness or your safety.

Manveer says to Rohan that Bigg boss played game, Manu says to Rohan that you are a established man so appeal for our votes, Lopa says you are not commoners now, Lopa says i will not giveup, when i didnt give up when i was not in country. Manu asks Bani to appeal for me and Manveer, Bani says fans make me win and they should loose, Manveer says to Manu that it costed us, Manu says it will go to discovery channel as per her clothes.

Manu and Manveer looks at Bigg boss house and says thank you, Manu says we didnt know where we were going, Manveer says i cant share how tensed i am rightnow, Manu says commoners came in house and life is set, Manveer says we started from scratch and what we are now? Manu says what have you made us Bigg boss? they go to sleep.

PRECAP- Mona’s boyfriend Vikrant is in activity area. Bigg boss asks Mona to come in activity area. Vikrant waits in the activity area against a brightly lit romantic backdrop, he hugs Mona as she enters and asks will you marry me? she is stunned, she asks really? he goes down on his knees, takes out the ring and proposes her for marriage. Mona’s excitement know no bounds and she instantly agrees. Vikrant and Mona comes in house. All inmates are happy for them, Lopa hugs Mona. Mona says i am getting married. There will be mehndi ceremony of them, inmates apply haldi to Vikrant and Mona and dances with them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hrithik ka Fan

    this is why people love bani ….she is bang on …no manipulation. .no double standards. …best episode for bani lovers ….and more I try not to write about lopa…more I got reasons to write about her ….she is very very cunning and it was clearly visible today ….I am sorted. …and manveer was bang on …If u are sorted then why to go at four do it right now…….every housemate except rohan of course realised how cunning lopa is ..she was trying to talk to bani just for sake of that hamper …..and she was faking it …..bani was absolutely brilliant. …total straightforward and this is the problem with straightforward people. ..u might hate them initially but eventually u will like them …that’s happening in the house …fake people are exposed and real people are loved …go bani go…

    last thing ..rohan is a sensible guy I like him but lopa is taking him down …he should be aware of that…

    1. & no second thoughtz in admitttin Bani is t mostttt selfish,, self-centrd & mostt egoistic so farr..
      Wud neva appreciate such kind of ppl arnd me..
      Glad k rohan is supprtin lopa..? atlst she doesn’t behav t wayy bani behavd wid gaurav. Thy respct each othr.. Lopa?rohan roxx..

      1. Really evn i don understand wt was dt…going wen 4th buzzer plays..n lopa after opening d parcel was pretending as if she so cares for mona…whereas mona was frnd of lopa…if she cud nt sacrifice for her frnd den how she z xpectng frm bani lollzzz…in whole season she ws talkng abt insaniyat and doing gud for others..sab samne agya..flopa devi ka

      2. hrithik ka Fan

        hi lopa slays….ye bani is self centred. ..everyone is….but why don’t u accept lopa is very cunning and fake …she said I can’t see mona crying then why didn’t she give hamper to mona…double standards

        btw lopa wanted everyone should nominate…why she can’t take her own decision that shows she is insecure. tell me who is selfish.…

      3. Tsering Namdol

        Every people ve thr on way of treating thr friends n lopa have never said sorry to rohan for her mistake. In this case lopa has big ego issue. Lopa has not nominated her as she said bfor she is just acting coz she knows the game but bani is stright forward so u didnt like her. Y u think lopa will nominate herself for bani huh. U r such a stupid to think. Everyone has come to biggboss10 to win only thing is bani is very clear that she wants to win but other r very cleverly playing by acting too much. #i love bani#vote for her

    2. The less I try to hate Bani the more I hate her.SHE is so selfish and if Lopa was talking to Bani for the hamper then in the beginnging of this season Bani was also talking to Lopa for a Captaincy task.
      Bani manipulates everything so it seems like she’s the victim.Like everything is not about you.
      I also hate Manveer and Manu, they console Lopa but then talk about her with Bani.
      Rohan is okay since he understands…Lopa never asked to be friends that’s what Bani “heard.”

      1. Yes correct Bani talked with Lopa before captaincy…May be she wanted to sort things or may be for votes. But Lopa criticised it and has reffered to it numerous times to prove that Bani is manipulative. Then why practising the same. She is double faced, never practises what’s she preaches.

      2. hrithik ka Fan

        dude that was just beginning of the show first captaincy task …and they both didn’t have huge fight. ….and bani was right that if it would not have been her hamper she wouldn’t have talk to her….maukka prasat lopamudra. ..

      3. Tsering Namdol

        Oh plz y do u think lopa will scarifies herself for bani. If she is so kind than she would have delivered the parcel n nominated herself. Cnt u c or hear wat lopa said”she nominate herself at this stage” than y bani. Banu is selfish as everyone. Bani shows but other act like so good. Bani never try to b victim n she didnt manipulate others. N ya bani also never ask people to b her frnd but rohan has a force frndship with lopa. Lopa has a ego issue #love bani

      4. so true BB Fan.. but t manipulative queeen has got sum same natured ppl’s suppprt & hence is lil succsful in itt

    3. Hrithik ka fan i’m not a bani fan but i would prefer bani over insaniyat ki devi stand ki dukaan fake accent witch lopa.. bani didn’t treat gaurav well lopa fans biggest accusation… Their insaniyat ki devi treats rohan with full respect by throwing his things down again n again… Most fake witch of this season according to me s lopa… I’d be very happy if Rohan wins but i don’t see that possibility.. other than this fake witch anyone wins the season even manu, I’ll be happy!

    4. You are ryt one thing is good about bani that she doesn’t do duality she burned lopa’s parcel and from the starting she was clear about burning it ,unlke lopa who kept saying I won’t burn it but finally when tym came she did so much of melodrama
      Oh!God what a dramatic precap….. BB creators have nothing new to show they are repeating, first that call centre task and now this shaadi wala thing ……..please makers stop this melodrama and show something interesting

    5. RANdomfANCreationz

      @LopaSlays do u have an account on insta named Lopaslays? Is that u? ?


      1. Tsering Namdol

        Bani is stright forward which u dnt like but #lopa is fake #love bani

    7. Tsering Namdol

      Yes i fully agree with u. #love bani

  2. most funniest joke, bani fans lashed out on mona when gaurav got eliminated now the same fans are voting for mona just to eliminate rohan……….

    i have no problem with anyone winning the show except bani….

    1. Same here i don hv any prblm anyone winning except dt flopa..evn if it z om or jagga bt nt dis double face grl…hate flopa

      1. You seem quite obsessed with Lopa.

      2. Yup, now I even hate lopa too

    2. Bani got paid to do the show, doubt she cares about peoples opinions. She was approached by Bigg Boss several times, eventually she agreed cause Gauhar suggested it. Anyway I think Bani is a closet case and is attracted to Lopa which is why she reacts the way she does with Lopa

    3. Tsering Namdol

      I m with u.#love bani

    4. same here.. 😀
      Rohan ftw

  3. chalo,,fnlly jhagda’s aside & celebrations on..
    Happpy fr Mona.! She’s a lil dumb& emotional. But a v.sweeet gal.? Wishin her a bright future ahead + a happpy married life..?
    Wat bothrz me now is,, if nly 4contestantz wil reach finale,, thn mite b der’ll b doubl elimination tis week. Thou i dont want eithr of thm to go.! Spcly Rohan. He desrvz to b in t finale..
    Hope Rohan r Lopa wins..❣❣❣
    Happpy to c @bani fnllly gelllin up wid inmatz.! hope 2-4 frndly momentz lopa bani k b mil jae..?butt i gues ye is janm me pssbl nhiii..!???

  4. I don’t know what sort of upbringing Lopa parents have given their girls? Lopa sister is b*t*hing about bani in the letter rather that wishing her luck.

    1. Exactly man.. don’t know what’s cooking between this Raut sisters?..
      Seriously, don’t take me like anything.. cause I love Lopa sometime it’s more like in somethings..
      I just love and admire Bani’s attitude…
      She is just amazing. Trust me if she can control her anger then she deserves to be the winner of BB10. But her anger is justified in some situations.

      1. hrithik ka Fan

        How on earth paper didn’t burn by the fire ….I think her sis didn’t write anything.’s just lopa read she wants to read by her own …lol….

      2. @hrithik Ka Fan The container had fire on the sides which was burning with gas so that it can be controlled accordingly. This kind of fire is generally used in events.


      4. Nainaa

        @SUMAN KUMAR Can you just your mouth? Bani being a celebrity managed all taunts and Bakbaks about her. You better be in your limits.
        You know what we aren’t paid by anyone to support Bani cause Talent needs support and that’s what we are doing..
        If you can’t get me then just have a look at other comments to why because the way you Lopa fans are bashing Bani is such a crap..
        Seriously man, I guess you can’t understand English. Have a look at my reply above I too said that I like Lopa in somethings.. Gods knows where your eyes have been to..

    2. Exactly…nobdy vil send letter like dis..

      1. Lopa fake. She tried to damage her sister’s image aswell. when bani opend the parcel she told there is only written behna then how could Lopa found magic words of her sister after the letter burnt …???

    3. Tsering Namdol

      So truetrue. Her sister shoulnt wrote like this. Very sad to c.

  5. Lopa is the cunning one and full of pretence. I liked Bani today she did not fake it. She does have a big heart though but Lopa has a lot of attitude. Poor Rohan is after her like a puppy, play your own game Rohan and you will reach the top.

  6. Agree vth hkf….bani is a straightforward person n dats y evry1 can’t tolerate specially fake people like lopa…
    Bani hope u win …..( if makers don’t do partiality in order the justify their concept of commoners))
    Bani rokzzzz….
    N ya bani – gouravs friendship was much btr then lopa – rohan’s…..

    Luv u bani…

    1. agree St bani-gaurav frndship was real n best..pure honesty was there..this show z abt personality n how real they are & not abt tasks nd real ppl will win..based on concept manveer ll win nd based on voting bani ll win..still hoping 4 bani♥

    2. Yes thats was the reason Gaurav nominated Bani and Bani treated him like he is nothing

      1. didn’t u watch DA full epi..or u r just a passer by…do watch it n find DA reason y bani did tat…

  7. Bani is the most insecure person on the show.. Throughout the episode all she did was bi****d about Lopa.. And you can clearly see Bani’s over acting every time the camera is on her.. Bani is trying really hard to be over friendly with Manu and Manveer and making them go against Lopa. I don’t care whoever wins this show, but I just hope it’s not Bani. She’s pathetic!!

    1. Today lopa’s humanity nature was shown…she was frnd wid mona bt wat she did wid her….she z very cunning…she olways tried to portray herself as if she cares alot..funniest part is she ws b*t*hng abt bani dt bani vil burn her parcel…atleast bani is very clear wt she has to do

    2. Tsering Namdol

      I think insecure is lopa. Bani is stright forward # love bani#vote bani#bani will win

  8. Madushani Buddhika

    Bani is best.lopa is fack.sould bani win.we pray 4 bani.bani I LOVE YOU.from sri lanka

  9. I agree wid HKF…todayz epi v can see clearly how fake lopa is nd bani z real..lopa did such melodrama for gift n i wont put mona’s parcel @last did the same what othr HMs did..what happnd lopa dont u hav trust in ur fans bla bla..she lways gave this lecture to bani…hehe..n lopa’s sis lso same like lopa b*t*hing abt bani in letter lso lol..rohan z good but bcz f lopa he ll lose this game..

    Precap finally mona z happy nd happy 4 her..but wt z this shaadi in bb house..seriously..trp k liye kuch b..i mean first time in bb shaadi n al..i heard tat lopa rohan manu ladkiwale n bani manveer ladkewale…so this week full haldi mehendi sangeet shaadi no task no jagda full f happiness..n saturday mona ki bidayi..but it lookz like trp stunt by channel..daily soap or reality kch bi..hehe

    1. ManveerKiRani

      Bottom line is Bani burned the parcel and so did Lopa.. So just chill now.

      1. haha so funny..bani clearly said frm d begining she ll burn it nd she even told manu tat burn her gift lso..she stick on her words..but lopa did drama till d end nd lso before burning bb i want change my decision haha..fake juz chill n do support ur fav.

      2. Tsering Namdol

        But bani didnt fake that she is caring n loving like lopa. Bani was very straight n clear that she wont nominate herself but lopa act as if she care but finally she burn n again she is acting she can cancel. Haha lopa is fake #love bani

  10. Luv you bani nd manveer❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I want either one of you to win the game..though I can’t understand Hindi Iam always a big fan of bigg boss nd telly updates is very useful for me understand.keep rocking baniiiii????????

  11. some moron is calling Rohan is puppy of Lopa,in that case Bani is the new chamchi of M3.M2 called her chaddi wali dayan and she is he and badi aayi tato waali etc….she deserves that where as Rohan never used any abusive word for Bani or any other housemate.

    Stop saying over actinh dialogues that he needs to play his game…wat game he nedds to play due to unfair bb he is not involved in tasks,supporting b*t*hoo bani is not his game.

    we ROHAN fans always supports him whether he supports bani/lopa bcoz he always takes stands for right….never b*t*hes abt any one.

    ROHAN is one n only classy guy..using english abusive words doesn’t make classy.

    All ROHAN fans vote for Rohan,dont believe any rumors,see f**k fans are voting for maonalisa ..anda rani and anda fans thinks same they are always ungrateful

    1. Hey you…why are abusing…is this the way you are supporting your favorite contestants..Gali apne Ghar me do jaake..why do the people let comments like this posted… control your tongue….

      1. Sarayumane

        Haha, then what are you doing, baashan dena hai to apne ghar me do, don’t come here and ask people to do what you want lol

      2. 1st go n learn manners…then talk to me..I am not taking your shit…Sara yumane….

    2. Tsering Namdol

      Sorry to say bani is not chamchi of m3 but theyre having conversation with bani. Bfor m3 was not talking even she goes thr sometime but now. They re talking with bani coz they knew bani is real not fake like lopa n yes rohan is not a puppy of lopa coz lopa is haveing a force frndship with rohan. #love bani

  12. BB always pairs Manu and Manu for nominations task to save Manu and set him in TOP 5.

    BB never pointed Manveer wrong doings just to project him as hero.

    BB always targeted ROHAN ,always projected him bad…..but who knows decency,sensibility,genuine meaning become a fan of ROHAN.

    If BB doesn’t do cheating then he is the winner as he has more fans than bani.

    Bani fans are doing nasty things like their idol….We dont any need any one support /sympathy for anyone.

    vote for ROHAN, sms ROH to 56882

    1. watch out youtube to know about Manveer’s fans. It is quite huge as compared to the rest of the contestants’ fans.

  13. Bani and Bani fans messed with most good hearted person ROHAN,now im 100% sure that Bani not gonna win biggboss.

    All Rohanites, vote for ROHAN,shower ur love thru votes………Vote for his fighting spirit …its an indirect slap to BB team how much they edited his footage 1 min scene is enought to shine with his positivity.

  14. Cherry blossom

    I must say it was the bestest-est episode. Totally loved it. She is straightforward and unlike Lopa, she is not fake❤️❤️ She doesn’t backbite and does things in their faces. She’s bang on?? . LOVED BANII I’m really excited for tomorrow’s episode..
    I genuinely hope Bani wins this time. Pls do VOTE for Bani whenever she is nominated cause she totally deserves it?

  15. So so hypocrite lopa!!her sister sat right thing she said about mom I wish her mom has cancer then see!!??i know it’s not good to think like that.b….ch lopa.thats why I love Bani.cunning clever lopa I just hate her so so clever …..!!!

  16. I totally love bani.yes she us selfish,so what everyone in the house is selfish but just trying to not show it and look humanity ki devi devta but all are the same bani just accepts happily.most genuine person is bani…lopa is such a fake person…gosh kitne drama krti h yr yr ldki…jab babu me uska parcel jalaya to bani ko Pura negative bna di and apna jab Mona ka jla ri thi to itna drama Kar ri thi..gosh. ya to De do and Bhai Dena to itna drama to mt karo..what her family is also teaching her.aj kanji mahi dekh ki Kisi ki family Kisi ki b*t*hing Kar ri h…no doubt lopa is like this coz it runs in family…grow up raut sisters..and Pura India ka save chote bacchi this Rohan….idiot.. kab bada Hoga yr ye…lopa ka puppy…this Rohan. And lopa both are immature and jealous of bani.. but who cares none of this both is going to win..???? losers

    1. Don’t know about Lopa’s family, but definitely got to know what your family has taught you by looking at your comment.

      1. Look we have another PR from lopa…????????

      2. You are no different Mr Avi…. commenting on somebody’s family..just for a game show…you are same….!!!

      3. Who are you to judge her Mr Avi…if you have nothing good to say don’t comment…!!!

      4. Nainaa

        @avi Yeah man, It definitely shows what Nainu’s family taught her and that is to be clear about things, Bit selfish about the things she deserves, no matter what phase she must not leave her cool attitude and ofcourse to be straight about things and not to back bite about others..
        Before saying such things just have a look at your self..
        Seriously, no family can teach a boy to question a girls’s upbringing…
        Better be in your limits.

      5. rite avi..

  17. RANdomfANCreationz

    I felt bad for Mona today, khamaka became the victim of Lopa-Bani’s dushmani. I think bb should have also given bani’s parcel to Lopa instead of manu. It would have been interesting to see what Lopa would have done in that case. Most likely she would have burn it ?. And then Bani did burn lopa’a gift anyways so it would have been tit for Tat ?. I know Lopa is insecure of Bani, but Bani hates her so much. Uff looks like friendship between these two r impossible ? and so it is between bani fans and Lopa fans ?.
    And Mona is so emotional but she values one’s family a lot she is kind-hearted didn’t like her initially now i like her but she isn’t interested in winning the show.
    I just hope Rohan doesn’t get evicted
    And sorry to hurt Lopa fans I don’t think Lopa will win bb because I found out that Lopa has fans but Rohan, Bani and Manveer have more fans than Lopa. I think last week’s incident is the reason.
    I think winner will be either Bani or Manveer. Rohan also have a chance but Bigg boss is so unfair to him, i think due to that the best he can reach is TOP 2, but I doubt if Bb will even let him go to finals

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      @GodBless I m not sure I said I think ? Now it is up to makers if they will let this happen or not

  18. Aarti32

    Tell me one thing guys..Wat role will Manu play in Mona n Vikrant’s marriage????
    I do badly wish dat nitibha was not evicted. She would hv enjoyed Mona’s marriage..She n manveer wud hv had fun yaar.. Bigg boss..Y did u evict her..??

    1. Aarti32

      *so badly

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      I saw a pic in insta where vikrant propose Mona and after that all housmates hug Mona and congratulating her and Manu was covering his eyes with his hand in that pic it looks like as if he was crying ??
      And don’t worry yaar so what if not more Nitibha Manveer is still there and vaise in finals most likely there will be a romantic dance performance between Manveer and Nitibha ??

      1. Aarti32

        If d dance performance happens, I’ll go crazy..I jst pray it’s true..

      2. are you sure Fatarajo? that Nitibha will be present in finale???

    3. awww!! Aarti32 I really wish if Nitibha would be there… but if she got saved last week then 100% Mona had to got evicted.. then Saadi ki kissa hi nhi aati or Na Saadi me enjoy krne ki..?

    4. RANdomfANCreationz

      The funniest part of today’s episode was when Manveer was dancing during the third postman alarm ?????

      1. Aarti32

        He’s a typical jatt types..Funny, aggressive n strong..But I like him??

  19. I am a silent reader and this is my first comment coz I couldnt control after reading so much things about Rohan.
    Everyone is saying he is lopa’s dog following her in everything. But guys just see the episode again when Lopa and Bani got into fight, he said to Lopa on her face that she is wrong.
    And he just proves that he is a really nice person and a good friend because he was supporting Lopa when everyone was against her. His support does not meant that he is supporting the wrong thing. He is just supporting his friend and he even said that she is wrong.
    Before criticizing anyone imagine yourself in his/her place. Rohan never blindly supports Lopa and this he have proved many times when he supported Bani in captaincy task going AGAINST Lopa. Whenever Rohan supported Bani all the Bani fans were praising Rohan as if he is the best person in the house and when he is supporting Lopa everyone is calling him a dog following Lopa. Rohan is the most genuine person in this season. He never backbites about anyone like others do.He is still standing strong besides all the wrong things which are done to him and he is the only one who deserves to win.

  20. I really loved Bani’s today’s episode. The best thing about Bani is she’s very clear in her thoughts. She doesn’t gives a damn about how she looks infront of people. She was very clear from the beginning that she’ll burn Lopa’s parcel and will save herself from nomination. Yes, she’s selfish but then did the same thing except Mona, so all are selfish in that case.

    I like Lopa but she’s really disappointing me nowadays. Her biggest problem is that she wants to show herself as a saint which she isn’t. If she really cared so much about Mona, then she would have given her the parcel. And why was she saying again and again that, mere saath bhi hua??? Didn’t she read her sis letter?? she’s really insecure of Bani. all knew that she’ll burn the letter but the drama she did when she burned the letter was cringeworthy. she burned the letter in the end bcoz she wanted to see what others will do and then show herself as a saint. It came across as really fake.

    And Rohan is now looking like a secretary of Lopa. He’s spoiling his game. the way he is favoring Lopa in tasks and doing chugli of Bani infront of Lopa is giving a very bad impression.

    1. Agree vth u Luna…
      Lopa always pretends like a saint ( so cld humanity,, pure ,, stand queen..)she doesn’t want to nominate herself but pretending to do as if she wd hv dne it if bani did….
      Agre vth your opinion about rohan. ..

      Luv u bani …

  21. Bani has pR team and they r so f**k like bani always targets as he supports lopa.Now they are supporting M3…she always b*t*hes abt Rohan ….she is so ungrateful…selfish and arrogant….Rohan is much much better than that b*t*hooo anda rani.

    vote for Rohan,anda fans we dont need ur support…u guys vote for Mona….Rohan fans doesnt need Pr support abd f**k fans support

  22. good episode.. specially Mona did good..I also liked this- Lopa-‘kya tum parcel deliver karogi?’ Bani-‘tum itni pyaar se bologi?’ .. hhahaaaaa!!!! lol…?????? according to my point of view, in today’s episode :-
    Bani- I really like her.. but she wants to win the show badly.. I like her self centeredness… the way she talks.. but sometimes she gets hyper, what she should control… I liked how she controlled herself when Mannu burned her parcel…
    Lopa- I also like her… I liked how she wants to cancel burning Mona’s parcel after seeing what was inside, and how badly she wants to read her sister’s letter and for that she was ready to burn her hand.. I felt bad for her that time…
    Mona-hero(ine) of the day… I like her true friendship for Mannu, maybe some of people can do what she had done, 2 times she nominated herself for that fake Mannu..(I don’t know if she had done it if she had some other’s parcel).. I was really didn’t like her when she saved many times after doing nothing(I think Aakansha, Gourav, Nitibha were more active than her).. but today she had really won my heart)
    Mannu- don’t want to say a word about him, if he had Mona’s parcel then we could see how “khadi” his friendship is.. lol.. I really wish if he nominated and evicted this week.. ?..

    anyways Mona’s marriage.. good..

  23. episode was just amezing.
    & bani what a nice person she was.
    I just love her attitude. she is the best.
    love u bani.

  24. Lopa aapne bilkul theak kia , is time apne aapko nominations se bachana bohat zerori tha because bigg boss bani Ko violence per bhi nahin nikal rahay bohat favor ker rahay hain, aur mona wese sweet hai lekin uska apna koi point of view nahin hai woh Jo Manu manveer kehte Hain wohe kerti hai , jese usnay bani k violence hona per bhi bani ka name nahin Lia khalnayak ki kursi per Bethany k lye ,, yeh wrong Kia
    Bani Ne is gher main gym aur khanay k ilawa kuch nahin Kia
    Jab bani apnay aapko nominate nahin ker rhi , bani to kahin se bhi winner hona deserve nahin Kerti , saray rules break kye hain but usko bohat favor Kia bigg boss ne, top 5 main bhi bani Ko nahin hona chahye tha but usay bohat favor kia hai , I don’t know aesa kyun horaha hai subse worst season hai yeh

  25. Congratulations Mona aur ab aapko bigg boss house se apne house chala jana chahie marriage hojanay k foran baad, , my best wishes…. ? ?

  26. Insaaniyat ki devi lopa mudra raut ki insaaniyat kha gyi ab boht insaaniyat pe bhasad deti thi ab kya hua Mona k liye sacrifice nh kr skti thi itna bharosa bhi nh tha apne fans pr isliye ab kripya kr k insaaniyat pe bhasad mt dijiyega lopa ji kyuki yha pr sb selfish hai koi kisi k liye nh hai fr pta nh kyu sirf Bani ko selfish ka tag de diya h selfish toh sb hai Mona bs ek exception hai.

  27. Bani k blind bhaqt Ko choro bus rohan ko vote kero, bani k fans jaltay hain jese bani rohan aur lopa se jalti hai , eggs khane ayi hai

  28. Lopa Ko fans pr bharosa hai but bigg boss per nahi , sub dikh raha hai k kitna favor Kia jarha hai aese lagrha bigg boss bani ko nahn ,Bani bigg boss Ko pay Ker rahii hai ,
    Violence per subko nikala jata hai but bani ne rules bhi follow nahin kye na task kye phir bh gher se eliminate nahin Kia hai,,

  29. ARK

    Lopa is a nautanki….

  30. yeah..lopa in the beginning was like if i get my parcel….then i will give the parcel to mona….wat logic is tht???
    bani was clear in the begining itself so no complaints
    and she dint react..even wen the parcel was frm gauhar

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