Bigg Boss 10 15th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 30
The housemates wake up  to  the song ‘Aap Ka Kya Hoga’. But this morning is not like any other usual morning as the housemates find all their belongings missing from the house, there is nothing in luggage area or restroom. Stunned by this move, they wonder what Bigg Boss has in store for them today. Rohan says what you did Mona? Karan says bathroom is locked too. Mona says there is nothing in kitchen too. Karan says good, no food, no water.

Gaurav reads task to inmates. He reads that all their belongings are confiscated by Bigg boss. Clearing the confusion, Bigg Boss introduces the ‘Lock down’ luxury budget task where the contestants need to survive without their basic utilities  including clothes, food and shelter and have to win them back through the task.
For the same, Bigg Boss keeps clothes and other essentials of the contestants in containers placed in the living area. Giving the task an authentic look and appeal, the housemates dress up like Nomads as they are provided with a piece of jute cloth  to wear and a hearth to cook(stove which uses wood for cooking). They are also required to spend the entire night in the garden area and are only allowed to use the jail’s washroom. While Rohan and Monalisa are elected as the captains, the contestants are divided into teams.
Rohan’s team- Rahul, Lopa, Karan, Bani and Lokesh.
Mona’s team- Gaurav, Manu, Manveer, Swami and Nitibha.
Whenever the gong bell rings, the captains along with one team member gets a chance to bring a maximum of 4 essentials at a time from the containers. But, for whatever essential they pick up, one point will be added to their kitty and the team with maximum points on their scoreboard loses the task.

Swami picks his personal stuff and hides it in smoking room without anyone knowing.
Inmates come in store room see jute clothes. They wear it. Manveer and Manu says to Lokesh that you are looking cute in jute dress. Manveer asks Swami to change his clothes, Swami says i dont need anyone’s suggestion, they can punish me if they want. Manveer says you were roaming in vest but now you are fully clothed in your personal clothes, this is not way to play, you wont get anything now, you are in our team so cooperate, Swami says i will play like the way i want, Manveer says you wont get anything from container, Swami says they never asked me to not wear my clothes.
Manu says to Mona that bring only basic things from container like food and water, Manveer says this Swami is way too much.

Gaurav and Bani comes in confession room, bigg boss ask them to put all personal things of inmates in container. Gaurav says some inmates want to wear their personal clothes, Karan gets allergic so he has to wear his clothes only, Niti wants to wear her clothes too and Swami is not changing too, Bigg boss says they can wear their personal clothes but they will get one point for one cloth. Gaurav and Bani comes out and tells about points to inmates. Gaurav tells Mona that whatever Swami will wear extra, will be given as point.
Swami says to Rohan that i took permission from bigg boss, i am wearing jute clothes beneath my kurta, Rohan says dont worry Swami ji, you are the best. Manveer sees Swami with Rohan and says he is already with them.
Bani counts personal stuff Swami is wearing, she asks if he was in our team then would he have changed his clothes? he says for sure, she says how sweet.
Bani and Gaurav brings personal stuff of people inside container. Bani puts Swami’s personal stuff which he had hidden in smoking area.
Manveer says to Swami that Rohan is in other team, Swami says he is my prince too, Manveer says we will gain points for as many things as you keep outside container. Gaurav sees Swami’s personal stuff inside container and asks if he brought it now only? Swami lies that no i didnt, they took it at night. Bani tells Gaurav that Swami had hidden it but Mona found it and brought it here.
Rohan says to Swami that dont worry, we will be with you.

Manu says to Swami that i am requesting you, Swami says i dont want to talk, Manveer says leave him, Manu says he is talking to other team’s captain. Swami says to Rohan that they are forcing me. Manu says i gave my rudraksh chain too, Swami says i wont take off my chains, Manu says you have only five minutes then i will break your chains. Manu tells him that if doesn’t surrender his clothes within five minutes, he will remove them and  snatch it away from him. Rohan takes Swami from there and says you need protection. Manu says nobody can protect him. Swami says i am wearing jute clothes, Manu says take off all chains, keep one with you. Swami takes off his chains. Gaurav says you take off chains when you are sleeping too, Swami says that time i am in slumber, Niti says we will loose because of you Swami.

Manu says he doesnt know what his team is.
Rohan is counting clothes Swami is wearing and his chains and bangles. Swami is wearing 12personal things. Manveer says we wont provide food to him so we will balance points there. Rohan’s team has one point and Mona’s team has 12points.

Gong rings. Inmates come inside container. Only Mona, Gaurav, Rohan and Gaurav comes inside. Mona selects food items. Rohan is selecting pulse. Niti is trying to burn hearth. Rohan says i have taken pulse, rice, water container and bathroom pass. Mona says we have taken pulse, rice, water and oats.

Rohan says that Swami is saying that we can count points for them leaving cigarette packets in smoking room. They didnt put in container. Rohan says Swami is clever. Rohan brings 4 cigarette packets, three are from Niti and one is from Manveer. Manu says cigarette is personal stuff. Gaurav says tell them that this is not yours. Manveer says to Rohan that i didnt bring it from my house, they sent it, its not mine, Rohan says many things were brought from home. Niti says this is out ours, there is no name written on it. Manveer says you have kept medicine so this is our medicine, Lopa says this is clearly not medicine, Niti says why you people are stooping so low? why making issue of everything, Rohan says this is survival task, you have to give up things. rohan asks to write points. Rohan adds 4points to Mona’s team. Manveer goes to burn his cigarettes in stove, Manu says dont do it, Gaurav stops Manveer by pulling him away saying its not needed now. Rohan says our leader should be like Swami, Swami says no it should be like prince Rohan. Lopa gives hi-five to Swami.

Niti says to Mona that we are 15points ahead of them, even if we give up things from container, we wont be able fill the gap. Swami is talking with other team, Manu says shut up, mad man, Swami says you are ******. Manu comes and charges at Swami, Swami is about to attack him too. Swami shouts that Manu has attacked me bigg boss. Rohan says first you raised hand towards him, just be calm. Manveer says dont go near him, your hand will be raised, Manu is frustrated. Swami brings wooden stick and says i wont spare them today, Manu laughs. Swami brings stick near Lopa, she screams and moves away from him, Swami says i will go but would bring down evil too. Rahul hugs him.

Rohan’s team is in restroom using bathroom pass but Niti comes there. Rohan says you cant come here, we used our pass. Niti says so what? you cant stop me, will you throw me out? Rohan says she has gone mad. Gaurav says to Manu that game has ended, we should remain calm now. Karan comes there and tells them that Niti is using washroom. Gaurav says we didnt send her, talk to her. Karan says we cant kick her out. Manu says even Swami was part our team but sitting with them, he is mad. Swami says you are mad. Manu says you are insulting yourself, Swami says you change your dirty tongue first, Manu says you jerk, we got 12points because of you, you will die of hunger today, Swami says i can live without food for 9days, Manveer says you eat so much so dont talk about it, you are not ashamed to betray your team, Swami says you are mad, Manveer says i will blow you away, Swami says i will bring evil down today, Manu says i will lock you in fridge.

Niti says we have cooked first meal of this task on manual stove. Lopa asks what they cooked? they say pulse and rice. Mona’s team start eating rice. Swami comes to eat rice but Manveer hovers over pan and doesnt allow him, Gaurav says let me then you people do it, he leaves. Swami says let me eat, Manveer says you already ate 12points. Manveer takes pan from there. Swami says go and eat. Manveer says you can live 9days without food. Rohan asks if they can give food to Swami? Lopa says yes, it wont be breaking of rule. they are not giving him food? Rohan says i confirmed it, they are not giving him.
Niti says to Swami that you are chilling here, after adding 12points and wanting food from us too? Lokesh says dont do this with him, give him food, he is your team member, Mona says you dont need to tell us what to do, Lokesh says he is elder, atleast give him food, Mona says go and do your work. Gaurav asks Swami to join them, Swami comes and starts eating, Manveer says he is such shameless person, why you are not like him Gaurav?

Gong rings. Mona’s team has 20points and Rohan’s team has 5points. Mona and Rohan comes inside container, Niti comes too. Rohan takes water container, one blanket, mug, bathroom pass. Mona says we are not taking anything. 4points are added to Rohan’s team.

Swami Says to his team that you people didnt give me food or water, even devil dont do it, Manveer says eat cow’s dung, Swami says atleast Rohan has humanity that he provided me food, Manu says you can remain hungry for 9days? Manveer says you are cow’s dung, Niti says dont dirty your tongue for him, Manveer asks if he wants biscuits too showing him stick. Swami says i will take four, five people with me outside, Manveer says you will only take four five piece which we pull our after eating . Manu says he has constipation, Manveer says if you try to go to washroom then i will lock you in washroom, Swami says i will use jail washroom only, Manu says come and try us, Manu says i will beat you with umbrella, Manveer says you think all are mad? come and try going sh*t, Swami says i am coming. Manveer says he is always running behind celebs, Swami says i dont want to be with devils like you, Manu says we are emotional fools to welcome him again and again. Manveer says i forgive him thinking he is old but he can try Miss world competition in this age.

Swami says i going to washroom, try if you want to lock jail. Swami says i am going to washroom, he is going to washroom of jail but Manveer overruns him and goes in washroom first. Swami says see Bigg boss i was trying to use washroom but Manveer has gone inside and closed it, this is not good for show, Manveer answers from otherside that i am doing natural, you can see two potties i have left, Swami says i can see your mischief, i am caught inbetween devils, all are laughing. Manveer is singing chithi na koi sandesh, Swami says see this, Manu says he doesnt know mantras like you, Swami says go to toilet, why he is near door? Swami says you keep smelling inside. Manu says you can stand here for hours. Manveer says you will have to do in pants only. Swami leaves jail. Manveer comes out.

Niti reads that Bigg boss is giving both the teams a fair chance to reduce their points, Bigg Boss introduces a new task where the challengers from each team need to finish an entire bowl of Rasgulla, winner will be able to reduce 12points from his team’s points. challengers have to eat 25rasgullas and if challenger vomits then umpire can disqualify him or her.

Gaurav says to Manu that if you are confident that you can eat then go for it, Manu says i can do it, Gaurav says if you have doubt then i can do it, i dont have problem.
Rahul says to Rohan that i will do task for sure, i will eat all.

Rahul and Manu are elected by their respective teams to participate in the task.

Task starts. Manu and Rahul starts eating rasgullas(type of sweets). All are cheering for him. Mona says you are throwing a lot Rahul. mona says dont press rasgulla Rahul. Bani says we will do workout after this Rahul. Mona sees Rahul throwing one rasgulla away and says this is cheating, Rahul doesnt listen to him and eat remaining, Manu throws away his rasgullas in anger and this is cheating, Rahul is still eating, Bani says dont stop Rahul, Mona says he threw from his mouth. Rahul finishes his whole bowl, all clap for him from his team.
Rahul comes in restroom and says to Lopa that they cheat a lot, Lopa says you are clear winner.
Rahul comes out, his team praise him, Bani says what speed, Karan says he threw his bowl away. Rohan says he was not able to do it, Rahul says Manu is his pants. rohan claps for him.
Manu says Rahul was cheating but i was avoiding him. Rahul says he was not capable of eating whole thats why they started yelling at me.

Gaurav says to Bani that they might be doubting that my loyalty might be on this side, Bani says isnt it? Gaurav says it is, i give them wrong advise, Bani says did you like you jute hair tie? he says yes. Bani says they are stupid people, Gaurav says if i try to explain them then they think i am saying wrong, Bani says keep breathing.

Mona tells Gaurav that Rohan has brought pillow from restroom. Gaurav says they cant use it. Mona comes to Karan and asks why he is using pillow? Karan says it was here from before, i didnt bring it from anywhere, Mona says it was not here. Rohan says play fair, go from this side, Mona says i came here to talk, i wont leave, Rohan says we have discussion leave, Mona says all are talking nicely wo why you are yelling? Manver comes and says she wont leave, she is talking nicely with you. Mona says to Rohan that cool down, why you are hyper? Rohan says leave from here, if you are shouting then i wil shout too, we have to talk like this with people like you, Mona says what kind of people are we? what does that mean? Rohan says now you are yelling, Mona says we are better than you, Lokesh says when i went to your team Mona, whole team yelled at me. Rohan says if you want pillow then ask for it, why yelling all the time?

Mona says to her team that he said he shout on people like us, what kind of people are we? Manu says he is confused about his gender still, Manveer says he cant deal with girls, he is girly too. Manu says they sent girly dress for Rohan only. Manveer says to Rohan that you are like chamak challo and talk about being a man, Rohan says you think you are a man? show your manliness, Manveer says they sent right clothes for you, Rohan says you are *****, you are shame to your community, you call people as brother and then backstab them, you hide behind girls, Manveer charges at him, Rohan says play like a man, all try to stop Manveer, Manveer says you will tell me how to play like a man? Rohan yells yes i will, you bark like dog. Rohan asks Manveer to be a man, you hide behind girls. Manveer says look at your face, Rohan says you ********, they both abuse each other, Manveer asks Rahul to calm down. Rohan says you cut your beard, change your s*x too, they are too abusive. Bigg boss says we want Rohan and Manveer in confession room.
Manveer and Rohan comes in confession room, Manveer pushes Rohan’s shoulder and says be in limits. Rohan says dont touch me, he comes out of confession room and says he is touching me. Lokesh says one is my brother and one is my friend, i didnt want fight between them.
In confession room, Manveer says he wants to get beaten. Rohan comes there and says he touched me, how dare he? you saw bigg boss. Manveer says you are thing to be touched, Rohan says you are fake. Bigg boss says can i say something? you people should know that cast, creed, race or about any community, you cant say anything against them on TV. Rohan says he was attacking my gender. Manveer says he started that community fight, Rohan says why you commented about my gender? Bigg boss says can you stop this kind of behavior? Rohan says he touched me too. Bigg boss says in future, this should not happen again, we dont allow you to talk like that, Manveer says he is not in senses when he talks, Rohan says when he goes to that level then i will go too, Bigg boss ask them to leave.

Rahul says to Rohan that you are brave and handsome man. Rohan says i dont start fight myself.
Manveer says this wont go, we wont be able to push it, Manu says i will quit when you quit, Mona says me too. Manveer says Rohan is not my competition, i cant do this, Bigg boss call me inside, he takes off his mic as boycott and says i am not doing it. Bani says please wear mic then say anything you want.

PRECAP- Bigg boss calls Manveer in confession room. Manveer says i am not coming.
Bani says i am captain and i will say what i find wrong.
Swami says what is use of bigg boss when inmates dont listen to him too.
Bigg boss gives the contestants another chance to reduce their points by introducing a task where two challengers have to drink Karela juice. The challenger who finishes the Karela juice first wins the task. Lopa and Gaurav are elected from the respective teams to compete in the task. Lopa drinks one glass and ask Mona to fill it again fast, Mona says you can touch jug, Rohan says Gaurav is touching too but i am not saying anything, Mona says why you always fight? Rohan says we will see in nominations.
Gaurav says to Bani that some people from your team talk so much, Bani says Rohan? Gaurav says he was arguing with so much enthusiasm on wrong point, ask him to become fair.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Manveer is namard. He is of that mentality that that girls are suppose to be treated like door mat and anyone should be spoken to rudely. I want Mona to be eliminated. That will be epic.

  2. Rohon ko nikalo bigg boss. Use khelne nahi ata… Khudko Ranbir Kapoor samjte he…fuddu ..

    1. Rohan is best…cute nd handsome…..nd knows how to handle anger unlike stupid manveer

    2. Rohan is best…cute nd handsome…..nd knows how to handle anger unlike stupid manveer

    3. lisa I totally agree with u Rohan is cute and handsome . he know how to play better than that oversmart manveer manu and Mona

    4. i am agree wid u

    5. Excuse me man! How can you tell this? If anybody talk about your gender. What are you do then?;->

  3. Hate rohan….he’s becoming irritating…just because salman khan says him that your being boaring…so suddenly he start taking action against manveer….so fake!!! Atleast commoners not behaving like that

    1. excuse me Manveer and Manu started it with taunting on his gender and Manveer went on at it so Rohan replied back. If someone taunts you will get angry and answer back. It was unfortunate on the issue that was spoken on and both were wrong, but indiawaalle started it .

    2. Yes, Rohan is right here!! Manveer and Manu ko unki hi language me zabardast aur karara Jawaab diya hai!! Keep going Rohan!

  4. Wow Rohan you made my day. Ha ha ha. Manveer ko phat gayi. And Mona you are such a cheapo. Hope you get eliminated soon. Love conversations between gaurav and Bani. Cute ?.

    1. best to aaj h …jab mona bolti h tum sabse rude kayo bat kerte ho..rohan nomination me dekhenge..means-if he is rude he will nominated ..i want fake mona out…
      i like rohan,bani gourav…best hing with rohan he has never done backbeaching….

  5. Clearly manveer manu n Mona have donated their manners or they have never been taught how to behave properly. Thanks to bigg boss and Salman they have concluded that u fight yell abuse and by creating caos win. All the task that they won in past was by cheating n ambusing people. They know no other way. Thanks to Salmans weekend feedback now they are confident it’s entertainment. But sorry not to me. It’s disgusting n disrespectful.

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    Good Bigg Boss confiscated all their stuffs if not some would have just lie down on the bed for the whole day ? And this Dhongi baba is so dramebaaz and manu-Manveer Ek number ka badtameez , and this Rohan-manveer just fight like that other half of the episode only wasted on their fight both are wrong especially manveer who started the fight but Rohan also went a bit far. And who won the chance to reduce 12 points, is it Rahul? As he finished the rasgullas and manu just vented his anger (fighting for no reason, instead of fighting he could have finished the rasgullas and won)
    This task seems interesting for now
    I think this week lokesh will be evicted and she knows that but among the commoners i like her. But Karan should be evicted he is barely seen, but his popularity will save him

    1. Han aur mona jesi irritating aurat ko captain bana dea team ka ab rasgulle mein se to rass tapkega hi us per bhi usko objection hai ke ap gira rahe ho aur mannu waqaee kha nahi sakta tha jab hi use sare rasgulle phenk diye warna rahul per objection tha bhi to teri team ko to points chahiye the tu khatum kar leta jese rahul ne bad mein bhi kiya per this manu is such a janwer kutte ki dumm type aur yar mona nikal jaye

  7. Blair manteesa

    Mona should be evicted. She is very irritating. Hate her. Manu or manveer ki chamchi ?

  8. Ystrday watched epi..epi was gud.. Hahaha best part was Omji..ache se badla le liya M3 se lol…Jo b he omji entertaining he..he made my day laughed alot..

    It was clearly shown in the epi rahul dint threw out rasgulla n nt even vommitd..he was eating fast n juz half f rasgulla fell into bowl bt manu & mona done al tat drama aftr knowing the fact tat they gonna lose d game..rahul was clear winner f tat game.. Wtver @last bani’s team won this week task saw in twitter..m happy..lopa z d winner of karela task well goes to swamiji lso 😉 😀

    1. * not bani’s team its rohan’s team . rohan is the captain of the task not bani

  9. Mona was talking nicely with that rohan he started yelling at him ….. he abused manveer’s community … Always trying to fight without a reason he is such a cheap person …..even gaurav said that ..he is not playing fair .
    In monday ‘s episode everyone was yelling at manu on social media when he charged on swami and now see what is swami doing …they will lost the task because of this cheap swami ..
    In rasgulla task rahul was the first one to threw rasgulla …..and he cheated and manu threw the bowl of rasgulla ..everyone on social media like he is insulting food …and what about rahul he first threw a rasgulla….
    bani only job is to backbitich about commoners ..and people says manu is only backbitiching…
    manu is best.

    1. i like the fact that swami is against his own team, in fact he was the one who was entertaining the whole time. Even now Manu is at fault since he was charging at Swami to follow rules or he will break his stuff, lock him in jail and all that crap. Swami is playing his game and why should’nt he ? if Manu and Manveer can be manipulative then why can’t swamiji.
      If someone taunts you on your gender will you keep your mouth or will you reply back? That is what Rohan did. Manu and Manveer should not have taunted him and if they did then prepare to get it back full scale. It was wrong for both of them to go that deep but sorry it was started by Indiawaale.

    2. Manu hai bura to bura hi bolenge pata nahi konse jungle ya pagalkhane se aya hai rohan ne ager abke stand liya bhi to fair tha manveer naveen manu mona to all the time chikhte chilate hain aur manu manveer chadhte bhi rohan per isliye hain ke wo unki nazr mein itta bada celeb nahi warna gaurav aur rahul ke munh per wo kuch nahi bolte its not like that ke wo unki izzat karte hain balki wo jante hain ke qo kuch nahi hain unke samne if m3 b*t*hes all the tym why not bani aur harr bar ye log chikh chilla ker beth jayenge to jeet jayenge kabhi to koi munh tod jawab dega

  10. Rohan till not matured and he is really a snake like head at both sides. Every time he start fight or make wrong arguments, may be he a small heart like frog. Really the celebs do not know to play mind game like bigboss. I think they r in wrong place bcse all celebs r in home from first time and why the trp coming down day by day! the only reason is that the commoners who played well were got evicted day by day bcse of less fan following from celebs .

  11. Can someone plz tell me how to vote online
    Whn m opning official website after selevting voting option they ask to login
    3 Login optn r there
    M selecting optn bt not able to log in
    Nothng is happening

    1. ya I have same problem like u

    2. Same prblm

  12. Aditya dhanraj

    I hate swami very much he is really a jerk seriously commoners are backbone of this season nd mona and lopa understand this that’s why they are with them I wonder how karan nd rahul are here they should evicted before hope if big boss is not scripted then one of netween rahul and karan will evicted

  13. rohan,where u was before being nominated?ha ha ha,such a loser!always does illogical argument..aise kaab taak chalega..??????
    mona,stop taking help(mannu and manveer),for being alive..khud ka koi capability nehi hai?
    baani is. here like for searching a cultured bride for only bachelor gaurav…
    in today’s challenge..rohan’s team will win
    let’s see,what happens……

  14. Swami proved to 3m that he is something for team if they calm to him them hes with you otherwise go to hell with your task. devil revenge ??
    Ill mannered manveer should know what example he gave in the house shouting and fighting never cared about old or young r a lady. How could Rohan respect u ??. Obviously u came to represent a community what image u r giving.?? So sad both were proving ” ek ser dosra sawa ser”
    Bb wanted that shouting screening arguments y he scared now ??
    So it’s proved that if celebs also did the same as commoner were doing then bb was stopped and all contestants were in real jail long ago hahahhah.
    Mona team know they losing so started to create scenes and manu manveer coloured them but it went wrong. U can’t always win by cheating n shouting.

  15. Anonymous (prince)

    Much loogon ko ye samajh me nahi araha hai kii koun sahi aur galat.. Watch biggboss repeatedly samajh me ajayega.. Manu started 1st about gender.. And then manveer if some1 points on it every individual gets angry and the rohan reacted in the same way.. Bt manveer didn’t stopped he kept on saying things.. And he even pushed rohan in confession room.. Uski gunda gardi nahi dikhti kya.. Chashma laga ke and ears machine lagake sun lo.. Indiawale ki har baath pe hath kun uthta yaar.. Manu raised hand on swami manveer on rohan..

  16. I like bani yep l will save her ?

  17. manveer u r doing very well in big boss dont be angry wid d rohan he is provoking u to get bad image in big boss n we love u alot manveer shave beard plz
    becoz ur not shaving it not suite u

  18. guys dont watch it.if there were no india waly there will be no fun in the big boss 10 but i knw they will not win.u will be surprised to know that they are not being paid weekly as celebrities. means they are not getting any thing.

  19. swami is totaly fake and bakwas now.i think he should be eliminted. if u remember then i will tell u that if u play for a team then u shold take stand but waht gaurav did nothing. he was just watching and was happy from inside to see bani win. he is playing for bani. fool fool fool.

  20. so many people are saying rohan is good but i think he is boring. after took his class he created scene to fight with manveer to get footage. fool. i am just loosing intrest in this show. now a celeb should be eliminated.

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