Bigg Boss 10 15th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 15th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salmane comes stage and dances on soni de nakhre song. Govinda comes there and hugs Salman, they both dance on soni de nakhre. Salman wishes everyone Lohri. Salman welcomes everyone to show. Salman welcomes Govinda calling him his brother, he hugs him. Salman says let me tell you Govinda, we did live voting yesterday, lets see what happened in house after that.

in house,
Manu asks Bani and Mona if he said anything wrong? Bani says you were right, i would have said so much if i was in your place, Manveer says Rohan and Lopa would want to press buzzer even if you call them beautiful, Manu says i said positive about everyone, Bani says you were diplomatic, you didnt talk like real Manu, Manu says i wouldnt want everyone to press buzzer going against me. Manveer gets

miffed, Manu says what happened to you? i cant talk infront of you? Manveer says you are trying to be sweet. Bani says to Manu that you were free to say anything, i would have gone like let me tell you audience why i am top 2, Mona says there was no reasons given by Manu, Manu leaves.
Bani says to Manveer that Manu is feeling bad about his speech, Manveer says he should be, Bani jokes saying tough love.
Lopa says to Manu you said right things, Manu says Manveer disagrees, Lopa says if you had said wrong about people then they would have nominated you.
Manu says to Mona that i should have logic to fight with people, i didnt want inmates to press buzzers against me, Manveer leaves from there. Manu says when he wanted to survive in house, he used my friendship but now when show is ending, he is on cloud and coming at egoistic, i dont like when anyone walks on me, he was weird when we went to mall, i have not come here to bless people, i didnt say anything to him, i never say anything wrong to anyone in face, i wont be diplomatic, i wont even listen to Salman, i might not get work but thats Manu Punjabi.

On stage, Salman says most lively hero Govinda is with us, he has come here before too. Govinda says we didnt meet for much time, people asked why we dont meet? i said our hearts are connected so we dont need to meet. Govinda says i wrote song in movie and i dedicate to Salman, Govinda sings song for Salman, Salman hugs him. Salman says we couldnt make partner movie without him, he is hero and his new movie name is ‘aagya hero’. Salman says he is great hero, nobody can reach him in dance and comedy, Govinda laughs, Salman says nobody can try his weird dialogues. Govinda says his dialogue from partner movie saying that while kissing girl, should i inhale breath or exhale? Salman jokes that you should have experience of that till now, all laugh. Salman says Govinda made this dialogue so funny, they enact scene again, Salman says this is funny for me. Govinda says Salman will repeat my dialogue from new film now, He says tongue twister lines, Salman just mouths it. Salman says he remember every dialogue of his all movies, Govinda says some funny dialogues through nose.

Salman hides Govinda. He connects call to house and talks like Govinda through nose, all laugh, Lopa mimics him. Salman says someone has come to meet you, his name starts with G. Manu says Govinda? Govinda comes infront of screen, all are happy to see him. Govinda asks how are you all? all say we are happy. Salman says Mona is elder than Govinda, Mona laughs and asks how are you Govinda? he says i am fine. Govinda ask inmates to roll their tongue and talk while rolling tongue, all laugh. Govinda rolls his words, Salman says Manu will give message to Manveer in this style, they roll tongue, Manu says Manveer you might win, Manu says he is not returning compliment, Manveer says Manu has brought storm in house. Govinda says now you people will say romantic dialogue and fighting dialogues rolling tongue. Salman says Lopa and Bani will do it, Bani and Lopa acts like bickering while rolling tongue, all are laughing hysterically seeing their fight,Lopa says i hate you while rolling her tongue, Salman says Lopa Bani its just acting right? Salman asks Mona to roll her tongue while crying, Mona cries while rolling her tongue, all laugh. Govinda says dont cry Chandramukhi, all laugh. Govinda says i want to see inmates dancing, Salman says we want to see who is Govinda of house. He says boys will dance following Govinda. Rohan, Manu and Manveer starts following Govindas steps, female inmates are dancing too, Salman is dancing with Govinda on song luhe da lever. All clap. Salman asks no one is Govinda of house, there is only one Govinda. Salman says you people have to dedicate titles to other inmates, we will tell titles and you will dedicate them. Salman asks Lopa to dedicate “top crybaby of house”, Lopa says its Mona because she is sensitive. Salman says Manu you have to dedicate “selfish”, Manu dedicates it to Rohan, Manu says Rohan talks to people when he wants, he just talk what he wants and then leaves, Salman says this is good, govinda says he doesnt waste time. Salman says Manveer dedicate “childish of house”, Manveer says Rohan is cute and is like child, Salman asks Mona to dedicate “stubborn of house”, Mona says its Lopa, Lopa says i am little stubborn, i want what i want. Salman asks Rohan who is “fight cracker of house” Rohan says its Manu, he make people fight. Salman asks Bani to dedicate “boring of house”, Salman jokes that she cant take Gaurav’s name, all laugh, Bani says aww so sad, Bani says i want to give it to myself, Salman says you deserve it at this moment, all laugh. Gonvida wishes them luck, call ends.

Krishna comes on stage and dances like Govinda on cycle se jaraha tha song. Salman and Govinda dances with him. Krishna says to one bald guy that you have destroyed house of hair, all laugh. Krishna sits in Govinda’s feet, Govinda says dont insult me, Govinda says your place is out of here, all laugh, Krishna says all say that i insult people but colors give money, all laugh, Govinda says you are copying my dialogues, Krishna says we have made house using your dialogues, Krishna jokes with them about dialogues, Krishna says Govinda has done all number one movies, Govinda says i do number two in morning in washroom, all laugh. Govinda and Krishna dances on hero song, Salman joins them. Salman says all know Krishna is nephew of Govinda and follows him, Salman says Krishna have complimented Govinda. Salman says now Krishna will follow Govinda. Govinda dances, Krishna follows his steps, Salman says they are best uncle-nephew pair, Krishna leaves.
Salman says Govinda will perform to his new movie song. Song plays, Govinda dances on it. Salman praises him and says nobody is better than him, Salman promotes Govinda’s movie, Govinda greets him and leaves stage.

Salman says lets see what happened in house after Govinda visited.

In house,
Lopa is still rolling her tongue while talking to Mona, Mona laughs.
Bani says to Manveer that i talk to Mona daily so i cant take her name for boring title, Manveer says you say what you want to, Rohan is childish so we took his name, Bani says its obvious, even selfish title was cool.
Manu calls Rohan selfish, Rohan says Bani is selfish like in food things and all.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. Salman says solar system task happened, how Bani got angry on Manu for throwing her water bowl is shown. Salman says it was said that inmates can empty each others bowls but what you people thought that you were planets? why you were revolving around it? Manu says Bani started it, Bani says we passing time, i thought we will start talking after going to third orbit because Manu strategize in every task, Manu says we decide things so we dont fight, all were walking slowly on rounds, Lopa was so slow in walking. Lopa says Bani and Niti were planning to throw my bowl thats why i was walking slowly, i got advantage, Bani and Niti planned to push me out. Bani says that conversation never happened, we never talked about Lopa. Rohan says Bani was frustrated, she said she is frustrated and wold throw people’s bowl. Lopa says my shoe lace was open and Bani was hinting to Manveer to push me out of task, Bani says i never hinted at Manveer, i dont know what she is talking about, Manveer says Bani never hinted at me. Rohan says her hint was looking like that, she was pointing to Manveer that take advantage of Lopa’s open laces, Bani says if i wanted to push her then i would have pushed her, Manu says it was format of game to push a person ahead of you a little, Bani says i said that inmates would be frustrated when Lopa will enter from second orbit. Salman says Bani reached till end of task, it was good, Bani says even then they taunted me that for a change i did task, Bani says i talked to Manver and Manu that we will walk on orbit slowly, Manu says we decided to not do anything to Bani till she takes some measures, we were moving slowly but Bani turned around and faced, she would have thrown my bowl so i threw my bowl. Salman says Manu did task well but if you made pact then you should have followed it, Manu says Bani could have thrown my bowl too so i took first step, i couldnt predict her, Bani says we decided that we would not push anyone in task, Manu says i wanted to go for captaincy, Bani says you told me that we would not push each other. Salman says dont make pacts and all, play like you want, all want to win, even if you make pacts and break it then its your strategy, it should satisfy your conscious, Salman ends call. Bani says they wanted us to take time on last orbit, Rohan says you shouldnt have made pact Manu, Manu says we didnt make pact. Lopa says Rohan told me to beware of Bani, Manu says we didnt know Bani and Niti were planning against you, Lopa says she was instigating inmates to push me, Rohan says i didnt listen wrongly, i didnt lie Bani, you asked me for food in task but you didnt allow me tie Lopa’s laces, Bani says i was not alone in task, why you are pointing fingers at me only? point out to everyone, Rohan says you were talking mostly in task, i was tying her laces for humanity sake, Lopa says people were worried about task only, Bani shakes her head.

On stage, Sudesh and Krishna comes stage. Krishna has become donkey and Sudesh is his owner, Krishna jokes that people call Sudesh as donkey in real. Sudesh and Krishna says some punches. Sudesh says if Krishna marries Mona and their kid is donkey then? Krishna says then i would say kid is on her mother(Mona), all laugh. Krishna and Sudesh joke some more and leave stage.

Salman connects call to house. Salman says to inmates that its time for another task. Salman says Mona-Bani and Manveer-Rohan will do task. He ask all to go to activity area and wear costumes, they will have fight in them.
Inmates come in activity area. They wear heavy round costumes, Salman says you have to fight and push your rival out of ring. Lopa wishes Bani and Mona luck. There will be three rounds. Bani and Mona starts pushing each other out of ring, Bani wins first round by pushing Mona out of ring, Mona wins second round then Bani wins third round. Manu says winner is Bani. Salman says Bani you are looking hot, Manu says hot chicken.
Manveer and rohan’s fight starts, Manveer pushes Rohan out of ring and wins first round, Lopa cheers for Rohan, Manveer pushes Rohan out of ring in second round and wins task. Salman says winners will do victory dance. Bani and Manveer dances in their costumes funnily, all are enjoying with them. Salman claps for them. Salman ends call.

On stage, Salman says these inmates should get laughter medicine, we have sent Bharti for that in house.

In house:
Inmates see tarot card reading arrangements. Music plays and Bharti enters in house while dancing in red maxi, Bharti hugs all inmates. Bharti comes to tarot card stand, Bharti says sit on bench, all sit. Bharti says i have come to tell your future, she says to Mona that you are looking good in house, i have been doing your movies, all laugh. Bharti asks why Lopa and Bani were fighting like goats? all were seeing you people, lets end it, she shows gun and says end it by shooting each other, all laugh. Bharti says i told Salman his future and he started hating women from that time, i am only woman he punched, all laugh. Bharti says Manu and Manveer are very good friends, they hug each other, Bharti says i remember my cows seeing you both, all laugh. Bharti says Swami is saying everywhere that he wont Finale happen, who will beat him? all raise hands. Bharti says Lopa why did you beat Bani so much that she has bruises? oh sorry they are tattoos. Bharti sees Mona’s future first, she says your prince is coming and will get engaged to you, she says your future is in dancing, she says lets have dance. Music plays, Mona starts dancing on chinky song, Bani is whistling, Bharti says clap for Mona, she hugs Mona and says we are your fans. Bharti asks Manveer to come, i will show your future, i am your fan, she hugs Manveer, Manveer touches his beard and says its same like grass of garden, all laugh. She says make cow eat a lot of food for better future or replace Mona with cow, all laugh. Bharti says give me a kiss, Manveer kisses her cheek, all hoot. Bharti says Rohan come here, Rohan goes to her and says he is cute baby, all laugh, Bharti says i am hot, he is cute, lets have dance, song plays, Rohan dances around Bharti using gun, all laugh. Bharti says what was that Rohan? you are a kid, all are laughing at him. Bharti says your washroom is sticking, do you people have cow-dung, all laugh. Bharti dances with them and starts leaving house, all say please stay, Bharti wishes them and leaves.

On stage, Salman says there is storm coming in house. There will be Shahrukh Khan here next weekend. He signs off from show.

PRECAP- There will be task for nominations. All inmates will be postmen, they will get parcel of one other inmate which have been sent by their family, if they handover parcel to inmate, they will get nominated otherwise they have to burn in furnace, parcel of other inmate to save themselves from nominations. Inmates have got parcel of each other. Lopa says we all can handover parcel and all will get nominated, she asks Bani if she will deliver parcel and get nominated? Bani says you are saying so gently, you want your parcel? Lopa says who doesnt want it? you would want yours too, Bani says burn my parcel, i dont want it. Manu says Bani will get parcel from her mother. Mona has Bani’s parcel, its from her mother, Mona cries, Bani hugs her and consoles her. Manu says to inmates that think about yourself, dont think about parcels.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hrithik ka Fan

    salman to lopa : why England lost the match yesterday

    lopa: salman sir England lost because bani pushed me In the task….
    …lopa fans u have to agree one thing lopa is very very insecure of bani always targets bani …

    … manu is jealous of manveer and manveer is also changed he has become very diplomatic since his return from mall. …..

    …last thing bharti was too much she was very mean how can she say rohan looks like kanya this is not funny dude ……..these krishna and bharti sucks…

    1. Ditya

      agree…don’t like the so called bachao team….specially hate krishna

    2. haha so true..but ind vs eng was juz superb match..lopa z so insecure of bani..evn lopa fans cant deny that..wtevr happening shez having oly 1 reason tat z bani..

      1. Yeah match was absolute stunner am a big fan of cricket india won easily no fight from eng vb kohli rocks….

    3. Prettypreeti

      Bhai i too like kapil most not these..sirf insult krte hai

  2. Prettypreeti

    Thanks atibha ji to post super i first..mera supna poora ho jayega..
    Koi aur comment post mt krna

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      no sis I m the first one …I broke ur supna ???.….and no one can beat hrithik ka Fan. …haha….???

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Correction: Only Hrithik can beat Hrithik ka fan ???

      2. Nah! Bhai i can beat you aap raat 8 bje se hi site open karke baith jate ho toh kal se mai bhi hahaha

  3. Prettypreeti

    Okk guys just lol epi..i laughed full to…mast epi tha.govinda was awesome and aaj anand aa gya
    Gud night

    1. Ditya

      hi kiddo
      loved the partners yaar
      eps was fun to watch

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    Today’s episode was boring. Liked only Salman-Govinda parts and Bharti scenes. I read somewhere in parcel task only Mona will get nominated so therefore only Mona and Rohan r nominated this week. Yaar this is unfair. Now that Swami Om is out I think bb should have thouht twice about nominating Rohan for entire season and withdraw his punishment. Poor Rohan. I read that he is the only one who didn’t sign any contract with Colors so that he can do his Yeh rishta show on star plus but he got replaced.i think Rohan suffered the most loss in this battle. First he lost show, then no one supported him (Salman, makers, bob) all against him and getting nominated for entire season. Poor guy. The only thing he won was hearts. And some Bani fans r abusing him for no reason. And I m so surprised he got the selfish title i think there are other inmates in this bb house who r much more selfish i don’t think in need to mention names.
    But agree with the childish title. And bani gave herself the boring title this shows she is not insecure of Lopa, infact Lopa is. That’s the only thing I don’t like about Lopa. And i find bani cool. But she should keep her cool and not lose temper so easily.
    Finally everyone was Manu’s true Colors. I don’t like him so cunning. He is not bad but he is so cunning. Funny guy though. Areh Manveer looks so lonely without Nitibha ??
    I really wanna know why Lopa hates bani so much.
    And I read somewhere Mona got evicted and also getting married to Vikrant her bf in bb which one is true? Mona getting evicted or nominated with Rohan. If both does that mean Rohan gonna get evicted too ? I hope not and I also read Rohan received highest votes this week (if this is true i think bb nominated him for this reason more votes ?) I really feel bad for Rohan.

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      I think it will be very foolish of hms if they nominate themselves at this point of game …..and they will meet their families after two weeks so it will not be a matter of being selfish but a matter of smartness….

    2. Fatarajo same here! I also feel bad for Rohan. He is the most genuine guy in the bigg boss house. He is the only one who has done all the tasks given to him and won them also unlike bani who gives up tasks in midways. He has never b*t*hed about anyone unlike Mannu. He is never aggressive in tasks unlike Manveer. He takes his own stand and decisions not like Manveer who always needs Mannu’s approval and support. He has never played a victim like Lopa did today. Finally he is the only guy whom Salman has never appreciated or supported. He is the one man army who stood up against Om unlike Mannu Janani and manveer ass licking b*****d who have always supported Om. Therefore vote for# Rohan

      1. Rohan has never abused or cursed anybody like Bani, Lopa or Manveer does.

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      I agree with u HKF , there is only two weeks to go for finals. And Mona is the only one because she herself isn’t much interested in staying in bb house.

    4. Aarti32

      I don’t feel like watching d show..I’m still traumatized by Nitibha’s exit..N it’s natural dat manveer will feel lonely after Nitibha’s exit coz Mona is having a tussle wid him n Manu is trying to keep both manveer n Mona under his control, thereby hurting both of them to some extent..N he’s not dat friendly wid other housemates like he was wid M2 n Nitibha..Feel sad for Manny??

  5. Hi guys, well, I’ll not comment anything on episode. Actually, I was thinking of writing an OS on Bigg Boss contestants BUT my FF will be insulting the contestants in a humorous tone, but as u all have your favorites, u may not like it. But if u don’t find it offensive, then I’ll write it. Please give me your views that should I write it or not and I’ll go with the majority

    1. Real Bigg boss

      You should write it. If someone finds it offensive its their problem

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Luna that’s a cool idea wow a ff on bb u should write it, I don’t know about others but I would defiantly love to read it. Even I wanted to write a ff on bb but due to my busy schedule I m not able to do so.

    3. Prettypreeti

      Ya pls write..i would luv to read

  6. i don like this krishna barthi’s joke overacting oly kapil sharma & co. task was usual bani was looking osm..luv her dressing style..unique fashion..

    once again lopa tried to blame bani..but manveer clearly denied it..bcz f her overconfident she lost it..manu z very cunning man..intresting precap..i heard tat mona niminated mona n rohan nominated..mona out..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      even i saw yesterday’s match ind vs eng I like Bharti but I don’t like Krishna yes Kapil is the best when it comes to comedy , because he stays in his limits

      1. i heard abt mona’s bf coming n going to propose her 4 shaadi..

  7. BB Protraying Rohan as immature kid

    But he is so mature
    Handled worst situations with calm and criticism with smile

    Never make any faces.

    All this is BB ‘s plan as they clearly know that he is threat for their fixed winner Bani(viacom)/Manveer (to justify the concept)

    BB wants his voting money thats y nominated for whole season.Before finale they will evict him.

    They r using Lopa/Manu for bani and manveer .Thats it.

    The guy who has never used any abusive word and also never commented on any girl’s character/tatoos – is he childish?really?

    Matured BB winner qualities should be – beeep beeep arrogant selfish gundagiri

    still i vote for you ROHAN MEHRA , bcoz u r the only +ve person in that whols shit program

  8. There r still most of the people who likes sensible and genuine person than the filthy gawar persons.

    promotion of bb

    Manveer – dil sey khelta hai ,they never pointed his wrongs.

    Bani – Higjhlited forced friendship of Gaurbani ,every weekend discussion on their friendship

    Showed her as the most Targeted person.

    Rohan- He never fake /over react for cameras,he is being just be himself,dedicated towards task,always loyal to friends,never used any abusive words

    but bb doesn’t want him as so alwats promoted him as kid,childish,immature,overreacts.

    Karm hits them back badly as they have messed with most decent and genuine guy ROHAN

  9. People like krushna and bharati are tge reason why people still makes jokes on

    Lopa’ colour
    Mona’s weight
    Rohan’s looks
    Bani’s body.

    some bani moron fans calling Rohan puppy/puppet.Guys have some shame or learn from Rohan how to respect and maintain dignity.

    whole house commented on bani’ tattoss and said she is he but Rohan has never used /commented such bad words….if he doesn’t support ur idol then stooping low to make scarstic comments on genuine person.

    vote for Rohan,the real Hero

  10. Why is this manu always poking nose before commencement of every tasks ,he just wants to manipulate. Even today he is asking inmates to think about themselves and not to give parcels. Let them play as they like, this idiot na..
    Whatever I’m happy to see manveer getting some sense..
    Hope big boss shows clips of manu from secret room and his b*t*hing clips. Also manveers father and brother comment about manu sud be shown.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I accidentally read ur name as Manu boss ???

  11. It’s disgusting to hear all the time from Manu that Manveer reached this level for Manu. Yes, indeed Manu sacrificed for captaincy in the igloo task, but that doesn’t mean Manu made Manveer the winner. Manu is also a sensible person but what’s all this?

    Rohan is the most mature one on the show, why is he being called immature? Just because he is cute? Doesn’t make any sense, other contestants are not cute, so what can he do? At least, bring him to the finals. It’s a request.

    Last but not the least, “comedy” is not a synonym of “insult”. Arre, at least stop insulting Lokesh who is not in the show. Why do they give that “hahahahaha” laugh in the background even when the jokes are so cheesy? Irritating jokes, poor expressions with not even a H of Humour n those stupid faces insulting other faces is NOT so funny. Comedy Nights se Kapil ko nikal ke, Bharti aur Krishna ko le aya viacom, now suffer. Woh show kabhi nahi tiknewala tha, aaj ya kal bandh hona hi tha, par ab kya woh log Bigg Boss ko vi boring bana denge? Krishna n Bharti, look at your own faces n then judge others, dear.

  12. Cherry blossom

    LOL?? I just don’t get it why Lopa and Rohan are targeting Bani for every thing.. Especially lopa????? such insecurities

  13. Gd morning to simran ditya preeti aakashi shriya anu jj bhai swastika shazna sonia aarti and all the bb friends

    i was laughing hard when govinda sir said “pranam toh nahi kahunga kyuki sb log chote hai” salman sir “nahi partner ek badi hai monalisa” hahaha

    aur yaar yeh bachao team bahut disrespect karti hai agree with ditya but i enjoyed epi v much

    govinda sir aaj bhi kamaal hai yaar waisa hi dance karte hai

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      @kp do read my reply to ur question in yesterday’s written update ?

      1. Yeah i read you missed my batting in 1st odi but don’t worry i will come out from retirement and will make a ton in 12 deliveries hahaha

  14. All the guests,contestants,host try to protray Rohan as childish,immature a/c to script only to have clear cut chances for their fixed winners.

    Except ROHAN no one in the house maintained class,decency,dignity.

    In real life i don’t want filthy mouth as M2,selfish like Bani,arrogant like lopa as friend.

  15. hi simran kp ditya aakashi88 hkf goodgirl preeti shriya and all others.
    episode was somehow entertaining but haar weekend ye bachao team kyun aati hai bhai. khud ke kaam to hai nahi bass dusron ko insult karte rehete hain aur apne gande jokes pe khud hi hass te hai.
    today i liked all hms except manu punjabi ghar mei kuch bhi hojaye ye banda apni tarrif karne se rokega nahi. aaj toh bahi manveer ne bhi isko iski aaukat dekadi. agar kaam nahi chaiye toh kyun aaye ho bhai biggboss pe dobara. agar itni hi paise ho toh jaa ke aaram se raho na bhai kyun dusro ka backbite karte rehete ho.aaj toh khud ki commit kardiya ki ye kisi ke face pe nahi pit piche baat karta hai. lopa ko kud per biswas nahi hai jo ye itni insecure hai bani se. Rohan apne game khelo yaar lopa ko support karna band karo.
    #support for bani and rohan

    kisi ne utube pe ye mall wale video dikha hai. video is showing that there were bani’s fans not of manu and manver. fans were holding playcard and shouting for bani. aur ye manu vote for manu kehta tha aur mall ke logg vote for bani. its funny and intresting na guys.

  16. Plz. Keep voting for rohan.
    He actually needs our support.

    Vote for rohan.

  17. Kya kisi ko yaha lagta h ki big boss live voting me logo ne actually manu ko top 2 k liye consider kiya hoga.
    Mujhe nahi lagta. Mall me b iska example dikha tha ki log manu ko zyada pasand nahi karte.
    Lagta h big boss team hi voting kar rahi thi.

  18. Ngkrishnakumari

    Today epi going to rock on bb house
    Vote for bani she have to win bb10
    All the contestant staying in bb housr & feel insecure for her should give a tight answer after winning the trophy of bb10
    Eve that time they will realiase whay bani is?
    We support bani

  19. Selina and elina

    I really think that Lopamudra Raut and Rohan Mehra are the deserving lopa lopa lopa should win Bigg Boss as you saw in yesterday’s episode bani tried to instigate Mannu against Lopa by saying I would not give Mona the most boring title as she talks to me also Bani plays a double game and is double faced she talks here to there and there to here

  20. Prettypreeti

    Good evening..aaj mujhe mere school i mean mere office janna padha..aaj chuti nhi thi…
    @hkf-bhai..what is this???u broke my bachpan’s dream….nooooo..katti.. majaak kr rhi hoon abhi..okay..
    @kp-get ready to know our jo name and that is as follow-fatarajo means-
    Jo-joyee(her pet name)
    And ya mr kevin peiterson-aap nhi the isliye england haar gyi…aur jadav aur kohli ne unko hra diya….
    Lopa slays she said na her pet name is from j…
    @jo-i too read ur comment..
    @diti di u registered urself..fab.
    Hello kp bhai,jo,simu di(missing u)diti di,sona di(where r u?)jj bhai,anu,aki di,shriyo,shazu di..and all..
    So guys wanna read my poetry-
    But one more thing is mona going to be married in bb house..i read it..
    Chlo maro goli u guys read my poem-
    Salman sir ke partner aaye,
    Bhanje ko aapne sath laye..
    Govinda sir ki nayi film aayi hai,
    Gharwalon ko sir ne ek nayi basha sikhayi hai…
    Ek naya fun task bhi khela,
    Bani aur manveer ne cutie rohan aur dancer mona ko pela..
    Bharti bhi aayi,
    Thori bohuti comedy layi..
    Aaj hogi emotional nomination,
    Konsa postmen pakhadaye ga parcel on right station…
    Love u

    1. NYC poem..!!
      Keep it up…

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      @Pri ??? Mujhe laga tha tum sirf mera first wala name aur nickname reveal karonge tumne toh pura name hi reveal Kar Diya ??? anyways I don’t mind because bb is the only show I m watching and following regularly
      Love u too yaar 🙂

    3. hahha.! thnx pri. jus saww tis

  21. As usual bani was lookin superb…. Luv u bani……Ab to bass finale ka intezaar Hai…..
    N wt hapnd to rohan aj kl lopa ka chamcha ban gaya Hai…sahi galat to nazar hi nehi ata usko….ufff wteva …..

    Acc to me finalists shd b

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I also fee these four will be the finalist

  22. Rohan The Real Hero

    some f***k fans anda logic that if Rohan supports bani then he is gud….if he supports lopa then he is puppet.

    Bani is the new chamchi of M3 group.she always b*t*hes abt Rohan check in voot videos she said that Rohan got insecure of manveer and manu after mall incident.

    Atleast Lopa cares for him they have genuine friendship but bani is b*t*hooo,ungrateful ,selfish,always uses beep words.

    if show is rigged also bani will not be a winner

    Anda kaakey soja anda fans…Rohan key game par anda logics mat dena

    Bani puppet of m3

  23. Guys anyone heard abt this week task..mona ki shaadi..her bf coming n going to propose her 4 shaadi n she ll accept n they r going to get married in bb house..haha..trp k liye kch b bigg boss..evn their family members r coming..lopa manu rohan ladkiwale n bani n manveer ladkewale lol…saturdy mona ki bidayi..haha seriously kuch b bigg show or daily soap..trp stunt by bb..

  24. Please bhagwan kisi ko bhi jeeta do but bani ko ni…plz

  25. Bigg boss sir mohje but bigg boss me liye na sir me bigg boss jitana mohje sir ok

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