Bigg Boss 10 14th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 14th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman says its about to finish this season, we saw inmates fighting this week and one inmate won ticket to finale week. Manu and Manveer came as commoners but when they went in mall, they noticed themselves that they are not commoners anymore but are celebrities. Salman says Manveer is in finale week now, we saw rivals going to different level, things hidden came out in open like volcano, Bani and Lopa’s remarks and fight is shown, how Bani started saying that Lopa’s daddy gives her money then how Lopa said that Bani uses her mother as weapon, how they entered in brawl, Salman says this kind of fight never happened in Bigg boss, not even between Dolly Bindra and Shweta Tiwari’s fight was not like this, lets find out what was right or wrong.

Salman comes

on stage, he welcomes everyone to show. Salman says many things happened first time in this season, today what never happened will happen today, you people will do live voting today about some matter happened in house, download app and do live voting. Salman says this week nominated inmates are BANI, NITI, LOPA, MONA and ROHAN, lets see who will be evicted, but see what will happen in house after last day’s fight.

In house:
Manveer says to Manu that they used to say Swami is filthy but Lopa spit more filth, Manu says Lopa wsa more bad, she was calling her roadside and animal, Niti says she called Bani disgusting too, Manveer says this was wrong, see india, this is Miss India, Manu says she is representing india? it will affect Lopa’s image and career, she said that Bani uses her mother as weapon? it was totally wrong.

Salman connects call to house. Salman says all are looking good, Bani says same to you. Salman congratulate Manveer for winning ticket to finale week. Salman says Manveer got so many kisses in mall, did you think you will get free kisses? Manveer says i have done hardwork to get them, Manu says it was life’s great experience. Salman tells them that they have finally attained the celebrity status and will no longer be addressed as common people from hereon. Salman asks how is house feeling? Niti says it feel silent. Moving on to the Khalnayak Kursi(villain chair), Salman asks the housemates to nominate one contestant who deserves to grace it this week. Manveer says Lopa deserves it because Lopa said to Bani which she shouldnt, Bani was wrong for reacting too but Lopa started it, Manu says i will take Lopa’s name too, Bani gave reaction but Lopa said very bad stuff, she shouldnt have sair it, Mona says Lopa deserves it because it doesnt suite Lopa’s personality to say such stuff. Lopa says Bani deserves it, Bani reacted aggressively, when Bani got personal with me and i didnt react then they are not appreciating it, Bani started those personal words, Manu says we dont know what she said to you while calling you, Lopa says its my mistake that i didnt react to her words, she said filth but i didnt tell anyone how hurt i was, i didnt want to hurt her sentiments, i would touch her mother’s feet, thing was she didnt listen to my words completely, i just took her mother’s name and she banged phone, she didnt listen and acted before listening, Bani is villain for me for this season after Swami. Salman says we all listened, nobody will shout now, we will explain point of views calmly because if it was Om, i would have taken this different level but you are girls so we will handle gracefully, i wouldnt want to enter in this because you both were wrong. Rohan says Lopa said wrong stuff but task was about being patience and Bani lost it and showed aggression so Bani is villain. Niti says Lopa said stuff she shouldnt so Lopa is villain for me. Bani says Lopa is villain for me, Salman asks reason? She raises her eyebrow, Niti says he is asking reason, Bani says i heard him thanks, Bani says she sid stuff which hurt me, Salman asks like? Bani says i said to Rohan before task only that how we will deal with tasks, Rohan said they can say anything, all i wanted was to not hear words about my mother, Salman says to Bani that what she said was not about your mother but about you, Lopa thanks him, Bani says still not appreciate it, she cant use it context it, Salman says she was talking about you not your mother, you also talked about her, called her gold-digger, called her to marry ATM, talked about her husband, what was that? which means the same thing, you were saying her to marry rich guy for money, Bani says i am not denying, Salman says you said that she uses her father’s money, if you are taunting her that she will marry ugly man just because of money, Bani says i was not implying that, Salman says to Bani that you started it, you started your performance from high notch, you are coming across wrong, you called her user so she said that you use her mother, i am sure she is making more money then her father, Bani says it was not my intention, Salman says it was not her intention too, we all use someone’s illness or breakup, Lopa is crying now, Salman says you started that Bani, she never said anything about your mother, you asked her about difficult time, she said that when her grandmother died, Bani says i didnt say anything bad about it, Salman says you were going down bad on her character but she took is gracefully but you started reacting since start of her call, you grabbed her waist, why you are showing physical strength? Bani says i wouldnt want to hurt anyone, Salman says it doesnt look good. Salman says sorry Lopa that you have to sit on villain chair bit majority of house is saying it. Lopa sits on villain chair. Salman asks Manu why he thinks Lopa is wrong? Manu says when Rohan called me and said those things, i told him that his was call nice, Lopa never shared with us what Bani told her on call, she said Bani didnt say much to her, next day when Lopa went to call, Lopa said she wouldnt say anything bad to Bani, i didnt know she would start with her lips, Bani took my call gracefully, we didnt know what Lopa was saying, we only heard Lopa calling her animal, and botoxed lips so it doesnt look good hearing Lopa going to that level, Salman says dont expect both of them to talk like that, i told Lopa to not go to Swami’s level when they fights, i asked Bani to not go to Swami’s level too, i knew they would strike, they spoke to each other like they spoke to Swami. Manu says i told Lopa to not use that language, its expected from Bani a little. Salman adds that while Manu claims that Bani engages in a lot of grapevine conversations, it is Manu who does it more often but never owns up to it, you are doing that a lot, Manu defends himself by saying that if his comments are not causing any harm to others then he is not doing anything wrong. Salman says you always give opinion but you have become teacher in house, Manu says i am doing this from starting but i will be careful, Salman says you keep an eye on this. Salman says Manveer and Mona listens to you. Salman says to Manveer that Swami is not house whom you people used to put blame on, India is boycotting him now, he has gone mad, you people dont have excuse now then why call center task failed? Manveer says Lopa got personal with Bani, we didnt hear full conversation, they went far away, Swami was doing this too. Salman says bratty kids do it, Manveer says we couldnt even stop them because they were girls. Salman says thats the problem, if fight was between Manu and Manveer then i would have been clear but its Bani and Lopa, audience know both are right and wrong and they are enjoying fight of girls. Mona asks who would have won task? Mona says Manu’s team. Salman says you both should just avoid each others comments, why you both compete to be worst among each other? its like if she curses then i will curse too, Bani says i didnt curse at all to her, Salman says first curse you said to Lopa was on mother by you Bani, Rohan says yes when she banged phone, she cursed on her mother, Salman says yes first curse was on her mother by you in hindi, Bani says it was in frustration, i didnt point to her directly, Salman says rules are same, it was task to test patience, Priyanka said worst words to Manu and that was not even task, Manu had just comeback in house and she said worst words but Manu didnt say anything to her, handle like that. I want to ask you both, did you both right thing? Lopa says i just reacted? i dont know what people hope from me. Salman asks will you say same words to her if you call her again? Lopa says i will never say it, Salman asks Bani if she will repeat it? Bani says never again, Salman says come out of it and see it as third person, do not get into this, people say worst about us, about our identities about our families on social media, we dont react to their thinking, people who curse out make us embarrass, it all goes on that what their parents taught them? i am angry now. Salman takes deep breaths and take off his coat, Salman says your parents raise you so when you do something wrong, they are insulted, Lopa cries hearing it, Salman says when you react then remember your family is watching, this is superb for TV but this is not good for you both personally, if it was scripted then it was good but it was your thinking which was not good, Salman says calm down you both now.
Salman says to Manu that when Andy came here, he asked jokingly to Manu if he ever went to jail or not? what difference does it make, he asks Rohan to ask him if i went to jail, Rohan asks, Salman says yes i went to jail, ask me how i feel there, Salman says this is how you answer. If someone asked me if i did botox, i would you do botox too, it would look good, it would look good on you. Salman asks Lopa and Bani to breath and calm down. Lopa says i just wanted to vent out, Salman jokes Lopa wipe your nose, there is tissue on your nose, Lopa brings out her pocket mirror conscious about her face, all laugh, Salman says makeup again, you keep doing makeup whole time, Bani see, Bani shakes her head. Salman ends call.

Salman says lets see what happened in house after i talked.

In house, Mona comes to Lopa and says you never told us what she said to you, i am so sorry, Lopa says i didnt want to tell anyone, Manveer comes and says sorry, Lopa says i didnt want to repeat what she said to me.
Bani says to Niti that if you want to go to Lopa and feel bad for her then you can go. Niti says i will comeback.
Niti comes to Lopa and be strong, Lopa says there is a limit to everything, i listen to her curses every week but i never react, Bani says i didnt curse you every week, Lopa says i never said anything back to her, rohan takes her away from there and says Salman told you to not do this.

On stage, Salman connects call to house again. Salman says to Lopa that you wanted to say something? say it with smile, Lopa says this house made me villain, Salman says i become villain every week, this doesnt matter, Lopa says i always think to walk on principles, i always think what my father would have done in situation, Salman says you have handled more good than your father, your father would have cried in house, Lopa says i am so ashamed that he would hear my words, there are only controversies in this house, i have been going through it, what happened with me last day, i dont know what will happen in Bani’s life but i lost everything, Bani scrunches her face hearing her, Lopa says Bani started things by calling me but i didnt say anything, Bani was saying to Manu that she broke Lopa, i know my family, my father is retired government officer, i earn myself, i shop with my money, i keep money for my father, he never take penny for me and she says that i use my father’s money? does she realize that i am a girl and i have life after this show, Bani is blabbering something hearing it, Lopa says she always curse me about mother and family, i have to show patience and now i am sitting on villain chair now? Bani says i will take your seat, you will feel better, Lopa says dont do drama now, i never said anything to her mother, i have no problems in life? i have struggled 5years to earn crown and in one blink girl like Bani comes and takes everything away from me, she made fun of me in a blink, i have understood controlling anger is too much. Salman says its your choice to behave or not, Lopa says i listened a lot when she called me, instead i said i love you, your eyes are beautiful, Salman says you praised her but she didnt like it, Bani says situation is unfortunate, i would not justify everything, all of us can tell stories but she is saying like that i wanted to destroy her life, i was doing my task, Lopa says i was doing task too, Bani says i did mistake by taking anger, what else i can say? Lopa says Rohan got nominated when he showed anger but Bani didnt get any punishment? Salman says if you had not reciprocated her anger then Bani would haven been nominated but you did, you did mistake by reciprocating, you should have put hands up, she did wrong by pushing her away, you should have asked guys to free you from her grip or asked Bigg boss to see it, she wouldnt break your waist, Lopa says i get angry too, i controlled her, Salman says i control my anger too, its tough, starts smiling while crying, all laugh. Salman says Bani turns key and Lopa cries, all laugh.
Salman says to inmates that now caller of week will call. Call is connected to caller Rahul Kumar, Rahul says i want to ask Niti, Salman says thank God someone asked something from Niti, Niti laughs. Rahul asks Niti that when ranking task happened, you said you did more work than Manu, we have all seen how much work you have done in house, all laugh hearing it, Niti says i dont remember saying it, Salman says we remember it, Rahul says we catch everything, Salman says Niti you contributed more than Manu? Niti says if in task between Gaurav and Swami and Swami can be freed from jail instead of Gaurav then i can get ranking too above Manu, Salman says you are comparing yourself to Swami? all laugh. Rahul says to Niti that you are looking lonely and you are cursing a lot, you were talking in english again and again and when Manveer prohibited you, you started fighting with him, Niti says i am alone because i had fights with my only friend Manveer and i didnt curse manveer directly, i fought with my friend only, Salman says he doesnt take you as friend, this is one sided friendship, Niti says Manveer can tell what he has in heart, Rahul says you are again talking in english, all laugh, Manveer says great Rahul, Salman says this is best caller of season, Rahul thanks him, call ends, Niti says damn, he was sweet.
Salman says to inmates that Bani and Lopa stand up, he ask them to move to each other, they come close to each other, Bani put arms around Lopa’s waist and jokes that Sir should i choke her again? Lopa put hands around Bani’s waist and they hug each other, all clap for them, Salman says i dont want fight in after party after season ends.
Salman says to inmates that one nominated inmate will get evicted today but first let me tell you who are safe. Salman says LOPA and BANI ARE SAFE, Salman says is it their strategy? the might be childhood friends and made this drama, Manu says it can be possible, they are moving ahead by fighting each other. Salman says the one who is stuck between them is safe too, he says ROHAN IS SAFE. Salman says now Mona and Niti are remaining, Salman ask inmates who deserves to stay in house more. Bani says i love Mona and Niti, i wish Niti gets saved. Salman asks Rohan, Rohan says Niti deserves more than Mona, Manu says Niti wants to stay in house, she deserves more, Manveer says both are great, Salman says what did you say? all laugh, Manveer says Mona is more deserving, she keeps house cleaning, Mona say he is lying, Manveer says Niti will stay. Salman asks Mona, Mona says Niti is safe. Salman says MONA IS SAFE. Salman says NITI IS EVICTED, he asks her to come out and start working, he ends call. Nit hugs Manveer and says i am happy, she hugs Rohan. Lopa hugs Mona and congratulates her. Bani hugs Niti, Lopa says be happy and miss us, Niti holds Lopa and Bani’s hands, Nit says thank you bigg boss, Niti hugs Lopa and Bani, she asks Bani to take care, Niti hugs Manveer and leaves house. Lopa says this is difficult moment, Manveer says its ending now.

Manveer says to Mona that if i say your name against Niti but you dont understand, you doubt our friendship, i have to explain everything to you? Mona says i ever say anything if you get nominated but you keep teasing me that i am going home when i get nominated, Manver says sorry, sorry, should i touch your feet? Manveer says i have personal grudges right, you didnt let me say anything infront of Salman, my mistake was that iw anted Mona to stay and she helps me, Mona says you have said a lot of times that i dont deserve being in house, then why you are saying now? Manveer says why you are shouting? Mona says i am saying for first time, i can talk too, Manveer says i can see what is going on, he leaves. Mona says to Manu that he always say Niti is more deserving, Manu says he didnt say about deserving, he said he wanted you to stay, Mona says its not about it, Manu says i didnt say Niti is deserving, i said Niti wants to stay, Mona says you even said that i get miffed on fridays, all know i want to leave, Manu shouts that i cant always say what you want, or what he wants, Mona says i understood what you said.
Lopa asks Manveer what happened? Manveer says Mona is going on different level.
Manu says to Mona that tell me if answered Salman’s question rightly? she says no, he says i am like that, if i am backbiting then i am doing for 80days.
Manveer says to Rohan that she said to Salman that i am lying when i took her name.
Manu says to Mona that i am saying less in house and he is calling me teacher in house?

Mona is crying in corner in smoking room. Manu comes there and says you should know your friendship and Niti’s friendship with me is wrong, come out and stop crying. Bani says to Manveer that they are talking in smoking room, its against rules, Manveer says to hell with rules now.

On stage, Salman says Niti got evicted, i hope her glorious future.

In house,
Bigg boss says to inmates that season 10 is different as commoners came in house and competed with celebs. They won hearts of audience too. You inmates have been through 13weeks in house, there is less space between commoners and celebs now, all are eager to know who is going to win this season, commoner? or celeb? there will new history today, live audience will tell their opinion now but only one inmate will get to know their opinion and inmates have decide who that inmate should me. We want to two names from you which you think as top 2 finalists this season, you can take your name too. Bigg boss asks Manu whom he thinks as top 2:
Manu: Manu says i have put have all efforts, he takes his name and Bani’s name.
Lopa: She top 2 would be Rohan, i have been honest person in house so i want to take my name.
Manveer: He says two people who have given everything is me and Manu, we are top 2.
Bani: She takes Manveer’s name and her name.
Rohan: He takes his name and Lopa’s name, he says we have handled tough situations.
Mona: She takes her name and takes Manu’s name.

Bigg boss says audience is liking show and are voting for inmates. Today with live poll, india will their opinion. Manu is chosen as top 2 finalist by inmates, now we ask audience to to take part in this poll, check in starts now.

On stage, Salman says lets see journey of Manu. Clip plays, Manu’s jokes are shown, how he fought with Swami when Swami took his fiance’s name. How Manu got nominated to let Bani meet Gauhar. How he lost his mother in journey, clip ends. Salman says lets see India’s decision.

In house, Bigg boss says India have taken part in this poll. Inmates have chosen Manu has top 2 finalist. We want to ask india if they think him as top 2 finalist? voting time start now. He asks Manu to tell india why he better than other inmates and if inmates dont agree then they can point out by pressing buzzer. Manu says i will start with Manveer, mine and Manveer’s life is similar, our journey was same, we were together, i put more efforts than him, i have helped Manveer more thats why i am more deserving than him, he says coming to Bani, she is strong contestant, she is known face and they like her, but Bani didnt put efforts in house, she didnt connect to more people than me, he says about Lopa, she has strength and have friendship with all but i am better than her because if i have problem with someone i forgive them and move on but Lopa cant do it, Lopa presses buzzer not agreeing with him, Manu says Rohan is established celebrity, he is model too, he gives 100% in task but i am more involved in house, Rohanis more conscious, Rohan presses buzzer, Manu says Mona is most good in house, Mona has no problem in her but i am superior in physical strength. I want to go to top 2, i didnt know if i will go to that point, i wanted to connect to world, i wanted to show people that i deserve to be somewhere, i have represented as commoner, i deserve to be in top 2, i connect with indians, we want to make our families. Bigg boss says voting time has finished, India has given decision, we will tell after sometime.
After sometime, Bigg boss says its time to tell decision. As per audience, 55% audience think Manu deserves to be in top 2, more than half of voters see him as finalist, he has got more votes from females, all clap, Bigg boss says we end this task here, Manveer hugs Manu.

Salman says we will go live next week too, Salman says there will be action and excitement tomorrow as Govinda will join us tomorrow and comedy nights team. Salman promotes Raess, movie of Shahrukh Khan, Salman signs off from show.

PRECAP- In weekend ka vaar, Govinda will come. Govinda and Salman dances. Govinda says his dialogue from partner movie saying that while kissing girl, should i inhale breath or exhale? Salman jokes that you should have experience of that till now, all laugh. Krishna comes there and jokes. Govinda ask inmates to role the tongue and talk while rolling tongue, Bani and Lopa acts like bickering while rolling tongue, Mona cries while rolling her tongue, all laugh. There will task in which inmates will heavy costumes and have to fight, inmates enjoy task. Salman asks Lopa what was planning in solar system task? Lopa says my shoe lace was open and Bani was hinting to Manveer to push me out of task, Bani says i never hinted at Manveer, i dont know what she is talking about, Rohan says her hint was looking that, Bani says i was not alone in task, why you are pointing fingers at me only? point out to everyone, Rohan says you were talking mostly in task.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hrithik ka Fan

    so many fake ids in this forum and so many abuses …..thinking of leaving this site …

    1. Prettypreeti

      Nooooo bhai dont go and not leave us in between….

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    Coming to the episode I don’t think Salman was biased with Lopa, yes initially it seemed so but later on he fired on Lopa too. And also finally revealed the true Colors of Manu. For the first time in this season I liked Salman’s anchoring . But I don’t like the fact that Rohan gets ignored or scolded in every weekend epi, I don’t remember the last time he was praised because he is one of the most genuine contestant in this season. Didn’t like him initially, but proved me wrong later on. I also read somewhere that Rohan got the highest votes this time idk if is true

  3. Prettypreeti

    Sorry guys glti se log out hogi thi now again logged in…
    Gm kp bhai,simu di,jj bhai,diti di,sona di,sonia,anu,shriyo,Aki di,my jo,aarti ,shazu di,and all.
    So simply my poem—
    Week 13 ka weekend ka war ko start krne aaye salman guru,
    Lopa ko villain ki kursi pr bithakr gharwalon ne kiya din shoru..
    Lekin salman ne dia lppa ka sath,
    Sunai uski aur bani ki poori baat..
    Aaye aapi caller of the week,
    Batein thi uski bhi unique…
    Manu ko bhi padhi dhant,
    Rhe nhi salman iss bari shant..
    Phir nithibha hogyihogyi evict,
    Thod ke aarti aur jojo ka contadict..
    Manveer aur mona ki hoyi ladhai,
    Salman ne lopa aur bani ki baat suljayi..
    Manu ke liye hoyi live vote,
    Sirf 45 percent bandhon ko lgi usme khot..
    Aaj govinda aur comedy nghts ki team aayegi,
    Banjhe aur mame ki jodi dhammal layegi..
    Love u all

    1. Hello my friend preeti sorry am v busy in college but your poem is nice one and i like it love you too

      and godbless preeti is right plz don’t go

    2. gud one pretty ji..both bani n lopa r wrong but salman was lill biased towards lopa..n lopa cried for sympathy..bani z real..

  4. what’s the hell, Nitibha evicted? instead of Mona?? lol..why Biggboss us saving Mona all time? I think they don’t want to break m3 at any cost… Nitibha was more deserving, even all housemates told that… anyways, no more Manveer-Nitibha scene…?????.. hope they would friends in real life too… whatever.. I won’t do comments more.. returning back to be silent reader… bye friends… love you all…

    1. Prettypreeti

      Godbless not say like this..

  5. Why Bani is still in house he spoil every task dam. He brain wash all of house member and tried to be Innocent. just send bani to home to her mother.

  6. hrithik ka Fan

    I have seen a video on voot ..lopa telling manu manveer that I don’t give a damn what bani said to me during phone booth task…If I felt bad I would have slapped bani… why so much drama in front of slman ..I m this that …my dad us this and that …….that shows her real self she is very clever and proudy. …she knew if she starts crying and bring her family matter salman will not be able to say anything to her and that’s what exactly happened last night………and bani can’t fake it she is real …If she is upset selfish rude she will behave like that …not like make up covering flopa…… tell who was right and wrong…watch that unseen video on voot…

    1. Don’t feel offended dude…but wat make up ki dukan …bani herself took botox and lip filler…which is fact…..even she was dusky while she was in roadies….so she got no right to comment on someone’s makeup when she herself is plastic face

  7. ShivanyaSharma

    Love you Bani <3 you are the best among all the contestant and far better than flopa! Stay Strong!

  8. preeti waise amazing song….i dont agree wid u guys…bani and lopa wer both wrong and i realized it just yesterday….bani and lopa wer both affected…they both wer abused equally..but even tho they both wer insulted by each other..they both hugged each other…but i feel both of them are at fault…so lopa and bani fans..pls dont insult the other party..just accept the truth tht bani and lopa.both wer at fault

    1. Prettypreeti

      Thanks..i agree.donno ki glti thi .hm log aive fight kr rhe hai.

  9. pls man…lopa and bani ko chod do…their topic is over..khatam…khalas…

  10. hello guys
    how are u all?
    i was busy so i couldnt comment but i used to read preeti’s poem and other comment also.

    coming to the episode
    i m fan of bani but i will comment as mutual. manu ka aaj thodi dher sahi class lagg gaya. i will not say lopa is wrong neither bani. both are right in their place and both are wrong. dono ne hi overreact kiya tha lekin lopa ko bani ki maa tak jane ki koi jarurat nahi thi. bhai manver tum toh abhi tak manuu ka chal samaj nahi paye tumhara kuch nahi ho sakta. finally niti out. mona abb nahi rona. rohan as usual achha khel raha hai. hope for the best.

    i didnt understand till now why we guys are fighting and worrying about them? hum unn ke relatives toh nahi hai. agar humare fav jit bhi jaaye toh hume koi puchne wala nahi hai. unn logo toh yeh bhi nahi pata ki hum logg unn ke liye ladai karr rahe hai. hum sirf unn logo ke baare soch ke tension le rahe hai.
    everyone has right to write their opinion but guys its social networking site so its a request to aal of u guys dont abuse anyone give ur opinion view in right way calmly.

    1. Prettypreeti

      Hey anu….how r u????after long gap.where were u

    2. Am fine anu nice to read your comment

  11. Hope manu and manveer in top 3. I like both because with out m2 in house, this seasons may seen like bhoot bangala with other inmates, what we seen the house when both m2 were gone out for voting in mall.

    1. I agree…they keep entertaining…rest everyone was sleeping as if bb is over…I don’t like manu’s b*t*hing habit.. but still he and manveer are the ones who has made the show interesting from day 1… they have changed a lot for good…and they deserve to be in top 2

  12. not fair…i want bani and lopa as top 2…it wud be nice to see who the audience likes more between the two cats

  13. All those who hates bani feels that bani has fans only bcz of her previous shows like roadies. But to be very frank u didn’t watch bani ever in any show. First time I saw her on biggest boss. I became fan of her bcz of her ‘don’t care’ attitude. She is straight forward. And real person. And the best person in bb. Bani love u.. Good going.. U r the best. U r winner.

    1. agree many fans r there who saw her in bb n bcm fan..m one f them..shez real n genuine..

  14. Bani is the worst contestant in the whole house. She said so much bad about lopa and lopa didn’t say a word but Bani…….??? . I hope rohan or lopa wins bb … love u both..??

    1. Bani is best…lopa z worst..she is image concious…bani ko lopa ka muh tod dena chahiye tha..uske bad bhale ghr s bahr fek dey bani ko it hardly matters… Lv u bani

  15. guys i have a confession…pls dont hate me…my real name is AASHNA…my mom hates telly updates and allowed me to comment only if i write under a fake name…so guys dont feel bad…i relly love u guys and i dint mean to hurt u but pls understand my stituation

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      Oh aki di its ok…mera naam bhi toh harpuneet hai .i m.using my nick what???
      Omg ……..kevin peiterson…seriosly..i cant believe.sir can i get ur autograph.. Plss.sir u r very flexible.can easily write hindi…wahh..

      1. Oh little preeti it seems you are my very big fan am very much pleased bcz maine kabhi nahi socha tha ki tu par bhi mera koi fan hoga haha yeah i will definitely give you my autograph not only autograph when i will meet you than you can have a selfie with me hahahaha and yeah i can write in hindi also bcz i know over 100 language hahaha

        and fatarajo are you also from england? Very english name haha

    3. Prettypreeti

      Nooo kp bhai…she isnt from england..her name is related 2 something else..
      Jo should i tell??

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Haha Pri u can tell Kevin Pietersen I don’t mind
        Vaise Kp bhai i missed u a lot in india vs England match today

    4. RANdomfANCreationz

      @kp no I m not from England I m from Singapore and Fatarajo is not my actual name Pri will tell u my actual name ???

  16. thnks kp

  17. Aarti32

    Hritik ka fan, if u want to get rid of these fake IDs, get yourself registered in TU..Once u get registered, no one can make fake ID of your name..N f problem ends then n there??
    D same goes for revealer..

    1. Aarti32

      *d problem

  18. Aarti32

    Since Maniti is no longer available..Now I support Manveer n Rohan ONLY..N my strong hatred towards Manu n to some extent, towards Bani also..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Even I like Manveer and Rohan 🙂

      1. Aarti32

        Our choices always match!! Kahin hum kumbh k mele mein bichhdi behenein to nhi??

      2. Hahaha yeah but mele toh bahut hai fir yeh log kumbh ke mele mein hi kyu bhichdte hai any idea aarti and fatarajo actually i also like manveer now in the starting i like bani but now she is doing only fighting nothing else

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Haha aaru Hamara fav show bhi same tha fav contestant bhi same ??? vaise who knows if we r Long lost behens btw i like bani but she is too rude

      1. Aarti32

        U’re quite gutsy to like Bani ??
        Jst kidding dear..

  19. Ppl always misunderstand bani she is very good at heart .she never keeps grudges against others.she keeps every thing straight forward so ppl dont like the incident i feel lopa is very cunning she is playing real game .at last when bani was not getting irritating she used banis mother as a wepon to win the tast .it is very clear in what ever way if her mother is involved bani gets mad knowing this lopa used that sentense

    1. Very true well said…she z very clevr…1st day lopa din showed any emotions dt she z hurt n ven bani reacted so she also strted cryng n ol…she did ol dt drama infront of salman to get sympathy and also bcz she was sitting on d villain chair…and as salman highlighted d father’s issue she tuk advantage of dt and dragged it,otherwise she was ok wid wotevr bani said

  20. Ararti 32 ji please tell me kse registered honge, kyn k yahn log I’d k name me b dimagh use nhi krte or dsro ki I’d ka name chura Kr apni upbringing dikhate hn abusive language se bani k fan hn bani k jse he hn , abuse krte hn

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey revealer simple to register just go to the menu option right on TOP and go to the register option and do the procedures u will receive an confirmation mail and that’s how u get registered

    2. Aarti32

      Yeah..Do as Fatarajo said..N after getting registered u can receive notifications if any one replies to your comments..Many advantages u see!!

  21. thnks preeti

  22. All are good but manveer is best and only he has right to win bb10 ??

  23. Last week Bani misbehaved with Salman that’s why Salman was upset with her and to show his unbiasedness Salman took Lopa’s side this time.

  24. Guys please vote for #Rohan

  25. Lopa’s fake cry and melodrama was too much to handle today

  26. Aarti32

    Kp, kumbh ka Mela is famous bcz it’s believed to be d most crowded fair in India..Samjhe Bhai??

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