Bigg Boss 10 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 86
Inmates wake up to the inspiring song ‘Paaega Jo Lakshya Hai Tera’. Mona, Niti and Manveer dances. Mona hugs Manu and wishes him morning.

Manveer is keeping extra plates in store room saying that inmates dont clean dishes, Niti says you are captain but you cant take house decision like this, she brings out dishes from store room and asks Manveer to find solution, not do this, i will clean dishes now, Manver says fine. Mona asks Niti to ask everyone to clean kitchen platform, do you people live like this in house? this pan was used by you and Bani yesterday when you both were in kitchen and its still there, Niti says i didnt use it, Bani was cooking in it, Manu says we cant keep going behind every individual and ask them to clean dishes. Manveer says to Niti that Bani didnt do it, Niti says i am doing my chores, you have to make inmates do tasks, Mona says you dont listen Niti, you are still talking in english, Niti says i am not talking to you, Mona says i am part of house and you cant talk in english, Manu asks Mona to fight directly with her, Niti says why she is interrupting, Manveer says go and tell Bani all this, Niti says just do your job.

Niti complains to Bani that Manveer has put all plates in store room as all are not washing it so he found this solution. Mona was saying Bani and me used pan, Bani says i washed it, someone else used this pan later, she washes pan and says people used to not wash dishes for days, Mona have started washing from now on.

Manu tells Manveer that even after being in the industry for more than 10 years, Bani lacks confidence and has no urge to use her full potential in any task. Manu says Niti didnt agree using pan with Bani, why cant she accept her friendship with Bani? we will not reach anywhere this way.

Lopa is cooking in kitchen, Manu says to Lopa that you will like anything you cook yourself, she laughs. Manu asks Manveer to hide ginger then you will see taunts about it, Bani would be like i hide eggs but how could he hide ginger? this is bad, he mimics Bani, Manveer hides ginger in his pants pocket. Manu says how can anyone hide ginger in this house? Lopa laughs.

Niti reads instructions to inmates, it says that after this this point of show, all would want to go to finale. Bigg Boss introduces the much-awaited ticket to finale week qualifier task. For the same, the entire garden area is converted into a night sky and a solar system set up is installed there with four orbits in it. The contestants have to hold a bowl containing purple liquid in their hands and rotate around the ticket (sun) starting with the first orbit. nmates have two objective, one is to protect their liquid and spill others liquid. Every time a contestants’ water spills or goes down beyond the yellow mark, or in case a contestant trips and falls due to some reason, he or she will be disqualified from the game. The competition will then move to the next level and the contestants will have to start walking in the second orbit by filling bowls again. Last two contestants to successfully complete the task will get a chance to grab ticket to finale week. Rohan is made the sanchalak (referee) of the task while Lopa gets an extra edge over others and is asked to join in the second round as she was on 1st position in ranking task.

inmates come in garden and like the decorations done in garden.
Lopa says to Rohan that dont be upset because you are going to be in finale any way, Rohan says you want me to smile? Lopa says have some faith in yourself.
Manveer says to Manu that we will spill liquids when right time comes, few inmates will leave task themselves only. Manveer and Manu decide to knock off contestants by pushing them off the orbit later.

Buzzer plays, inmates start revolving around first orbit. Manveer says i am feeling dizzy on this track.

Manveer says i am tired, i didnt reach anywhere on this orbit, all laugh. Manu sings that if one inmate cheats then his companion should help him in it. Lopa hasnt joined task as she will join from second orbit. Rohan asks Niti to now slow down. Manveer jokes if Manu have bought plot of solar system? Manu says its far away, Mona how will i live far away? i am coming.

The housemates quietly walk on the track. Niti says Lopa has got huge advantage, Mona says its disadvantage too, Manu says i have asked Manveer to remove Niti from game, Niti says i will throw your liquid too, Manu says then you will not be valid in task after getting disqualified, Niti says Rohan wont let you cheat. Rohan says onece disqualified, you cant push anyone off task but if you are in task, you can push anyone’s water. Bani says oh no.. Manu says Bani will make Niti leave task, Niti says you think i would sacrifice for her? Manu says i am telling for your good, dont come in her talks. Manveer says lets remove her from task, Niti says dare you touch me, Manu says i want to push you out of task but you are away from me, Niti says i am giving you space to move ahead of me if you are irritated, dont push and misbehave with girls, Manu says you shouldnt have come in show if you keep bringing girl card, Niti says dont threaten me, have balls to push me, Manu says keep moving, Niti says who are you to tell me what to do? she is moving slowly, Manveer, Mona and Manu are behind her. She says i will move at slow pace only, you cant push me, move ahead of me if you want, Manu says i am asking Manveer to push you out of task, Niti says you dont have balls to push that you are asking Manveer to do so? come and push me if you have guts. Manveer asks Manu to be calm.

Mona says to Manveer that i cant do this, i am leaving, Manveer says dont do this, keep moving, we are not tired behind you. Mona is tired and moving slowly, Manveer puts hand on her shoulder to support her, Manu says think how far you can go in task, Manveer says this is mind game, its up to you. Mona decides to quit the task. Rohan praises her effort, Mona leaves. Rohan announces that Mona has left task so inmates have taken break.

Niti says to Bani that Manu was reckless, he was saying rubbish, Bani says he was irritated. Niti says who the hell is he to push me from task? i will break his face. Bani says Manu was saying anything, even Manveer too.
Manu says to Manveer that we will remain behind them, you remain ahead of me, Bani will hunt Niti, she will ask Niti to throw mine or your bowl before leaving task. Manveer says to Mona that you did good job, she smiles.

Buzzer plays again. Inmates start revolving around second orbit. The game moves to the next level and Lopa also comes into action. As the orbit gets smaller, the competition gets tougher. Lopa is moving very slowly, Manveer says if you walk this slow then you will reach nowhere, Lopa says slow and steady wins the race, Manveer says i will follow you as you are number one.

Inmates are revolving around orbit faster, they are pushing inmate ahead of them, Lopa is ahead of Manveer and first in line, she asks Manveer to not push her, Manveer says i am not, Rohan ties Lopa’s shoe lace while she moving slowly, Manveer says dont interrupt. Manveer strikes with Lopa as she slows down, Lopa says you cant push me, Manveer says why are you stopping? Lopa says i was walking slowly, you cant push me. Inmates start running on orbit, Lopa asks Niti to move fast, Niti says dont push me Lopa, pushing is starting from Bani, Bani says it going ahead now. Lopa says no girl or boy should touch me, Manu says i dont understand this idea of not touching. Lopa starts moving slowly, Manveer says where is referee now? Rohan says you had problem with me tying shoe laces of girl, i am not favoring anyone, dont taunt me, Manveer says i can see favoritism. Inmates are walking calmly on orbit, Lopa increases her speed, Niti slows down, Lopa says if someone spills my water then i will destroy next level of him or her. Manu says Manveer’s water spilled more than you, you chose your place no one else, Lopa says then let me play my game.

Lopa is moving around orbit but slips and falls down, she spills her liquid. Rohan helps her to get up. Manveer asks if she hurt her foot? Lopa says you dont care as you wanted to spill my water anyway, Manveer says no one was trying to push you out of task, four girls are in house so we have to compete with them, if you cant play task then accept it, Manu spilled my water so should i fight with him? no one pushed you, you fell yourself, Lopa says my shoe laces were open but no one was allowing me to tie it, congrats to ticket to finale. Manu says moving fast was game, one had to fall down.

Lopa says to Rohan that i am very upset, rohan says dont worry, its nothing, Lopa says how could i slip? Rohan says you should be thankful that you didnt hurt yourself, Lopa says she was pushing me from behind, she cant do it face to face.
Niti says to Bani that i wont push anyone out of orbit because i dont want anyone to push me, Bani says Manu wont push you out, i am not pushing Manu too.
Manu says to Manveer that i want to compete for captaincy, if we try to do anything they bring out girl card, i would see to it if anyone tries to push me, i would push 4times more. Niti comes there and says please no one push others, we will move with speed and one would fall by slipping themselves. Manveer says we are blamed that we are touching, pushing and talking in high pitch voice, Lopa says i just said to not push me, Manu says he is not talking about you only, he is saying generally that we lived here for 90days and didnt misbehave with anyone, its all on camera.

Buzzer plays, Niti says i will lead orbit this time. She starts leading orbit, Bani says i will push gently, Niti says dont push me anyone. Inmates are moving faster on orbit, Bani says Niti dont fall down, get down easily. Manu says i am getting dizzy now. Niti is behind Manveer, Niti asks Manveer to be careful, she can push him, Manveer says this is not joke, Niti says i know this is wrong to touch a boy, Manveer says you would be somewhere else if i push you, Niti says dont threaten me. Bani says i am feeling dizzy, her, Niti says move slowly. Rohan says Bani’s bowl has least water, Manu is about to slip but hold on to Niti’s sleeve, Manu says i was feeling dizzy, they start moving again, Lopa says Niti good going. Niti slips from orbit, her leg gets hurt, her bowl spills too, Niti starts crying, inmates ask her to not cry, Manveer says i will lift you, she says i will get up on my own, Mona and Manveer supports her and makes her lie on garden. Lopa says niti you had most waster in your bowl, you did well.

Manveer says to Rohan that you said Bani had least water in bowl, Rohan says i asked Bani to not push anyone. Manveer says she was pushing me, Manu says i will remove Bani from task, Manveer says do it gently.
Niti wishes Bani luck.
Manu says i had talk with Bani, i knew she would give me limited push and in result Niti would fall, Bani is scared of me, i would tell her clearly to not touch me, i will make her water spill, she can scream all she wants.
Lopa says to Rohan that Bani is a goon, what if fall flat on my face and injure my head? she cares about task only, i would never think in dream to do this with anyone.
Manu says i would jerk her hand and water bowl will fall from her hands, that all i would do.
Lopa says to Rohan that i know Bani would push someone from orbit, because if she doesnt then someone will do with her.
Manu says Bani is scared but she must have planned too, Manveer says if she can spill Niti’s then she can do with us too. Manu says i cant think, i would have to push her bowl, i would do it.

Bigg boss says to inmates that today’s time of task has ended. Manu, Manveer and Bani says bigg boss should have finished it right now.

Manu, Manveer and Bani are checking last orbit and sees it is very congested, they scream. Bani says if you both are in last then what will you do? Manu says i dont care about ticket, i want captainship.
Rohan says game is to push people out of task which Bani would do, Lopa says then why give her water and food? ask her to get down from task and take water, we cant be cheap like her.
Bani says to Manu and Manveer that i am alone, its big deal that i reached alone till here. Manveer says wow great Bani.
Lopa says why Bani is scared now? Lopa is upset for losing.
Man says people would taunt me that i couldnt even become captain in 15weeks, Bani says become contender for it.
Manveer says to Manu that i am fair person, i would just stop on orbit, just say yes, Manu says healthy talk is going on, Manveer says dont think about captaincy now, you will go to finale week and you will rule, i can cut your throat for you, nothing is bigger than that.

PRECAP- Bani throws her liquid bowl away in anger. Bani shouts. Manveer says you were pushing people since start of task. Bani says congrats for reaching finale, i am frustrated that all blame me that i dont perform in tasks but i have reached till here, why dont you people understand my point? Bani sits on sofa and weeps and is angry too. Later there will be task between Manu and Manveer to win ticket to finale week. They will go to shopping mall and have to convince people to vote for them to make them win ticket to finale week. Manu and Manveer are happy listening about task and hugs each other.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. at last of the season finalky we can see real face of mannu.what a cgeap is he…..worst contender ever……doubled face man…????

  2. Lila

    Show is scripted. They just want Manveee or Manu to win. Even on weekends salman always supports them too. Always show others b****ing abt them but never show when they do abt others. Real winners should be Bani or Rohan

    1. manveer is good

    2. Lipika Tasnim

      Cent percent right. Manveer is good by heart, but he is following Manu. Even in running captaincy he’s just the face, Manu is deciding everything

  3. vote for Rohan……the most deserving contestant…

    F***k you BB keep on promoting viacom bani/manveer gunda….

    Stop targeting ROHAN…..

  4. Most worst season. He is much better than ur laadlas and laadlis..

    Treated badly all celebrity male contestants especially Rohan

    Special treatment to commoners male contestants

    and in girls vice versa….clearly shows you want bani or manveer as winner….in tgat case Rohan is far away better than ur scripted winners…

    Vote for Rohan,one man army

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I agree wid u among all the contestants Rohan is the most deserving. Bani or Manveer is also good but thing is bani doesn’t perform in tasks and manveer is highly influenced by Manu. Besides that these two are good contenders too.

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        I mean perfect contenders they r already good but not perfect as for Rohan almost perfect but closest to perfect among all inmates

      2. #voteforRohan
        Even I believe that rohan is more sensible than anyone in this house..but at times he just overreacts when he is angry!

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      @suman yes I agree with u he overreacts when he is angry he gets hyper

  5. rishi malhotra

    Too good manu will be finalist 200% clear guys

  6. Lopa lose task that’s why she is blaming Bani like all other inmates!!all think Bani will quit task but she continues,she do what all house mates do!!shame on Lopa I just hate her!!!

  7. Ohhh godddd lopa is so insecure from baniii
    Bani is best and yeah i know that she gonna win
    M damn sure hope so inshallah::)

  8. Real Bigg boss

    I don’t get it
    Why everybody ignores lopa’s doings
    She is fake
    No one talkes about her

    She blames bani for everything
    She is mean
    She is mannerless.
    She never let others speak
    She backbite about everyone and mostly bani
    She is insecure of bani and acts that bani is insecure of her

    She make friends according to her convince

    I hate her
    Insaniyat ki baat karti hai

    Jab captainsy task me manveer ko chot lagi thi toh bhaut bol rahi thi
    Insaniyat ke bare me

    And jab bani ko chot lagi thi because of her tab kya
    Kaha gayi thi iski insaniyat
    Ulta bakwas kar rahi thi ki vo natak kar rahi hai

    Bani ko jab chot lagi tih kitni bakwas ki thi isne

    Ajj jab khud haar gayi toh vo natak kar rahi hai and blame kar rahi hai bani ko

    Jabki isse tih chot bhi nahi lagi

    I hate lopa

    1. Real Bigg boss

      Atleast bani grace fuy accept karti hai defeat apni but what about her dusro ko blame kar rahi hai.

    2. I have a question here. In all the tasks till now,contestants had to perform well either to get the luxury budget or to increase the amount for finale – that means all the tasks were performed for the whole team. But Bani always left the tasks. But when today task was to get the ticket to finale, Bani performed extremely well. That means Bani never gets tired so easily, then why did she get tired in all the previous tasks? Only because she alone could not get any benefit? And if question arises for captaincy, Bani had already become one winning one task, then why was she so tired in all tasks till today?

      1. Actually very good question you asked mam but to whom are you asking bani’s fans or lopa’s enemies?

        and about lopa no need to say anything everything is clear actually she isn’t selfish but i would say little bit misconception towards bani from second dimension perhaps…… you know……..

    3. #All_Bani_Fans

      I am sorry I replied to your comment feeling u might b a Bani fan, but Lopa was never “selfish”, still your opinion might differ from mine. #Real_Bigg_Boss

      1. If it is not evident to you that Lopa is a hypocritical piece of trash who accuses others and thinks she can do shi* to others, then you are a moron and it is not a matter of opinion, but of a stupid viewer with stupid feelings lmao.

    4. Lipika Tasnim

      No doubt about it,definitely Manu and Lopa are jealous of Bani.

      1. Bani has done nothing to be jealous. She has been worst performer till date in all tasks. Throughout season she has tried to take sympathy or shown attitude for nothing. Add on top of it “I want to talk to Gauhar” as if Gauhar is Bigg Boss mom.

        Why Manu is always seen as the “bad” one. Everyone is playing their game, only thing Manu has done that he as been vocal about his plans and his plans have paid well. He has managed to keep his trio in house safe and defeated big celebrities. He deserve to win as well.

      2. @Game,
        OK no one is jealous of Bani. Manu, Manveer and Lopa definitely not jealous of Bani. Then my wondeful and intelligent friend, its interesting why their favourite passtime is b*t*hing about Bani and giving her names. It was in her contract that BB will provide unlimited supply of eggs to her. Now, conviniently these people have made an issue out of it. Similarly Manveer targets Rohan and tries to brand him as kid and immature. b*t*hing aunties Lopa, Mannu and Manveer win task by pushing and cheating and when they are unable to win they cry and bring question like insaniyat. Insaniyat ki devi Lopa when Swami told u badsoorat, you took offense and when you all call Bani witch, that is ok and that suits your Miss India status where as you have once self professed you would work on women related issues. Women being potrayed as witch is ok for you.
        Manu you fill in the gap created by Baba in the house, you do nothing other than demeaning and criticising people. You are toh not a trustworthy friend even for Manveer who inspite of the hint from Salman stands by you.
        Either Manveer is stupid or extremely smart. I do not understand Manu went behind your back and criticised you in front of Nitibha, instead of being angry on him, you have started targetting Nitibha, just because she is talking with Bani. Even Mona has issues with it. I dont understand whats it. Manveer who are you to judge who has contibuted to the show and not and how much is Nitibha’s contribution or how is Bani being projected outside the house. You think you know everything. You toh dont even know your own friend.

  9. I like Mona’s spirit and way of playing in the game. She is calm, remains pleasant, enjoys her time, and is entertaining unlike others who keep fighting all the time.

    1. Yeah… I love her too. She is very innocent and simple. She is never so desperate to win n enjoys herself in the show.

      1. People who wear naked clothes are not ‘innocent’.

    2. Sweetheart, INNOCENCE is judged by mentality, not clothes. It is not the short dress the girl wears, it is the low mentality the society has. The term “naked clothes” doesn’t justify your statement. Don’t forget, all the testosterone-charged people clap n cheer for this girl who dances on every item song in the movie, these men are the real “NOT AT ALL INNOCENT” creatures – fault is not how she dresses, fault is in how we see.

      Don’t judge that girl by her dress, judge her by the she thinks. #Joanna_or_Sushila
      By the way, are u a swami om follower, he was also saying the same for Lopa.

  10. love you lopa

    I would never mind if Manu or manveer will be the winner but I will mind if bani will win according to the script
    she doesn’t do any task but want to win through the support of viacom .

    1. Lipika Tasnim

      Looks like Lopa is blind out of jealousy, and her fans are blind out of love for her

    2. 1. Bani has “not” reached this stage of the game with the support of the viacom. She played it on her own, viewers like her because she is a single-woman army, she never said anything bad about anyone, she kept it real…

      But, Bani ‘never’ participated in the game with her whole heart which Lopa ‘did’. Lopa was always friendly with others from the very beginnig, took stands on everything, whereas Bani didn’t talk to anyone properly till Gaurav was there.

      Bani now tries to make friends when she is alone. Lopa ( a friend to all apart from Bani ) is insecure with it. Don’t u feel Lopa’s insecurity is absolutely correct ?

      Bani is not bad, she has a communication gap with everyone, but Lopa played so well till now, how can Lopa be jealous or fake? Lopa is insecure, not jealous. Bani is lonely.

  11. love you lopa

    Bani has occupied unnecessary undeserving contestant seat.
    Please evict nitibha,Mona and bani
    they are not deserving tO be in finals

    1. Lipika Tasnim

      I hate person like Lopa. She is disgusting. She is so jealous of Bani, and is always after Bani. She is so immature to take any criticism, but keeps on criticizing others and throwing baseless comments. Shame on you Lopa.

  12. love you lopa

    Shame on bani for losing every task and not accepting the reality , throwing bowl for losing the task so selfish

    1. Lipika Tasnim

      Why don’t you understand? Lopa is fake, once she said she fell down for the loose lace,. Then she said , she fell down while showing thumbs up to Rohan.
      FAKE Lopa

  13. manu manveer plotting nd b*t*hing abt bani then blaming bani tat shez pushing..lopa lost bcz of her mistake n cant accept d defeat n blaming bani for her defeat..wah..yestrdy she said bani deserves 6th rank n tat u will get 2 know soon in finale miss lopa as she will b in top2 wid manveer…may she wont win this season but she ll b lways ahead f u lopa..manu n lopa whatever happens juz blaming bani..manu’s day starts wid bani nd ends wid bani’s name lwayz b*t*hing plotting n making fun of her..bani played fairly.. precap seems like manu aunty ll do some cheap tricks n ll push bani..

    manu n manveer will go to mall..n aftr going mall manu will get to know abt reality..saw live videos on twitter ystrdyz mall part max ppl supporting bani n all were chanting bani bani even rohan n manveer fans were there..n best part was when manu asked vote for and people shouted bani bani loved it..but bb wont air it on tv..i think manveer ll get ticket to finale n he ll b d winner f this season..this z ma last season never gonna watch this scripted show anymore in future..

    But real winner z bani..everywhere ppl loving bani..bani love u♥

    1. *correction→ i think manu will get ticket to finale as bb wants to save him 4 finale week as if he get nominated in nxt week he ll get low votes so..n bb knows tat if manveer gets nominated in next week he will b saved by viewers as hez having gud fan following among commeners..n ya winner will b manveer..

      1. hrithik ka Fan

        Hello shazna. ..u seems a big bani fan just liking me…..and ya lopa is damn damn insecure of bani. …yesterday she was not happy because she lost that task but she lost to bani …..bani was fourth one behind her and manveer was behind her but she can’t blame her friends. lol……bani is sometimes seen as self centred. …because she doesn’t act like flopa ……but lopa is the most insecure hypocrite self centred girl…….and manu ….god what kind of person he is his day starts with critising bani and ends with critising bani …manveer is more sensible and I want manveer and bani in the finale. ….

      2. Agree vth u both shazna n hkf..
        Luv u bani..!!!

      3. Totally agree with you guys….hfk, you are hrithik fan and bani fan just like me…bani was a hostler….so, she knew how to draw a line and live with hm….trust me, if I was in bigboss, I can only get along with rahul, rohan, gaurav, nithiba, sometimes Mona and mnveer……rohan had lopa, and m3 group ….so obviously friendship would be gaurav ….Sometimes, it would be bit not easy to go and sit with group….and most of their talks in voot , I find not worth it…..bani being professional doing things which are important for her and for her life…as after this show, nobody would be in touch with each other….except rahul, Ronan and gaurav….so she was shown supporting them and all…sometimes, I do find bani wrong…but she is human too…at least she is real…my favourite for now…bani, manveer and rohan

    2. Bani has dn so gud in another reality show bt in bb10 she hasn’t won a single task.
      Y one can c her in top 5 even..?!

      1. hrithik ka Fan

        counter question…why is mona in the bb …

      2. Maam, in which show has Bani done well. Roadies? she lost out early, but piggy backed as a wild card contestant, then too she could not win. In khatron ke khiladi, this she was again a non-performer, She got to compere Roadies, there too she was replaced. She is nothing but a sympathy/attention seeker. All Lopa haters who call her ugly get a reality check. she is beautiful unlike Bani who looks like a HE-MAN. MoreoverLopa is a qualified engineer and not like Bani’s who is a graduate from some Non Descript University called University of life

      3. I have been a silent reader and not so interested in this year’s bb cos it’s so unsophisticated.

        Everyone keeps saying Bani has never won a single task. SO MY QUESTION IS: HOW DID SHE BECOME A CAPTAIN?

    3. shazna m vit u…………..i like bani………love u Bani……keep going on

    4. Ya shazna I saw that too..maxm ppl were shouting bani bani…
      Bani rokZzz!!!!

      1. Can you all give some credit to Manu as well who has worked hard to keep him and his friends (he will eventually dump them one day and so will others do to him) intact till this stage and supported to make Manveer a worthy contender. He was the first to identify Bani’s problem with logical conversation and was later on admitted by everyone including Gaurav. Bani didn’t had strategy to counter him earlier and now also. Only after Manu returned back and gave Bani bit of support, she got normal otherwise she would have crashed earlier. Bani’s game plan was to take sympathy and be in race till last and then show strength to win. It doesn’t works this way, we are no fools. Manu is smart and vocal about is plans unlike others who are hiding behind some false ideologies. Manu should win.

      2. I agree with you game….sometimes I do appreciate him especially in the secret room with priyanka while have to say yes and no…..he was good and if only he kept his mouth shut where bit is unnecessary…..I do agree of bani’s strategy….it’s a game bro….all about winning

      3. @Game,
        If you read the comments carefully, Mannu is given lot of credit, seriously the guy know how to use others as ladder and he never intended to make Manveer so big in the scene as he is. Infact he has issues with Manveer’s popularity. Manveer is popular because he changed his initial aggresive and violent behaviour and people as well as I think he follows his heart and is genuine. Unlike Mannu, he is no schemer. But in the last 2 weeks, he also seems to be playing games and cannot take criticism. He is unhappy with Bani and Rohan’s fan following and so makes fun of them or targets them. Even Manu influence is also a factor.

  14. she was accepting the reality..she threw the bowl in anger of ppl blaming her….love u lopa thos is for u
    lopa simply blames bani for each and every task…and manu..double faced gunda…yaar yeh dono toh itne cheap hai ki har baar sirf bani aur niti ko target karte hai….aur haan jab bani dusro se keh rahi thi ki apne bartan khud koyi nahi sun raha tha

    1. Wah saying anything under the guise of being women is acceptable . Niti saying that if you have balls then touch me is allowed and not seen as wrong. Had Manu said something like if are virgin then touch me then news channel whould have gone mad. Do respect women but also respect men. He is not that bad, look around you, you will find such person in your friend circle or relative. He is not Swami OM.

  15. tamanna siddiqui

    Bani always loose task. Not interfere in anyone talk or fight.then how she can be in top 3.
    How people r thinking don’t know
    She don’t deserve this

    1. ‘Not interfere in anyone talk or fight’ – first, learn proper grammar. Second, YES, she doesn’t interfere with others’ fight, because it’s not her fight. What, you go around plunging yourself into others’ business? You Indians are such a laugh, that’s why westerners laugh at you.

      1. its better u shut up u brat

        shameless ppl came 2 tell about our country
        yeah u ppl laugh at our country because u r abnormal
        and yeah miss SUSHILA or whatever dont teach grammar first u learn
        what do u mean by ”U INDIANS SUCH A LAUGH”

        first learn properly then teach others


      2. ‘You Indians’, Sushila sounds more like ‘We Indians’. Definitely agree with the interfering part. We Indians do have an interfering attitude. We can’t see two people fighting, so we interfere to calm it down. We can see a person getting bullied, so we interfere to support the weak. Even our parents can’t see us making wrong choices in our childhood, so they interfere in our upbringing. Our friends can’t see us lonely, and the idiots can’t go without interfering you. So think the next time you being harassed on a street, we will definitely interfere. If you want to get harassed without any interference you are most welcomed to stay on western shores. We aren’t perfect but are moving towards it.

      3. N dear Sushila, are u from pluto? Because only we are Indians, n western people don’t feel “naked clothes” are “not so innocent”. Then, u are from nowhere right?

        Guys, check her previous comments n replies on my comments, u will understand her mindset.

      4. Wt do u mean by ” You Indians”??
        You need not to teach us grammar…
        N ya agree vth u aarohi n avi..

      5. Hi sushila ji…..your name suggests that you might have some connection with India too…..whatever, foreigners? Which countries darling? People who still believe that vaccination, evolution…all wrong? Just because some part of a country country is open-minded doesn’t mean rest of the country is…..and by the way, India has large population …so you can expect some diversity.,…if you are a better so called broad minded person, you can first try changingvpeopke in a polite way…..I guess, you have also heard the word patience,……you are neither inspiring nor polite… don’t have any right to comment about our country hun…..nice day…

    2. No, its not her fault, its her mentality. Sushila, Joanna are both the same person, see the dp of both. She is going to teach “we Indians” grammar. Guys, just check the previous comments n replies of this Sushila about Mona, u will understand.

  16. I hate Mannu… hope isse ticket to finale naa mile, Manveer ko mile…

  17. Lipika Tasnim

    Miss Lopa, someone is not considered smart because of dress but his or her thinking

  18. That Lopa is such a piece of low scum trash haha. She’s SO friggin upset she lost a silly task that she’s literally throwing blame on BANI, haha, like viewers cannot see Bani was miles away from her and in no way pushed her, it was due to her own self. First she blames Manveer, then she followed to blame Bani. See how she purposely tries to harass Bani? How can Bani have pushed HER being so many people behind? She’s so highly insecure of the person she knows is strong in every manner. she needs to come out of that game and get a reality check when she sees that proper viewers are against her and her fake, ugly painted face. Face is ugly, so is personality. What a spoilt loser. Such people are such trashy jokes.

  19. guys is bani mad why did she throw it

    I needed her or manveer to get ticket to finale
    this manu doesnt deserve it seriously
    let manveer get d ticket 2 finale manu is pathetic……………

    lopa is such an insecure lady d game was obviously about pushing and she is blaming manveer……………………………….. seriously

  20. Hi. Everybody. Today i felt lopa was blaming bani unnecesarily.she should acept her defeat yaar.this bb is so unfair with rohan.he deserves to win but i dont think so the makers of the show want this because they want manu or manveer to win..

  21. manveer win the finale ticket

    The Khabri @BiggBossNewz

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      He deserved it I like Manveer more than Manu

  22. Hlo HKF agree i hope bani n manveer ll b top 2 n winner bani hehe i knw may b it wont happen as based on concept manveer ll b winner but still m hoping 4 bani..i saw her fst time in bb oly liked her..wtever gud o bad shez an open book unlike othrs..real n genuine..evn manveer z gud frm heart..but hez following manu on every point…abt manu juz don like him @ al gossip aunty haha..happy tat manveer won ticket to finale week..

    1. Shazna really tumhara har comment mujhe bohot acha lagta hai…
      N ya I too saw bani 4 DA first time in bb only

    2. hrithik ka Fan

      ya I think bb did all the manipulation till finale …In finale whoever will get highest will be winner. …

  23. Lopa lopa lopa…… its ur mistake, don’t try to blame others(behind) i lyk u bt I never lyk dis type of activities….. Manu u r d cheapest person ever man….. Bani u did really very well in yesterdays task… dnt blame bani 4 throwing d bowl… think guys atleast she shows her anger, frustration everything infront of everyone…. and one more thing guys…. if u all want to blame bani’s behaviour(throwing bowl) thn u all must blame lopa’s behaviours too….. Dis is for bani’s lovers,lopa’s enemies & lopa’s lovers,bani’s enemies… dnt support anyone blindly….. Rohan u r d best & u r d real winner…. love u rohan

  24. Aarti32

    Kitta masttttttttt scene hota agar manveer nitibha ko uthata!!?? Awww..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I know right! ??I just love MaNiti Pair but nothing is well between them these days

      1. Aarti32

        Yaa..Dono kitta jhagde parso wale episode mein

    2. yaa! right Aarati32.. I also like their chemistry.. I hope all will be well between them…

  25. lol..!! this two,, Lopa & Bani.. alwyz does t same,, tat v want thm to get rid of..!
    lopa,, talkin abt Bani. & Bani,, again Givin up her task. evn aftr goin on so well..
    hope thy stop doin tis onlyy unacccptbl traits of thm.
    at tis point of Time,, i beliv Rohan//Lopa deservs to b the Winner.
    if not thn Manveer.
    Bani is good as well,, but t basic,, she doesnt perform at alll.
    show ur ability to b a winner, dear Bani J. i knw, t fan folllowin of her is quite strong comparatively. but other than that,, ther is no othr reason i find her to b qualified fr being a finalist..
    BB10 is t worstttt season i hav seeen so far.! t scripted show.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      The makers r to be blamed for this season failure. Bani have capabilities but isn’t using it well here i so agree with u
      Even I wanna see bani, rohan, manveer and Lopa in TOP 4. And Manu in TOP 5. This is my POV.

      1. Helll yeahh.!!
        but i wonder,,if thr wud b 2commoners & 2celebs in t finale., thn rohan & Lopa r in danger fr sure..

  26. I think lopa is insecure of bani.

  27. Totally agree with ur cmnts both shazna& HKF

  28. Kuch na kerne per kch mil jye to use kehte hn bheek
    Jo k bani ko votes ki surat me milrhi hai wrna kbki nikal chuki hoti

  29. because of ppl like sushila and sneha (and her ten avatars)we guys fight amongst each other…just coz they say something put of the blue..and wer ru giys kp simran shriya ditya dx anu s preeti..sushila..pls dont say something which is not related to the bb house…this has nothing to do wid being an indian..coz if given a chance..westerners can come and live here and they will automatically change…they will no less than these bb pls dont talk abt india and its uniqueness

  30. yaa! right Aarti32.. I also like their chemistry.. I hope all will be well between them…

  31. bigg boss fan

    I hate nitibha
    She was pushing manveer deliberately in the task
    And She fell on her own awesome
    Pls just throw her out of the show
    She doesn’t deserve manveer’s friendship
    I don’t like her

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