Bhootu 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Pihu Meets Anandita

Bhootu 5th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anandita is being treated by doctors. She starts losing pulse. Docs give her defibrillator shock, but she passes away. Pihu cries and pleads Gopal to save her mother, she does not want her mamma to be bhootu/ghost like her. Suchi sees Pihu and asks what is she doing here, why is she crying. Doctor drapes bedsheet on Anandita’s face, pronouncing her dead.

Gopal does his leela/magic, playing flute and says now fate on Pihu’s side, she has to decide if she wants moksha with her mother or send her mother back to the world. Anandita’s soul gets up and walks to Pihu. Pihu gets happy seeing her. Anandita lifts her and pampers. Pihu sees Subodh crying and asks Anandita how can she touch her. Anandita says t hat world is not for us, now they will stay together. Pihu says she wants her to go back to pappa as he is alone and missing her and needs her. She picks her doll and runs away.

Pihu goes to Gopal and pleads him to cure her mamma with his magic as papa needs mamma; she has Suchi, doll, and Gopal with her, but papa does not have anyone. Gopal says mamma can stay with her forever. Pihu says papa needs mamma more, she can stay as bhootu. She pleads that she does not know to pray, but wants him to do magic and cure mamma. Gopal does magic and revives Anandita.

Suchi sees Anandita’s vital sign monitor working and informs doc. Doc rushes to Anandita’s room and says it is a miracle. Suchi happily informs Pihu that her mamma is alive again. Pihu says she knows, she prayed Gopal to revive her mamma. She speaks to Gopal and thanks him. Suchi silently watches Pihu. Pihu tells Suchi that her mama was about to become bhootu like her, but she prayed Gopal to send her back for her papa. Suchi says she is lucky to see her and emotionally pampers her.

Precap: Suchi sees Aarav in her house and asks what is he doing here. He says he is asking same, he bought this house, he is owner and she is tenant now.

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  1. Wait, I thought Pihu’s father still owned the house? And why will he sell the house to Arav?

  2. So Pihu has finally met her mother and vowed not to meet her again ,what next?I think now we are going to see more of Aarav and Suchi and Pihu trying to sort out the differences between them.But it won’t be that easy as Aarav is really infuriated with what Suchi has done to hs sister.But is he really justified in protecting his sister knowing that she was the one who killed Pihu . May be he has a soft corner for Manasi because she is insane ……or faking to be insane?

  3. Finally,Pihu has met her mother.The scenes were really beautifully portrayed.So now Aarav has purchased the house.Aarav should take revenge from Suchi.He should give her one month’s notice and ask her to vacate the tenancy or pay a much much higher rent if she does not.Suchi needs to pay back for all the pain and hurt she has caused Aarav.She sneaked into his house making use of his feelings and giving a invite with malicious intent,she used his love as a weapon to make him confess,cursed him and expressed regret having loved him,threatened and forced Babli to tell about Mansi,obtaining information from Pooja telling a lie… now starts her time to payback for all that.She has a holier than thou attitude.Does she think that the world revolves around her.Saying sorry after hurting him is not done.Aarav should never ever forgive her.Aarav deserves someone who really and truly loves him.Suchi does not deserve Aarav.

  4. Aleya.marzan

    what an episode it was !!
    love u bhootu . ur love for ur mom makes me cry (but not really i cry)
    the drama is like on fire. again archi arrogant drama plus romance is coming .
    waiting for it

  5. I agree with you Neha Aarav should n’t forgive her that easy because even now the poor guy doesn’t know why Suchi is dong all this for Pihu.Still she has not told him that she can see Pihu and talk to her.Somehow there are hints of arrogance in Suchi’s character ,she thinks that she has the right to know everything from Aarav without disclosing a single thing from her side.That poor guy was head over heels in love with her and he is absolutely justified in feeling that she has taken advantage of his love.Even if it is for a right cause ,she should not have adopted all these clandedestine means to elicit the truth.He was ready to go to jail but his patience snapped when she went all out to expose Manasi,Suchi thinks that she is fighting for truth and justice but is she justified in not telling the truth to Aarav whom she claims to love .Had she confided in him and a bit kind to him,we could have supported her.It is not that I am supporting Manasi,but the way Suchi treated Aarav really hurts.And why she is not after Subodh,was n’t he the one who started all this and responsible for all these unfortunate events? Let us see how the writers will handle this tricky situation,

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