Bhootu 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Pihu Becomes Bhootu Again

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Bhootu 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bobby forces Anandita to sign guardianship papers. Damroo tells lawyer that something is wrong, this girl never used to speak bad words, a ghost must have infiltrated her body. Shona slaps him. Pihu comes running holding timer and picking Gopal’s feather and touches Shona. Shona arrogantly turns and asks what….takes feather from Pihu. She repeats what Pihu speaks. Timer’s sand descends down completely. Pihu turns back to bhootu and tells she is Shona and not Pihu. Shona repeats same. Anandita says she is her Shona and pampers her. Bobby says this mad woman calls her daughter as Shona. Shona says she lied as Bobby and Mohini gave her food, clothes and doll; she wants to stay with Vikram as he is good and takes care of her mother, bobby and Mohini are bad and they torture her. Lawyer asks if she is sure. Shona says yes, she does not want to stay with Bobby and Mohini. Lawyer says thank god girl told truth on time and considers Vikram as Pihu’s guardian. Mohini angirly shakes Pihu, and Gopal’s feather falls down, and Gopal emerges out of it. Bobby says Vikram is a neighbor and is not related to Pihu. Vikram says it is right question, he is Subodh Bose’s brother Vikram Bose, he knows Anandita from college days and they studied together. He shows Subodh and his pic. Pihu calls him chachu, but he cannot hear her.

Pihu asks Gopal why did not he tell her till now that Vikram is her Chachu. She says Vikram that papa used to talk about him a lot and tells Anandita, but Anandita and Vikram cannot hear her. She asks Gopal why they can’t hear her. Vikram signs guardianship papers. Pihu pleads Gopal to turn. He turns and says he will guide her to her future life. Pihu holds his legs and pleads that she wants to stay with her mamma. Gopal says there is no reason for her to stay here. Pihu says who will treat mamma, he took a wrong decision, she will not go anywhere. Gopal says fate sent Shona for Anandita and she should not try to change fate.

Pihu tells Gopal that he knows Shona is a bad girl and will not take care of mamma. Gopal says god has sent Vikram to take care of Anandita, now Pihu should rest in peace now. Pihu says mamma needs her and she died because of Gopal. She reminisces dying on janmastami day. Gopal asks till when she will wander, she does not have any reason to stay here. Pihu says she has to teach Mohini, Bobby, and Shona a lesson. Gopal says people are not bad, situations are bad, if she has to fight, she has to with bad habits. Pihu pleads to let her be here. Gopal says it is difficult to stay here, she has to change those people to good people by the power he is giving her. He gives h er power. Pihu thanks and hugs him. She tells Shona that she will not harm her as for mamma she is Pihu.

Vikram asks Bobby and Mohini to get out. They both plead not to kick them out. Gopal says she has to change them. Pihu says Gopal not to kick them out and tells Gopal that they should not take a wrong decision in anger. Pihu does magic and changes Vikram and Barbie’s mind. Sooraj asks them to go. Vikram says let them stay here as it is late night. Barbie says let them stay here, she does not want to talk to them though. Pihu says Gopal wait and watch how she will end evil from these 3 bad people.

Precap: Anandita gets worried for Shona. Shona pushes her arrogantly.
Pihu angrily tries to do magic, but cannot. Gopal says she has to change their heart and from tomorrow, there will be exciting moments.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Niharika2602

    So, after a long time, today I watched an entire episode of Bhootu & this might be the second time when I actually felt like slapping Bhootu.
    Too much of anything isn’t good. Unfortunately the writer is now desperate & trying anything & everything; while the integrity of each character is getting destroyed in the process.
    Season 1 focused more on Suchi & Pihu; so definitely most of us wanted Pihu to reborn as AarHi’s daughter. Subodh’s infidelity was another big reason, we lost sympathy for him & didn’t want Pihu to return to him.
    But now when I think, even if she returned to Anandita, that wouldn’t be injustice. Both Anandita & Suchi being compassionate people would have made sure that the kid gets the love of both of her mothers. It would be amazing to watch her with both of her mothers.
    But now, they have ruined that chance & have degraded every character.
    I simply can’t understand the logic behind all these. If Vikram is Pihu’s uncle, why did he keep his mouth shut till now? Plus what’s with POA??? The house is legally Aarav’s so Anandita’s signature isn’t sufficient to transfer it. As for her property, everybody knows Pihu & Subodh have died. Then how come any Tom, Dick & Harry come & claim the property presenting a doppleganger???
    Then again, what type of mental problem is she suffering from??? One episode, she acknowledges her family members’ death & then instantly calls another man Subodh & in today’s episode, she can’t even remember Vikram to be his classmate, like seriously???
    What enrages me most, is Pihu’s characterization. At the beginning her character was that of a normal 7 years old. Naughty, sometimes a bit selfish & possessive of the people she loves. But now they are portraying her as a spoiled, little brat & I personally didn’t feel anything for her while watching today’s episode.
    She constantly harasses those who are actually in her side. Just before Season 1’s wrap up, it was Suchi & now Gopal. She keeps on blaming Gopal for being unfair with her. That doesn’t make you feel sorry for her. It makes you disgusted how she doesn’t acknowledge others’ effort for her.
    Today she kept on saying she will do anything to stay with Anandita. Didn’t Gopal already grant her wish that in her next birth she’ll return as Anandita’s daughter??? Then why so much drama? And now that Vikram is there with Anandita, she should actually be happy about attaining salvation & returning to her mother.
    But there again, she keeps bullying Gopal & later promises to bring a change in Bobby, Mohini & her doppleganger. Like seriously??? From an innocent, sweet, little kid you have turned her into a drama queen.
    Thank God that Kinshuk & Sana are no longer a part of this madness because I wouldn’t be able to watch their character assassination.
    I have a feeling this might be the beginning of the end of this serial. I just hope that happens fast.

  2. Thank god i only read the episodes review whether to watch or not….looks like disappointing. I prefer season 1. Looked a bit realistic but season 2 killing time. You can do better. If i had to grade this season i would give -0/10.

  3. please end this show or atleast change the story …..

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