Bhootu 28th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Subodh’s Voice Haunts Anandita

Bhootu 28th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pihu walks on road searching Shona’s orphanage and pleads Gopal for help. She slips and falls. Gopal emerges and lifts her up. She pleads him for help, but he disappears smilingly. She blindfolds herself and walks and slips and falls again. Gopal worriedly lifts her up and asks if she is hurt. She asks him to promise to take her to orphanage. Gopal agrees and takes her to orphanage. She checks files and pleads for help again. Gopal says her demands will never end and asks to listen carefully, tomorrow when sunrays from window falls on whichever file, clue will be in that file. Pihu sleeps on floor waiting for sunrise.

Anadita hears Subodh’s voice and panics in fear. She sees Subodh’s photo shaking and Subodh asking if she forgot him and married his brother, how can she. She runs out panicking. Subodh asks to continue running towards him. She runs and stops in living room and sees gun there. Subodh says he cannot get a body, but his soul will follow her wherever she is, she can come to him forever by shooting herself and insists her to shoot herself. She picks gun.

Pihu wakes up seeing sunrays coming from window. She hurriedly follows rays and sees them falling on a file. She checks it does not get clue, feeling confused. She calls Gopal for help. Gopal comes and says her mother’s life is in danger and shows her visual where Anandita points gun on her forehead. Pihu pleads Gopal to save her mamma. Gopal says only dear one’s voice can stop her and asks Pihu to call her mamma. Before Pihu can call mamma, they hear bullet sound..Drama continues….

Precap: Pihu worriedly runs towards home to help Anandita with Shona’s file and stops seeing something.

Update Credit to: MA

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