Bhootu 28th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Pihu’s Doppelganger Shona Enters House

Bhootu 28th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mohini and Bobby are shocked to see Pihu’s doppelganger Shona and shout judwaa/twin. Shona talks them in tapori language. Mob come searching Shona, Mohini and Bobby save her. Shona asks who clicked her photo with this man and woman/Anandita and Subodh. Mohini says she needs her help and takes her to restaurant. Shona finishes whole lot of food. Bobby asks what is her plan. Mohini says since Anandita is insane, her property’s legal heir will be Pihu and since minor needs guardians, if they replace Shona with Pihu, they can become her guardian. Bobby asks how will she change this arrrogant Shona’s attitude, even her front teeth are gone. Mohini says she will train Shona by tomorrow.

Pihu with Gopal searches her photo on road and scolds Gopal that he is fit for nothing, he always says to wait when she gets problems, she does not want him now. He says words spoken in the evening will come true, if she is sure. Pihu shouts yes, go away and never come back inn her life. Gopal disappears. Pihu searches him next.

Anandita, Vikram, Neelam, Sooraj, Pihu, and Barbie enjoy dinner. Neelima says if there is no drama, there is no excitement. Damroo says Pihu will entertain as a house with children is always exciting. Pihu asks if she is dramebaz. Damroo says he did not mean that. Pihu thinks Gopal is also not here, after 4 days, she will become Bhooth again.

Mohini transforms Shona to Pihu and teaches her Pihu’s mannerisms. Pihu gets a bad dream and wakes up worried, asks Anandita not to leave her alone in life. Anandita pampers her and sings Mai Teri Maaa….song…Mohini and Bobby bring Shona to Anandita’s home and asks her to get in. Their jokergiri continues. Shona gets in via window, goes and sits on cupboard. Mohini and Bobby walk in. Shona scolds them and asks to get her down. Pihu passes by, and Shona is surprised to see her replica…

Precap: Bobby shows power of attorney papers to Vikram and says this house belongs to him now, Pihu will decide who can stay here. Shona walks down and hugs him.

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  1. leisa s morris

    these writers r really crazy or tink their audience os very stupid how can mohini dem get power of attorney over anandita wen she has other family and how can dey get custody of pihu. Im not a lawyer but i do know its legally impossible but hey these r indi serials and anyting happens here

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