Bhootu 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Show ends with happy ending, pihu reaching her destiny

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Bhootu 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pihu confronts Gopal that her mamma is so good and thinks of everyone, but why everyone think bad about her, she was betrayed and sent to mental hospital, only “Vikram chachu took care of mamma and now even he is going away, she pleads Gopal to stop mammaa going away from Vikram. Anandita packs her clothes and cries holding her wedding sari and reminiscing marrying Vikram. Pihu pleads her not to go, but Anandita cannot hear her. Gopal emerges there and smiles. Viram takes out his and Anandita’s wedding pics from cupboard and says he does not need them. Gopal emerges and does his leela/magic. Vikram goes to store room to keep pics when he finds gunny bag which Daadi gave him to keep it in store room and in which Subodh’s blooded clothes are stuff. He then finds Suubodh’s fake voice

recording which Subodh says his brother is trying to kill him. Vikram finally realizes that his mother played big game with him. Gopal thinks he would have helped Pihu even if she would not have asked.

Vikram walks to living room and throwing evidence in front of Daadi asks why did she betray him, she played with Subodh and his feelings and is a dark mark on motherhood. He shouts Anandita was telling truth all these while, if she wanted to kill Anandita. Daadi shouts yes, she has tried many times befriending Mohini before as she does not like Anandita. Vikram asks Mohini to get out of his house. She tries to act. He warns her. She says she will go but not before telling a secret. Pihu asks Gopal not to let her tell Shona’s truth. Mohini informs that Anandita’s daughter died in cylinder blast 2 years ago and even Aanandita knew it before. Anandita shatters hearing that. Mohini says the one staying here is an orphan girl who speaks street language. Shona walks down. Mohini asks to tell from where did she bring. Shona agrees that she is an orphan girl living on streets and now will go back to her original place. She walks towards door when Avanti enters and says she will go to her real home and says she went to orphanage and got her details. Shona emotionally hugs Anandita and leaves with Avanti.

Anandita cries holding Pihu’s clothes. Vikram consoles her. She collapses. Doctor checks her. Pihu asks Gopal what happened to her mamma. Gopal asks her to wait. Doctor informs that Anandita is pregnant. Pihu gets very happy. Vikram happily informs Anandita that she is pregnant with their first child. After a few months, Anandita gives birth to a baby girl. Pihu speaks to her and asks why she is not speaking, she used to in mom’s womb. Gopal says baby is Pihu’s shadow and gets Pihu’s soul into baby..

Show ends with Pihu living in her sister’s body from hereon.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Miss pihu, gopal, suchi and aarav. That story was better than this. Anyways nice show. Specially pihu and gopal.

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Since last 2 days saw jeet gayi toh piya more time slot changing, i start to see bhootu, though sivaye iske ki anadita ne apne devar se shadi kri hai, kuch samjg nhi aaya.. But atleast show me happy ending ho gyi… Thats more enough…

  3. Today ,as our beloved show ends ,the only things I would cherish are the nostalgic memories of Sana ,kinshuk ,Arshiya and Viraj …the second part can best be described as a nightmare for which Zee has to hang its head in shame….Anyways as the show goes off air ,let us wish the cast and crew all the best.if not for the greediness of the channel the show would have ended on a better TRP.

  4. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update MA

  5. Ooshi

    Good bye to all cast of Bhootu including the ones who were removed in between the story
    End was nice

  6. So, finally the nightmare ends.
    I was really curious to know how they were gonna put an end to this nonsense. Well what do you know? It was a masterpiece of nonsense.

    While reading the WU, I was like – did they appoint different writer to write each scene or they handed it over to Arshiya & her classmates & the kids finished it?

    As far as I know from the WU, when AnVik got married, Anandita’s MIL played all sorts of tricks to keep them apart & shortly after that Anandita forgot everything. There was hardly any concern from her side for Vikram.
    So in yesterday’s episode, one fire incident & she remembered everything & today she was sad seeing her & Vikram’s wedding photo. Like seriously? When did she fell for him? In her dream???
    And Shona’s mother just came & took her!!! No one said a word!!!

    The funniest of them all – Anandita became pregnant. I am not making fun of religion guys. I had watched in Hanuman that His mother had worship lord Shiva for 12 years & then Lord blessed her & Pawan Dev carried Lord Shiva’s energy/prasad to her after which she got pregnant. If I am wrong here, please do correct me.
    Seeing how Anandita was pregnant all of a sudden, I was like – is Gopal really so fond of Anandita that He made it possible for Anandita to get pregnant without doing the obvious.
    I remember when I was a kid, I used to think if a girl gets married she will automatically have a child as that’s what was shown in movies. Today, for the first time I have felt S2 is for kids because they would have never questioned about such a blooper.

    And finally, Gopal transfers Pihu’s soul into her sister’s body. So that’s it???? What about attaining salvation??? Or was this kid born without a soul that this magical transfer didn’t cause any problem. Anyway I was thinking to watch the last part. But the WU itself has given me indigestion. I don’t want to vomit after watching this.

    Anyway, since BHOOTU has finally ended, this is my last post in this forum. So how can I finish it without mentioning AarHi? I still remember when I had first read the article about their exit – I was like this is a rumor. But then both Sana & Kinshuk confirmed it & I was heartbroken. During the last few episodes of S1, I had literally prayed to God that no matter what happens, AarHi shouldn’t die. Well, God granted my wish. But the way those two were shown the door & the catastrophe that followed later, I would never forgive the production house & Zee TV for that. Although, it doesn’t matter to them, but still.
    This whole week in one sense I was in a festive mood. Reason being BHOOTU going off air. I had decided to watch the last episode but WU prevented me from doing that. And again I am like – did this show really deserve such horrible ending?
    I don’t know about other serials but BHOOTU, addressed some real issues & portrayed heartfelt emotions. I have never seen in any other Indian show where they have shown how a couple starts becoming distant after a child’s death. And then through Suchi’s suicide attempt they showed how at times a very strong person can fall weak & take some drastic actions & how a little bit of help can save a person’s life. Then there was a very neat romantic angle. And how can I forget the selfless love of both the mothers for Pihu.
    I am really feeling sad for all the actors & crews who gave their best just to make this show popular & let it be destroyed by the idiotic decision of the production house.

    Anyways, I have ranted enough. Wish all of the cast of S1 get better projects in future & shine there. This has been a total waste.

  7. So Sad:

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