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om gone , rudra out ” mallika said
” ha ab bs billu ji baki hai ” anika spoke loudly .
“Now it’s tym for plan 3” somu whispered.

3 a.m
Shivaaye was about to go off to bed when he heard “cham cham” he turned around to find a lady in white dress standing at his door .
He moved to his door and found anika standing there …with knife in her hand .
” come on anika …be little mature …ye knife lekar darane aayi ho ” as he said anika started moving towards hall .
Shivaaye found it little wierd …he followed her.
” so anika technically ur planned fail” shivaaye continued
Anika still didn’t responded him …nd shivaaye felt awkward as how cum anika is so quiet …he tried more jokes on girl following her but still she remained quiet …she was just walking nd walking .
Now shivaaye couldn’t take it longer …he ran and held anika’s her nd twisted in his typical SSO style.
“Hey i m talking to u …haar gyi to jabaan bhi chli gyi kya anika” once again he tried .
” kon anika ” she spoke in chudail style with husky nd harsh voice …
” main to shaanti hoon ”
“Hehehe …anika my god …ho gya tm ldkia haar kyu nhi maan leti ,anika u so stupid” -shivaaye made fun of her
Though anika felt like killing him but she acted best to save her plan
“Khaa naa shaanti ” she shouted
Shivaaye left her instantly
” teri anika ko bhut durr le ja rhi main …vo maregi to h meri ruh ko bhi sukoon milega heehewhaahaha” she said
With that she made cut on her left arm …nd it started bleeding( it was sauce …somu and mallika put sauce pouch under her sleeve )

It was now shivaaye feared a bit …he forgot about all challenges and logics
” listen stop this now ” he said in tone bit trembling .
“Abhi to anika ko marna h pdega ” she tilted her head nd said laughing out loudly
Anika strectchd her hand and was about poke knife …but in meantime shivaaye grabbed her hand .
” leave it anika” shiv
” anika ko mrna h pdegaa …hahaha” she was repeating same lines again and again …and each time she said he felt like a part of him dying .
He hugged her tight with one hand on her waist nd other trying to free that knife …anika almost forgot about her role nd got lost in his arms but mallika signed her .She regained all her energy pushed shivaaye nd poked knife in her stomach where that sauce pouch was tied .
She felt lifeless ( acting) on floor with a thud …he held her in arms . by the time om rudra mallika nd somu also came. He was so tensed by now , ( tensed would be small word to use ) he tried best to wake her.
Few minutes later when shivaaye was hell scared , he pulled her in his arms to take to doctor .
“Om gaadi nikaal ” shiv said in low tensd tone.
And then girls laughed out loudly …shivaye looked down to find anika smiling in his arms .
” ab utariye ” anika said …but she noticed that shivaye eyes were moist by now.
” score equal now ” mallika said
Mallika and somu made more fun of boys …but anika was lost in shiv land. She watched him leaving angrily.. …having spnd so many days …she could now read her face . she followed him too while everyone else were busy quarrelling .

Shivaye’s room

Anika entered in as she saw shiv standing near window .
Ani -” kya hua billu ji , aapko ladkio se haar kr achaa nhi lga ?? ”
Sso – ” tm to jeet gyi naa…go nd celebrate …tm ldkio se isse jada expct bhi nhi kr skte …aaj mujhe yakeen ho gya k i m right about thm ”
Anika – ” kya matlb ?? Mazaak tha …aap itna serious kyu le rhe ??”
He grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him, twisting her wrist at her back.anika coukd see his anger in his eyes
Sso -” aage se mere saath aisa mazzak nhi krna …don’t u dare, pta h main kitna …”
And thn there was good 1 min eye lock …nd silence
Ani- ” aap kyaa ”
Sso being lost in her eyes confessed .
“Darr gya tha , bahut zada darr gya tha, mujhe lga k ” and he hugged her tightly …he couldn’t have expressed his fear in words .he felt so much secured in those arms as if she was forever his property .he was relieved that she is there right with him .
There were so much unsaid feelings btween them..this incident led to flood of emotions in them .
Anika was touched by his billu ji words …she hugged him back .
There was something new in air for both of them …some new tension in between their relation…nd it was completly new for both of them .

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