Bharosa ~ RagSan – Few Shots : Shot 4

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Hello Guys!
I know I know.. It’s been a really long longggg time since I updated.. I sincerely apologise for keeping y’all waiting but I had some personal reasons plus exams..

Well here’s the next shot.. Hope you all will like it..

Shot 4:

(Sanskar was driving and Ragini was sitting silently looking outside.. Sanskar was stealing glances of her every now and then and wanted to talk to her but didn’t knew how to start conversation)

Sanskar(clears throat): So Miss Ragini?

Ragini(looks at him confused): Yes?

Sanskar: Umm.. Well.. You are a doctor right?

Ragini(raises her eyebrow): You don’t know?

Sanskar(embarrassed a bit): No.. Woh.. I mean..

Ragini(turns her face to window again): Well Mr Maheshwari.. I must say .. You are very bad at starting a conversation

Sanskar: Sorry.. Its just.. I don’t know how to..

Ragini: Well that’s fine

Sanskar: Hmm.. So How many people are there in your family?

Ragini: Three .. Me , Bhai and Nani

Sanskar: Ohh.. And your parents?

Ragini(looks at him for a second then looks front): They are no more..

Sanskar: Am so sorry.. I didn’t mean to-

Ragini(interrupts): Its Fine Mr Maheshwari

Sanskar(makes faces): Wese am not that old that you are calling me Mr Maheshwari.. You can call me Sanskar, Miss Ragini

Ragini: Uhh.. Okay.. Mr Mahesh- I mean San..Sanskar.. In that case, you can call me Ragini only

Sanskar(smiles widely): Sure Ragini.. Can we be friends?

Ragini: Umm.. I..

Sanskar(makes a puppy face): Pretty Pleaseeee?

Ragini(smiles a bit): Umm okay

Sanskar(smiles): Thanks.. So now as we are friends.. We should know about eachother right?

Ragini: Yeah i guess

Sanskar: So let’s ask eachother some questions..

Ragini: Okay.. You go first

Sanskar: Umm.. Your worst quality?

Ragini: Worst Quality? Sanskar i think qualities are good?

Sanskar(sheepishly smiles): Uh yeah but answer na..

Ragini: Well anyways.. Worst.. Umm..I don’t forgive people easily

Sanskar: Really? I thought you are a selfless person..

Ragini: Well that doesn’t mean that i am selfish.. I am good to people who are good to me and devil for those who are bad?

Sanskar: Woah! So i gotta be careful haan?

Ragini(smiles): Yeah! So now my turn?

Sanskar: Yeah.. Ask

Ragini: Umm.. You are a Maheshwari right?

(Sanksar nods)

Ragini(continues): But Aarav is a Saxena.. Then why he calls you Chachu?

Sanskar(smiles): I don’t have any blood relation with Aarav.. Its just that Viren Bhaiya is just like my own bro.. And i consider his family as mine..

Ragini: Ahan

Sanskar: Hmm.. So.. Which profession you like the most?

Ragini(rolls her eyes): Medical ofcourse.. You?

Sanskar: Well Not any specific one.. And which one you hate the most?

Ragini(looks at him and says with hatred): Police!

(Sanskar after listening her answer suddenly applies brakes)

Sanskar(shocked): Whaaaaattt! Whyyy!

Ragini: There are some reasons..

Sanskar: But But But Not Everyone in police are bad .. I mean some are good and some-

Ragini(interrupts): Come on Sanskar.. I know that but its just I can’t tolerate anyone near me who is in police.. They do serve our country i know.. But sometimes some incidents leave such impacts on us that we are unable to overcome it..

Sanskar(in mind): Kya Bhagwan ji? Green signal de kr ye aap ne red signal pr he stop kr diya! But why she hates police? I also saw her expressions when she saw Viren Bhaiya.. Clearly it was visible she didn’t liked his presence but what might be the reason?

Ragini(shakes him): Sanskarrrrr! Where are you lost? And why you stopped the car?

Sanskar(comes out of his thoughts): Uh Nothing.. (starts car again and starts driving)

Ragini: Wese i forgot to ask what job you do?

Sanskar(in mind): If i tell her truth, she will never talk to me.. But i can’t lie also.. What to do

Ragini: Hey Sanskar? Answer na

Sanskar(clears throat): Oh.. Job.. Yeah job

Ragini: Yeah job?

Sanskar: Well.. I.. I am a business man

Ragini: Ohh okay

Sanskar: Hmm.. Btw Ragini.. If.. If by chance i go into police what would you do?

Ragini(looks at him): Well.. Then I wouldn’t be sitting in your car and chatting with you

Sanskar(feels bad): Hmm.. But.. There might be a reason I know but still i wanna know please.. Why you hate police?

(Sanskar stops the car infront of Ragini’s house and looks at her for an answer)

Ragini: That’s a long story Sanskar.. I will tell you some other time (smiles) Anyways, Thanks for dropping me..

Sanskar(smiles back): Not a problem

Ragini: Umm so I guess i will see you later..

Sanskar: Well i was thinking that my newly found friend would invite me inside her home and offer me coffee or something but people nowadays.. I tell you.. So selfish .. My god! They don’t even ask formally

Ragini(looks at him in shock): You are such a Drama Queen! No no! Drama King!

Sanskar(grins): That i am

Ragini(rolls her eyes): So MY NEWLY FOUND FRIEND.. Would you like to come inside?

Sanskar(smiles widely): Ofcourse if you are insisting so much

Ragini: Me ? But I-

Sanskar(gets out of the car): Lets go Now!

(Ragini also gets out of car and stand in front of Sanskar)

Ragini(fidgeting her fingers): Hmm..Come

(Ragini goes and opens the door and Sanskar follows her.. He saw the house it was beautiful.. Neat and Clean.. He saw an old woman sitting on sofa )

Ragini(to Sanskar): Please Sit

Ragini(smiles widely and hugs): Naniiii!

Nani(smiles and hugs back): Ayee meraa bachhaaa.. Aa gyi?

Ragini: Yup.. Where is Bhai?

Nani: He slept

Ragini: Ohh okay..Nani you know-

Sanskar(clears his throat): Ahm Ahm

Nani: Who is this Ragini?

Ragini: Nani.. He is Sanskar.. My friend

Sanskar(smiles and takes blessing): Namaste Nani

Nani(raises her eyebrow): Nani?

Sanskar:Umm sorry.. Mam

Nani(laughs): No its okay young man.. You can call me Nani

(Sanskar smiles)

Nani: Please sit Beta..

Sanskar: Thank You..

Nani: So Sanskar? What do you do?

Sanskar(looks at Ragini for a second): I.. I am business man Nani..

Nani(smiles): Thats good.. Wese Ragini-

Ragini(immediately interrupts): You both sit and talk.. I’ll bring tea

(She jumps from the sofa but suddenly slips due to Beads fallen on floor)

(Sanskar tries to catch her but he also slips and both land on sofa with Ragini on top of Sanskar.. Sanskar was lost in her and Ragini was looking into his eyes)

(Nani saw them and smiled .. Then she looked at the photo frame of her Son-in-Law.. Vansh Kapoor and smiled widely and went into the kitchen)

(Ragini composed herself and got up)

Ragini(flips her hair back): Sorryy

Sanskar (sits properly): Its okay

Ragini(fidgeting her fingers): Please make yourself comfortable.. I’ll be back in a moment

Sanskar(smiles): Okay

(Ragini goes)

(Sanskar looks here and there.. He saw wall filled with pictures.. He smiled and got up.. He looked at the pictures.. It was of Ragini and her family.. One picture got his attention.. It was Ragini wearing a pink kurti with white leggings.. She was pinching Nani’s cheeks and laughing whole heartedly.. She was looking so stunning that Sanskar couldn’t help but admire it)

(Sanskar smiled and took his phone and captured the picture and caressed the picture)

Sanskar(smiling): Ragini.. I think I am going to fall in love with you.. Badly and Madly❤️

(Then his eyes fell on the picture hanging on another wall with garland.. He went towards it)

Sanskar(in mind): I have seen him somewhere.. But who is he?

Nani(comes from back): Arey Sanskar beta.. Come sit have tea

Sanskar(smiles): Thank you Nani.. Btw (points to the picture) who is this?

Nani(smiles sadly): ACP Vansh Kapoor.. Ragini’s father

(Sanskar hearing this widened his eyes and looked shocked)


So how was it?
Shoot your comments!
Thank you ❤

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  1. Long time but beautiful update. Loved it.

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  2. MKRS

    Fabulous dr. I thought u discontinued this.? update soon. How was your exams?

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      Thank youu dear?❤️
      Well I didn’t discontinued it but i guess I disappeared suddenly so all thought like that? But you know Exams and all?
      My exams went well.. I hope i will score good❤️ Pray for me?

  3. Amazing. Omg ragu sanskar is a police officer. Update ASAP.

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      Will try to update soon?

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  8. Awesome. When will their love story start?

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      Well, i guess soon? Honestly even I don’t know??

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  10. Wow what a surprise? I thought u forget this story but my surprise you posted. Btw Superb update.

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      Thank you Dear ?❤️❤️
      I didn’t forget but i got so much busy in my personal life that I didn’t had any time to write? But now i will try my best to give frequent updates❤️

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      Thank you dear ?❤️
      We will see as the story proceeds! ?

    2. Aaruuu

      Thank you dear ?❤️
      We will see as the story proceeds! ?
      I cant tell you now sorry?

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