Bhakharwadi actor Amit Dolawat blessed with a Baby Boy


Looks like the new year 2021 has brought in a new happiness for this telly couple. Amit Dolawat and Cheshta Sharma have embarked upon their journey of parenthood as they were blessed with a baby boy today. In an interview Amit told TOI, “I am extremely happy and on top of the world. Honestly, the feeling is so overwhelming that it would be difficult to describe in words. We went as two and a few hours later, we became three. I was in the OT with my wife during the delivery. I was told by the doctors to divert her attention from the pain she was going through. I cracked jokes and managed to make her smile. In fact, I was so engrossed in the process that when the doctor shouted, ‘It’s a boy’, I mistook it for a girl. I congratulated and hugged my wife saying that it’s a girl. The doctor corrected me and I burst out laughing. I told them, ‘Okay, it’s a boy. It’s great news. We will come back for a girl soon’ (laughs!). Cheshta is also extremely happy.”

The couple has named their baby, Nibhiv. The actor tells us, “We love the name. It means powerful and is also one of the many names of Lord Ganesha.”

Amit, who was last seen in ‘Bhakharwadi’, says that he is looking forward to nappy-changing and sleepless night tending to their bundle of joy. He adds, “I will be with Cheshta in hospital for another three days, as only one person is allowed considering the Covid situation. The medical staff has vowed to train me completely in nappy-changing and carrying the baby. In fact, I held the baby in my arms and he stopped crying. So, we have forged a bond already. I think I am doing well as a new father. I am excited about the journey ahead. The baby has already brought a lot of good luck in my life. I have started shooting for a new show. I am grateful to God for such a brilliant start to 2021.”

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