Bhagya Lakshmi 8th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Rishi is adamant not to let Malishka marry Viraj

Bhagya Lakshmi 8th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Lakshmi and Ayush seeing Rishi in Malishka’s house. Lakshmi walks towards him and asks what is he doing here? Rishi says I have come here for….Malishka says he has come to take you. Lakshmi says I haven’t told you that I am coming here, and you didn’t listen to me and went to office. Ayush says Rishi Bhai had gone to office and says I had told him that we are coming here and says may be he came to take us. Rishi says his file was at home, and she only knows where is that important file so he came to take her. Lakshmi smiles and says he is not lying, and tells that I have to give him everything whatever he needs. She says if anything is hiding from me, then I will know it eventually. Rishi says lets go home. Lakshmi says did I tell much? Malishka says you haven’t spoken much and had told what Rishi was hiding, and has bent down towards you and is dependent on you. Rishi says yes, we are together and it is normal. Lakshmi says when we are together, we get to know each other and says even Rishi takes care of me well. She says same thing will happen with you and Viraj will love and take care of you. Ayush says I think we shall leave now. Malishka asks her to come for their roka. Lakshmi says she will come surely and Rishi and I will celebrate your roka more. She hugs Malishka and leaves.

Malishka tells Kiran, did you see that he was Rishi? She says if I wait for the markesh dosh to go, then he will be fully of Lakshmi. She says I can’t let this happen, and says if I want him to leave her, then this is the time. Kiran says tomorrow is your roka and says shall I cancel the roka and call Viraj. Malishka says no Mom, and tells that Rishi shall fear the same and shall break his marriage with Lakshmi, and for that this roka is needed. Kiran says somewhat manipulation is ok. Malishka says everything is fair in love and war and tells that she don’t care even if she has to leave Viraj on the mandap or to break Lakshmi’s relation with Rishi.

They come home. Lakshmi thanks Sudeep for opening the door. Sudeep asks for coffee, tea or water. Ayush asks him to get water. Lakshmi asks Rishi, if she shall select his clothes for Malishka’s roka. Rishi is silent. Lakshmi tells Ayush that Rishi is more good than him. She thinks he had come to pick her, as he can’t leave without her. She goes.

Ayush asks Rishi to say something. Rishi asks since when you are asking? Ayush says I lied to Lakshmi due to you, and says I had lied that you came to pick us from Malishka’s house. He says you was secretly heard us. Rishi says Malishka will marry Viraj and I can’t do anything. He says I won’t let her roka happen, and will not let her marry. He says I will marry her next year. Ayush says you are thinking about this even now and says Lakshmi. Rishi says I haven’t forgotten about this and tells that he loves Malishka and will not let her marry Viraj. He says once I decide, I will get it and will not let her marry at any cost. Ayush thinks oh god, this is not good. He thinks Rishi bhai will not let her marry. He thinks what will he do?

Viraj comes ready for his roka. Dadu and Abhay ask about Malishka. Virat hugs them and says Malishka might be coming. Malishka comes there and hugs dadu and Abhay. Dadu says you have a long life. Abhay compliments her and congrats Kiran for their daughter’s roka. Virat asks how is she? Malishka says fine and asks how is he? Virat smiles. Dadu says they are shy since their marriage is fixed. Malishka thinks to use Viraj to make Rishi jealous, else she will move on with Viraj. She asks where is Rishi and Lakshmi? Abhay says they might be coming. Dadu asks Malishka to rest in the make up room and says you are the bride today. He asks Kiran to take her. Virat says Dadu and goes away from him shyly.

Virender, Neelam, Dadi and others come there with all the family. Dadu asks Lakshmi to come forward and says I am waiting for you since morning. Virender says she is my daughter, you can make her as your grand daughter. Dadu laughs. Rishi asks where is Malishka and Viraj? He says I will meet them. He asks where is make up room? Kiran comes to Rishi and says Malishka loves you a lot and will ruin her life and marry Viraj. Rishi goes from there. Kiran comes to Neelam and greets her. Karishma stops Lakshmi from going to Malishka and asks her to sit. Ayush recalls Rishi’s words and gets worried. Virender notices his fear and thinks why is he in tension. Rishi comes to Malishka’s make up room. Malishka says can’t you knock and come. Rishi says I know that you was waiting for me. Malishka says she will marry Viraj. Rishi says I have few conditions and says he shall love you more than me, madly. Malishka says he can love me more than you etc. He says you are showing me attitude and says I love that Malishka who has attitude. Malishka asks him not to say further. Rishi says I am just yours and playing with me and yourself too. He says you are doing this to make me jealous, I know you. Malishka asks him to marry her, as she wants to marry and says if you don’t marry me, then I will marry Viraj. He says if you marry me then I will be happy. Rishi says if I marry you now, then Mom will get upset. He says I can’t leave Lakshmi for a year.

Virender asks what is going on inside you. Ayush thinks if I tell him then he will be hurt. Virender asks shall we play message game. Ayush says he is getting bored. Virender asks her to have something. Devika comes there and suggests him to talk to Shalu. Ayush thinks to talk to her, to make himself feel better. He calls her. Neha asks Shalu to pick the call and see who is on call. Shalu says I am going to dry the clothes. Neha insists. Shalu picks the call. Ayush coughs…Shalu says someone is coughing. Ayush says hum aapke hai kaun. Shalu coughs. Neha asks did you get any infection and goes from there. Ayush asks hum aapke hai kaun. Shalu says driver. He says you shall get an award and ends the call. Shalu calls him, but he doesn’t pick her call. She thinks to call him later. Ayush thinks she has spoiled my mood, why did I call her. He thinks I enjoyed calling her. Sonia hears him and thinks to tell Karishma.

Rishi asks Malishka to hear him once and says I can’t marry you now, even if I want. He says Mom will feel cheated and all the family will go far from me. He says I can’t live without Mom and you. Malishka says she came to my house and blessed me for my marriage with Viraj. Rishi says Mom is worried about my life and asks her to remember what had happened when they tried to marry. Malishka looks on.

Precap: Malishka gives him 4 days time and says if you don’t marry me in 4 days, then I will marry Viraj on 5th day. Rishi writes on the paper that he will marry her, as nobody is important to him than her. Lakshmi finds the chit and shows to Rishi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Ayush is Shalu’s driver 😘😘😘….they’re cute even on the phone! Let Rishika marriage happen…m so done with them!! Cry baby malishka n loser Rishi deserve each other…at least Viraj will be saved. If Something happens to Rishi after marrying the cry baby than what will she do?? Blame herself or Lakshmi?? I wish Lakshmi was married to Viraj.

    1. Same, I’m actually hoping he marries Malishka and lives to regret it. Except I would prefer he doesn’t encounter an accident like he usually does. It would be nice for him to realize the difference between living with Malishka versus Lakshimi, who loves him unconditionally.

    2. I really wish the same. Let Rishi and Malishka marry. They deserve each other they are both obsessed with each other,they are both indecent and gave been cheating and deceiving Lakshmi from the very beginning of her relationship and marriage with Rishi. Rishi has never loved, valued or respected Lakshmi, he keeps saying he only cares for her, you don’t cheat someone you care for despite all the times that Lakshmi risked her life to save him, not just Rishi but his entire family they are all aware of his affair with Malishka and they are keeping quiet just because he is their son and a man forgetting that Lakshmi is a human being and someone’s daughter they were also planning to get her divorced from Rishi after a year as if she was an object, Rishi keeps saying he loves Malishka madly but we as an audience can see that what he and Malishka share is not true love it’s more of madness, lust and obsession in his obsession he will end up endangering his life and will loose a good woman who truly loves him despite Lakshmi’s goodness and honesty he keeps running after Malishka like a mad man and Malishka is very manipulative and selfish. Let the entire truth come out soon God willing so that Lakshmi can discover the entire truth behind her marriage with Rishi and see his true colors and that of his family who also betrayed her. And that will teach Lakshmi a lot of bitter life lessons and she will stop being so naive and too trusting of people and Rishi will loose her respect and trust it will be more painful fir Rishi when he eventually realises his love for Lakshmi and realizes that what he feels for Malishka which he thinks is love is not true love but an obsession and him and his entire family will get to see Malishkas controlling, selfish and manipulative nature. Lakshmi deserves better and Viraj does not deserve to marry a woman like Malishka because even if Malishka marries Viraj she and Rishi are so obsessed with each other that unless Rishi falls in love with Lakshmi he and Malishka will continue their illicit disgusting affair

  2. Anyone else bored with rishi and malishka bs?Rishi is Starting to sound like Vanraj shah of Anupama.We are supposed to care he loves someone else?He should just divorce Lakshmi and be with that bimbo.

  3. Don’t be surprised y’all this shalu and ayush fling am pretty sure it’s not going anywhere from now, once shalu find out about the whole this we’ll she going to hate ayush or maybe am wrong

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