Bhagya Lakshmi 5th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishi’s life in danger again

Bhagya Lakshmi 5th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishi and Lakshmi brought out of the lock up. Inspector asks them to sign. Neelam asks Lakshmi if she saw, whatever other Pandit ji had told came true, says you are inauspicious for my son. Virender asks Rishi to come. Rishi says ok. Neelam, Karishma and Rishi are in the car. Karishma says it is good, we didn’t bring Lakshmi with us. Neelam says she can’t bear to see Rishi with her. Karishma asks Rishi what he did there, that everyone thought her as husband and wife. Rishi says we are husband and wife, and everyone will think like that. He says whatever happened was due to Malishka and lakshmi didn’t do anything. Neelam says I don’t care who had called Police, whatever happened with you, is because Lakshmi was with you. Karishma asks him not to say anything. Paritosh calls Rishi and says he heard from Lawyer. He then tells that he has shifted his stuff to resort’s L wing and asks him to come there. Rishi says this might be other side of the resort. Virender reaches home with Rishi and Kiran. Paritosh says sorry for whatever happened. Rishi introduces his family to Paritosh. He says they will have breakfast if arrangements is done. Paritosh says food is ready and tells that flights are closed. Rishi says they will go with chartered plane. He says he will go in the evening. Later he sees Malishka and asks what she is doing here. Malishka says she came to know about his arrest and came here. Rishi asks what did you call Police and asks what you thought that Lakshmi will agree to call Police. Malishka says I have seen her adding tablet in your drink and then she made you drink in the room so that she gets closer. Rishi says nobody was trying to get closer to him and says you knows well why she returned. He says do I need to tell you why she came back. Malishka says she is selfish and takes advantage of the chance.

He asks if we are not selfish and tells that you have sent everyone, so that we can marry, if Lakshmi haven’t seen then we would have been married. He says you was keeping eye on me secretly and then called Police. Malishka says what? Rishi asks why are you dragging Lakshmi between us, it is your mistake and because of you foolishness, I had to spend night in lock up. Malishka says that’s why you was resting on Lakshmi’s shoulder. Rishi says you did a big mistake and now defending yourself and blaming me. Malishka says you are defending yourself to hide your mistake, and says then you called Lakshmi as your wife. Rishi says it is not wrong, Lakshmi is my wife and people thought us romantic couple. He says today I am feeling really bad. Malishka asks do you want me to see you resting on Lakshmi’s shoulder. Rishi says grow up, I have more problems in my life than this. He comes to the room. Lakshmi asks Rishi if he is upset with her. Rishi asks really? Lakshmi says I thought. She says you shall not react and tells that she is scolded, but doesn’t know what mistake she has done. Rishi says your return is your first and big mistake and asks her to note down in the diary that he misbehaved with her in PS. He goes.

Rishi comes out. A little girl waves her hand and smiles looking at him. Rishi talks to someone on call. A boy stops the girl from playing with him. He says guys have strength and can play, and asks her to watch them playing. The girl goes to Rishi and asks if girls can’t play football. Rishi says who told you this. The girl says they told her. Rishi goes to the boys and asks them to play with Juhi. He gives them money to buy another football. The boy asks Juhi to watch them playing and then they will let her play. Rishi attends the call and asks someone to do the paper work. Lakshmi sees Malishka in the opposite room and says you are here, you took room close to our room. Malishka asks if this resort is yours. Lakshmi asks did you buy this resort or all the rooms. She says you have done wrong with Rishi, why did you get him arrested on my name. She says you did wrong with me always, but your today’s work is childish and foolish. She says if you do anything against Rishi or me, then you will get the answer. She says according to court orders, we shall handle our marriage, so sautan shall stay away from us. Malishka says I have come here, what you can do. Lakshmi says just one complaint and you will be arrested. She says if you run behind Rishi to keep eye on him, then you can’t do anything in life. She says you can’t get what you want and tells that it is her advice not to catch the slipping sand. She asks her to be in her limits and not to trouble them. Malishka fumes in anger. Rishi is still in call.

The girl goes to get the ball and falls down in the pit. The boys get scared and think not to tell anyone that Juhi has fallen down. Rishi sees the boys running and thinks where is Juhi? He looks for her. Juhi shouts for help. Balwinder’s friend sees Rishi and recalls seeing him. Rishi comes there and asks Juhi to give her hand to him. Juhi says I came here to get the ball and has fallen down. Rishi tries to give his hand to Juhi. Lakshmi comes out. Rishi falls down inside while trying to give his hand to Juhi. Lakshmi senses that he is in danger. Juhi asks Rishi if he is hurt. Rishi asks if she was hurt when she fell down. She says no. She sees bat flying and runs inside. Rishi searches for her and calls her. He asks her to come to her. Juhi says I am scared and there is darkness here. Rishi gets scared too and asks her to hear his voice and come. He thinks even he is feeling scared and thinks to take hotel staff help to get her out. He couldn’t find his phone, and thinks he can’t leave Juhi alone. He says I am coming there. Lakshmi thinks Rishi is not here, then why did I hear his voice. She thinks to go inside and check. She thinks why the voice came from here.

Precap: A bartender says to Balwinder that Rishi is here.
Neelam says to Lakshmi, I won’t let my family and my son’s name get ruined just because of you.
Balwinder says to self, Lakshmi, you left me because of Rishi and now Rishi will pay for it.
Pandit says to Lakshmi, today is dangerous for Rishi, if you stay away 11 steps from him, then it will very dangerous for Rishi’s life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Rishi left Lakshmi behind at the police center. He didnt care about her. None of the family member didnt care about her. Lakshmi with no selfrespect, being treated like a door mat again. But it was ok for her…😅😅😅 I never saw a bad show like this before. Female and male leads are very bad example for watchers.

    1. The writers have really downgraded the female lead in this show, it’s really sad how weak and demoralized they portrayed her character

    2. Yeah totally agree all this kumkum , kundali and bhagya lakshmi it always support villans , extra marital affairs , criminal activities , kidnap , try to kill female lead

      There is one show in silsila where Drasthi , Shakthi and Aditi played
      It showed vwey positive way what if husband falls in love with another woman how wife , family and children will react. They show in very good way and finally Mauli choosed Ishaan over her betrayed husband but si many criticized that show According to me that show was far better than these trio bhagya’s……………………………………

    3. # Gul ofcourse both this lead characters loss our respects. One is cheater and other is hypocrit. Hypocrit because if Balwinder is bad then rishi is also bad because he is cheater doesn’t respect woman only care his mom. Rishi’s behavior is so bad for both Laxmi and malishka but in laxmi’s eyed Rishi is God, 7 janam ka rishta.

  2. İ thought balwinder is in the jail?? He is a criminal and he is out, after all he did. This only can happen in Ekta’s cheap shows . What happened to Lakshmi’s job? Did she call them or tell them that she cant work anymore? This show dosent make any sense. Brainless Writers thinking that people who watching the show have no brains like them…

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