Bhagya Lakshmi 30th June 2022 Written Episode Update: The Judge to grant divorce to Lakshmi-Rishi

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Virender telling Neelam that this is not the right time. Karishma says we shall get the engagement done first. Neelam says what is the need to hide from them, they are becoming our samdhis. She says they will know anyhow. Anjana asks her to tell. Neelam says you both were praising Lakshmi a lot, but when you come to know about her truth, you will not like to see her face. She says I am asking Ahana not to call or message her, as Lakshmi deserves this. She says she is not suitable to get your love, to be my son’s wife. Virender tries to stop her. Neelam says let me speak. She says Lakshmi is Rishi’s wife, but she is pregnant with a goon and not with Rishi. Gautam and Ahana are upset and shocked.

Rishi thinks where is Lakshmi. Lakshmi comes and sits. He asks what you will eat? Lakshmi asks him to order for himself first. He asks her to see the menu and order what she wants to have. Lakshmi says she wants to have vada pav with spicy chutney. He says I am here, sitting with you, leaving Ahana’s engagement. He says if you get acidity again. Lakshmi says if I get acidity again, then I will go to doctor myself, and says next time we will not have any relation so with relation you will take me to hospital. Rishi asks her not to tell all that. She orders vada pav and asks the dhaba waiter to bring teekhi chutney. Rishi says do whatever you want and orders two vada pav with double chutney and two buttermilk. Lakshmi says why two buttermilk. Rishi asks if I can’t drink? Lakshmi says you can drink.

Neelam says that goon was our ex- driver. Anjana and Mr. Gujral get shocked. Neelam says Lakshmi had affair with that driver and continued it even after marriage with Rishi. She says Lakshmi has done such a bad thing, which I couldn’t say. Anjana says she looks innocent and good. Neelam says I can’t tell you whatever she had done, and this thing is the limit, she was trying to give my son’s name to that baby. Anjana says such girl will not get forgiveness. Neelam says she will not be forgiven as the Judge knows the truth and will give divorce. She says finally, we will get rid of that characterless girl and says she is feeling peace that she will not get to see that inauspicious girl’s face. Malishka says lets continue Ahana’s engagement. She says Rishi’s marriage is breaking today and Anjana’s engagement, two happiness in one day. Anjana says we shall not talk such inauspicious thing. She asks Ahana to take the ring. Neelam asks Ahana to make Gautam wear the ring. Ahana gets teary eyes. Gautam says Ahana. Ahana gets up and says I will not do this engagement. She goes from there. Everyone is puzzled.

Rishi asks the waiter to order sukha bhel and asks him to cancel the spicy chutney. She says you like spicy. He asks what is your problem, I will eat. Lakshmi asks him to have vada pav. He asks her to eat. She says she has ordered this for him as he likes spicy chutney. He refuses to eat. He takes the butter milk and drinks. Lakshmi smiles looking at him.

Anjana asks Neelam and others to ask Ahana why is she refusing for engagement. Mr. Gujral asks Gautam, if you had any argument with her. Gautam says it is not like that, she is just….Karishma says she is very strong and don’t do childish things. Neelam asks Sonia to call her. Sonia says she left phone at home. Rano, Shalu and Neha are also there. Rano asks Shalu to bring dahi balle. Shalu thinks Chachi is strange. Rano tells Neha that she got good idea, as Ahana ran away, this foreign guy is here. She asks Neha to woo him and his parents, says you will stay in London. I will come there for shopping. Neelam gets angry and says this inauspicious people came here, I was thinking why this thing have happened. She asks who has called her? Dadi says I called her as they were also in guest list. Neelam says this is our values and says you should have thought that this is Lakshmi’s relatives, this drama happened as they came. Rano says you are insulting the invited guests and says your daughter ran away, and this is your values. She asks them not to cross the limits. Karishma threatens Rano, not to say anything. Shalu brings dahi balle. Neelam sees it and says you are having a low standard, came here to have food. Virender tries to calm her down. Dadi asks Rano to calm down. Rano says my foot and asks what do you think about us. She asks Neha and Shalu to come, and give dahi balle to them. She says they couldn’t handle their daughter and getting angry on us. Ayush gets angry. Virender calms him down. Rano asks neelam to ask why her daughter ran away, as she might like some other guy. She says she will take revenge soon and leaves with Shalu and Neha.

Neha says don’t know how Lakshmi used to handle them. Shalu asks what was the need to ask for dahi balle. Rano says she will not leave them.

The judge tells lakshmi and Rishi that she wanted to give them sometime, but Lakshmi’s pregnancy changed everything. She says I thought you will realize your true love, with your knok jhok and argument. She says a perfect couple relation begins with rights, duties and love. She says you are not understanding the value of each other now, but will realize when you both get distanced. Lakshmi looks at rishi and thinks he is my saathi and saarthi, this marriage is the relation of seven births for me, I have to be with him to save him from markesh as I really love him. She says this is not show off and even Rishi thinks about me so much, but couldn’t understand due to the circumstances. Judge says before I tell my verdict, do you want to say anything. Lakshmi thinks Ahana’s engagement might have happened by now, and thinks she had said that she will not get engaged until Gautam talks to his parents.

Balwinder talks to Rano and argues with her. He tells that he will marry Lakshmi, as she is getting divorce today. He says she will bring crores of rupees and we will live a lavish life. Judge says there is nothing to be spoken due to Lakshmi’s pregnancy. You know my verdict, I have to just stamp on it and handover it to you. Lakshmi and Rishi think about the moments spent with each other. Lakshmi gets teary eyes. Judge says my heart and experience say that Lakshmi can’t do this, but law asks for the proofs and emotions comes later. She says Mrs Lakshmi Oberoi and Mr. Rishi Oberoi, your relation was till here. She says I am ending your marriage from now onwards. Ahana comes there asking Judge to stop.

Precap: Rano tells Balwinder that Lakshmi loves Rishi madly, and says that baby can’t be of someone else. Balwinder says that baby is of someone else. Ahana tells Rishi that Lakshmi is not pregnant, but I am pregnant. Rishi is shocked and looks at Lakshmi. Anjana scolds Lakshmi when they return home, and says it is good that we came to know about your wrong doings and your character. Rishi asks Anjana to stop it and says this is my wife, I will bear anything, but will not hear any word against Lakshmi. Neelam, Karishma and Malishka get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. WOW. I am floored that Ahana actually tells the truth to the judge in front of Rishi. Not holding my breath though. I still think there is going to be a twist so that Lakshmi continues to be mistreated and misunderstood. Etka can never be this positive in her storylines….

    1. I wonder why Ekta always punishes women in her serials and allows the men to ill-treat the woman. Why does she make women suffer for years before they can be appreciated. It’s more than time that we need to put women before men. That’s why most men in India don’t respect women because they watch movies and these kinds of shows, and also learn at home that the man is always right and above the woman.

    2. I wonder why Ekta always punishes women in her serials and allows the men to ill-treat the woman. Why does she make women suffer for years before they can be appreciated. It’s more than time that we need to put women before men. That’s why most men in India don’t respect women because they watch movies and these kinds of shows, and also learn at home that the man is always right and above the woman.

  2. Or this will be Lakshmi or Ahana’s dream lol

    1. so true….lol

    2. Most positive things in the show are dream sequences so it could very well be a dream. It’s sad that even the actors are fed up of the negativity in this show, as I saw in some interviews

    3. Muhktar Sule

      Good day. Please which of the actors was complaining about the negativity in this show

  3. I don’t blame the actors. The characters who were nice, reasonable and human now are nasty, evil and selfish. More bad characters than good ones. Makes this whole serial hard to watch so I stopped about a month + ago. if I do watch, I fast forward the negative, nasty dialogue. That makes for a quick few minutes of viewing lately. I mostly read the updates and even then, when I see a negative title I skip it most of the times.

    1. This show started on such a positive track only to end up being the most poisonous and evil.
      Too much negativity and abuse.

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