Bhagya Lakshmi 25th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Neelam’s decision upsets Karishma

Bhagya Lakshmi 25th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neha looking at Rishi and Malishka hugging each other. Karishma says ok guys and turns to look at them. She sees Neha and calls her. Rishi and Malishka break the hug. Virendra asks Lakshmi to talk to Neelam’s dad and says he is my boss before becoming my sasur and asks her to save him. Lakshmi takes the mobile in her hand. Karishma asks Neha not to tell this to Lakshmi. Lakshmi greets Nana ji and says peri pauna. Nana ji says I heard this after a lot of time. He asks if Neelam is near you. Lakshmi says no. Nana ji says he has taken her number from Virendra and asks her to take his number from him. He asks if Neelam troubles you. Lakshmi says no, she is like my mother. Nana ji says everyone is scared of Neelam there, but she is scared of me. He asks her not to fear in that house, as her strength Nana ji is with her. Lakshmi says ok Nana ji. He asks if Visarjan happened? Lakshmi says yes. Nana ji asks her to plant tulsi plant in the visarjan mud and says my wife used to do this, I didn’t tell Neelam so she didn’t do, now my heart asked me to handover your nani’s virasat to you. Lakshmi says I am very lucky that you asked me to do this, and says she will surely do this. Nana ji blesses her. Lakshmi returns Virendra’s phone. Neelam asks what did Papa say? Lakshmi says he asked me to plant tulsi plant in the visarjan mud. Neelam says my mom used to do it, but Papa never asked us to do this. She says Papa gave mom’s virasat to you. Lakshmi says even he said the same. Neelam says Dad likes you, he likes very few people. Virendra says even he likes me.

Rano hears him and says that’s why he gave his daughter to you. Virendra says he gave me his best thing. Neelam says whoever deserves will get. Virendra thanks her. Neelam goes. Rano says your wife is not funny, she never laughs. Virendra says but I do. Dadi comes and calls Virendra. Rano says everyone is dear of their mothers, even Rishi who never refuses his mother’s words. Lakshmi says what’s wrong in this, the son who obeys his mother, will respect his wife, sisters and others too. She says if Rishi is good now, then it is because of Mummy ji. She says kids are parents’ reflections and says even you might have seen the good guy like Rishi. Bani says you have become of your sasural. Lakshmi says they all are good.

Karishma asks Neha not to tell anything to Lakshmi. Malishka says if you tell anything to Lakshmi then all our surprise will be spoilt. Neha says surprise. Malishka says it means Neha didn’t hear and tells that I gave an idea to Rishi to take Lakshmi for a candle light dinner, and that too in dinner. Rishi says I told that I will make her do dinner at home, it will be surprise. Malishka says you said this due to work. Malishka says don’t tell anyone. Shalu hears them and says she will not tell anyone. Neha also goes. Rishi thanks Malishka. Malishka thanks Karishma. Rishi asks Ayush to come with him and scolds him for not handling Neha. Ayush runs and hides behind Lakshmi. He asks Lakshmi to save him from her husband and says I couldn’t do his work and now he is beating me. Rishi asks what do you think that I will stop if she tells me. Lakshmi asks Rishi not to beat her dewar. Rishi stops and looks at Lakshmi. Ayush says you stopped as Lakshmi said. Lakshmi and Rishi say sorry to each other. She turns to go. Rishi looks at her. Ayush also looks at Rishi. Rishi says I have to talk to you. Ayush says I have an important work. Rishi and Lakshmi look at each other. Lakshmi thinks she asked him with the right and he also stopped. Rishi thinks she said and I stopped, why? They turn and look back at each other. Naina tu pal pal paas. Lakshmi comes to her room and thinks why she is feeling so happy. Rano says this can’t happen that Karishma knows about their affair and says this can’t be true. Neha says I am telling truth. Rano says I have no sleep in my eyes since last night, but you are like your father. Dadi comes there and asks what are they talking? Rano says she is not listening to me. Dadi asks her to tell. Rano says she is insisting to go in taxi, while I am asking her to come in auto. Neha says my hair gets spoiled. Dadi says I will ask Ayush to drop you. Rano says why to trouble him? Dadi says ok, I will not tell Ayush. Rano says we can’t refuse elders’ sayings, we will go with Ayush.

Rishi comes to Malishka and asks why did she lie? He says I can’t do candle light dinner with Lakshmi. Malishka says this is a surprise, so Shalu and Neha will not tell Lakshmi, asks him to relax. Rishi goes. Karishma says we need to talk to him. Dadi asks Ayush to drop Bajwa family to their house. Ayush says ok.

Lakshmi asks are you saying truth? Shalu says yes, and asks her not to tell jiju that she told as it is a surprise. Lakshmi asks what is candle light dinner. Bani asks didn’t you see in films, it will be fun. Ayush hears them and thinks to inform Rishi. Rano comes to Lakshmi’s room and tells that Ayush is waiting to drop them home. Shalu asks why? Rano asks do you want to go in auto. Lakshmi asks them to go and hug them. They go from her room. Rishi gets Ayush’s message that Lakshmi knows about surprise candle light dinner, you have to do dinner with her. Rishi messages him where is him? Ayush says going to office, and have to drop Bajwa family on the way. Neha sits on the front seat with Ayush and thinks Neha made the excuse to cover up her act. She thinks if Rishi falls for Lakshmi while acting then what, she thinks Lakshmi is a winner. Shalu thinks Neha wants to trap Ayush.

Neelam thinks of Virendra’s words that they shall ask Malishka to go to her room. Karishma comes there and says I need to talk to you. Neelam asks if you want to talk about Malishka. Karishma says you asked Lakshmi to do visarjan of Bappa, if I am feeling so insulting then think how Malishka would have felt. Neelam says it is wrong for Malishka to feel bad and wrong to come here. Karishma says you asked me to make her complete the rituals. Neelam says I said this, as she is your relative and you want Rishi and Malishka to unite, infact they are perfect couple. Karishma asks if just I wanted that they shall come together. Neelam says even all of us want, but we made Lakshmi as our bahu, and she is our bahu for society too. Karishma asks shall we forget Malishka. Neelam says infact yes, for the time being and asks her to ask Malishka to leave from there. She says it is good for everyone, she should go. She says if you know when I was happy last, since I came to know about Rishi’s markesh dosh, I am not happy, else you wouldn’t have said this. Karishma says I know. Neelam says what do you think that Rishi and Lakshmi’s marriage is like doing havan, once it ended, then clean the place and move on. She says no, Lakshmi is a human being and her relation is with Rishi and all of us. She says I am worried for Rishi, I made him Lakshmi’s husband. He stays with her in the same room. She is a good girl, and he can’t find fault in her for many days, her kundali is so strong that he can’t think of Malishka. She says he himself is a good guy and can’t fight with his goodness. She says he will fight with himself, like us. She says Virendra is already feeling guilty and even I feel bad. She says I am a mother and for a mother, there is nothing more than my son’s life. She says I have done this, and if the circumstances are same next time, then I will do this again too. Karishma says what about Malishka? Neelam says Malishka is a nice guy and Rishi’s happiness, but happiness can be any girl. She says nothing is more than Rishi’s life and his life is Lakshmi. She asks her to remember what she said, before saying anything next time.

Precap: Malishka tells Rishi that she can’t share his love with anyone. She says she can’t share him with Lakshmi. Rishi says Lakshmi is a nice girl. Karishma says that’s why you like her. Lakshmi says she feels proud that she is his wife and says one shall not be proud as it breaks. Malishka comes there and spoils their candle light dinner moment and pushes the vase to make it fall down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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