Bhagya Lakshmi 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Balwinder takes Lakshmi and Neelam’s name on Malishka’s order

Bhagya Lakshmi 20th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Malishka says Police siren. Kiran says who has called Police. Sonia says let me sleep, stop the noise. Malishka says I will go and ask police not to disturb our sleep. She finds the door locked. Sonia says I will call Ayush. Lakshmi opens the door. Malishka asks if Balwinder ran away. Lakshmi asks do you want him to escape as the question should be who has locked the room. Malishka says I am concerned and that’s why asked? She says it is obvious that the door might be locked by Balwinder, what crime did I do by asking this. Lakshmi says whoever does the crime, can hide from the world, but from self. She goes. Malishka says Kiran if Balwinder escaped. Dadi tries to wake up Ayush and says Siren was coming. Ayush says let me sleep. Dadi keeps mobile on his ear and says I am Shalu. Ayush wakes up and asks how are you Shalu? What did you have it in breakfast. Dadi says she has acted to be Shalu. She asks if he is dreaming about Shalu? Ayush says I caught Balwinder in dream. Dadi says door is closed. Lakshmi opens the door and tells that balwinder’s friends have closed the door. Ayush says time has come to fulfill my dream, I will catch Balwinder. Lakshmi says Balwinder is here and goes. Ayush says where did she go? Dadi says Rishi might have caught him.

Rishi asks Balwinder if he got afraid of Police jeep siren and says Police haven’t come. Neelam says we all heard it. Ayush says well done and says it was Police siren, but Police was not there. Dadi asks Rishi to say. Rishi says I will make you all hear it. He plays the Police jeep siren in the hall using his mobile. Balwinder holds his head regretting it. Rishi says we have sound system for emergency, and I operate on it using blue tooth. Ayush says it is our personal. Dadi says you would have told this before. Virender says why did you use it in night. Karishma says we all were sleeping. Ahana says our doors were closed. Neelam asks who had locked the door. Rishi says Lakshmi opened everyone’s doors. Dadi says it was locked by Balwinder’s friends. He says Lakshmi didn’t let him elope and saved mine and my family’s respect. He says I will tell you. A fb is shown, Lakshmi asks Rishi to stop Balwinder. He says if you argue then I will close your mouth. Lakshmi says if Balwinder runs away then we can’t catch our family’s enemy. Rishi asks why she is signing at phone and asks shall I play a song and make everyone awake. He then gets an idea and tells Lakshmi that he will connect his mobile to the sound system and play the Police jeep siren. Lakshmi says Balwinder will not run hearing it, fearing Police will beat him more. He says he will play the sound. Fb ends. Rishi says Balwinder didn’t escape fearing Police. Ayush and Dadi praise Lakshmi for her idea. Karishma says if she wouldn’t have been here, then we would have lived our life happily, and says Balwinder is here because of Lakshmi. Rishi asks Balwinder to tell, who told him about Lakshmi’s pregnancy. He says if you take the name, then I will leave you.

Balwinder goes to Lakshmi and asks how much you will make me beaten, and tells that everyone will be trapped. Malishka smiles. Balwinder asks Lakshmi to accept her crime and says you are getting a good man beaten up. Rishi asks him to say the truth. Balwinder says Lakshmi wanted to win your heart and did this, she became devi and I became devil. He says now she has won hearts, and her plan is hit and I got punished and tortured. He says I am beaten more than you gave money. Lakshmi recalls Rishi asking her not to bear Balwinder’s nonsense. She shouts stop it. She says I was quiet due to Ahana, and says nobody will believe that I have done this. Rishi beats Balwinder and asks him to say the truth. Neelam says may be he is saying truth. Lakshmi says I haven’t done this. Ayush says don’t take stress, we know. He asks Balwinder, until when he will lie? Rishi says Lakshmi has saved his family’s respect as the real Lakshmi and says if you lie about her, then I swear that I will kill you. He says I am standing with her and you can’t harm her.

Rishi recalls his conversation with Lakshmi. Ayush asks him to take the name and go. Rishi asks him to say. Balwinder thinks whose name to take and says Neelam had told him. Neelam is shocked. Lakshmi slaps him and says she is mummy ji, and says you have accused me and I bear it, but I will not bear anything against her. She says this house respect and prestige is because of her and you pointed at her. She asks Rishi to call Police and says she will get him punished. Balwinder says aunty ji had told me. He pushes Rishi and runs. Ayush runs behind him to the kitchen and plays kabaddi. Balwinder comes out of the kitchen and touches dadi’s hand. He asks Dadi to bless him. Dadi blesses him. He says bless me to escape. She says ok. Virender says Maa. Balwinder picks a knife. Rishi tries to fight with him. Balwinder keeps knife at Rishi’s neck. Everyone is shocked. Balwinder pushes Rishi and runs to hide in the room. He recalls Malishka asking him to take Lakshmi’s name when caught. She asked him to say that Lakshmi did this to win Rishi’s heart. She asks him to take Neelam’s name if needed. She says she will give him 5 lakhs. He says give me 4 lakhs and take 1 lakh for your beauty parlour. She asks him to go to upstairs room if caught, as there is a window there. He thinks where did I come? Ayush and Ayush are outside.

Precap: Lakshmi sees Malishka hugging Rishi, while he asks her who gets scared of cockroaches. She asks him to behave if stranger girls are at home. Rishi asks Balwinder to say the truth. Balwinder breaks glass bottle and keeps it on Lakshmi’s neck. Rishi rescues Lakshmi. Balwinder injures Rishi’s hand and escapes. Rishi tries to run behind him, but Lakshmi stops him and asks him to let Balwinder run.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. All those people in the house and Balwinder escapes….LOL. My goodness that dragged on for days and as usual. Malishka’s truth never came out. Not surprising and very pathetic!!

    1. My dear it’s an Ekta Kapoor show!!. All her shows especially her Bhagya shows are all full off crap!. Repetitive tracks in all the Bhagya shows just different actors playing different characters, illogical storylines, immature male leads especially this Rishi of a character, Lakshmi is so typical she has no charm for a female lead she’s too emotional and her so called love for Rishi is more like an obsession a toxic attachment to Rishi, Rishi is still confused, the makers are trying really hard to make him appear as a hero but he honestly doesn’t have the charisma for a male lead, he’s just handsome and fat . The Oberois are just…… All the Bhagya shows are full of evil upon evil. I really wish for a new male lead in this show someone Charismatic, charming, suave , intelligent and who is mature and has a better Chemistry with Aishwarya Khare because the chemistry between Rishi and Lakshmi is too fake.

    2. I don’t think that even with a new leading man that this show will be better. Sure, it may be easier on the eyes. However, any new actors have to follow the same crappy storylines and charm and suave can take you only so far when the writing is crappy. IMHO The actor who plays Rishi has probably gained weight due stress of having to deal with the awful script he is getting and maybe the negative feedback he could be receiving. His weight gain is the least of the issues (though to me it is not an issue) when it comes to Etka’s serial.

  2. There are too much filler episodes and no real story line. The evil will never be exposed and continue to plot and the story line goes nowhere.
    Had Ahana pregnancy and broken engagement just been dropped off.
    Sonia knows the truth but would not open her mouth such utter crap

  3. Lovestobehappy

    Hello Everyone, nothing ever makes sense in these serials. I cant imagine that people lives like this in India. There is no love/ respect between husband and wife. All the soaps are the same. I really can’t watch these soaps anymore. Its very depressing. Imagine everyday you wake up (like Laxmi) and have to deal all these insults day in and out. WOW!!!!

    The bad always win. I get very depressed watching these shows hoping we can see the light sometimes, but, It’salways a fight/accusation/ crying/ absolutely no happiness. I am out. Sorry.

  4. Majority serials especially ekta s always have no values. She shows and gives the worst messages to society in her serials. She just knows to drag serials . Her motto is just to keep on minting money and for that she can show immoral things to any extent. When she think of ending the serial then only Rishi and his family will know value of Lakshmi and makishka s truth, they will ask for forgiveness and Devi Lakshmi will forgive them.

  5. So Sonia knows the truth but would say nothing and allow not only laskmi but neelam name to be malign ? How can she possibly allow such a thing when it directly affects their family and she knows maliska is lying and that balwinder is there on her sayings? These shows always allows evil to win and the mastermind to never get caught. No where In real life does anything like this happens. All these shows are utter crap

  6. Balwinder first took maliska name then suddenly it was laskmi and now neelam and everyone is supposed to believe him,smh. Neelam was quick to point out that Balwinder was talking truth when he pointed to laskmi but was shocked when he used her name smh. Laskmi however was quick to defend her and say that mummy ji cannot do such a thing while maliska only stands there enjoying the fact that all blame is off her. I want to know when malishka got a chance to talk to balwinder and told him to take laskmi or neelams name

  7. Jitna dimag audience ka kharch hojata h ek episode ko critisize krne me.. kaash usse thoda hi kam dimag writers use krlete to kitni achi script likh paate… sar m dard hogaya h… no conclusion again.. after so much drama

  8. I am glad that i stoped watching this evil show. 😅😅 I knew that there will be no hapinness and good things. Because all Ekta’s shows are very negative. Good people are suffiring until the end. Rishi’s character is very bad. He is a cheater, liar, abuser and very childish. Shouldnt be a male lead. He is still romancing with malishka while Lakshmi is there. All Ekta’s male leads have two wifes or two woman in the same house who fighting for him. Soon Malishka will be pregnant from Rishi and Lakshmi will leave him for the baby. İf this crapy show get 2.1 trp, İndian people need to think about their culture.



  10. honestly this is already getting out of context too much, and when this happens in a story it becomes stupid, a meaningless joke, this mess took the magic and expectations that we have been waiting so long to see the truth appear,,,, I lost the will to continue watching

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