Bhagya Lakshmi 18th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishi gets in an argument with Malishka

Bhagya Lakshmi 18th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neelam enters the room, she looks to Malishka assuring there is no need to be so tensed with her actions as she feels this is all her plan, Malishka questions what might she be planning for, Neelam exclaims to come back in this house, she went to bring her but she refused at that time and now is trying her best to make Rishi feel emotional as she knows his nature, Neelam explains if she is able to convince him then Malishka should know it will be her fault, Neelam leaves when Sonia questions if she is fine, Malishka replies she would have to stay close to Rishi otherwise he would drift away, Sonia questions what else can they do since she blocked the contacts. Malishka assures she knows what she needs to do.

Rishi is driving the car, he is thinking about Ranbir revealed that one does not get the chance to fall in love each and every time, if Rishi got the chance then should not let it go, he knows Rishi loves Lakshmi a lot, Rishi while driving the car is constantly thinking of all the moments he spent with Lakshmi, how he would always enjoy his time with her, he stops at the signal. Balvinder’s car also stops right beside him, he notices Rishi so quickly asks everyone to turn their face, Shalu wakes up when she sees Rishi so tries to call him but she is pulled down, Rishi tries to search for who is calling him but is not able to find anyone, Shalu meanwhile once again gets unconscious because of the chloroform. Rishi after a while drives off when the signal turns green.

Rishi enters the house when Neelam calls him, he rushes to her, she asks how was the party and if he enjoyed, he replies he did not enjoy at all, she asks the reason, he explains because she was not with him, Neelam says he has right away started saying his cute words but she knows he would not have missed her, but she really missed him and she asks if he had anything to eat, Rishi replies there was so much going on so he did not have the time. Neelam forces him on the table revealing that she is herself going to serve him the food but Rishi replies why is she doing all this since he can ask the workers to serve him, she sits down on the table when he replies that he does not like when she gets angry with him, he apologizes for what he said, she stars feeding him when he explains that he knows she loves him the most, he asks her if she knows who scolds him, she accepts that she scolds him, Malishka standing thinks that Rishi would never refuse anything which Neelam.

Malishka goes to them both asking if he is fine since Neelam is feeding him, he questions what would have happened to him, Malishka explains that he got in a really big fight with Balvinder, Neelam questions if she is telling the truth, Rishi tries to negate her but Malishka starts revealing that Balvinder desired to play Holi with Lakshmi and they both started arguing seeing which he went to fight with Balvinder, Neelam in anger questions what was he thinking, since he risked his life for that Lakshmi knowing what he means to her, Rishi tries to explain himself but Neelam in ager says that she has already said it all, Rishi leaves in anger, Malishka tries to console Neelam but she signals she is fine, Malishka thinks she did not do anything wrong since Rishi was getting really close to Lakshmi.
Balvinder along with his men are taking Shalu to their secret hideout, Shalu demands they let her go, she even threatens Balvinder of severe consequences but he replies she should first escape herself, he orders his men to keep her unconscious at all times otherwise she will try to run away. Balvinder gets a call from Rano, she inquires if he was able to fulfill the task or is he still on his way, Balvinder assures he managed to kidnap her, Neha replies it is because she was not around him otherwise he would have once again kidnaped her, Rano warns her to keep her voice low, she assures the door is closed. Rano suggests he demand 5 million from Neelam as this was the amount that she brought, Balvinder asks if she is going to instructs him as he also knows how to handle such situations, he is going to call her in the night when she will not be able to have anyone to help her, Rano advises him to call her now but she ends the call, Rano gets angry, Neha says she must calm down because they do not have any control over it as he has Shalu. Rano assures she will teach him a lesson.

Rishi is walking when Malishka stops him from behind questioning what has happened, he questions what happened, she also asks the same question, Rishi questions why was she complaining to mom, Malishka tries to explain she did not complain when Rishi says she knows how tensed his mother gets and she even forgets to eat, Malishka in forms even she forgets to eat anything for him but he only cares about himself, he forgot himself while trying to save Lakshmi and then asked Aayush to drop her back. Malishka explains she wanted to celebrate this event with him but he did not care about her, Rishi says she is just saying this thing over and over again even when he asked her to stop, Malishka questions why did he not even think of apologizing to her for once, Rishi exclaims that he does not feel sorry so will not apologize to her, he informs that if Balvinder tries to touch Lakshmi then he is going to make him pay, Malishka asks if he is also going to do the same for her, Rishi asks if she did not remember how he came in front of her when she was about to get shot, Rishi in forms that he knows she did it all on purpose and must stop this all, Malishka questions if he is going to decide her feelings, Rishi says he can feel it in his heart which is why he is requesting her to stop, Malishka reveals he forces her to do such things, Rishi replies that she is forcing him to go away from her, he does not feel like before, she questions what does he mean. He informs when she used to get hurt before he felt worried but now is only tensed that she will come and fight, he feels they should end it all, he turns to leave when Malishka blames that he is saying this all because of Lakshmi when Rishi stops her mentioning she must not involve Lakshmi in their fights and if in the future their relation ends then it would be because of them both.
Rano is sitting when Neha comes out, Lakshmi and Bani calls Shalu while entering the house, Rano replies that she did not come back till now, Neha explains she was playing with Beni aunti and might have gone somewhere, Lakshmi exclaims she did not say anything to her, Rano advises why is she trying to make it such an incident about it, she must go and prepare a masala tea for her. She even sends Bani away.

Sonia is sitting in her room when she sees Malishka entering the room, she informs that she has got such a good nail paint when is shocked to see her crying, Malishka explains that she feels Rishi is going to go away from her because Lakshmi will steal her, she reveals she is not mistaken and even then in the Holi party she tried to kiss him but he went away as if she was doing something wrong, Aahana enters the room when Sonia rushes to call mom, Malishka explains the entire situation to Aahana who advises him to forget Rishi if she is feeling he has stopped loving her, Malishka questions what did she say saying that she will never forget him for that Lakshmi, and feels she has even taken Aahana to her side, but she replies that Malishka is a sensible girl, she would have given this advice to anyone who feels that she is involved in a love triangle but Malishka is not ready to listen such an advice, Neelam enters the room questioning what happened, Malishka gets unconscious which worries her so she asks Sonia to call the doctor.

Rishi come out of the bathroom after taking a shower, he is about to throw the towel on the bed when he recalls how Lakshmi would advise him to not throw them on the bed, he places it correctly on the table. Rishi recalls how Malishka said that Lakshmi blocked his contact, Rishi exclaims that Lakshmi is not like this and if she did not want to talk with her the would have said it to his face, he feels like calling her since she seemed tensed when he went to drop her off, he tries calling her but it does not connect, Rishi gets tensed to know that she blocked his contact.

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  1. Candiva007

    Question to you all…did Rishi and Lakshmi’s divorce go through? Are they officially divorced? If not the two of them have all rights to each other and Malishka can go fly a kite. Stupid girl someone needs to slap her when she gets out of control.

    1. 1 slap aint enuf 4 her she need slap after slap.lakshmi need to slap her

  2. So an episode full of malishka antics and shouting

  3. As far as I know they never signed divorce papers. Malishka is really unstable. They give her too much air time. They should rename the show Bhagya Malishka. 😆😆

    Neelam deserves a daughter in law like her. She’s useless. There will never be peace with her around.

  4. Malishka needs a life for real rishi loves lakshmi all d way.malishka acts this role to well so i know her real life partner wil b goin tru hell 4 real.

  5. The story line is weak…rishi character is weak here…neelam character is hopeless as a mother in law…a self centered person. Script writers are weak in writing the story line. Week after week is all abt the same issues . Malisha’s character is like a dumb blonde with no self respect. Come on…women in this drama are made to look like bimbos with no brains.

    1. You’re absolutely right, they make their characters seem really clueless. Also more screen time to negative characters

  6. This story must be annoyed days by days

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