Bhagya Lakshmi 17th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Karishma warns Malishka against Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 17th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Virendra giving Lakshmi’s hand in Rishi’s hands. Devika asks Sonia if everything is fine there. Sonia says I don’t understand what is happening here, Dad gave Lakshmi’s hand in Bhai’s hand and Malishka is smiling. Devika says everyone wants nothing to happen to Rishi and if he is out of danger, then the reason is Lakshmi Bhabhi and she came in his life like a blessing. Sonia says shut up, I don’t believe in all these things, Rishi Bhai was always careless, Lakshmi was there and saved him. She says Dad and Mom thinks me as a child and don’t listen to my opinion. Devika says they are elders and know about our betterment much. Sonia says even you are lecturing me. Devika asks her to take care of everyone and come back soon.

Rishi asks what did Doctor say? When we can go? Virendra says your mom had talked to Pandit ji and he said that we can’t take part in Ganesh Chaturthi festival. Rishi says it is Mom’s favorite’s festival. Virendra says I know and that’s why I went to doctor and asked about you both. He asked both of you to rest and be fine. He says you can race with each other during the festival. Neelam says your son can’t talk straight. Karishma says what did Doctor say? Neelam says Doctor told that you both will be discharged by evening today and tomorrow evening we will reach home and by then you will feel better. Rishi says it is time to go. Malishka says my work is done, can I come with you all. Karishma asks Lakshmi to invite her. Lakshmi invites Malishka to their house. Malishka thinks you don’t know whom you are inviting. Lakshmi asks Rishi to invite her. Rishi says Malishka you are coming with us to our home. Malishka says are you ordering me. He says you are family and will be coming with us. He holds her hands. Neelam and Virendra notice them holding hands.

They come home.Virendra says Dr. Bhushan is coming to check Rishi. Rishi says I am fine. Ayush asks him to dance and show that he is fine. Neelam says you will rest. Rishi says I will go with Ayush and Dad tomorrow to buy Ganapati ji.

Neelam agrees. Virendra asks Lakshmi about the Ganapati festival in her Punjab. Lakshmi tells that Mata ka jagrata, mata ki chowki everything happened altogether. Malishka says we will celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi grandly due to Lakshmi. Karishma asks why? Malishka says she saved our Rishi. Dr. Bhushan comes there and checks Rishi. He says he is fine, continue giving him medicine and he will be fine. Lakshmi folds her hands and thanks the God. Rishi notices her. virendra thanks doctor for coming. Malishka gets her dad’s call and goes. Dadi asks everyone to go and says let Rishi rest. Rishi asks Neelam if she will sit with him for sometime. Neelam says ok. Rishi lies down on her lap and asks her not to go. Lakshmi says I will be back. Malishka comes to Karishma and says Mom was worrying about Rishi. Karishma asks her not to praise Lakshmi so much and says everyone will love her if you praise her. She says I heard Virendra bhai telling bhabhi that he is feeling guilty that they should have told Lakshmi. Malishka says he is right. She says she trusts Rishi and says we are all humans and nothing wrong shall happen with anyone. Karishma says you are hitting axe on your leg. She says I am trying to make everyone see Lakshmi as an object and lifeless thing, they shall think that she is brought to protect Lakshmi, especially bhai and bhaiyya. Malishka says what you have done. Karishma says she tried to make her fall down by oiling the kumkum thaali and tried to make her fall. She says she created the drama and made the drama inauspicious, so that the thing settles in Neelam’s mind that though Lakshmi saves Rishi, but she will not save this house, so that she believes that she is big abshagun. She says she created drama of the necklace and proved it too that she doesn’t deserve it. She says I am trying fully to make sure that nobody likes Lakshmi.

Virendra sees Lakshmi in the kitchen and asks what is he doing? Lakshmi says she made lep and haldi milk for Rishi. Virendra says my Nani used to make it in my childhood. Virendra insists to take them for Rishi and takes them. Lakshmi gets emotional and says I feel why I married Rishi, as he is good or because I got my Bau ji in you. Virendra gets touched and says your Gurucharan Chacha said that your father was Devta and says if I become a good man then it is enough for me. He says my son is good and sometimes you will think him wrong, but if you understand him, then you will know how good is he? Lakshmi says I am lucky to get Rishi as life partner and Bau ji like you. Virendra asks her to come. Malishka asks Karishma, that’s why you are worrying and says Lakshmi can’t take my place. She says if Virendra uncle likes her, then also others will not like her. She says Neelam aunty was happy with our alliance and wanted us to marry. Dadi was happy that the alliance happening with her daughter’s relative so it is good. She says Ayush is a dear friend and Sonia loves me more, as I have class. She says Rishi is completely mine and loves me only. She says lastly you, you want to move Lakshmi from my place and you are cute. She says why others will like Lakshmi? Karishma says there is nothing in her which can’t be liked, she is like her name, has good values, educated, sacrificing, obedient and can give life for her loved ones. She says who doesn’t want such dream bahu. She says if everyone started liking her, they will accept her as bahu. She says when they accept her, then there will be no place of yours in Rishi’s life or anyone’s heart. She says Bhai has accepted Lakshmi as his daughter and has become her Bau ji. Virendra and Lakshmi come to Rishi’s room. Rishi says I am awake and gets up. Virendra asks him to drink milk. He takes it thinking it as kesar milk and asks what is it? Lakshmi says it is turmeric milk and it is good for health. He says he has taken medicines already. Lakshmi asks him to check on net about its benefits. Virendra says its ok. Neelam asks him to drink. Rishi drinks the milk. Lakshmi asks him to move his leg towards her and says she will apply lep. Rishi says my body can’t handle so much haldi now. Neelam asks him to get the lep applied. Lakshmi applies lep and blows on his injury. Neelam looks at Lakshmi and gets touched. She asks Rishi to get lep applied and then rest. She goes. Virendra also goes. Lakshmi takes his foot and keeps on her lap and applies lep. Rishi looks at her and says why are you doing this, your gestures don’t touch me, but irritates me, I wish I could tell you.

Karishma says Rishi is married with Lakshmi now. Malishka says nothing will change as he loves me. She says do you think that Rishi agreed to marry Lakshmi due to Neelam aunty, no. She says he agreed as I convinced me. A fb is shown. Rishi says I can’t marry anyone else other than you, I love you so much and can’t imagine someone else. Malishka says I can’t live without you. Rishi says I can’t ruin Lakshmi’s life by hiding truth from her and marrying her. Malishka says why you are so concerned about her and threatens to leave India and tells that she will not talk to him again. Rishi asks her not to say this. Malishka says if you want me then marry Lakshmi for us, for our love. Rishi says I can do anything for you Malishka, just because I love you. Malishka says I love you. He hugs her and says I love you too. Fb ends. Malishka says nobody can take my place in his life. Karishma says I know and have seen more life than you. She says we know him, he has good heart and whoever has good heart, don’t do anything wrong with anyone and if they do then will correct their mistake. She says you know Rishi, if someone do one thing with him, he does 1000 things for that person. She says until when Rishi will resist Lakshmi and asks her to remember her words. Malishka says I will not let Lakshmi take my place and will not let anybody give my place to her. Rishi says he is not feeling pain. Lakshmi says it is home made and asks her not to be scared and make his face good. Rishi smiles. Lakshmi also smiles.

Precap: Lakshmi tries to give pillow to Rishi. Rishi tells her that he is habitual to sleep alone. Later Rishi asks Malishka not to doubt him but trust him, as he has only one girl place in his life which she occupied already and there is no place for anyone else in his heart. Malishka hugs him. Lakshmi sees them hugging and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. At next episode will lakshmi realise that rishi loves malishkha.Can you please tell friends

  2. Oh Maliksha, Lakshmi has already taken your place, she married Rishi and if two people are destined to be together, whatever the obstacles, they’ll be together. Right now Rishi doesn’t realize it b’cos he claims he loves Maliksha but time will tell who will be his true love and who he is destined to be with.

  3. U know what they wife over girlfriend lol no one say that but Maliska already lost her rights

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