Bhagya Lakshmi 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Malishka makes a dangerous plan with Balwinder

Bhagya Lakshmi 17th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishi thanking Lakshmi. Lakshmi says you are giving me a big compliment and then thanking me. He says ok, no thanks. I will not say thanks, but we will have party for our success, just we both. Malishka hears and wishes something shall happen that Lakshmi drowns his name, and thinks how this illiterate Lakshmi face him. Lakshmi says she has to handle here. Rishi says all the best. Lakshmi says thanks and then says no, we will have party. Rishi feels motivated and thinks to go back with the good news. Lakshmi tells the chefs that the smell/aroma is good. Malishka comes there and says it is nice aroma. Lakshmi says taste shall be good like the aroma. She goes. Malishka pours color in the food, made by Lakshmi. Ayush catches her red handed and says I will not let Lakshmi bhabhi’s name ruined. He says I have caught your red handed. Malishka says enough. Lakshmi comes back. Ayush says she was adding something in the food. Malishka asks him to enquire what she was adding. She says it is red powder, which enhances the taste and color. Ayush asks what is the guarantee that it is same here. Malishka says I wouldn’t have done this, to get caught. She says Lakshmi had asked me to sprinkle it. Lakshmi says yes. Malishka asks him to apologize to her. Ayush refuses and says I have doubt on you. Malishka threatens to tell the critics. Lakshmi asks him to say sorry. Ayush says sorry and says if you does something then you will not be saved. Malishka thinks she will do what she wanted, and then Rishi will do the needful with Lakshmi.

Rishi shows the presentation to the clients. Lakshmi thinks cooking food at home and cooking here is different. Rishi imagines Lakshmi in the conference and gives presentation. Lakshmi also imagines him and feels thankful to him. He also feels thankful to her for coming infront of him. She imagines making him taste the food, and Rishi liking it, and saying perfect.

Rishi imagines Lakshmi clapping for him. Everyone claps and goes. Lakshmi gets his video call. He says what? She says you have called me. Rishi asks why is she happy? He says if you wanted to come here, then would have come with me, why you had taken separate flight and came here. Lakshmi says I am here, and says just like you motivated me here. She says everything is fine here. He says presentation was happening, and meeting is successful. Lakshmi says food is perfect. Rishi says you didn’t call me since I came here. Lakshmi says even you haven’t called me and said that you will not miss me. He says we both are liars and says he missed her. She says she also missed him. He asks what is between us? She says I am asking you? Malishka hears them and gets upset. Lakshmi asks when is he coming? He says after a meeting. She asks him to come fast, but not run. He says this is Ayush’s effect and asks where is he? Lakshmi says he is with the critics. Rishi says you have managed well. Lakshmi says you have done that. Rishi says whatever is done, is done by us. Rishi says ok, we have done. Lakshmi says shall I end the call. Rishi says all the best.

The chefs tell Lakshmi that the food is very tasty, they have tasted it. Lakshmi hopes that they too shall like it and prays to Mata rani. Malishka gets upset and says they are romancing like college goers, and thinks to separate them. She thinks Lakshmi has to go from his life, then Rishi will see my love, he is just mine. She says I will not let Lakshmi win and will make Oberoi family’s respect ruined with your hand, then Rishi will kick you out and will just see me.

Balwinder thinks his life has become like dog’s life because of Malishka. Malishka calls him. Balwinder doesn’t pick his call. Malishka gets angry. Balwinder picks the call and asks if she don’t have peace. Malishka says you ran away without doing the work, and asks him not to talk nonsense with her. She says she called him for his advantage. He asks what devil work, you have in mind. Malishka asks him to go to Rishi’s hotel.
She says there is just one hotel in Mumbai and calls him idiot. Balwinder asks her not to call him idiot. Malishka says there is Lakshmi there. Balwinder says he will not do anything. Malishka says Lakshmi will die herself after whatever you will do. She says this work is easy and asks why is he thinking? Balwinder says ok, I will do your work. Malishka says just Ayush and I will be here, and says he will keep eye on me. She asks him to go there and do the work. Balwinder says if anything happens then you have to save me, else I will cut your and your mother’s neck. She turns and sees Ayush standing. Ayush asks with whom you was talking to? Malishka asks what problem you have? Ayush asks if you was calling someone. Malishka says I am your friend and family and bears your misbehavior. She says your allegations and blames are wrong and asks him to say then she will go. Ayush says he was thinking that she might do something wrong. Malishka says she will go. Ayush says exit is there. Malishka says Neelam aunty sent me here, and I am checking if Lakshmi is doing mistake. Ayush says Lakshmi bhabhi can’t do mistake even by mistake and asks her to leave. Malishka asks him to call Neelam and say the same thing to her. Ayush says you are threatening me and gives her one last chance to catch her. Malishka says she will not do any mistake, even by mistake and says I am not like that, you don’t have brain to use. She goes. Ayush thinks if Malishka harms or hurts her in any way, then he will not leave her, but break her.

Precap: Balwinder adds poison in the food made by Lakshmi. The critics praise Lakshmi and suddenly they vomit. Malishka says now the critics panic and their conditions deteriorating. She smirks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I really liked this show and (I still do) but the current track is so depressing. The writers keep on dangling Rishmi moments like bait and when it’s caught, they slam the viewers with more of Malishka’s scheming😭. I can’t bear to watch the show on zee tv or zee5…I’ll just stick to reading the updates until I’m SURE that Malishka’s going to be exposed…or Lakshmi leaves that horrid house to be the boss lady that she is😎

    1. Sorry Faith. There is no way that Malishka will be exposed. In all of Etka’s serials the villains NEVER get exposed. That is why they keep on getting nastier and doing horrible things to the innocent (or should I say naïve) characters.

    2. Aww thanks Hopeful…😚sorry always makes me feel better 😂. Actually I’m not hoping for Malishka to get exposed AND punished adequately…I just want a situation where Lakshmi is with Rishi away from Malishka and her witchy mother in law. FYI the villains were exposed in the other Bhagyas…whether or not they were punished adequately and stopped their evil acts is a completely different story🙄. LOL! if the other series are anything to go by, it might take YEARS for Malishka to be exposed (literally)😂

    3. Faith if we based the plots base on the other bhagya shows malishka would not be exposed anytime soon but we have to see more insults to lakshmi for a while to come and the evilness would just keep getting more dangerous.
      On a lighter note malishka is always exposed by the way they dress her lol.

      Also they original plot of this show has been lost and it’s only pure evil now

    4. LOL Faith, glad I made you feel a little better by saying sorry. 😁 Good one Gita about Malishka literally being exposed….LOL… I find some of her outfits not very flattering for her.

    5. Hopeful whoever is their costume designer for maliska needs to rethink those outfits. They can dress her in western wear that suits her body and not make her look like a hooker

  2. Y’all stop insulting the way malishka dresses that’s so backward. Tanu used to wear the same… Aaliyah not so much cause Shika has a masculine build. I love how they make their vamps all western like the west is evil but Sanskari Bahus who wear Indian styled clothing all the time are the best. Is it cause they are self sacrificial. Ekta who do you want to sacrifice themselves for you? Ekta’s serials are a reflection of her. I will never forgive my father for bringing these shitty Indian serials into our home and influencing the rest of the family to watch them cause he’s so infatuated with the motherland. Indian serials are the reason I might commit Patricide one day. Loser dad with his india obsession, I really don’t like india… or China for that matter. Stop making more people the planet is full!!!

  3. I think it might be Malishka’s dream that she has ruined the event….am sure the event was a success for Lakshmi..fingers crossed

    1. No, I saw aishrawya’s Instagram that she will be in jail for ruining cooking and cause people voimts because of Malishka so she will be win 🙄

    2. Maliska will win as usual cause in this show on evil wins.
      Be ready for lakshmi insults for the next month or so and maliska fueling the insults.

  4. Sujatha rao Kanuru

    One thing about our soaps…men good but differs, women evil to the core , and police incompetent and inefficient. Same characterization in all soaps as the same villains carry on and on and never get caught..magic!

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