Bhagya Lakshmi 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update: The oberois’ plan is revealed, as Rishi’s girlfriend visits him

Bhagya Lakshmi 15th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Virendra telling that Pandit ji said that the fire will be caught in Rishi’s office. Neelam says only a miracle could happened and Lakshmi saved him and defeated his kaal. Virendra says Lakshmi saved Rishi, risking her life. Neelam says when we told about his miracle to Pandit ji and he asked for Lakshmi’s kundali and we felt that Lakshmi couldn’t marry Balwinder due to Rishi’s kaal, and then voice came from our hearts, that the girl who is one in millions, who can defeat Rishi’s Kaal is Lakshmi, who can become his wife and can save him from Kundali dosh. Rishi comes to Lakshmi’s ward and looks at her, she is unconscious. He recalls Lakshmi trying to make him come in his senses and the guy telling him that she saved you from crocodile, but it caught her. He calls her and sits at her bedside. Song plays…..He holds her hand and thanks her. Nurse comes and asks how are you? Rishi says fine and asks how is she? Nurse says she had gained consciousness and asked for you, tried to run and come to you. She says when she saw her sindoor missing, was shouting marriage sign is wiped off and fell unconscious again. She asks him to fill her maang else she will get worried again when gains consciousness. She gives lipstick sindoor to him and asks him to apply on her hairline. Rishi applies sindoor in her hair line. Lakshmi’s doctor comes there and asks him to go and rest in his room. He asks Nurse to bring the wheel chair. Rishi asks if she is fine? Doctor says she shall rest too, and her condition was bad when she came here, she saved you. Main phir bhi tumko chahunga plays…..Nurse brings wheel chair. Rishi sits on it as the nurse takes him.

Neelam says it was Lakshmi’s kundali that Pandit ji was searching. Virendra says and we got it, when I went to her house, Balwinder was shouting and threw her kundali out. A fb is shown, Virendra picks her kundali and called you. Neelam asks him to take the kundali’s pics and send to her mobile so that she can show to Pandit ji. He takes the pics and sends her. Neelam shows kundali to Pandit ji. Ayush calls Virendra and asks him to hear what Pandit ji is saying. Pandit ji checks the kundali. Karishma says Pandit ji couldn’t believe when he saw the kundali. Pandit ji says it is a miracle, Lakshmi’s grah are very powerful and if she marries him then Rishi Markesh dosh will be defeated. Neelam says we will get Rishi married her. Pandit ji says but Lakshmi shall love Rishi from her heart and will become savitri for him and will shield Rishi, but she might have to lose her life while saving him. He says 12 months are very difficult, and only Lakshmi can save him, and it is only solution that Lakshmi shall marry him and love him with true heart. Neelam asks Virendra to get Rishi married Lakshmi, for the coming year. fb ends. Neelam says Lakshmi saved Rishi. Dadi says she saved everyone’s lives and my heart feels bad for him. Ayush says Lakshmi is a miracle herself. Dadi says she feels bad for Lakshmi as she has to suffer. Virendra says I will go and meet Lakshmi. Neelam says I will come too. Sonia tries to stop them. Virendra says we shall go and meet her. Ayush goes with them. Karishma tries to stop Dadi, but she also goes. Sonia tells Karishma that she is thinking about her. Karishma says I will call her. Sonia says if she comes here. Karishma says so what, I will call her. Neelam and Virendra look at Lakshmi. Neelam thanks her for saving Rishi. She then thanks Virendra for convincing her to marry Rishi. Virendra gets emotional and thinks of lakshmi’s words that may be God made her the way to save someone. He cries thinking he told Lakshmi that if she marries Rishi, then I will get my bahu and my son will get good and truthful wife.

Rishi thinks how can anyone risk their life to save someone, to sacrifice for someone, who does this. Lakshmi gains consciousness and calls Rishi. Nurse says you both were same, and tells that your husband also loves you a lot. Even though he was unwell, he came to you. She says he is mad for you and if you was in consciousness, then would have seen how much he loves you. Lakshmi wishes I would have been in my senses. Nurse says neither he will make anything happen to you nor you will do. She says he came here and filled your maang. Lakshmi sees her hairline in the mirror and gets emotional.

Someone comes to Rishi’s ward. Rishi smiles and says you have come. Lakshmi is still on the way to reach his ward. Rishi says you made me wait so much, just hug me. The girl hugs him and says I love you so much Rishi. Neelam and Virendra see them from the window pane. Rishi and the girl continue to hug. The girl’s face is shown and she asks if you are fine. She says she was so scared after hearing about him and asks why is he silent? She asks him to say something. Neelam and Virendra look at each other. Lakshmi stops and thinks I think anything, nothing is changed, I didn’t upset him, he loves me so much. The girl asks Rishi if he don’t love her and asks him to say. Rishi says I love you Malishka. Malishka says I love you too and they hug again. Neelam and Virendra come inside. Neelam says what are you doing Rishi, you have just married. Virendra says this is not right. Rishi says what is wrong and tells that you both knew that I love Malishka so much. Malishka tells Rishi that its ok, she had agreed after hearing everything, whatever they did is for you. Rishi says even you agreed, but I was not ready, and have to do everything. Neelam asks how are you now? Rishi says better. Malishka says sorry and says I couldn’t stop myself hearing about Rishi. Neelam asks her to understand and says he is married now, you can’t meet him, and shall wait. Virendra says if Lakshmi comes to know, then she will be hurt. Karishma and Sonia come there with Ayush. Malishka thanks Karishma for informing her. Karishma says afterall Rishi is your boy. Dadi is happy that Rishi smiled. Virendra says I will go to Lakshmi, when she gains consciousness and sees me, then will feel good. Neelam tells Rishi that Lakshmi is the one who fought with his markesh dosh. Rishi says mom and is unconvinced. Malishka says Lakshmi saved you thrice. Rishi says Balwinder attacked me as his would be wife was with me. She didn’t save me. Ayush says Lakshmi is life savior, if her kundali haven’t saved you, then it is her. Rishi says so, I got married to her due to this work, just wish that this year finishes soon and I get rid of Lakshmi. He says once I get rid of Lakshmi, I will marry..Malishka says your life, me. Lakshmi struggles to walk and her mangalsutra breaks and is scattered on the floor. She looks on shocked.

Precap: Malishka says just one year, once it ends, your marriage with Lakshmi will end. Lakshmi asks Virendra, how can wrong thing happen with her, when her Bau ji is with her. Virendra cries badly. Lakshmi comes to Rishi’s ward and sees Malishka and Rishi holding hands, while Neelam standing there. Lakshmi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Just imagine what if that day when hotel got on fire and lakshmi saved rishi…
    and the hotel manager while explaining the whole incident takes the credit saying he saved rishi
    what will this family do? XD
    P S I didn’t mean to hurt any community, so far this whole family is selfish and shallow minded…

    1. Geeti


    2. He would have got Rushi marry to him instead 😅 fact I thought the grandma was different but I was wrong.

  2. I told you…. i told you in the comment section how and why they got lakshmi and rishi married…
    i was right my prediction was correct wow……

  3. J’espère qu’elle découvrira la vérité bientôt

  4. There’s a similarity between Bhagya Lakshmi and Kumkum Bhagya, both the male leads had girlfriends, they married the female leads for their own selfish gains but fate made Abhi fell in love with Pragya and the same thing will happen to Rishi. He’ll also fall in love with Lakshmi within this one year. The family have used Lakshmi for their selfish gain and they’ll get their punishment by Lakshmi staying as Rishi’s wife forever and Rishi will deeply fall in love with her that he himself won’t let her go.

  5. Rishi and his family are selfish people. This is how rich people in India are? I hate India.

    1. Stop living under rock.this is a television show, you haven’t met all people from india to judge so easily. And if you think whatever is shown in show are true, then I also have seen snakes speaking and people turning into bees in these shows😂. So use your common sense.

    2. What she said has some true to it though minus the whole I hate India thing the fact is that is how most rich people are in general dont matter the country or race and 9.5 of what happen in these serial are true a mean no matter how bad most wife are treated they still remain in the same house and get insulted over and over and not to mention the husband family who try to use the whole line ur are not our daughter in law you are our daughter now to try make the situation calm so you cant say it doesn’t happen in real life it does but not to every indian family tho and that is a fact no cap

  6. Je garde plus la série franchement ça m’a contrarié quoi

  7. I wish Lakshmi will find out the truth, then she leaves Rishi and the family. We’ll then see who will save Rishi when he falls in danger. They should call that girlfriend of his to save him. Lakshmi is so unlucky, she thought she has found a good and caring partner but she’s rather being fooled and used for his own selfish gain, he doesn’t care about her at all.

    1. Honestly I want her to find out and also I want her to leave but we all know that is impossible I think the last blow she takes for him will really hurt her probably death but probably they do the coma thing and personally I want Rishi to be on his knees infront the goddess begging and pleading and I want him to fall in love with her then this happen to her knowing it is fault it would be fun to watch and then they can do a memory loss him trying to be nice and trying to please her so she fall in love with her again.

  8. I want her to fine out the true,rish family so selfish,so sorry for lakshmi.

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