Bhagya Lakshmi 15th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 15th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pavitra gets jealous seeing Latha and Suman laughing and enjoying in their respective rooms. She hears Bhoomi telling Vasundhara that she will get back all their lost clients. She then goes to her room and angrily roams in front of Varun. Varun asks what happened to her. She says fake Bhoomi ruined her 6 month’s plan and took her property. Varun says it is tit for tat, she duped Prajapati family and took their property, bhoomi did same and took half her property. He says he got this property freely and did not like it from before. Pavitra fumes. She gets Yuvraj’s call asking to meet her.

Bhoomi goes to her room and looks at Ansh. Ansh reminiscing Vasundhara telling that she trusts Bhoomi. Bhoomi slips and he holds her.

Pavitra meets Yuvraj and tells his wife is staying with another girl’s husband. He angrily strangulates her and says his Divya is not like that and asks where is his wife. She says she will, but he has to wait to meet her for some more time.

Servant informs Bhoomi that hospital people called and informed that Vishwanath is dead. She reaches hospital with Ansh. Doc informs that someone removed Vishwanath’s life support and threw him in store room. She cries hugging him, sees pain on his nails and sees Yuvraj written on wall.

Vasundhara tells Latha and Suman that Navratri pooja has started, so she wants to perform pooja at home. Pavitra enters and says she will establish devi maa idol at home, perform pooja and even bring news clothes for them. The all 3 look at her surprisingly. Pavitra thinks they will be more surprised seeing their bahu crying.

Bhoomi/Divya asks peon where can she get Vishwanath’s death certificate. He says she can get both bill and certificate a reception. She goes to reception and receptionist says someone paid Vishwanath’s bill in cash and cannot read his signature. She realizes it must be yuvraj. Receptionist says she can collect death certificate from admin office. Divya asks another peon where is admin office. He says near stairs. She says she came from there itself and starts walking back. Yuvraj enters back.

Pavitra’s khabri informs her that Vishwanath is murdered and there is tight security here. She realizes that Yuvraj must have done it and she should be careful.

Yuvraj enters and passes on Bhoomi’s route and says he can smell Divya here.

Precap: Yuvraj kidnaps Divya and walks towards her. She gets afraid.

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