Bhagavath gita 2

Hi,Iam here with next 10 verses of 14th chapter bhagavath gita.
11.When light and discernment dawn in this body,as well as in the mind and senses,then one should know that sattva is predominant.
12.With the preponderance of rajas,Arjuna,greed,activity,undertaking of action with an interested motive,restlessness and a thirst for enjoyment make their appearance.
13.With the growth of tamas,Arjuna,obtuseness of the mind and senses ,disinclination to perform one’s obligatory duties,frivolity and stupor-all these appear.
14.When a man dies during the preponderance of sattva,he obtains the stainless ethereal worlds(heaven)attained by men of noble deeds.

15.Dying when rajas predominates,he is born among those attached to action;even so,the man who has expired during the preponderance of tamas is reborn in the species of deluded creatures such as insects and beasts etc.
16.The reward of a righteous act,they say,is sattvika; faultness in the form of joy,wisdom and dispassion,sorrow is declared to be the fruit of a rajasika act and ignoranceis the fruit of a tamasika act.
17.Wisdom follows from sattva ,and greed,undoubtedly,from rajas;likewise ,obstinate error , stupor and also ignorance ensue from tamas.
18.Those who abide in the quality of sattva wend their way upwards; while those of a rajasika disposition stay in the middle.And those of a tamasika temperament,enveloped as they are in the effects of tamoguna,sink down.

19.When the discerning person sees no one as doer other than the three gunas,and realizes me,the supreme spirit standing entirely beyond these gunas,he enters into my being.
20.Having transcended the aforesaid three gunas,which have caused the body,and freed from birth,death,old age and all kinds of sorrow,the embodied soul attains supreme bliss.
Thanks for reading this.Hope you will forgive me for silly errors .More 7 verses are there.

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