bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 64) ( Sangeet and marriage special) last part

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Yippee last part, now you all not have to bear me. Well I will definitely going to miss you all and this story. It is my first ff which will today finish it. After today there will be…. , Uff leave it. Or I will start my emotional drama. Just enjoy last part.
Swara: but sanskar why, I mean what is need of it.
Sanskar: because i wanna see how much my wife loves me.
She slightly hit him.
Swara: idiot fellow, now search your name. After that I wanna eat from Di’s hand.
Sanskar: when you have so much handsome slave then why from bhabi’s hand. I will only make you eat. But first let me try to search my name.
Swara: search , I know you’ll definitely going to loose. Listen na..
Sanskar: say na

Swara: first make me eat then search your name. Because I know it will take so much time and also if you not able to find it then you’ll be upset. I don’t wanna eat by upset sanskar.
Sanskar: just tell na, you are hungry. Wait let me bring food for us.
Swara: I will also come, we will eat on terrace.
Sanskar: no you’re not coming, you must be tired. You should take rest.
Swara: pls na I really wanna eat in open area with fresh air.
Sanskar: shona
Swara: sanskar

Sanskar: huhh no use, you go terrace, I will come there only. Now no arguments.
Swara: that’s why I love you. Come fast.
At terrace,
Sanskar come with one plate in hand.
He sees toward her, who is standing with open arms and seeing upward. He slowly goes towards her and back hug her.
Sanskar: now you’re not feeling hungry.
Swara: just see na sanskar, how much it’s looking beautiful. You know di is with me but I missing mom-dad. Just trying to find why God snatch them from us.
He make her turn toward himself.
Sanskar: you know you’re really lucky. That you got sister like bhabi. Yeah my Bhai is also great but not like your di. She gave you same love which your mom and dad could give.
Swara: even more than it.
Sanskar: so why sad, my shona don’t look good in sad mood. So now smile and also eat something. So later I can find my name.
Both sit at swing and he started to feed her. Between he was also eating. After finishing dinner ,he kept it aside.
Sanskar: now let’s find my name.
Voice: ahh very bad people, leaving me alone you both are here.
That person started to cry.
Swasan sees toward him.
Swasan: niaksh
Niaksh: huhh finally you both remember me.

Sanskar: so my champ is angry, come here. We both will find mine name in Masi hand.
Niaksh: yup, but why she wrote your name.
Swara: because we are marrying na.
Niaksh: That means if i will marry…
Swasan: not again
Niaksh: wat happened?
Swara: nothing champ, just help your frnd in winning. After it we will talk other stuffs.
Niaksh: fine, so frnd let’s start. You see in right hand and I will be in left.
Swara sits between sanskar and niaksh. Both started to find name in her hand.
Niaksh: Masi its so confusing, I don’t getting anything. So many lines, uff I will never marry.
Sanskar: good decision champ, I also regretting why I agree for marriage.
Swara: sanskar control your tongue or result will be worse.
She whispered it in his ears. He gulped in fear.
Sanskar: I was kidding.
Swara: yeah I know huhh
Sanskar: sry na princess.
Niaksh: Masi, frnd what are you both doing?
Both parted away.
Sanskar: nothing champ, I was thinking we should definitely marry.
Niaksh: huhh confusing people, you find your name and let me sleep in Masi lap.
Swara: kk champ you sleep.
He lie down in her lap.
Sanskar: he became tired but I am not.
Swara: you keep trying but let me sleep on your shoulder.
She kept her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes.
He kept trying for hour but not getting any clue, like his name is not in her hand.
Sanskar: swara, are you sure she wrote my name.
Swara/ niaksh: let’s us sleep na, don’t disturb.
Sanskar: here I am dying in tension and madam is sleeping.
He again disturb her, she became irritated and open her eyes.
Swara: now what?
Sanskar: where is my name, tell me or …
Swara: or???
Sanskar; or nothing, what can i do?
Swara: Ohh my poor baby, you still not get.
Niaksh: Masi, frnd let me sleep na. Huhh you both, let me only go from here to mom.
He went from there rubbing his eyes.
Sanskar: swara( lovingly)
Swara: hmm kk, giving you hint.
Sanskar: hmm give
Swara: it’s written in spcl way hand most importantly with your name, someone name is also written.
Sanskar: means, whose name?
Swara: That name completes you.
Sanskar: huhh not getting anything.
Swara: just close your eyes and give me your hand.
He followed her words and give his hands. She make him touched at specific place on her Palm and moved his fingers.
Swara: now feel words.
Sanskar: kk
Sanskar: SW…,but swara it’s your initial na.
Swara: you continue na.
Sanskar: ASAN
Swara: Now join it
Sanskar: SWASAN
Swara: did you get it, why you don’t able to find your name.
Sanskar: it’s…
Suddenly he realised what is it.
Sanskar: swara, it’s our name. I mean you Swara+ Sanskar. Its really .. I am not getting any words.
Swara: I thought you always surprise me so this why I not.
Sanskar; it’s really best suprise.
Swara: but not more than that you used to give.
Sanskar: it’s best.
Swara: nope
Sanskar: it’s best because our name is written together. Nothing can best than it.
Swara: yeah because our names complete each other, like we complete each other.
Sanskar: yeah
Swara:now really feeling sleepy, let me go to my room.
Sanskar: let sleep here only.
Swara: but..
He take her in his embrace and both sleep there itself.
Next day, morning rays disturb them which result opening them their eyes.
Sanskar: good morning
Swara: good morning, but I wanna sleep more.
Sanskar: first remove your mehendi, I wanna see its color.
She removed mehendi and saw him his hands. Mehndi was dark in color.
Sanskar: see your mehendi colour also proves how much I love you.
Swara: now you show me.
He shows his left hand, it was also very dark. On both of hand color was reflecting their immerse love for each other. Both kiss each other hands.
After 3 hours, Sangeet function
Sangeet function was going to happen in their farm house only. All guests started to come there.
Voice; I guess all were missing me.
All started to look toward stage.
There Raglak standing with niaksh.
Niaksh: you know today my masi’s …
He turned towards raglak.
Niaksh: mom I forgotten..
All started to smile at him.
Ragini : it’s okay baby, you go and play. Me and dad will handle everything.
Niaksh: but mumma I also wanna dance, I heard people will dance here.
Laksh sit down and make him sit in lap.
Laksh: baby you wanna dance na.
He cutely nodded in yes.
Laksh: Then start pratice na you have to dance best na.
Niaksh: yeah love you dad.
He run from there.
Raglak: Sry from his side, well forget it. As you all why you all are here. Just wait for sometime function will start.
All were present there expect swara and kaira. Soon girls also came there. Ragini make them sit, boys were also present there and looking at girls.
It was making hard for girls, both were blushing hard.
Soon function started, some dancers come and started to dance. Slowly all frnds joined them. Some of them also drag swasan and adira. Girls were still not looking at them. Both boys sees toward each other and smirk. They went near respective girls.
They pull girls toward them, and point toward their heart.
Jo teri khaatir
Tadpe pehle se hi
Kya usse tadpana
O zaalima, o zaalima

Girls look at them with open mouth, boys rotate around them and slightly push them.

Jo tere ishq mein behka
Pehle se hi
Kya usse behkana
O zaalima, o zaalima
Girls angrily look toward them and about to move from there.
Both boys catches their hands and started to twirl them.
Sanskar point toward her eyes and sings.

Aankhein marhaba
Baatein marhaba
Main sau martaba
Deewana hua

Adi stop twirling her and again point toward his heart.

Mera na raha
Jab se dil mera
Tere husn ka
Nishana hua
Again both boys started to tease them by going around them.

Jiski har dhadkan
Tu ho aise
Dil ko kya dhadkana
O zalima, o zalima
Girls pull them by collar and slightly smile but it was unnoticed by both boys.

Saanson mein
Teri nazdeekiyon ka
Ittar tu ghol de, ghol de

They free themselves by girls clutches and stand at some distance.
Both kneel down and forward their hands, girls about to keep their hands. Both boys held their hands and sees in their respective girls eyes.

Main hi kyun
Ishq zahir karun
Tu bhi kabhi bol de, bol de

They broke eye contact and signal like stabbing their hearts. After that they again point toward girls.

Leke jaan hi
Jayega meri
Qaatil har tera
Bahana hua
Girls came near them and put their hands on mouth. A slight moist formed in their eyes, they took boys hand and keep it their hearts.

Tujhse hi shuru
Tujhpe hi khatam
Mere pyar ka
Fasana hua
Both smiles and again started twirling them.

Tu shama hai toh
Yaad rakhna
Main bhi hoon parwana
O zaalima, o zaalima

Girls angrily looked toward and started to push them. Also slightly beating them on chest.
They pointed towards their themselves and sang.

Deedar tera
Milne ke baad hi
Chutte meri angdayi
Tu hi bata de
Kyun zaalima main keh layi

They angrily turned their faces and moved from there.
Sanskar: What is need of teasing her so much, see now they became angry na.
Adi: ohh bro, you also did same. So stop taunting me alone. It’s my fault I agree with you for teasing her.
All unknown to it, Niaksh came over stage. He was wearing black google on eyes. He was looking so cute. All girls( swasan frnds) started to pull his cheeks.
Niaksh: uff these girls na.

He shook all of them and started to sing and dance on ‘chota bacha samjh ke’ he performing all steps pointing toward girls. Raglak and other guests were controlling their laugh. Girls looked toward each others. They smiled smirkly and started to kiss him on his cheeks. At last he tiredly sit there and slap his forehead playfully.
Niaksh: uff my fan following
All burst in laugh.
Ragini: you come here I will show you your fan following.
He run from there, teasing everyone.
All girls also dances on Punjabi wedding the.
Later Raglak also dances on ‘Mai rang sharbaton ka’
Swara and kaira enjoying every performance. At other hand boys were silently apologizing them, but whenever they sees them. Girls started to show anger.
Sanskar: oh god they are really so cruel.
Adi: don’t say anything if they will listen na then our marriage will cancel. At least you’re married but think about me na. It’s my first marriage.
Sanskar: very funny.
Adi: Do you know play guitar?

Sanskar: why you wanna dance?
Adi: she is crct you’re really idiot. Just answer in yes or no.
Sanskar: yeah
Adi: me 2, so let’s ready for making them forgive us.
Sanskar: kk let’s also try your idea.

Swara: now just wait they both must planning to please us.
Kaira: yeah they should,both were teasing us na. Now they will understand our love.
Swara: yeah unlike them we not always express but it not means we love them less.
Their conversation disturb by some tune.
Sanadi standing in middle of hall, All were looking toward them.
Both started to play tune and signal girls it’s for them.

Tere waaste…
Mera ishq sufiyana
Mera ishq sufiyana
Mera ishq sufiyana

Tere waaste…
Mera ishq sufiyana
Mera ishq sufiyana
Mera ishq sufiyana
((Sanadi singing each line by seeing girls, both were still giving them angry look.))

Rab ki qawali
Hai ishq koi
Dil ki Diwali
Hai ishq koi
Mehki si pyaali
Hai ishq koi
Subah ki laali
Hai ishq…


Sochoon tujhe
Toh hai subah

Sochoon tujhe
Toh shaam hai
Manzilon pe
Ab toh meri…
Ek hi tera naam hai

(( Both went near respective girls and back hug her, girls were trying to push them))

Tere aag mein hi jalke
Koyale se hira banke
Khwaabon se aage chalke
Hai tujhe batana

Tere waaste…
Mera ishq sufiyana
Mera ishq sufiyana
Mera ishq sufiyana

Tere waaste…
Mera ishq sufiyana
Mera ishq sufiyana
Mera ishq sufiyana

(( Sanskar slightly kiss her nape without anyone noticed, he made her turn toward himself))

Saath saath chalte chalte
Haath choot jayenge
Aisi raahon mein milo naa
Baatein baatein karte karte
Raat kat jaayegi
Aisi raaton mein milo naa

Kya hum hain
Kya Rab hai
Jahaan tu hai
Wahin sab hai
Tere lab mile
Mere lab khile
Ab door kya hai jaana

(( Adi also turn her toward him and cup her face))

Tere waaste
Mera ishq sufiyana
Mera ishq sufiyana
Mera ishq sufiyana

Tere waste

Mera ishq sufiyana
Mera ishq sufiyana
Mera ishq sufiyana

(( Both directly sees in girls eyes and signal they were just trying to tease them. They believe on their love, they know they also love them as they do))

Rab ki qawali
Hai ishq koi
Dil ki Diwali
Hai ishq koi
Mehki si pyaali
Hai ishq koi

Subah ki laali
Hai ishq…

Mere dil ko…
Tu jaan se juda kar de
Yoon bas tu…
Mujhko fanaa kar de

Mera haal tu
Meri chaal tu
Bas kar de aashiqana

(( They signal through eyes, for them they are their everything. They are incomplete with them))

Tere waaste
Mera ishq sufiyana
Mera ishq sufiyana
Mera ishq sufiyana

Tere waaste
Mera ishq sufiyana
Mera ishq sufiyana
Mera ishq sufiyana

All started to clap for sanadi, sanadi sees toward swara and kaira. Both smiles seeing them. It indicates they no more angry at them.

Sanskar; never ignore me, I can take anything but your ignorance will kill me…
Swara: even I want to ignore you then also I can’ t do it. And don’t dare to talk about death.
Sanskar: command accepted.
Both smile and side hug each other.
Adira also hugging each other and smiling widely.

Soon again all started to dance on random songs.

Ragini and other girls making both girls ready for marriage, for marriage they had booked a palace. Boys have to ready there only, laksh was helping them. In between laksh was also teasing them.
Other hand ragini was emotional seeing her sister in Bride’s get up.
Kaira: Di don’t be so emotional or else jiju will not able to identify you.
She smiled and mark kajal at her neck.
Ragini: Always be like it.

Swara: yeah now you get new sis na, so you forgetten me.
Kaira: Di , are you getting some burning smell?
Kaira wink at her, she nodded in yes.
Swara: huhh bad people, not going to talk anyone.
She turned her face, Ragini and kayu side her.
Ragini: no one can take my doll place.
Kayu: yeah you’re very precious for us.
She smiled and hug both of them.

At palace,
Sanadi were dressed in cream and brown Sherwani’s respectively.
Priest started to recite mantra, he ask laksh to bring girls. He nodded in yes. He called ragini and ask where are they. She informed they already reach at palace just giving final touch up.
Laksh: kk now come downstairs.
Soon Ragini and swasan frnds bring both girls. Both were dressed up in light pink and red Lehnga. Long viel covering their face.
Both girls made sit next to their partners, ritual got started. Both were following priest words.
Sanskar : You are looking beautiful.

He whispered in her ears, she shyly smile.
Sanskar: don’t blush so much or else I will not able to control till marriage also.
She slightly hit him with hands.
Raglak did gathbandhan of both couples, both made to stand for pheres. In first four pairs boys were ahead and in next three pheres girls were ahead. Every pheres have some promises which both of them are taken. Which help it living together, these promises help to solve every matter. It will not allow them to separate from each other.
After completing of pheres, both boys tied mangalsutra in girls neck. It shows now girls are tied with them for lifetime.

Then they put vermilion in their hairline. It showed now they only belong to them.
This time everyone was happy, happiness can easily seen in their eyes. Swasan smilingly looked at each other, this time no sadness only immerse happiness of getting each others. Adira was also happy. Kayu dadi was little emotional seeing her granddaughter. Adi assure her he will take care of her, they take blessings. Swasan also take everyone blessings.
All stand for last pic, it ended on smiley pic of everyone.
One minute naiksh came running and stand between swasan and raglak.
Niaksh: now you can end.
All smile, photographer took pic.

******The End******
Today I don’t have any words just I am happy as well as emotional. Bye and don’t miss me so much.
Also no epilogue.

Today not going to say it’s boring because it’s last part na, sry you don’t like anything in this story. Also pardon me for mistakes……

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